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Chapter 551
ER – Chapter 551: Spirit Soul Force
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What was the concept of spending 3 million low-grade spirit stones at once? Even a wealthy person with hundreds of millions would only spend like this occasionally .

The Qi Clan were one of the four major clans in the South Mountain City and their clan wealth was counted in billions of low-grade spirit stones, but that was the clan wealth and couldn’t be compared with personal wealth . For 3 million low-grade spirit stones, even Qi Junjun who was the Qi Clan’s most outstanding descendant couldn’t afford such an amount .

‘So wealthy?’ Qi Guang’s eyes were opened wide .

In his opinion, to be able to spend 3 million low-grade spirit stones at once in the Soaring Rain Restaurant, Li Fuchen’s wealth must be at least 100 million and he was much wealthier than that Dongguo Shaonan .

‘Big Sis seems to be interested in him . Is this an opportunity?’ Qi Guang’s eyes flickered as he thought of a great idea .

The stone gambling den was situated at the central district of the South Mountain City’s western part .

“Welcome, Young Lady Qi and Young Master Qi . Please come this way . ”

At the entrance of the stone gambling den, a few Reincarnation Realm experts came over to welcome them passionately .

Qi Junjun said, “Bring us to the fourth floor . ”

The stone gambling den had a total of ten floors . From the first to the third floor were the low grade section, the fourth to the sixth floor were the mid grade section, the seventh to the ninth floor were the high grade section, while the tenth floor was the special section .

After reaching the fourth floor, Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

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The stone gambling den might only have ten floors, but each floor was large and was about 100 meters in radius . In the spacious place, there were pieces of large and small ores that were covered with veined patterns . There were ores that were only the size of a human head and there were some that were as big as houses . There were some ores that were surrounded with plenty of Battle Spirit Realm masters . All of them were gesturing around while their faces were flashing with conflicting expressions .

“Is this a heaven stone ore?” Li Fuchen looked at this human-sized giant rock that was covered with dense patterns .

This giant rock’s color was slightly cyan in color and the surface was filled with patterns .

Li Fuchen could see that the patterns contained profound laws, but the patterns were too broken . It was like a martial art manual that was split up into dozens or hundreds of portions and it was impossible to comprehend anything .

Qi Junjun gave an introduction . “The heaven stone ore has the spiritual awareness isolation effect, it is impossible to use spiritual awareness to see through the heaven stone ore . Some of the vetern stone gambling experts would normally observe the patterns . This ore’s patterns are too broken and with my experience, there shouldn’t be any heaven stone inside . Even if there is any, it is probably an inferior heaven stone that is worse than the subpar grade heaven stone . It will only be worth a few mid-grade spirit stones . ”

This heaven stone ore was priced at 200,000 low-grade spirit stones and it would only be 20 mid-grade spirit stones if they were exchanged . In Qi Junjun’s opinion, it wasn’t worth it .

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“Brother Li, since this is your first time here, you must not have any experience . Why don’t I pick one for you? We will split the profit equally . ” On the side, Qi Guang couldn’t help but suggest .

“Don’t listen to his nonsense . ” Qi Junjun glared at Qi Guang .

Qi Guang didn’t bother about Qi Junjun, “Brother Li, it will not be wrong to listen to me . In this stone gambling den, I, Qi Guang am a little famous . I have once used 100,000 low-grade spirit stones to earn 700 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

“What happened afterwards? Didn’t you lose so much that your trousers had to be dropped?” Qi Junjun spoke with a nasty tone .

“Isn’t that just a slight miscalculation?” Qi Guang was a little angry at Qi Junjun for ruining his plans .

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“Enough, here are 500,000 low-grade spirit stones . Take them and go shop around yourself, don’t come and bother us . ” Qi Junjun couldn’t tolerate Qi Guang anymore, she took out a storage bag and tossed it to Qi Guang .

“500,000 low-grade spirit stones might not be a lot, but this time, I will surely win everything back and have excess . ” Qi Guang chuckled and left .

“Brother Li, Xiaoguang is always like that and likes to boast, don’t mind about him . ” Qi Junjun apologized .

Li Fuchen laughed and said, “It is normal, he is still young . ”

Qi Junjun revealed a strange smile and thought: ‘Still young? Li Fuchen doesn’t look like he is older than Xiaoguang and actually said Xiaoguang is still young?’

“Young Lady Qi, I will shop around, please carry on . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to have anyone following him .

“Alright . ”

Since she was at the stone gambling den, Qi Junjun also wanted to test her luck .

When Qi Junjun left, Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness and enveloped the tall heaven stone ore in front of him .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness would at least be comparable with an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch . Even though it was said that Law Phase Realm emperors would have a hard time to see through the heaven stone ore with their spiritual awareness, but it was unknown until you try .

‘As expected . ’

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At the next moment, Li Fuchen understood why even Law Phase Realm emperors were unable to see through the heaven stone ore .

With Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, he was only able to permeate the heaven stone ore by one centimeter .

This heaven stone ore was one meter thick, what could one centimeter do?

“Let me try the spirit soul force . ”

Since Li Fuchen’s spirit soul evolved into the pale purple color, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul obtained a new spirit soul ability . He could release the spirit soul force to scout everything within the range of ten meters .

This scouting was ten times clearer than the scouting with the spiritual awareness .

If spiritual awareness was sand, then the spirit soul force was powder, making it more thorough and detailed .

Spiritual awareness wasn’t able to penetrate the heaven stone ore’s law power but it might be able to penetrate with the spirit soul force .

There was a layer of pale purple spirit soul force that was only visible to Li Fuchen that extended out and enveloped the heaven stone ore .

Soon enough, this piece of heaven stone ore no longer had any secrets that could be hidden from Li Fuchen’s eyes . The entire ore turned transparent with a hint of purple, at the center ore, there was an egg-sized cyan crystal and the spirit soul force wasn’t able to see through it as there wasn’t a need to do so .

Even if Li Fuchen was a fool, he would know that the cyan crystal was the heaven stone .

He just didn’t know what grade was the heaven stone .

“I shall take this piece of heaven stone ore . ” Li Fuchen said to the supervisor that was nearby .

“This heaven stone ore cost 200,000 low-grade spirit stones . ” The supervisor saw that someone wanted to make a purchase, therefore, he walked over quickly .

“Here . ” Li Fuchen handed over 200,000 low-grade spirit stones .

After keeping the heaven stone ore, Li Fuchen continued to look for the next heaven stone ore .

With the ability to scout with his spirit soul, even Law Phase Realm emperors were inferior to Li Fuchen in terms of stone gambling .

Of course,  Li Fuchen never imagined that the heaven stone ore was something that his spiritual awareness couldn’t see through .

In the past, there was nothing that his spiritual awareness couldn’t see through . After all, his spiritual awareness was already comparable with elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

The fourth floor had plenty of heaven stone ores . Li Fuchen arrived at the second piece of heaven stone ore .

This was a heaven stone ore that was half a meter in height and its patterns were much more complete . The law power that it emitted was much more intense than the previous piece that he had purchased . This time, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness wasn’t even able to penetrate by one centimeter .

If Li Fuchen didn’t have the spirit soul scouting ability, he might have bought it .

After using his spirit soul force to permeate inside, Li Fuchen realized that there weren’t any scraps of heaven stone in it . It was obviously a useless rock .

“It seems like the heaven stone ores cannot be judged by the law power . An intense law power wouldn’t mean there is heaven stone inside, it is because of the patterns on the ore . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head and gave up on this heaven stone ore that was priced at 300,000 low-grade spirit stones .

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