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Evidently, Guan Xue noticed Li Fuchen too.

The current Li Fuchen gave off an entirely different impression to Guan Xue.

With the transformation of his soul spirit and his Crimson Battle Form being at the completion stage, Li Fuchen emitted a kind of unique aura that seemed very formidable. It didn't seem like it would lose out to anyone.

Looking at him from afar, he was like a shining star. Although not as glaring as the sun, but seemingly abstruse like a profound mystery.

The frail looking body had an valiant and impenetrable qi presence which was difficult to ignore.

"When did the outer sect have such a charismatic guy?"

Standing beside Guan Xue was a lass whose phoenix eyes lit up.

The outer sect male disciples that could attract her attention, could be counted on one hand, and most of them were the outer sect's top 10 prodigies.

"Senior Guan Xue, its Li Fuchen." The delicate girl beside Guan Xue couldn't help but whisper.

Guan Xue nodded and approached towards Li Fuchen's direction.

"It's been awhile."

Arriving at the table that Li Fuchen was seated at, Guan Xue stroked her beautiful fringe while greeting.

"Yes." Li Fuchen didn't put down the chopsticks in his hand and just gave a slight nod to Guan Xue.

Guan Xue frowned. Had it been anyone else, they would have already stood up.

"The matter about the engagement… Apologies." Guan Xue said.

Li Fuchen laughed it off, "The dissolution is a good thing. You can be at ease, and that applies to me as well."

"I truly hope that is what you think." Guan Xue sized up Li Fuchen, trying to read what was on his mind.

A pity, Li Fuchen's eyes were calm and unmoved, no emotions could be detected.

Pursing her lips, Guan Xue said, "Your method of obtaining those contribution points has raised the attention of many, especially the top 500 outer sect disciples. You had better be wary and if you have any dispute that requires help, feel free to look for me."

The breaking of the engagement was the fault of her Guan Clan. She wished to make up for it, and doing so would allow her to clear her regrets, resulting in a better cultivation in the future.

"Thanks for your good intention, but I am able to settle my own issues." Li Fuchen rejected the good will of the proposer.

The lass with the phoenix eyes interrupted, "The name is Li Fuchen, right? You should stop being stubborn. I am not sure how you defeated Wang Hu, but he was only ranked 485 among the top 500 outer sect disciples. Your senior, I am untalented, placing at only 452. However, my junior Guan Xue is different, she is ranked 366!"

She actually thought that Li Fuchen was pleasing to her eyes. But he was merely good looking, everything still came down to potential.

"Many thanks for the advice, I have finished. Please take your time to eat, I will take my leave."

Li Fuchen preferred not to get tangled up with this bunch. Putting down his chopstick, he proceeded to leave.

"This guy…" The female disciple with the phoenix eyes frowned.

Guan Xue: "Forget it, he was already like this in the past."

"Seems like you still know him very well?" The phoenix eyed lass giggled.

Guan Xue's expression turned cold, "So what if I know him well. He is destined to be in a different world than us. His bone frame is just that of a normal bone frame."

"Normal bone frame?" The delicate female disciple was shocked.

All three of them had extraordinary bone frames and Guan Xue being the best with her 4 Star extraordinary bone frame.

This was one of the reasons why the three of them always hung around each other. Which is why people always say 'Birds of a feather flock together'.

"That is not possible! How can a normal bone frame improve that quickly?" The lass with the phoenix eye had a face of disbelief.

Guan Xue: "Something ought to have changed within his body, causing him to obtain an abnormally high perception. But unless he received an earth class medicinal herb, it isn't possible for any transformation with his bone frame."

Yellow class herbs were common, and mystic class herbs already contained mysterious energy of the heaven and earth. But in order to alter one's bone frame, an earth class herb was required.

The phoenix eyed lass: "A high perception would only be beneficial until the Earth Realm. To break through to the Heaven Realm, it isn't enough to rely just on perception."

The delicate girl nodded in agreement.


On the way back, Li Fuchen saw He Ping.

And He Ping seemed to be in some kind of trouble as he was being surrounded by a group of disciples.

"Junior He Ping, don't be shy. You should feel honored that senior Fang invited you to be his follower." A fierce looking youth spoke in a vicious tone to He Ping, while laying his hand on He Ping's shoulder.

He Ping sneered, "The follower thing is just a front… The real purpose is for me to contribute pills to him right?!"

With the vast number of disciples in the Cang Lan Sect, there were bound to be factions. Strong disciples would recruit many followers, and these followers would provide pills as a tribute to their faction leader. With the leaders getting stronger, their faction grew stronger as well.

However, not everyone had the qualification to start their own faction. Once an individual started a faction, they would face challenges from other factions.

Once defeated, the faction would fall apart.

In order to maintain one's faction, one's own ability must be impregnable. If one's own strength wasn't good enough, no one would be convinced to serve under you.

Apart from being strong, if one had a good background, like a backing from a capable inner sect disciple. Normally, no one would dare to touch them without any good reason.

Also, having an astonishing potential was a great deterrence too.

If you were a 4 star bone frame disciple, anyone except another 4 star bone frame disciple wouldn't come looking for trouble.

"What? Not willing? I advise you to think it over thoroughly. Rejecting senior Fang would mean the end of your tranquil days." The fierce looking youth threatened.

He Ping: "Sorry, I will not comply."

"You rather be forced to drink a forfeit than drink a toast, then allow me to let you understand what it means to defy us."

(TL note: 敬酒不吃吃罚酒 - 'To refuse a toast only to be force to drink a forfeit' in this case it means that He Ping would rather suffer the punishment than bow down)

The fierce looking youth applied pressure and clutched on He Ping's shoulder.

Creak… Crunch!

The fierce looking youth was around the eighth level of the Qi Realm, but He Ping was only at the seventh level. Under the pressure of the five fingers, He Ping started to form cold sweat and couldn't struggle free no matter what he did.

Shaking his head, Li Fuchen walked over.

"Hey! You guys better stop before going too far!" Li Fuchen's voice travelled into their ears.

The fierce looking youth shot a menacing look at Li Fuchen, "Kid, who are you? Do you feel like dying?"

"Its Li Fuchen." One of the youths recognized Li Fuchen.

Hearing what was said, the fierce looking youth loosened his hand and turned to face Li Fuchen, "Li Fuchen right?! I advise you to stay out of this matter."

Li Fuchen's notoriety was something that he had heard of many times.

Without any expert with him, he didn't dare to seek trouble with Li Fuchen.

"Scram! I am not going to repeat myself." Li Fuchen shouted indifferently.

"You!" A youth with a long face got agitated.

"Let's go. Li Fuchen, you will regret this." The fierce looking youth was rather calm. He then led the rest of the group and left.

Kneading his shoulder, He Ping said, "You shouldn't have done that."

Li Fuchen laughed, "Why didn't you accept their proposal?"

He Ping replied helplessly, "Becoming a follower of that senior Fang would save me a lot of trouble, but it would slow down my cultivation pace."

"If that is the case, I heard that within the outer sect, there are some factions that safeguards the weaker disciples. You should join them." Li Fuchen suggested.

"What about you?" He Ping didn't plan to join any factions, but it seemed to be unavoidable.

"I am used to being alone." Li Fuchen shook his head.

He Ping knitted his brows, "That senior Fang isn't just anyone. He is one of the top 10 prodigies of the outer sect, ranked in the 10s of the top 500 disciples, and has a terrifying potential. He will definitely come looking for trouble with you."

"Let's put this off until he comes knocking." Waving his hand, Li Fuchen and He Ping separated.

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