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Published at 28th of July 2020 12:41:35 PM
Chapter 564
ER – Chapter 564: Heaven Rainbow Sword

The auction only had a total of 126 auction items . After the monarch from the Sima Clan successfully bid the 100th item . The auction was now at the peak and everyone was looking forward to the grade of the next auction items .

“Auction item no . 108 . It is a mid-grade heaven stone . This mid-grade heaven stone is around the size of two inches and I think I do not have to say anything about its effects . Everyone should be clear . The starting price is 150,000 mid-grade spirit stones, please begin . ”

Luo Qiong unveiled the cloth on the small board and smiled .

“It is really a mid-grade heaven stone!”

“I must obtain it . ”

Mid-grade heaven stones were too important for Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Heaven stones were able to help with the comprehension of martial arts, comprehension of bone frame pattern, or to increase the martial dao foundation . It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that heaven stones could allow a martial artist to have a smoother journey on the martial dao .

Low-grade heaven stones were already rather beneficial for Primary Sea Realm monarchs, the mid-grade heaven stones were ten times greater than the low-grade heaven stones . At this current moment, high-level monarchs or even peak-level monarchs were tempted .

“180,000 . ”

“200,000 . ”

“250,000 . ”

The Golden Spear Monarch and the Wind Saber Monarch who were acting arrogantly earlier didn’t dare to even bid now .

They were merely 4th level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Competing with high-level monarchs was simply a death-seeking behavior .

“300,000 . ”

The Red Rainbow Monarch who was sitting beside Three-Eyed Saber Monarch had made a bid with an indifferent voice .

“Red Rainbow Monarch . 300,000 isn’t enough to obtain this mid-grade heaven stone . I bid 350,000 . ”

At a supreme private room just beside, a bald middle-aged man sneered .
(TL note: Somehow the author changes supreme seats to supreme private room)

“400,000 . ”

Red Rainbow Monarch knew who was the person on the other side . That person was South Sun County’s Sun Pole Sect’s Sect Patriarch Sky Pole Monarch . His strength was extremely powerful and wasn’t inferior to the Red Rainbow Monarch .

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“450,000 . ” The Sky Pole Monarch grinned .

“500,000 . ”

The duo were increasing the bid by 50,000 each time . Even the people in the supreme private rooms were flabbergasted .

The high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch from the Sima Clan grinned and said, “These monarch-class sects are too rich . In my opinion, this piece of mid-grade heaven stone is only worth 400,000 at most . Any higher wouldn’t be worth it . ”

“550,000 . ” Sky Pole Monarch continued to bid .

“600,000 . ”

This price was the Red Rainbow Monarch’s limit . He might have plenty of mid-grade spirit stones, but he wasn’t going to waste it like this .

As for whether this price was exceeding the price value of a mid-grade heaven stone, the Red Rainbow Monarch didn’t care .

As the sect patriarch of the Red Rainbow Sect, he always had an immense sense of crisis . The best way to resolve a crisis was naturally to increase his strength .

In fact, Red Rainbow Monarch wasn’t the only person who could sense the crisis . All the foreign monarch-class sects in the Emperor Sky Continent felt the same crisis . After all, the Emperor Sky Continent had too many monarch-class sects and there were plenty of emperor-class factions pressuring from above . There might just be a day when they would be chased out of the Emperor Sky Continent .

“I shall give up this mid-grade heaven stone to you . ”

The Sky Pole Monarch pursed his lips and was rather unhappy .

Ultimately, this mid-grade heaven stone was purchased by the Red Rainbow Monarch for 600,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

“The price might have been pushed higher due to competition, but there should be people snatching for a mid-grade heaven stone with at least 400,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

Li Fuchen had used a mid-grade heaven stone which was the size of a cup . The purity was rather similar to this piece .

It also meant that if Li Fuchen auctioned it, he would at least obtain 400,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

“I still have a bowl-sized, medium purity, mid-grade heaven stone . I wonder how much mid-grade spirit stones will be worth on the auction?” Li Fuchen believed that 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones was already plenty enough, but as the auction was reaching the later-phase, he understood that 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones were nothing to a true expert . He really couldn’t imagine what kind of price would the heaven class low-tier weapon be?

2 million? 5 million?

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“Auction item no . 115 . Pseudo-heaven class artifact saber, Green Flame Saber . This Green Flame Saber is actually forged with heaven class low-tier materials . But everyone should know that the failure rate of forging a heaven class artifact saber is extremely high . This Green Flame Saber is considered a failure . Despite the case, its strength is at least half of a heaven class low-tier artifact saber . The starting price is 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

When the 115th item was presented, most of the saber monarchs became attentive .

Even those monarchs who didn’t use sabers had also revealed intrigued reactions .

Most of the monarchs didn’t have heaven class martial arts and if they could obtain a pseudo-heaven class artifact saber, they could simply search for a earth class peak-tier saber art to cultivate . By then, their combat strength would certainly be much stronger than their current state .

“If you don’t have enough mid-grade spirit stones, I can borrow you some . ” The Red Rainbow Monarch said to the Three-Eyed Saber Monarch .

The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch shook his head . “Your spirit stones are supposed to contest for the heaven class low-tier artifact sword . Don’t worry, I have more than enough spirit stones to bid for this Green Flame Saber . ”

The bid had started and in just a few breaths of time, the Green Flame Saber’s price had reached 400,000 .

“500,000 . ” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch made his bid .

As the most senior high-level monarch in the Red Rainbow Sect, the Three-Eyed Saber Monarch’s personal wealth wasn’t inferior to the Red Rainbow Monarch .

“520,000 . ”

“550,000 . ”

“600,000 . ”

The price continued to climb .

The bidders were either the upper echelons from monarch-class sects or upper echelons from the South Sun County’s second-rate monarch-class clans . Only these two factions would have the confidence to bid for the pseudo-heaven class artifact saber, while the others weren’t qualified .

“650,000 . Everyone, I am Tao Guang and I am the Clan Head of Tao Clan . I hope that everyone can sell me a favor . ”

Inside one of the supreme private rooms, an authoritative voice echoed .

Tao Clan was also one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans in South Sun County .

Tao Clan Head, Tao Guang was at the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm and it was a renowned saber monarch in the South Sun County,

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After hearing Tao Guang’s words, most of the high-level monarchs who didn’t use sabers had pondered for a moment before they stopped bidding .

“700,000 . ” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch sneered and didn’t bother about Tao Guang .

“Hmph, 750,000 . ”

Tao Guang took at a glance at the supreme private room where Three-Eyed Saber Monarch and Red Rainbow Monarch were in before bidding another 50,000 .

“1 million . ”

Three-Eyed Saber Monarch remained calm and collected but the bid he called out had shocked everyone .

To add 250,000 mid-grade spirit stones at once . Was he treating mid-grade spirit stones as low-grade spirit stones?

“1 . 05 million . ” Tao Guang didn’t wish to give up . He knew that even if a heaven class low-tier artifact saber appeared, the chances of him obtaining it would be very small . Therefore, he had to obtain this Green Flame Saber .

“1 . 2 million . ” Three-Eyed Saber Monarch’s voice was very composed and no one could see if it was a pretense or not .

“Are you really not going to give me, Tao Guang any face?” Tao Guang had an extremely unpleasant expression .

1 . 2 million mid-grade spirit stones was almost half the clan wealth of a third-rate monarch-class clan .

His Tao Clan might be a second-rate monarch-class clan, but the clan wealth was only around 10 to 20 million mid-grade spirit stones . It was imaginable how much pressure he was under now that he was trying to use 10% of the clan wealth to purchase a saber .

Most importantly, he was certain that even if he kept bidding, the other party wouldn’t give up .

“What do I need your face for?” The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch replied .

“Great, great . ” Tao Guang said nothing else but he obviously marked down the Three-Eyed Saber Monarch .

If the auction price of the Green Flame Saber was shocking, then the rest of the auction items would let everyone know how wealthy true experts were .

A single pseudo-heaven class elixir, the Sea Ascension Elixir which could allow a high-level monarch to increase the cultivation by one whole level was auctioned out for 1 million mid-grade spirit stones .

A pseudo-heaven class artifact armor was bid at a sky-high price of 1 . 8 million mid-grade spirit stones .

A pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact was sold for the shocking price of 2 . 9 million mid-grade spirit stones .

For the rest of the auction, there wasn’t any item that was lesser than 1 million mid-grade spirit stones . Most of them were sold at the price of 2 million .

“Auction item no . 125 . A high-tier demonic beast king’s demonic beast core . Everyone should know how difficult it is to kill a high-tier demonic beast king . Even a half-emperor wouldn’t dare to guarantee a kill on a high-tier demonic beast king . Furthermore, this high-tier demonic beast king isn’t a normal demonic beast king . It is an One-Eyed Cloud Python that possesses the bloodline of the Cloud Engulfing Python Ruler . Its strength is already a half-ruler, not even three to five half-emperors might be able to kill it together . The starting price is 1 . 5 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

The higher the grade of the demonic beast core, the higher the value . Demonic beast king’s demonic beast core would contain the demonic beast king’s power essence, which was very beneficial for Primary Sea Realm monarch’s cultivation . This One-Eyed Cloud Python’s demonic beast core had a value that was several times higher than regular high-tier demonic beast cores . Anyone who bid it, might be able to extract the trace of power essence from the Cloud Engulfing Python Ruler . Even a trace of a demonic beast ruler’s power was enough for a Primary Sea Realm monarch to benefit endlessly .

Just as expected, this demonic beast core was very popular and the price quickly reached beyond 2 million mid-grade spirit stones and was rapidly approaching 3 million mid-grade spirit stones .

Ultimately, this One-Eyed Cloud Python’s demonic beast core was purchased at the price of 3 . 2 million mid-grade spirit stones . The bidder was the Yun Clan which was one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans .

When the demonic beast core fell into the hands of Yun Clan, the whole auction hall was in silence .

Everyone knew that it was time for the true finale item .

“Cough Cough!” The auctioneer cleared his throat while his eyes were releasing brilliance .

“Everyone, the auction is about to come to an end . Just as everyone has found out, this auction’s finale item is a heaven class low-tier weapon . The previous time my Purple Sun Merchant Guild sold a heaven class low-tier weapon during an auction, it was already 20 years ago . We now have another heaven class low-tier weapon that is going to be auctioned . I hope that no one will miss out on this, otherwise, you might need to wait for another 20 years . Present it . ”

Luo Qiong beckoned behind the auction stage .

Two large men carried a large board onto the stage .

Luo Qiong suddenly unveiled the cloth on the board and yelled out, “Heaven class low-tier artifact sword, Heaven Rainbow Sword . It has a weight of 49,500 kg and it is the lifetime masterpiece of the no . 1 Smith Monarch in Cloud Province, Smith Monarch Black Flame . It is said that, in order to forge this Heaven Rainbow Sword, Smith Monarch Black Flame lost 20 years of his lifespan . The day when the Heaven Rainbow Sword was forged, there was a thunder calamity . Within the radius of 100 miles, the thunderstorm carried on for nine days and nine nights . When the thunder calamity ended, the Heaven Rainbow Sword’s sword qi burst out and cleaved a mountain peak into two halves . The power has yet to be estimated and would need the bidder to carefully try it . I shall stop wasting time . The heaven class low-tier artifact sword, Heaven Rainbow Sword has a starting price of 3 million mid-grade spirit stones . Anyone who has enough high-grade spirit stones can have a 10% discount . Let the auction begin . ”

Everyone held their breaths when looking at the magnificent artifact sword that had stunning sword intent .

A heaven class low-tier artifact sword was something that many people wouldn’t be able to see in their entire lifetime . If a high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch wielded this sword, it would probably be easy to kill a half-emperor .

“It is indeed worthy of being a heaven class low-tier artifact sword . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with surprise .

His spiritual awareness could already sense the extremely terrifying sword dao laws and fire dao laws from the Heaven Rainbow Sword . If all the laws were poured out, it was enough to change the weather .

“The second layer of seal on the Joint-Heaven Sword is already comprehended to 98% . I wonder what grade the Joint-Heaven Sword would reach after comprehending everything . ”

Li Fuchen quickly thought of his own Joint-Heaven Sword .

In his opinion, the innate quality of the Joint-Heaven Sword was superior to the Heaven Rainbow Sword . The sword spirit had mentioned that the fully unsealed Joint-Heaven Sword had slaughtered countless saints . Saints were existences that were beyond Law Phase Realm emperors and regular heaven class artifact swords were probably considered nothing in the face of a saint .

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