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Chapter 557
ER – Chapter 557: Dongguo Junyan

The number of the heaven stone ores on the seventh floor were only half of the sixth floor’s heaven stone ores . The heaven stone ores that were on the seventh floor were all great in appearances without exception . They would easily cost at least 100 mid-grade spirit stones or a few hundred mid-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen used his spirit soul force to observe that the seventh floor contained more heaven stones . There were around four to five pieces of ores that contained heaven stones within 100 pieces of ores . Especially for low-grade heaven stones which were as many as seven pieces .

After pondering, Li Fuchen didn’t purchase all of the ores that contained heaven stones on the seventh floor .

One had to stop when ahead when doing anything . If he was to wipe out all the ores that contained heaven stones in the stone gambling den, it would definitely cause a huge commotion .

Ultimately, Li Fuchen purchased 12 pieces of ores .

Among them, seven contained low-grade heaven stones and the five others contained subpar-grade heaven stones that were slightly larger .

Li Fuchen spent a total of 2500 mid-grade spirit stones on these 12 pieces of ores .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen arrived on the eighth floor .

As compared to the seventh floor, the eight floor had half the number of ores .

The minimum price of ores in this place was 200 mid-grade spirit stones and the most expensive ones would be up to 1000 mid-grade spirit stones .

After looking through each ore, Li Fuchen picked nine of them .

There were six pieces that contained low-grade heaven stones and three pieces that contained subpar-grade heaven stones .

Li Fuchen spent a total of 4800 mid-grade spirit stones on the eighth floor .

“The eighth floor doesn’t have more low-grade heaven stones than the seventh floor . It seems like there is a rather huge error to sell by appearance . ”

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen arrived at the ninth floor .

This was already the highest floor that Li Fuchen was allowed to go . The tenth floor was a place where only Primary Sea Realm monarchs could step into .

It was rumored that the heaven stone ores had a starting price of 1000 mid-grade spirit stones and within ten ores, there would be one heaven stone . 9 out of 10 of the mid-grade heaven stones that the South Mountain City produced were from the tenth floor . As for the rest of the floors, it would be already a miracle for there to be a single mid-grade heaven stone within a decade or two .

“A total of 12 low-grade heaven stones . ”

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The ninth floor deserved its reputation . The number of heaven stone ores were the least but the number of low-grade heaven stones were the most .

Ultimately, Li Fuchen spent 15,000 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase 18 pieces of ores .

Li Fuchen originally brought over 26,000 mid-grade spirit stones and was now only left around 4000 mid-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen left the stone gambling den without cutting open any ores .

While walking on a spacious street, Li Fuchen suddenly stood still .

Opposite of him, there were two young men walking over .

The young man on the right was none other than Dongguo Shaonan .

As for the young man on the left, his cultivation was actually at the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm and his qi attribute was similar to Dongguo Shaonan . He was probably a youth expert of the Dongguo Clan .

“I am Dongguo Junyan and I heard that Brother Li is rather proficient in stone gambling . I wish that Brother Li can help our Dongguo Clan to stone gamble . The remuneration would be 1000 mid-grade spirit stones a year . ” Dongguo Junyan said indifferently .

“Apologies, I am not interested . ” Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered .

1000 mid-grade spirit stones to buy his freedom, weren’t they looking down on him?

Of course, even if they offered 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones as a yearly remuneration, Li Fuchen wouldn’t agree either .

“Brother Li, there are some words that I do not wish to say twice . I am inviting you for the first time, I will no longer negotiate with you for the second time . ” Dongguo Junyan was the strongest member of the Dongguo Clan who were younger than 100 years . His strength was already at the pinnacle master level and was one of the South Mountain City’s top ten youth experts .

“Are you threatening me?” Li Fuchen revealed a sneer .

“You can think whatever you want . I just want a conclusion . ” Dongguo Junyan said .

“If you are a Primary Sea Realm monarch, I might feel threatened, but you are just a Battle Spirit Realm master . ”

Li Fuchen flashed and passed by the opposition .

“Such speed . ”

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Dongguo Junyan’s eyes contracted . For a moment, he wished to stop Li Fuchen but he was already too late .

“Big Brother Junyan, why don’t you capture him and bring him back to the Dongguo Clan?” Dongguo Shaonan was confused .

The South Mountain City didn’t allow murders but the Dongguo Clan was one of the four major clans and as long as the commotion wasn’t too significant, the city lord residence would normally look away .

Dongguo Junyan said, “This kid cannot be underestimated . If I wish to capture him, I will need to use at least 50% of my strength . That will cause too big a commotion . ”

“Are we going to let him go just like that?” Dongguo Shaonan was unwilling to accept this outcome .

Dongguo Junyan said in a stern tone, “I cannot make a move in the city . Once we are outside the city, he will not have a choice . ”

“I still didn’t obtain any mid-grade heaven stones . Perhaps, only the tenth floor of the stone gambling den would have mid-grade heaven stones!”

After returning to the courtyard, Li Fuchen let out a sigh .

If he obtained the mid-grade spirit stone, he was 90% certain that he could improve the Flowing Merciless Edge to the trance stage . By then, his qi cultivation strength would definitely reach the monarch-class master level .

If he reached the monarch-class master level, it would mean that he could kill a low-level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Great masters could only cross moves with weaker low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs and were still far from being able to kill them .

“It seems like it is time to leave the South Mountain City and visit the other cities . ”

Li Fuchen had the intention to leave .

On this day, Li Fuchen was checked out from the courtyard and left South Mountain City .

“Young Master Junyan, he has exited the city . ”

Inside a restaurant, Dongguo Junyan received information that involved Li Fuchen .

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“He is finally exiting the city?”

Dongguo Junyan drank all the liquor in his cup and immediately left the restaurant .

“Young Lady, Dongguo Junyan is in pursuit . ”

At the opposite restaurant, Qi Junjun had also obtained the information .

“As expected, he is going to make a move on Li Fuchen? But just Dongguo Junyan isn’t enough to deal with Li Fuchen . ” With the aura observation technique, Qi Junjun knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t just an ordinary Battle Spirit Realm master and wouldn’t be deceived with his cultivation level .

“Just in case, I better go over to observe as well . Fifth Uncle, follow me and take a look . ” Qi Junjun said while facing a corner .

“It seems like our Junjun has been moved . ”

There was originally no one in the corner, but when Qi Junjun spoke, a figure appeared .

It was an eminent middle-aged man and if someone was here, they would certainly see that the eminent man was a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Only Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to alter the natural environment and conceal themselves .

Qi Junjun’s face blushed a little . “Fifth Uncle, Things haven’t even started yet . I am purely curious . ”

“Curiosity is the first step to falling in love . It doesn’t matter, I shall go and take a look to see what is so special about that kid that is worth your attention . ”

The eminent man grabbed Qi Junjun and vanished without a trace after a flash .

Outside South Mountain City, it was a vast and boundless land .

There was a figure that was skimming through the air like a divine flame .

Behind the divine flame, there was a thunderbolt that was in rapid pursuit .

The divine flame stopped and revealed its figure . Who could it be other than Li Fuchen?

The thunderbolt behind had also scattered and it was Dongguo Junyan .

“Brother Li, I will ask you again . Are you willing to serve my Dongguo Clan?” Dongguo Junyan’s expression was cold .

“Are you alone?” Li Fuchen asked .

“I alone is enough . ” Dongguo Junyan said confidently .

He was one of the top ten youth experts of the South Mountain City . There were only a handful of people below the Primary Sea Realm that were a match for him . If he couldn’t deal with Li Fuchen, he would have to request for a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

But the Dongguo Clan’s Primary Sea Realm monarchs weren’t so idle . If they had to make a move on a Battle Spirit Realm master, wouldn’t they die from overworking?

Unless Li Fuchen was worthwhile for them to make a move .

“If you are alone, you better return . You are not a match for me . ” Li Fuchen said insipidly .

“Boastful words . It seems like you wish to be taught a lesson . ”

Dongguo Junyan gripped his right fist tightly and it was emitting electric arcs . A thunder flood dragon was condensed on his right arm .

“I will ask one more time . Are you willing or not . ” Dongguo Junyan said each word distinctively .

“Obviously not . ” Li Fuchen remained calm .

“Since that is the case, I shall capture you and make you serve my Dongguo Clan for a hundred years . As for the rewards, there will be none . ” Dongguo Junyan had a sinister expression as he blasted his fist at Li Fuchen .


There was a high-pitched dragon’s roar as the thunder flood dragon that coiled around Dongguo Junyan’s right arm had moved . It was like a thunderbolt that flew across the sky and appeared in front of Li Fuchen instantly . This fist was something that regular elite masters wouldn’t be able to withstand .

“I have mentioned that you are not a match for me . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t even draw his sword and used his right index and middle finger to thrust .


The thunder flood dragon was like a bubble that instantly burst apart .

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