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Chapter 556
ER – Chapter 556: Three Heaven Class Sword Moves

To comprehend the profound laws within the heaven stone, one simply had to use spiritual awareness to contact the heaven stone .

Once the spiritual awareness contacted the heaven stone, the color and luster of the heaven stone would gradually diminish . Li Fuchen reckoned that this heaven stone ore would only be able to provide three days of comprehension . After three days, it would turn into a useless rock .

“I shall cut open the rest of the ores!”

Li Fuchen took out the ores and burst out with his qi and sword intent .

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen took out over a hundred heaven stones from his storage bag . There were 158 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones and 8 pieces of low-grade heaven stones .

The total value was at least 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

300,000 mid-grade spirit stones was equivalent to 3 billion low-grade spirit stones .

In normal situations, no one would be willing to exchange mid-grade spirit stones into low-grade spirit stones .

After all, mid-grade spirit stones could be used as low-grade spirit stones at any time but low-grade spirit stones couldn’t be used as mid-grade spirit stones .

Places like the stone gambling den, for floors above the seventh floor, only mid-grade spirit stones could be used to purchase ores .

Next morning, Li Fuchen and Qi Junjun arranged to meet at the Soaring Rain Restaurant .

“Li Fuchen, here is 18,000 mid-grade spirit stones . It might be able to fetch a higher price in auctions, but you should know that it would take time and effort . ”

In the 15th floor’s private room, Qi Junjun handed Li Fuchen a storage bag .

“This price is very reasonable . ”

Li Fuchen nodded and received the storage bag before handing over the low-grade heaven stone .

“Many thanks . ” Qi Junjun revealed a delighted expression .

As the Qi Clan’s Young Lady, she knew well enough how difficult it was for a clan to establish itself on the Emperor Sky Continent .

The South Mountain City might be controlled by the four major clans, but there were plenty of formidable clans that were just slightly inferior to the four major clans . Among those clans, most of them had one or two Primary Sea Realm monarchs and if an extremely powerful Primary Sea Realm monarch appeared in those clans, it would definitely have a huge impact on the four major clans . In fact, a century ago, the four major clans weren’t the current four major clans . The Qi Clan had merely made it to become one of the four major clans around two centuries ago .

For a clan, connections, resources and descendants with potential were important, but the most important point was to have a Primary Sea Realm monarch who could hold the front .

When clans contested with one another, it would always be a contest of the strongest members .

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Of course, when the strongest members had similar strength, it would be a contest of the clans’ overall strength .

A single piece of low-grade heaven stone would definitely increase the comprehension of laws for the clan’s Primary Sea Realm monarch . With more comprehension, the Primary Sea Realm monarch might just have a breakthrough and obtain greater strength .

After treating Qi Junjun to a drinking session, the duo split up and Li Fuchen returned to his courtyard .

Days passed by and in the blink of the eye, half a month had elapsed .

During these two weeks, Li Fuchen had absorbed six pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones and comprehended plenty of laws .

He comprehended mostly on the fire dao laws and the sword dao laws, the rest were just miscellaneous laws .

“With my current law foundation, I should be able to quickly create a heaven class sword move with the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration as a base . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

The subpar-grade heaven stones might be the lowest grade of heaven stone, but it was still very beneficial to Li Fuchen .

“No need to hurry . One must not forget to grind the hatchet when chopping wood . I shall comprehend more of these heaven stones . ” Li Fuchen continued his seclusion .

Unknowingly, another month passed by .

“The first 12 subpar-grade heaven stones were rather beneficial for me . The effects declined sharply after the 13th heaven stone . I am now at the 18th subpar-grade heaven stone and the effects are already miniscule . I will only be able to increase my law comprehension with low-grade heaven stones now . ”

After letting out a breath, Li Fuchen took out a piece of low-grade heaven stone from the storage bag .

Low-grade heaven stones were extremely pure and they were emitting a dream-like cyan luster .

Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness to envelope the surface of the low-grade heaven stone .

Boom Boom!

There were sounds of explosions and Li Fuchen could vaguely see countless odd sceneries . There was water, fire, wind, thunder, light, darkness, saber, spear, sword, halberd .

“Is this the legendary Great Dao Explosion!” Li Fuchen revealed a pleasantly surprised expression .

The Great Dao Explosion was a scenery that would only appear in legends .

It was said that there was a place in this world that was the closest to the source of the world . The Great Dao Explosion there allowed the viewers there to feel the mysteries of the heaven and earth laws . Law Phase Realm emperors would only be able to break through into a saint at that place .

The Great Dao Explosion only lasted for one breath and it scattered afterwards .

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“It seems like the low-grade heaven stone can only maintain the Great Dao Explosion for one breath . A top quality low-grade heaven stone might be able to maintain for two breaths . ”

Even though it was just one breath of Great Dao Explosion, it was beneficial for Li Fuchen and was greater than ten pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones . Li Fuchen felt his spirit soul becoming intoxicated and sinking into a numb sensation . In his mind, various types of laws appeared while the fire dao laws and sword dao laws were the most active .

“Flowing Merciless Edge . ” Li Fuchen drew with his finger and drew across . A scarlet and bright arc appeared in the air and slashed on the courtyard’s array .

The Pine Tree Inn’s arrays in the courtyards were all pseudo-class 7 arrays . Even low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs would need to use their full strength to break the arrays . Li Fuchen didn’t draw his Flaming Snake Sword and merely used his finger, therefore, it wasn’t able to slice the array open .

However, it was still able to shake the array .

“The Flowing Merciless Edge is now more perfected . ”

When Li Fuchen opened his eyes, there was a flash of radiance .

Previously, Flowing Merciless Edge might contain the heaven class sword intent, but the sword intent was rather crude and the sword move’s stage was only at the sub-perfection stage . Right now, it was at the perfection stage and was just one step away from reaching the trance stage .

This made Li Fuchen’s strength directly increase by a huge gap .

If Li Fuchen was a slightly formidable great master previously, he was now considered a top-class great master .

Top-class great masters were already formidable enough to contest with the weaker low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

They might not be able to defeat the monarchs, but they wouldn’t perish with a single move .

After fully absorbing the low-grade heaven stone, Li Fuchen took out the second piece .

Soaring Rain Restaurant .

“Here are five subpar-grade heaven stones . ”

Li Fuchen took out five subpar-grade heaven stones from the storage bag and handed it over to Qi Junjun .

18,000 mid-grade spirit stones might seem a lot, but they wouldn’t last for a long time . Li Fuchen decided to sell another five pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones to Qi Junjun . As for the others, he would sell them off at the other cities .

“Many thanks then . ”

When Qi Junjun received the heaven stones, she handed over a storage bag to Li Fuchen .

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For five pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones, the Qi Clan offered 8000 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase them .

This was mainly because these five pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones were rather big . On average, they would be around the size of two or three fists .

“Li Fuchen, you are already very famous in the South Mountain City . There are plenty of people who gave you the title as stone gambling master . ” Qi Junjun giggled .

Li Fuchen had purchased over 100 pieces of heaven stone ores and spent a total of around 100 million low-grade spirit stones, which was around 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones . After selling everything, he earned close to 30,000 mid-grade spirit stones and profited twice more his investment .

It might not seem like a lot, but it was already very praiseworthy .

Of course, Qi Junjun didn’t know that if Li Fuchen sold all of the heaven stones, it wouldn’t just be an earning of 30,000 mid-grade spirit stones, it would be at least 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

300,000 mid-grade spirit stones was already comparable with the entire wealth of a second-rate clan in the South Mountain City .

After the drinking session, the duo split up again .

“Incineration Sword . ”

In the courtyard, Li Fuchen used his finger to replace his sword and made a slash . Countless scarlet blisters appeared out of nowhere and immediately exploded . The destructive power had caused the void to shake .

Incineration Sword was a heaven class sword move created with the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration as a base .

This move could be condensed or scattered . Its profundity and power was far beyond the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration .

If Li Fuchen was willing, he could produce an extreme blister with the brandish of his sword and it would destroy everything .

“It is a pity that I am unable to create a heaven class sword move with the Meteor Sword Art as a base . ”

The Meteor Sword Art was extremely special and had been accompanying Li Fuchen for a long time . It started off as a mystic class low-tier sword art and had been upgraded to an earth class peak-tier sword art .

However, this sword art didn’t disappoint Li Fuchen too . Among the same class and tier, it was invincible . Be it the speed or power, it was extremely horrific .

As such, it was truly difficult to upgrade the Meteor Sword Intent to the heaven class .

“Sky Ring Sword Armor!”

Li Fuchen might not be able to create a heaven class Meteor Sword Art, but he was able to create the heaven class sword move, Sky Ring Sword Armor with the Sky Ring Sword Art as a base .

The Sky Ring Sword Art was a neutral dao sword art, meaning that it only contained sword dao laws and no other laws .

Li Fuchen was drawing a ring in the air with his right sword finger . Layers of sword light swirled and rapidly formed a sword armor .

This sword armor contained astounding sword intent and it was mainly used for defense . Its offensive capabilities were presented when with the repelling force during defense .

As such, Li Fuchen now possessed three heaven class sword moves .

Flowing Merciless Edge was at the perfection stage .

Incineration Sword and Sky Ring Sword Armor were at the sub-perfection stage .

With the three heaven class sword moves, Li Fuchen was now more all-rounded . Even if he met an evenly matched opponent, he didn’t have to worry that his sword moves were too monotonous . He had two offensive sword moves and one defensive sword move, it was enough for him to withstand a long battle .

“I have yet to visit the seventh floor of the stone gambling den . It is time for me to go and take a look . ”

With 26,000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen was much more confident .

This time, his target was the low-grade heaven stones and mid-grade heaven stones, especially the latter .

Of course, it was unknown if the stone gambling den had any mid-grade heaven stone . In any case, Li Fuchen didn’t hold too much hope .

From what he knew, the South Mountain City would only have one mid-grade heaven stone in every three years . Excluding the fact that there were people obtaining mid-grade heaven stones in secret, it was enough to prove that mid-grade heaven stones were hard to come by .

After arriving at the stone gambling den, Li Fuchen headed straight for the seventh floor .

“Master Li is here . ”

Someone recognized Li Fuchen .

Two months ago, the commotion of Li Fuchen cutting open a low-grade heaven stone was still lingering and plenty of factions were monitoring Li Fuchen .

But after knowing that Li Fuchen sold the low-grade heaven stone to the Qi Clan, those factions had given in and didn’t dare to make excessive moves .

Now that Li Fuchen had arrived at the stone gambling den, he naturally wouldn’t be a nobody like he was two months ago .

Li Fuchen could only laugh bitterly in response to this .

Sometimes, being too famous wasn’t a good thing .

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