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Chapter 554
ER – Chapter 554: Low Grade Heaven Stone
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“Apologies . I have my own use for this heaven stone . ”

Qi Junjun refused the offers from these people .

What a joke, she didn’t even have a single subpar grade heaven stone, how could she sell it to others?

With this heaven stone, when she cultivated martial arts in the future, she might not cut the effort in half, but would at least be able to increase the efficiency by 15% .

“Li Fuchen, many thanks . ”

Qi Junjun looked at Li Fuchen with different eyes .

She didn’t believe that Li Fuchen had guessed it and must have a certain trick to it .

“Big Brother Li, help me to choose two ores too . ”

Qi Guang had already started calling Li Fuchen as a Big Brother and his eyes were filled with flattery .

His elder sister had only invested 500,000 low-grade spirit stones and earned at least 500 mid-grade spirit stones . The profits were 10 times .

Li Fuchen smiled and didn’t say anything else .

On the side, Dongguo Shaonan and Elder Liu’s face were so gloomy and were almost sweating .

Elder Liu said coldly, “It is just luck . Who doesn’t have a few lucky encounters in life?”

“That is true . I think it should be luck too . Cut open my ore too!” Dongguo Shaonan took out the ore that he had purchased earlier from his storage bag and placed it in front of the ore cutter .

“Alright . ” The ore cutter nodded .

He would need a remuneration to cut the ore for someone and it cost 100 low-grade spirit stones for each ore . The more he cut, the more low-grade spirit stones he would earn .

Dongguo Shaonan’s ore was priced at 800,000 low-grade spirit stones and some of the stone gambling elites were nodding silently and felt that this ore had a high possibility of producing heaven stones .

If it was a success, it wouldn’t just be one piece of heaven stone, there would be at least two pieces of heaven stone .

Dongguo Shaonan was a little apprehensive at first, but after seeing so many people that thought highly of this ore, his mood was much calmer .


The ore cutter made his first cut .


On the first cut, the ore cutter felt an obstruction .

“Profit, profit . ”

“Young Master Dongguo is going to earn huge profits this time . Once there is a heaven stone, there will be a few pieces inside . The profits are at least 1000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

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Everyone in the vicinity was rather excited .

Dongguo Shaonan’s face was getting increasingly pleased .

Profiting was one matter but oppressing Li Fuchen was another matter .

Achieving both would naturally be the best outcome .

With a smile that was hard to contain, Dongguo Shaonan looked at Qi Junjun, “Junjun, you shouldn’t have listened to him . This ore is originally supposed to be yours . Of course, if three pieces of heaven stones can be cut out, I will give one to you . ”

He wasn’t that generous to give all the heaven stones to Qi Junjun, after all, she wasn’t his woman yet .

“No need, I already have one . ” Qi Junjun said indifferently .

Seeing that the gamble paid off, Elder Liu was naturally the most delighted .

As a stone gambling master, betting on the right ore was the key to maintaining his reputation .

He wasn’t working for the Dongguo Clan without any cost . Every year, the Dongguo Clan would pay him five million low-grade spirit stones as a remuneration with the precondition of him betting on the ores successfully on frequent occasions . If the amount of spirit stones that he earned wasn’t more than what the clan invested in him, he would surely be evicted from the Dongguo Clan and in the stone gambling world, his reputation would also drop greatly and no other major clans would be willing to hire him .

Rather than taking the risk to bet on the ores himself, it was definitely much better to work under the major clans .

He didn’t need to take the risk and could obtain a large amount of spirit stones as a reward . Why wouldn’t he do so?

Just as the situation was turning great, the ore cutter split the ore open and informed, “It isn’t a subpar grade heaven stone, it is an inferior grade heaven stone about the size of a fist . ”

“What? An inferior grade heaven stone?”

The heaven stones were split into five grades, the subpar, low, mid, high, and extreme grade . Inferior grade weren’t even comparable to subpar grade and for the size of a fist, it would only be worth 10 mid-grade spirit stones at most .

This wasn’t a profit, it was a loss .

It was slightly better than a complete loss

Right now, Dongguo Shaonan’s face was as bad as it could be . A piece of inferior grade heaven stone was useless and he didn’t even bother about 10 pieces of mid-grade spirit stones .

“Continue to cut!” Dongguo Shaonan said in a deep voice .

If there was a subpar grade heaven stone, then this joke wouldn’t be considered anything .

The ore cutter’s forehead was perspiring with sweat as he continued to brandish his blade .


After a dozen cuts later, the ore cutter met with another obstruction .

“It must be a subpar grade heaven stone this time . ” Dongguo Shaonan was staring intently at the ore and wished his eyes could penetrate it .

Among the crowd, Li Fuchen chuckled softly .

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This ore did have heaven stones, but it merely contained three pieces of inferior grade heaven stones and the biggest was only the size of a fist . The other two were the sizes of half a fist and an egg . They would only be worth 20 mid-grade spirit stones and it was impossible to recover the capital .

“Apologies, it is still an inferior grade heaven stone . ”

The ore cutter’s voice echoed in the ears of Dongguo Shaonan .

“Damn it . ” Dongguo Shaonan gripped his fist tightly .

“There should still be one more heaven stone . ” Elder Liu consoled .

In fact, Elder Liu was even more nervous than Dongguo Shaonan .

“Big Sis, it is fortunate that you didn’t listen to that Elder Liu . ” Qi Guang transmitted a message to Qiu Junjun .

Qi Guang was bearing a grudge against Elder Liu, even though he knew that obtaining a heaven stone was all about luck .

Qi Junjun berated, “You better hang out less with this Dongguo Shaonan . ”

“Don’t worry, with Big Brother Li, I will not hang out with Dongguo Shaonan in the future . ” Qi Guang had already treated Li Fuchen as a money tree . He didn’t hope for there to be a heaven stone every time, it was already good enough for there to be once in five times .


Qi Junjun knew what Qi Guang was thinking and was immediately angered .


After a hundred cuts, the third heaven stone had been found .

From what Li Fuchen could see, this heaven stone was still an inferior grade heaven stone and it was only the size of an egg which was worth two or three mid-grade spirit stones .

Dongguo Shaonan had an ashen complexion as he felt that Qi Junjun seemed to be laughing at him, so was Li Fuchen and everyone else .

Dongguo Shaonan involuntarily glared at Elder Liu .

Elder Liu’s neck shrunk as he was feeling wronged . He thought silently, ‘I didn’t say that there will be a subpar grade heaven stone . I only said there is a 50% chance that there would be heaven stones . Now that three inferior grade heaven stones were revealed, it means that my discerning ability is still working . ’

It was all because of Qi Junjun’s precious heaven stone that made it possible for a comparison .

“It is a loss, but it is fortunate that it can earn back 20,000 low-grade spirit stones worth of capital . ”

“Young Master Dongguo, I am willing to offer 21 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase these three pieces of inferior grade heaven stones . ”

It was unknown what the person making the offer was thinking, he was probably trying to get into a good relationship with Dongguo Shaonan .

Dongguo Shaonan grunted, “I am not selling . It is rather good to turn them into pendants . ”

At the same time Dongguo Shaonan was replying, he turned to look at Li Fuchen, “Brother Li, you mentioned that you purchased a few dozen heaven stone ores . Why don’t bring out some and cut them here? It just so happens that I and Junjun can have an eye opener . ”

Qi Junjun frowned, ‘This Dongguo Shaonan is truly a sore loser . He has already lost utterly . ’

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“Sure, I am planning to cut open the ores too . ”

Li Fuchen had already depleted his low-grade spirit stones and only had around 3000 mid-grade spirit stones left . It was time for him to obtain more spirit stones .

He immediately took out five pieces of heaven stone ores and said to the ore cutter, “Cut them all . ”

“Right away . ” The ore cutter spoke with enthusiasm .

From left to right, the ore cutter started to cut the first piece of ore .

After dozens of cuts, there were still no heaven stones in the first ore . It was still the same after a hundred cuts .

After two hundred cuts, everyone knew that this ore was probably a complete loss .

Dongguo Shaonan’s gloomy expression looked much better as he was waiting for Li Fuchen to become a joke . If all five of these heaven stones were complete losses, Li Fuchen probably had nowhere to put his face .

Without any suspense, the first ore was a complete loss .

Li Fuchen didn’t feel concerned at all .

Li Fuchen was already prepared to cut open the ores in the public and he couldn’t possibly produce heaven stones in all of the ores . If he was to allow that to happen, it was the same as telling others that he had a unique way of finding out if an ore had any heaven stones .

It was fine if he was a Law Phase Realm emperor, but if he was to expose his unique ability when he was still a Battle Spirit Realm master, he would definitely be captured by some major faction to serve as a specialist in finding heaven stones and would never obtain freedom .

There wasn’t any heaven stone in the second ore nor the third ore .

“Hehe . ” Elder Liu couldn’t help but laugh .

Unable to find heaven stones after three consecutive ores meant that Li Fuchen’s standard was inferior to him .

Soon enough, it was the fourth ore .


On the 68th cut, the ore cutter struck something hard .

“It is a subpar heaven stone!” The ore cutter was very excited .

“It is profit, his luck is truly good . ”

“I wonder how big it is . ”

As the ore cutter cut along the surface of the ore, a huge bowl-sized cyan crystal was revealed in front of everyone .

“Tsk tsk, a huge bowl-sized subpar heaven stone . This is worth at least 2000 mid-grade spirit stones! It is 20 million low-grade spirit stones and the profits are more than 50 times!”

“Let alone the three complete losses at the front, even if it was ten complete losses, this profit was already enough to cover everything . ”

Everyone was extremely envious .

“Damn it, damn it, how can his luck be so good?” Dongguo Shaonan was extremely enraged .

It was like a gambling addict who had lost too much and had become very irritable .

“This brother, give this heaven stone to me! I am willing to offer 2100 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

Someone started to call the price .

Li Fuchen said, “There is still one more . Don’t be in such a hurry . ”

“That is true . We can discuss after cutting open the last ore . ”

Everyone might agree on the surface but no one believed that the fifth ore would also have a heaven stone .

Crackle .

The ore cutter continued his work .

There were unending crackling sounds and everyone was a little preoccupied by the huge bowl-sized subpar heaven stone in Li Fuchen’s hands .


Like a sound of nightmare, Dongguo Shaonan’s face drastically changed while Elder Liu’s expression changed several times .

“Another heaven stone?”

“Isn’t he too lucky?!”

The ore cutter saw a dream-like cyan lustor from the crevice and said with a trembling voice, “This might be a low grade heaven stone . ”

“What? A low grade heaven stone?”

“Hurry up and reveal it, don’t put us in suspense . ”

Urged by everyone, the ore cutter sliced off the rocks on the surface of the heaven stone .

Instantly, a fist-sized heaven stone which was absolutely beautiful had appeared in everyone’s eyes .

This heaven stone was too beautiful and it was extremely clean . No one was willing to shift their eyes away .

“Low grade heaven stone, it is actually a low grade heaven stone . ”


Low grade heaven stones were extremely rare and there might not even be a single low grade heaven stone in a month at the South Mountain City’s stone gambling den . The previous appearance of a low grade spirit stone was only the size of an egg and it was incomparable with Li Fuchen’s piece .

Dongguo Shaonan’s had all sorts of expressions: Anger, annoyance, greed .

After taking a deep breath, Dongguo Shaonan smiled and transmitted a message to Li Fuchen, “Brother Li, I am willing to offer 5000 mid-grade spirit stones for this low grade heaven stone . It might be a little, but I can offer you a guest status in the Dongguo Clan . I wonder what you think?”

If someone heard Dongguo Shaonan’s proposal, they would surely curse at him for being shameless . A fist-sized low grade heaven stone would be worth at least 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones . Trying to buy it for 5000 mid-grade spirit stones was the same as plundering .

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