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Chapter 553
ER – Chapter 553: Subpar Grade Heaven Stone
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“The fifth floor has more ores that contain heaven stone . ”

The fourth floor only had around two to three heaven stones among a hundred pieces of ores .

The fifth floor had around three to four heaven stones among a hundred pieces of ores .

As such, the patterns definitely had a certain rule and once the rule was understood, one would be able to know if the ore had a heaven stone or not .

It was a pity that the patterns were shattered and there was probably no one who was able to comprehend the rule completely and could only have a rough estimate .

After buying over 30 over heaven stone ores, Li Fuchen’s low-grade spirit stones were nearly used up .

He only had a total of over 40 million low-grade spirit stones .

“Li Fuchen . ”

Not far away, Qi Junjun noticed Li Fuchen, beside her was Qi Guang, Dongguo Shaonan, and that Elder Liu .

Dongguo Shaonan was rather unhappy to see Li Fuchen again as he and Qi Junjun were having a great time chatting . However, once Qi Junjun saw Li Fuchen, she immediately went over and it made Dongguo Shaonan in a very bad mood .

“You are up here too . ” Li Fuchen smiled .

Qi Junjun asked, “How is it? How many heaven stone ores did you buy?”

Li Fuchen replied, “I casually bought a few dozen pieces . What about you?”

“A few dozen pieces?”

Everyone, including Dongguo Shaonan were shocked .

A few dozen heaven stone ores would need at least a few dozen millions of low-grade spirit stones and it wasn’t a small sum .

“This brother, you can eat whatever you want, but don’t crack such jokes . ” Dongguo Shaonan looked at Li Fuchen with disdain and didn’t feel that Li Fuchen was able to purchase dozens of heaven stone ores, Li Fuchen was probably doing it to attract Qi Junjun .

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about the opposition . Did he even need the opposition to believe him?

Dongguo Shaonan didn’t know and didn’t believe Li Fuchen, however, Qi Junjun and Qi Guang believed Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen spent close to three million low-grade spirit stones on a single drinking session, he was probably capable enough to purchase a few dozen ores .

However, the duo were a little worried as Li Fuchen was too negligent to spend like this .

It was a few tens of millions of low-grade spirit stones and if none of them had any heaven stones, they would all be wasted .

‘Too rich . ’ Qi Guang murmured in his heart .

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Previously Qi Guang thought rather highly of Dongguo Shaonan as he believed that Dongguo Shaonan’s background and personal wealth were of top-class .

But now, Dongguo Shaonan was inferior to Li Fuchen, at least in terms of personal wealth .

Furthermore, Li Fuchen had even warned Qi Guang not to purchase that ore earlier, but it was a pity that he didn’t listen .

“Li Fuchen, help me take a look at this ore?” Qi Junjun had already bought one ore and was preparing to purchase the next one .

Li Fuchen looked at where Qi Junjun pointed at .

In his vision, there was a heaven stone ore the size of a water jar and this ore’s patterns were extremely chaotic, but it was giving off a very concentrated presence of law, making it very contradictory .

Before Li Fuchen could speak, Dongguo Shaonan said, “Junjun, this Elder Liu beside me is a stone gambling master . He can give you some opinions, you don’t need to ask some amateur . ”

While speaking Dongguo Shaonan turned to look at Elder Liu . “Elder Liu, help her to take a look . Remember, be cautious and observe more . ”

Elder Liu obviously knew that Qi Junjun’s status was different and had nodded seriously .

Qi Junjun couldn’t possibly turn down Dongguo Shaonan’s offer and had stood to the side .

Elder Liu walked over and observed for 15 minutes before nodding slowly, “This ore has chaotic patterns but the presence of law is abnormally concentrated . In my opinion, there is possibly more than one node inside . It also means that there is more than one piece of heaven tone . The probability of profiting is more than 50% . I just wonder if Young Lady Qi is bold enough to take the risk . ”

Qi Junjun didn’t say anything and looked at Li Fuchen instead .

Li Fuchen slightly shook his head .

Qi Junjun smiled and said, “Forget it, I cannot make a decision on this ore . I better change to another one!”

Dongguo Shaonan’s face immediately turned gloomy .

How could he not see that Qi Junjun minded about Li Fuchen’s opinions greatly?

Li Fuchen shook his head and she decided not to buy it . What did she treat him, Dongguo Shaonan as?

Elder Liu’s expression was also rather unhappy . He had spent a lot of effort to observe this ore and she ended up not buying it? Wasn’t she playing with him?

“I shall buy this ore . Once I cut out heaven stones later, I will surely give it to you, Junjun . ” Dongguo Shaonan forcefully squeezed out a smile .

Qi Junjun let out a faint smile and didn’t say anything .

There were two reasons why she didn’t buy this ore .

Firstly, she felt that Li Fuchen was different . Since he shook his head, there must be a reason why he was so confident .

Secondly, Qi Guang had told her about the situation earlier .

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This meant that Li Fuchen wasn’t a person who spoke without thinking .

“Li Fuchen, help me to pick two then!” Qi Junjun suddenly said .

Li Fuchen frowned and didn’t know if he should agree or not .

“Asking an amateur to choose an ore isn’t a wise decision, Young Lady Qi . ” Elder Liu grunted .

Qi Junjun shook her hand . “It doesn’t matter, I only visit this place occasionally, it is fine even if I make a loss . ”

Letting out a breath, Li Fuchen said, “Follow me, I saw two ores that aren’t bad earlier . Heaven stones might be cut out from them . ”

As Li Fuchen spoke, he walked in deeper to the fifth floor .

Qi Junjun and Qi Guang followed closely .

Dongguo Shaonan and Elder Liu had also followed along .

Shortly, they arrived beside two pieces of ores .

Li Fuchen had seen through both the ores . One of them had a heaven stone and the other didn’t .

He couldn’t choose two ores that contained heaven stones as it would easily bring trouble .

It was the best choice to find an ore that had a heaven stone and the other that didn’t

“Alright, I shall take both . ” Qi Junjun said in an unreserved manner .

Elder Liu sneered, “Young Lady Qi, you better reconsider . These two ores have sparse patterns and the possibility of a node appearing inside is less than 10% . ”

Li Fuchen said, “Sparse patterns doesn’t mean there isn’t any heaven stone . Sometimes, appearance can be deceiving . ”

“Then this old man shall wait and see . ”

Elder Liu didn’t try to persuade anymore and waited for the outcome . The outcome would be his best counterattack as it was useless to say anything else now .

These two ores cost Qi Junjun 500,000 low-grade spirit stones and were only 50,000 low-grade spirit stones more expensive than Qi Guang’s previous purchase . The price was truly advantageous .

Of course, it was mainly because these two ores weren’t highly valued .

“Junjun, why don’t you cut the ore now . I wish to see if this Brother Li has any real skills . Let’s hope he isn’t all talk and is in fact useless . ” Dongguo Shaonan suggested .

Qi Junjun didn’t wish to cut the ore now . It was fine if there were heaven stones, but if there weren’t any, it would make things look unpleasant for Li Fuchen .

Who would have thought that Li Fuchen would actually say, “I have never seen the process of ore cutting either . It just so happens that I can witness it too . ”

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“Alright then!” Qi Junjun nodded .

At the ore cutting scene, a large number of people gathered around again .

“Why are these two pieces of ores picked? I remember that these two pieces of ores have been on the fifth floor for several days and no one bought them . ”

“It is Qi Clan’s Young Lady Qi Junjun . She is indeed worthy to be the no . 1 beauty of South Mountain City . Her looks and aura are probably the most elite . I reckon that she is just playing around!”

Everyone was in heated discussions that were talking about the ores or Qi Junjun . ”

“Young Lady Qi, do you wish to cut the ore?” The ore cutter asked .

“Yes . ” Qi Junjun nodded .


After getting the reply, the ore cutter split the ore into half .

There was no heaven stone in either of the dissected parts .

The ore cutter wasn’t anxious and started to slice off layers of ore and the ore was getting smaller and smaller . Finally, there were two ores that were the size of washbowls .

“It seems like it is a failure . ” 

“Isn’t that right . If an ore with such patterns could cut open a heaven stone, then every ore on the fifth floor would have heaven stones . ”

Everyone shook their heads .

After seeing that the first ore didn’t have any heaven stone, Dongguo Shaonan sneered, “Brother Li, it seems like your foresight isn’t good enough uh? Junjun, it is best not to mix around with such people in the future . I have seen plenty of people who are boastful and exaggerated but don’t have any true capability . ”

Elder Liu agreed, “Stone gambling is a kind of knowledge . Some people think they are able to see the rules of the patterns . In fact, in our stone gambling world, they don’t even know the most fundamental knowledge . ”

Qi Junjun retorted, “It is very normal that there are no heaven stones after cutting . Is Elder Liu confident enough to cut out heaven stones in every ore?”

Elder Liu stagnated, “This old one naturally cannot do so, but this old one wouldn’t ridiculously pick an ore . ”

“Young Lady Qi, do I cut the second ore too?” When this ore was only left with dregs, the ore cutter looked at Qi Junjun .

“Cut it!” Li Fuchen said .

“Cut it then!” 

Qi Junjun sighed . In fact, it didn’t matter to her if these two ores didn’t have any heaven stones . She was just afraid that all the ores that Li Fuchen bought were scraps too .

In her opinion, the few tens of millions of low-grade spirit stones was probably more than half of Li Fuchen’s personal wealth .

Crackle, crackle…

The ore cutter was cutting quickly and had already sliced over 100 times . The second half of the ore was already cut till the final half and it was a pity that there still wasn’t any heaven stone .

“Everyone can be dismissed now! It is impossible for any heaven stone to appear . ”

After hearing everyone’s voices, Dongguo Shaonan and Elder Liu’s smiles were getting brighter .

‘Was he just lucky earlier?’ Qi Guang looked at Li Fuchen with a doubtful look .

Li Fuchen remained unmoved . In his vision, he could see that in the ore that had the thickness of one foot, there was a heaven stone that had a cyan lustor that was sitting quietly inside . Once the ore cutter made a few more cuts, the heaven stone would be revealed .

Crackle, crackle, crackle…

As the ore was getting smaller, everyone was disappointed .


Right at this moment, the ore cutter’s blade met with an obstruction .

“What is that sound?”

There were some who were preparing to leave and had suddenly turned back with astonished eyes .

“That is the sound of the ore cutting blade striking on a heaven stone . ” Someone spoke with an excited tone .

“Young Lady Qi, there is a heaven stone inside . ”

After cutting heaven stone ores for so many years, how could he not know that this ore had increased in value .

“Mm, continue . ” Qi Junjun’s face revealed a smile .

A short moment later, a heaven stone that was the size of half a fist had exposed itself among everyone’s eyes .

This heaven stone was cyan in color and its purity should be of the subpar grade . However, a meticulous person would be able to see that this subpar grade heaven stone’s purity was much higher than most of the subpar grade heaven stones and was probably of the highest quality .

“Young Lady Qi, I am willing to offer 500 mid-grade spirit stones for this heaven stone . ”

“I will offer 550 . ”

“Meng Laosan, are you insistent on contesting with me?”

“You are the one that wants to contest with me . 500 mid-grade spirit stones to take this heaven stone? In your dreams . ”

This high quality subpar grade heaven stone would probably be able to fetch 1000 mid-grade spirit stones at the auction . It was simply an all profit transaction .

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