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Chapter 558
ER – Chapter 558: Black Horn Pavilion

“Such formidable sword intent . ”

In midair, inside a barrier that was the same color as the sky, the eminent middle-aged man and Qi Junjun were standing there .

The eminent man revealed a surprised expression .

He might be a Primary Sea Realm monarch, but in terms of martial art proficiency, he was probably inferior to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s finger contained a sword intent that was obviously involved with the profound heaven class laws . It was extremely exquisite and terrifying .

“Junjun, your friend isn’t simple . If I didn’t guess wrongly, he should be an absolute prodigy of some monarch-class sect . ” The eminent man said to Qi Junjun .

Qi Junjun nodded . “Dongguo Junyan is confident that he has the pinnacle master’s strength and can defeat all of the youth generation . He doesn’t realize that in the eyes of true prodigies, pinnacle masters aren’t worth anything . Beyond the pinnacle masters are the great masters, monarch-class masters, and even the supreme heaven class masters . ”

Monarch-class masters were able to contest with regular low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Heaven class masters had the strength to kill regular low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“Impossible . ”

Dongguo Junyan was appalled . His body burst out with thunderous power and a thunder seal which was coiling around with five dragons had appeared above his head .

“Five Dragons Thunder Seal!”

Dongguo Junyan burst out with the thunderous divine ability and used the thunder seal above his head to smash at Li Fuchen .
(TL note: The seal here is actually like a stamp)

If he didn’t use his thunderous divine ability, his strength wouldn’t reach the pinnacle master level . But once he burst out with the thunderous divine ability, his strength would increase by at least 50% .

Bang Boom!

Once the thunder seal appeared, the entire place was filled with electric arcs and the plants on the ground were all turned into ashes . If a Reincarnation Realm expert was here, the expert would probably die from the electric arcs . It was imaginable, how powerful was the thunderous power contained within the thunder seal .

When facing Dongguo Junyan’s most powerful attack, Li Fuchen still didn’t draw his sword and thrust with his sword finger .

Just like before, this sword finger still contained the Incineration Sword .


Like a blister, the thunder seal instantly exploded . The powerful shockwave had sent Dongguo Junyan flying while vomiting fresh blood .

“You are a great master?” Dongguo Junyan howled .

Only great masters were able to defeat him so easily .

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But Li Fuchen’s cultivation was merely at the 4th level of Battle Spirit Realm!

In South Sun County, there were youths who possessed the great master’s strength and it was definitely not more than 20 . Moreover, Dongguo Junyan knew all of them .

Most of the great masters that he didn’t know were those that were from monarch-class sects .

At the next moment, Dongguo Junyan came to realize and finally understood who Li Fuchen was .

He knew that Li Fuchen was definitely a disciple from a monarch-class sect and he was at least a top notch monarch-class disciple or even an emperor-class disciple .

In this instant, Dongguo Junyan felt as though he had swallowed a dead fly and was extremely sullen .

The Dongguo Clan wasn’t the city lord residence . The city lord residence could use the Scarlet Moon Empire’s influence to suppress monarch-class sects . But if the Dongguo Clan wished to suppress monarch-class sects, it was the same as seeking death . Any monarch-class sect would possess a large number of Primary Sea Realm monarchs, while the Dongguo Clan merely had two mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Their entire clan might not even be comparable with a single high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch in the sect .

Unless the Dongguo Clan was able to borrow the authority of the city lord residence, but the city lord residence wasn’t a fool and wouldn’t offend a monarch-class sect for no reason .

If the monarch-class sect was furious, it was possible for them to simply extinguish the city lord residence due to rage and leave the Emperor Sky Continent afterwards .

In the past, there was really a case of the city lord residence getting eradicated .

Li Fuchen didn’t deny and said, “Your Dongguo Clan has yet to reach the stage where you can cover the sky with your hand . This time, I am giving face to the Dongguo Clan, it is unlikely I will do the same for the next time . It is best for you to reflect on your actions . ” After finishing his statement, Li Fuchen turned and left .

“Damn it . ” 

Dongguo Junyan smashed on the ground and caused the surface of the ground to crack .

He couldn’t even put up any resistance against Li Fuchen alone, he had to request for the help of the clan’s Primary Sea Realm monarch .

However, the clan wouldn’t possibly make a move on a monarch-class sect’s monarch-class disciple, unless, there wasn’t a choice .

“Just you wait, this matter isn’t finished . ”

Dongguo Junyan wiped off the fresh blood on the corner of his mouth and flew back to South Mountain City .

“Junjun, you have to be cautious when making friends with the monarch-class sect’s disciples . These monarch-class sects are too unstable and might just be eradicated one day . ” The eminent man sighed and said .

Monarch-class sects might be powerful and city lord residences wouldn’t be willing to provoke them normally . But there were too many monarch-class sects and most of them had feuds with one another . It was impossible for them to be transcending like the city lord residences .

Qi Junjun said, “Fifth Uncle, I understand . ”

She naturally knew that monarch-class sects were unstable but they were also the ones with the most potential .

These monarch-class sects had gathered absolute prodigies from different continents and with enough fated opportunities, one of the members might just progress to the Law Phase Realm and become an emperor .

A very long time ago, the Emperor Sky Continent had more than seven emperor-class factions .

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The power balance between emperor-class factions wasn’t always the same . When a powerful Law Phase Realm emperor appeared, the emperor could form a new emperor-class faction .

In fact, the so-called seven emperor-class factions on the Emperor Sky Continent were merely the seven strongest emperor-class factions .

Apart from the top seven emperor-class factions, there were also some weaker and smaller emperor-class factions .

Of course, these weaker and smaller emperor-class factions were also ruled by the top seven emperor-class factions . The weaker emperor-class factions wouldn’t dare to offend their superiors, otherwise, extermination would happen overnight .

In Qi Junjun’s opinion, Li Fuchen’s bone frame was at least the 8-star grade and there was a great chance that he would progress to become a Law Phase Realm emperor and become a ruler in the future .

Red Lake City .

One of the ten cities in South Sun County and nearest to the South Mountain City .

Just like South Mountain City, the Red Lake City also had a stone gambling den .

Before going to the stone gambling den, Li Fuchen was preparing to sell a portion of his heaven stones .

Otherwise, he didn’t have that much usable funds .

“This Red Lake City should have some underground black market!”

Any place would have the existence of a dark side .

Light and dark were always in coexistence .

After asking around, Li Fuchen found the black market, Black Horn Pavilion .

The Black Horn Pavilion had the backing of a Primary Sea Realm monarch, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to maintain order in the black market . Li Fuchen didn’t know if there were any factions that were supporting it in public .

In a lookout alley, Li Fuchen arrived outside a shop and walked in with a disguise .

“What does this customer need?” The shopkeeper said lazily .

“I wish to sell precious materials . ” Li Fuchen stated .

“How precious?” The shopkeeper queried .

Li Fuchen took out a subpar-grade heaven stone that was the size of a washbowl and said, “Is this precious enough?”

“This way please . ”

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The shopkeeper invited Li Fuchen inside and tapped on the wall . Subsequently, the wall split open and there was actually a passageway .

Raising his brows, Li Fuchen realized that the wall was actually made of heaven stone ores, therefore, he wasn’t able to see through with his spiritual awareness .

After entering the passageway, the wall closed up again .

The passageway was spiraling downwards .

A short moment later, Li Fuchen arrived at a spacious stone hall .

The stone hall had three individuals . The one seated in the center was a man with a dark face . His right hand was constantly turning the gemstone thumb ring on his left thumb . He looked rather calm and composed while emitting a dangerous qi presence of a venomous snake .

On his left and right was a scarred man and a middle-aged lady who looked ordinary .

The scarred man was carrying a large saber and his fierce qi presence was like a calm before the storm . It was both irritable and suppressed .

As compared to the duo, the middle-aged lady looked much more ordinary . But Li Fuchen noticed that her hair had plenty of iron hairpins and when looking from a certain angle, they were glowing with a bright luster and were obviously laced with poison .

The trio’s cultivation were all at the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm, but Li Fuchen could see that they weren’t ordinary 9th level Battle Spirit Realm masters .

Of course, even if they weren’t simple, Li Fuchen didn’t care .

As long as there wasn’t any Primary Sea Realm monarch, he didn’t feel threatened at all .

“What materials do you have to sell?” The man with the dark face had spoken first .

Li Fuchen took out the washbowl-sized subpar-grade heaven stone and said, “How much mid-grade spirit stones is this subpar-grade heaven stone worth?”

If they didn’t try to cheat on the cost, Li Fuchen wouldn’t mind selling more .

“3000 mid-grade spirit stones . ” The dark-faced man said .

“Isn’t it too little?”

If he was to bring this subpar-grade heaven stone to sell on the outside, it would fetch at least 5000 or 6000 mid-grade spirit stones .

The middle-aged lady smiled and said, “This is the underground black market . The prices are normally half of the regular prices . Unless you are able to sell more heaven stones . ”

“What about 20 pieces?” Li Fuchen took out another 19 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones and each of them were at least the size of a bowl .

“70% of the regular prices . ” The dark-faced man’s eyes flashed with radiance .

“What about 30 pieces?” Li Fuchen continued to take out ten more pieces .

“80% . ” The dark-faced man’s breaths were a little affected .

The scarred man suddenly closed his eyes and Li Fuchen noticed the flash of murderous intent .

‘The underground black market is indeed worthy of its name . It is a place where strength weighs more than rules . ’ Li Fuchen thought silently .

“What about 50 pieces?”

Li Fuchen felt that if he didn’t push things to the limit, it was impossible for the other party to offer their best . Therefore, he took out another 20 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones .

“Hahaha, 90% of the normal price . This is already the limit . ” The dark-faced man laughed heartily and was rather delighted .

“It seems like you people aren’t sincere enough . ” Li Fuchen suddenly raised his hand and thrust at the air with his sword finger .


A black shadow wielding a short blade was sent flying while a streak of blood burst out from his chest .

The dark-faced man’s eyes contracted as Li Fuchen’s reaction was too fast and the Black Horn Guard didn’t even have time to wield his blade .

The Black Horn Guard was armed with the stone cutting blade that could easily slice apart the heaven stone ores .

This stone hall was laid down with a pseudo-class 7 array that forbade the use of qi . No qi was able to pass through the body and in such circumstances, the stone cutting blade had the most lethal power .  

The precondition was the ability to strike at the target .

“Sincerity is only effective when both sides are equal . ”

The scarred man stood up and instantly drew the large saber behind his back . With a flash, he suddenly cleaved at Li Fuchen .

“Is that so?”

Li Fuchen didn’t move . Just as the saber light was cleaving down, Li Fuchen swayed like a willow tree’s branch while his right sword finger struck at the scarred man’s chest .


There was a burst of blood as the scarred man was sent back with an appalled expression .

Under Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, the scarred man’s movements seemed like they were in slow-motion . He wasn’t even qualified to cross moves with Li Fuchen .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Right at this moment, the middle-aged lady lowered her head abruptly . The hairpins on her hair were all poured at Li Fuchen like a rainstorm .

The hairpins were also made with the same material as the stone cutting blade .

It was laced with poison and just a single scratch would cause the poison to act up, resulting in immediate death .

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