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Chapter 555
ER – Chapter 555: Ideas

“Heavens, the two heaven stones are worth 10 or 20 thousand mid-grade spirit stones . That is equivalent to 100 or 200 million low-grade spirit stones . ”

Qi Guang’s eyes were going dizzy .

As an important descendant of the Qi Clan, his annual allowance was only a few million low-grade spirit stones . As compared to Li Fuchen, it was simply pale in comparison . Li Fuchen could pluck a single hair and it would be more valuable than his leg .

“This young brother, my Green Tree Pavilion is willing to offer 15,000 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase these two heaven stones . ”

“My Scatter Man Hall is willing to offer 16,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

More of the local factions’ representatives were giving their offers .

They were regular customers of the stone gambling den and it was impossible for them to not know the value of these two heaven stones .

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that these two heaven stones could be easily sold for 20,000 mid-grade spirit stones to those who required it .

“I am willing to sell this subpar-grade heaven stone . The one with the highest bid shall have it . ”
(TL note: I am using subpar-grade, low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, and extreme-grade from here on to refer to the heaven stones)

Li Fuchen had around 3000 mid-grade spirit stones at most and was in urgent need of some spirit stones . He had plenty of ores that contained heaven stones in his storage bags and there wasn’t a need to hoard all of it .

“2150 . ”

“2180 . ”

“2200 . ”

“2300 . ”

The subpar-grade heaven stone that was the size of a huge bowl was amply attractive and its price was soaring .

“2400 . ”

“My Scatter Man Hall will offer 2500 . If anyone offers more than 2500, my Scatter Man Hall will withdraw . ”

There was a middle-aged man who was at the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm that spoke with a deep and resounding voice .

“2500 is rather high . There isn’t much to profit after obtaining it . ”

“Forget it, 2500 isn’t a small sum . ” Everyone had settled down .

“2600 . ” 

All of a sudden, another voice echoed .

The one who offered the price was Dongguo Shaonan .

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Li Fuchen took a glance at Dongguo Shaonan, “Are you paying now?”

“Don’t worry . Don’t even mention 2600, I have enough for 7000 mid-grade spirit stones . ” Dongguo Shaonan said confidently .

The Dongguo Clan was different from the Qi Clan .

The Dongguo Clan was involved deeply in the stone gambling world, otherwise, they wouldn’t hire a stone gambling master .

Dongguo Shaonan was also the representative for the Dongguo Clan’s stone gambling business . He would always be bringing along thousands of mid-grade spirit stones .

“This subpar-grade heaven stone is yours . ” Li Fuchen gestured for Dongguo Shaonan to bring out the mid-grade spirit stones .

“Here . ”

Dongguo Shaonan tossed over a storage bag and when Li Fuchen opened it to take a look, there were indeed 2600 mid-grade spirit stones .

“Not just this subpar-grade heaven stone, I want that low-grade heaven stone too . ” After keeping the subpar-grade heaven stone, Dongguo Shaonan transmitted a message .

Li Fuchen said, “Apologies, I am not selling the low-grade heaven stone . ”

Even if he was to sell it, he wouldn’t sell it to Dongguo Shaonan .

“What is the meaning of this?” Dongguo Shaonan’s face turned dark .

Li Fuchen felt it was funny and said, “When have I ever said that I will sell the low-grade heaven stone?”

“Li Fuchen, you better learn your limits . You should know why I am spending 2600 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase the subpar-grade heaven stone, don’t act like a fool . ” Dongguo Shaonan threatened .

2600 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase a huge bowl-sized subpar-grade heaven stone wasn’t considered a loss but there weren’t much profits either . After all, it was merely a subpar-grade heaven stone and the purity was only ordinary which was inferior to Qi Junjun’s piece .

“I advise you to stop while you’re ahead . Firstly, I have never said that I will sell the low-grade heaven stone . Secondly, I didn’t ask you to bid for it, you are the one that was impatient . If you are reluctant, I can refund the mid-grade spirit stones to you and you can return the subpar-grade heaven stone to me . ”

“Li Fuchen, are you really going to go against me?” Dongguo Shaonan released a trace of murderous intent .

“If you have to think it that way, I don’t mind either . ”

Li Fuchen could see that this Dongguo Shaonan wouldn’t give Li Fuchen a good deal no matter what was done . He would only treat Li Fuchen as a person to bully and there wasn’t a need to be courteous with a person like Dongguo Shaonan . It was useless to be courteous too .

“I hope that you don’t regret it . ” Dongguo Shaonan glared at Li Fuchen with murderous intent in his eyes that weren’t concealed anymore .

“I, Li Fuchen never regret the things I do . ” Li Fuchen spoke with a resolute and decisive tone .

“Great, Li Fuchen, I admit defeat today . But your good days have reached an end today . ” Dongguo Shaonan grunted and left .

As the duo were transmitting messages, the others didn’t know what they were conversing about .

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However, everyone could see that Dongguo Shaonan was extremely unhappy and the duo seemed to have an argument .

“It is rather unwise to offend Dongguo Shaonan!”

“That may not be necessary . I can see that this person has a rather good relationship with the Qi Clan’s Young Lady and Young Master . With the Qi Clan’s support, there might not be a need to be worried about the Dongguo Clan . ”

Everyone was discussing it softly .

“Li Fuchen, Dongguo Shaonan is a person who will definitely take revenge . You need to be careful . ” Qi Junjun gave a warning .

Li Fuchen nodded, “I know my limits . ”

The Dongguo Clan might be one of the four major clans in the South Mountain City and they had plenty of Primary Sea Realm monarchs in the clan, but their strongest member was only a mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarch and they weren’t comparable to the Red Rainbow Sect .

In terms of strength, even the South Mountain City’s city lord residence couldn’t be compared with the Red Rainbow Sect .

The strongest member of the city lord residence was only a high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

The Red Rainbow Sect had at least five high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs and the Red Rainbow Monarch’s strength was definitely considered to be at the pinnacle of the Primary Sea Realm .

The Red Rainbow Sect couldn’t afford to offend the city lord residence but they could afford to offend the Dongguo Clan .

Of course, Li Fuchen understood that the Red Rainbow Sect was the Red Rainbow Sect, while he was a separate individual .

There were many occasions where he could only rely on himself .

After all, if the opposition was to send out experts to assassinate him, the Red Rainbow Sect couldn’t do anything .

“I wonder if your Qi Clan is interested in this low-grade heaven stone?” Li Fuchen suddenly asked .

Li Fuchen still had another five pieces of low-grade heaven stones in his storage bag and it didn’t matter if he sold off one piece .

Qi Junjun was astonished, “You wish to sell it to our Qi Clan?”

“If you are interested . ” Li Fuchen smiled and asked .

“Yes, of course . ” Qi Junjun was instantly emotional .

Low-grade heaven stones were even tempting for Primary Sea Realm monarchs and the entire South Mountain City would only produce slightly over a dozen pieces in a year . All of the major clans would do their best to strive for them .

“But I do not have so many mid-grade spirit stones on me right now . ” Qi Junjun spoke apologetically .

Li Fuchen replied, “No hurry . Let’s talk once you have enough . ”

“Big Brother Li, you have helped my Big Sis to pick two ores, pick one for me too!” Qi Guang was pleading by the side .

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Li Fuchen said, “I should have a little innate talent in stone gambling, but I cannot guarantee to be accurate everytime . If you have a few million low-grade spirit stones, I have around 70% or 80% chance to help you find one piece that is profitable . ”

He had already created a huge commotion earlier and if he maintained this pace, the consequences would be unimaginable .

“A few million low-grade spirit stones?” Qi Guang blinked his eyes and looked at Qi Junjun as he only had a few tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones and it was utterly inadequate .

Qi Junjun said helplessly, “I have 3 million low-grade spirit stones here . In addition to the previous times, you owe me a total of 8 million low-grade spirit stones . Remember to return them to me in the future . ”

While speaking, Qi Junjun took out a storage bag and tossed it to Qi Guang with an unpleasant mood .

“I will, I will . ” Qi Guang was beaming with joy .

Now that Qi Guang had spirit stones, Li Fuchen started to pick the ores for him .

“This isn’t bad . ”

“This isn’t bad either . ”

“And this . ”

In just a short moment, Qi Guang spent all 3 million low-grade spirit stones in exchange for seven pieces of heaven stone ores .

It was now time for the cutting of the ores .

The first was a complete loss .

The second was a complete loss .

The third was a complete loss .

The fourth was a complete loss too .

The fifth ore finally produced a heaven stone but it was only the size of a cup and it was worth roughly 300 to 400 mid-grade spirit stones .

The sixth and seventh ores were also complete losses .

After everything, Qi Guang’s 3 million low-grade spirit stones would only be able to profit around 1 million low-grade spirit stones .

Qi Guang was a little flabbergasted . He thought he could be like his elder sister and earth 8 or 10 million low-grade spirit stones .

Qi Junjun berated, “Do you think stone gambling is so easy? It is already rather good that you can profit a little . Even if you make a loss, you cannot blame Brother Li . ”

“Yes, Big Sis is correct . ” Qi Guang nodded repeatedly .

He might be disappointed but he too knew that Li Fuchen was already incredible . If it was someone else, he might just lose everything .

After walking through the fifth floor, the trio arrived on the sixth floor .

Li Fuchen was rather disappointed as there were only three pieces of low-grade heaven stones on the sixth floor and it was actually much lesser than the fifth floor .

But it was rather normal as the stone gambling den was only able to make rough judgments based on the appearance of the heaven stone ores . They didn’t have any methods to find out what kind of heaven stones were contained within the ore, in fact, they couldn’t even know if there were any heaven stones .

Not everyone was like Li Fuchen who had a spirit soul quality that was superior to Law Phase Realm emperors and had also developed two spirit soul abilities .

Without any reserve, Li Fuchen spent close to 6000 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase almost all of the ores that contained heaven stones on the sixth floor .

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to cut open anymore ores as he wasn’t buying anymore useless ores and he would be exposed if he was to cut them open here .

“I wonder if there are anymore low-grade heaven stones on the seventh floor or perhaps mid-grade heaven stones . ”

Without much mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen didn’t head up to the seventh floor .

He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself after seeing a mid-grade heaven stone .

A fist-sized mid-grade heaven stone was worth hundreds of thousands of mid-grade spirit stones and if it was a mid-grade heaven stone with high purity, it would be easily sold for a million mid-grade spirit stones .

After leaving the stone gambling den, the trio split up .

Qi Junjun returned to the clan to request for mid-grade spirit stones while Li Fuchen returned to the inn to study on the heaven stones .

The Pine Tree Inn was ranked highly among the inns in South Mountain City .

At the back of the inn, there were rows of courtyards to provide the guests the most comfortable and peaceful environment .

Inside a courtyard, Li Fuchen took out a piece of heaven stone ore .


Bursting out with his qi and intent, Li Fuchen slammed his palm on the heaven stone ore .


The heaven stone ore exploded and a cyan-colored stone flew out .

It was a subpar-grade heaven stone that was roughly the size of a palm .

“I wonder what kind of mysterious law is contained within this subpar-grade heaven stone?”

Grasping the subpar-grade heaven stone, Li Fuchen closed his eyes and sensed it carefully .

After a long period of time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes . “No wonder it is a subpar-grade heaven stone . Apart from the weak sword dao laws, the rest of the laws are rather concentrated . It might be possible to create more heaven class sword moves with these heaven stones . ”

A single heaven class sword move was insufficient . If Li Fuchen encountered a formidable opponent, he would be rather helpless .

Originally, Li Fuchen didn’t have much thoughts, now that the ideas of creating heaven class sword moves had appeared, they were spreading out frenziedly like wildfire .

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