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The modification of the blood and qi circulation wasn't child's play. Other than a complete understanding of one's own body, a strong perception was required as well.

If there was an insufficient understanding of the body, problems would arise easily.

If one's perception wasn't good enough, forcefully altering the blood and qi circulation would result in a catastrophe.

If Li Fuchen was willing to slow down his pace, he could make do without the changing of his blood and qi circulation. But he didn't want to change his current pace.

'The results of body refinement techniques vary for each individual. Making a slight adjustment should be fine.'

Li Fuchen who was seated cross-legged in the yard, began to scan his body using his consciousness.

It was said that only Heaven Dipper Realm experts are able to fully put their consciousness to use. Those that are below the Heaven Realm, would have the awareness of one's conscious, but was not able utilize it.

But the main reason was that martial artists wouldn't have a strong enough consciousness before they reached the Earth Realm.

Li Fuchen repeatedly scanned his body to get a better and more detailed understanding of his own body.

During the scan, Li Fuchen was able to clearly see the meridians and acupoints that his consciousness could detect.

"The position of these few acupoints turns out to be different from person to person. No wonder during my circulation, there would be some obstructions that hindered my cultivation."

For the next few days, Li Fuchen made modifications to the blood and qi circulation method.

Well, it couldn't be considered as a modification because 90% of the original method remained the same. As for the 10% that wasn't, Li Fuchen integrated the method into his own body and made some adjustments.

Once the method of circulation was adjusted, Li Fuchen's circulation became unimpeded and his body didn't have any side effects anymore.

4000 kg, 4200 kg, 4500 kg.

Li Fuchen's physical strength increased with the passing of each day. The same applied to the density of his skin and flesh.

Li Fuchen who was originally at 65 kg, was now at 70 kg.

But the crucial point was that he was around 1.7 meters tall and yet weighed 70 kg. He wouldn't seem all that strong if anyone took at quick look at him, they would think he was around 60 kg.

(TL note: I made a mistake about Li Fuchen's weight previously. My bad)

4800 kg… 5000 kg!

Just when there was only 20 body tempering pills left, Li Fuchen's Crimson Battle Form finally attained completion.

At the completion stage, the Crimson Battle Form was formidable. Not only did it condense the quality of his skin and flesh, it strengthen its power and toughness as well.


The sound of metal clashing resonated as Li Fuchen slashed himself with his steel sword.

Li Fuchen roughly used 3000 kg of strength in this slash, the razor sharp blade of the sword didn't manage to cut his skin.

Turning the power up to 4000 kg, he was still unharmed.

Finally with 5000 kg, a shallow wound appeared on Li Fuchen's body.

Just as the wound opened, it very quickly mended itself naturally.

Aside from slashes, Li Fuchen realized that when using a thrust, it would only require 4000 kg of physical power to pierce through his skin.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen revolved the eighth rank of the Scarlet Fire Technique, as a surge of violent scarlet qi cloaked his entire body.


Li Fuchen ruthlessly slashed at his body.

This blade contained a force of 6000 kg.

But nothing was left on his body except for a white impression.

7000 kg, 8000 kg…

Li Fuchen could only open a wound after raising his power to 8000 kg, and that resulted in streams of blood sputtering out.

'The Crimson Battle Form proved to be formidable. Even though I haven't exactly become impervious to sword or spear, but when at the Qi Realm, I am almost invulnerable.'

8000 kg of physical strength was already at the peak of the Qi Realm.

Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian could only manage 6000 kg of force, and even Wang Hu was only at around 7000 kg of force.

Li Fuchen reckoned that if he used his full strength, he could dish out at least 10,000 kg of force.

Force is the strength displayed after accumulating power.

Physical strength, cultivation, techniques, and martial arts all played a part in the contribution to the power of the force.

The force of 10,000 kg could send a 10,000 kg object flying for a short distance.


"Have you heard? Li Fuchen defeated Wang Hu."

"Is that information trustworthy? Wang Hu is one of the top 500 disciples you know? Even if he is placed last, he isn't at the same level as Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian."

"I too doubted this information. But eyewitnesses say that Li Fuchen crushed Wang Hu easily."

"Fake, it must be fake. How can someone improve that quickly? No matter the case, I will not believe in this rumor."

In just a few days time, the news of Li Fuchen defeating Wang Hu was all over the outer sect.

But everyone's first reaction was debelief.

A minority of the people believed the rumors, as they knew news like this wouldn't come out of nowhere and most of the time had some credibility.

When Li Fuchen had attained completion for his Crimson Battle Form and left his courtyard, the rumors became the sect's hottest topic. Everyone that he walked past gave him a weird look.

"Li Fuchen, back in Yunwu City, did you once offend Shen Tu Liang before?" A figure gradually approached, it was Shen Tu Jue.

The current Shen Tu Jue was at the seventh level of the Qi Realm.

"What about it?" Li Fuchen raised a brow.

"I need a large amount of body tempering pills. You just need to provide 50 to me and I will write off that debt right this moment." Shen Tu Jue suggested.

Even though Li Fuchen was doing well in the outer sect, but his Li Clan and the Shen Tu Clan were still not worth comparing.

Li Fuchen laughed, "You think I would just give it to you?"

"Why? You dare to disobey my Shen Tu Clan?" Shen Tu Jue spoke with resentment.

"I am now the Cang Lan Sect's outer sect disciple, and a 1st grade outer sect disciple at that. What qualifications do you have to speak with me?" Finishing his sentence, Li Fuchen left immediately.

"Li Fuchen, do not be pleased yet. When at the Origin Realm, you will experience the importance of bone frames. You who just has normal bone frame would remain at the bottom of the food chain."

Shen Tu Jue forcefully inhibited his anger.

The reasoning behind why he required the body tempering pills was because he just redeemed the Steel Clothed Shirt manual.

And cultivating the Steel Clothed Shirt demanded a huge amount of body tempering pills. Without them, it would take years before attaining completion.

Li Fuchen who was already walked far away didn't mind the words of Shen Tu Jue.

What others didn't know of, he understood very well, and what situation he was in.

He may have the worst bone frame quality, but his perception had reached a state where it could defy the natural laws. Nothing could stop him.


Coming to the third floor of the food hall, Li Fuchen ordered a set of the high class meal.

Since he began cultivating the Crimson Battle Form, he never ate nutrition meals that cost 1 silver coin, but instead the 1 gold coin high class meal.

The high class meals' meat were demonic beast meat, rinsing off the demonic qi, they were springy in texture and didn't digest as quickly. So it helped you to remain full, at the same time replenished the body's stamina and energy. The vegetables were grown within the Cang Lan Sect, but they were actually no different from medicinal herbs and contained all the nutrition that the body required.

After settling down on a seat, Li Fuchen ate his food in a refined manner.

A collection of footsteps sounded off as a group of people came up from the second floor.

Li Fuchen lifted his head and couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

It was Guan Xue.

The bland and simple outer sect apparels when worn on her, became outstanding and gracefully dainty. While her small and delicate pupils gave off a slight sense of arrogance.

Beside her were two other young ladies that were impressive as well.

And as the three of them walked together, it attracted the looks of many.

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