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Chapter 552
ER – Chapter 552: Dongguo Shaonan
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The fourth floor’s heaven stone ores were counted in thousands but the ones that contained the heaven stones were only around two to three ores among a hundred ores .

Li Fuchen wasn’t worried about exposing his ability and had wiped out all the ores that contained heaven stones on the fourth floor . He bought a total of 58 pieces .

58 pieces of heaven stone ores cost a total of 18 million low-grade spirit stones .

‘Let me go to the fifth floor to take a look . ’ 

Under the guidance of an attendant, Li Fuchen arrived at the fifth floor .

As compared to the fourth floor, the fifth floor’s heaven stone ores looked much better in appearance, but the heaven stone ores were also much more expensive and were almost twice as expensive as the fourth floor .

“Brother Li, you are here too! Let me introduce to you, this is Dongguo Shaonan who is the most outstanding descendant from one of South Mountain City’s four major clans, Dongguo Clan . Brother Shaonan, this is Li Fuchen . ”

On the fifth floor, Qi Guang was also here and beside him, there was a handsome young man who was wearing black embroidered clothes .

“Qi Guang, where is your elder sister?” Dongguo Shaonan didn’t bother about Li Fuchen and asked Qi Guang .

“That’s right, Brother Li, where is my Big Sis?” Qi Guang asked curiously as he remembered that his elder sister was together with Li Fuchen when he separated from them .

Hearing this statement, Dongguo Shaonan took a glance at Li Fuchen .

‘Qi Junjun was with him earlier?’

Li Fuchen replied, “I separated with her . She is probably still on the fourth floor . ”

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“Brother Shaonan, my Big Sis will definitely come up later . Are you able to ask this stone gambling master beside you to help me take a look at this ore?” Qi Guang pointed at the ore with the strange patterns and had half a human’s height .

“Elder Liu, help him to take a look then . ” Dongguo Shaonan looked at the rather conceited elder and asked .

The elder’s eyes were very bright as he said indifferently, “I don’t dare to assume the title of stone gambling master . I merely have some experience . ”

In the stone gambing world, the outstanding individuals that had a reputable would be known as stone gambling elites . For such people, they had an individual style when stone gambling and would always be able to find one or two heaven stones out of ten attempts .

As for those beyond the stone gambling elites, would be the stone gambling masters .

Stone gambling masters wouldn’t make a move easily . Once they made a move, they would be able to find one heaven stone in every three tries .

Of course, be it the stone gambling elites or masters, they treasured their reputation . Without 30% or 40% confidence, they wouldn’t gamble on the ore . If they had to examine every single heaven stone ore, then the chances of failure would increase by ten times or a hundred times . After all, these heaven stone ores were something that even Law Phase Realm emperors couldn’t see through, let alone a so-called stone gambling master .

“If Elder Liu isn’t considered a stone gambling master, then our South Mountain City would only have a few stone gambling masters . ” Qi Guang flattered .

Elder Liu’s expressions didn’t change but his eyes had a flash of arrogance . “Since Young Master Qi thinks highly of this old one, then I shall help you take a look . ”

While speaking, Elder Liu walked closer to the heaven stone ore and carefully inspected the patterns on the surface of the heaven stone ore .

After a long period of time, Elder Liu said slowly, “This ore has clear and odd patterns which are scattered but not messy . From the looks of it, there is definitely a node inside and when there are nodes, there will probably be heaven stones . This old one suggests that this heaven stone ore can be bought and there is a high chance that it might increase in value . ”

“Really?” Qi Guang was extremely tempted .

This piece of ore was priced at 450,000 low-grade spirit stones and if he was able to find a subpar grade heaven stone inside, he would be making a profit of at least ten times .

“Brother Qi, this ore’s pattern might look smooth, but there are signs of fracture and the node inside is probably not formed properly . There is a huge chance of making a loss . ” 

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Right at this moment, a voice was transmitted into Qi Guang’s ears .

Qi Guang looked up and saw that it was Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t have any experience in stone gambling and his statement might sound rather professional and plausible, but to be serious, it was just empty words .

There was a saying: “Only words said by successful people would sound convincing . For those who failed, no one would be convinced even if they said it a thousand or ten thousand times . ”

Qi Guang might not trust Li Fuchen now, but when Qi Guang broke the heaven stone ore and realized there was no heaven stone inside, he would feel that Li Fuchen’s words sounded rather reasonable .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t mind if Qi Guang trusted him or not . Li Fuchen was merely giving a warning because they were acquaintances .

No matter what Qi Guang chose, Li Fuchen wouldn’t suffer any loss .

Ultimately, Qi Guang didn’t accept Li Fuchen’s suggestion and spent 450,000 low-grade spirit stones to buy this ore .

“Cut it for me . ” 

Different from Li Fuchen, Qi Guang chose to cut the ore immediately .

This was mainly because he didn’t have any more spirit stones and if he didn’t cut it now, he wouldn’t have any more funds .

After hearing that someone was going to cut the ore, plenty of people gathered over .

Such an ore cutting scene was the best for people to gain experiences .

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If there was a heaven stone, everyone would research this ore’s patterns .

If there wasn’t any heaven stone, everyone would be more cautious after seeing such similar patterns and wouldn’t purchase it so easily .

Heaven stone ores were extremely hard and if a regular Battle Spirit Realm master was to cut it, an attack with full strength was required . It was obvious that such an intense action wasn’t allowed at the scene .

The stone gambling dens would normally have an ore cutting blade and they were very expensive . No much strength was required to split the heaven stone ore into two and it wouldn’t cause such a huge commotion .  

“Young Master Qi, I am going to make the cut . ” The ore cutter looked at Qi Guang .

Qi Guang nodded repeatedly, “Hurry up and do it!”

Qi Guang was feeling apprehensive and excited while his mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts .

“I must cut out a heaven stone!” Qi Guang’s eyes were fixed onto the heaven stone ore .


The ore cutter lifted the ore cutting blade high and cut down . There was a clear and crisp sound as the heaven stone ore was split into two . The dissected part was empty and there wasn’t any heaven stone .

“This seems a little bad!”

“What’s the hurry? Heaven stones wouldn’t only appear in the center of the ore, it might also be by the edges . ”

“That’s right, in my opinion, this ore’s pattern is distinct and refined . There should be a high possibility of cutting out a heaven stone . I nearly bought it earlier . ”

More people gathered over and were in heated discussions .


The ore cutter had sliced again and again .

The heaven stone was ten times harder than the ore . With the strength of the ore cutter, it was impossible to damage the heaven stone, therefore, the ore cutter was very relaxed and wouldn’t be implicated .

After cutting 108 times consecutively, there wasn’t even a scrap of heaven stone .

Qi Guang’s expressions turned miserably pale .

This ore cost 450,000 low-grade spirit stones . Before Qi Guang started stone gambling, this amount of money was nothing for him, but now, this was already most of his personal wealth .

After 360 cutes, Qi Guang had already given up .

Apart from the first split into half, the rest of the 359 slices were cut from the borders of the two halves . Each time, a finger-width thickness of ore would be sliced off . After 359 slices, the ore was only around the size of a skull .

Qi Guang involuntarily cast a glance at Elder Liu .

Elder Liu grunted and was rather unhappy . He never guaranteed that a heaven stone was inside this ore .

Dongguo Shaonan transmitted a message to Qi Guang . “Qi Guang, stone gambling is like this . No one can be sure if there is a heaven stone inside . Even a Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t be able to guarantee it . So, you cannot blame Elder Liu for this matter, you can only blame on your bad luck . ”

Qi Guang might still be unwilling to accept it but he could only grit his teeth and swallow his anger .

‘That’s right, where is Li Fuchen?’ Qi Guang looked around and didn’t see Li Fuchen .

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