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There was a spray of water as a vibrant colored treasure fish which was about half a meter long, bursted out from the lake. As the rays of the sun reflected off of the body of this fish, it looked like a prismatic treasure fish sculpture.

"What a huge first tier treasure fish!"

The outer sect disciples who were on the same fishing platform as Li Fuchen cried out in surprise. Since they arrived at the Cang Lan Sect, they had never seen a first tier treasure fish that was half a meter long.

A first tier treasure fish was worth 100 contribution points per kg, they had firmer flesh and tougher skin. This half meter long fish was at least 40 or 50 kg, and that comes up to about 4 or 5 thousand contribution points!

Li Fuchen didn't feel all the excitement since he recently hooked a second tier fish.

Second tier treasure fishes were valued at 1000 points/kg, just a four or five kilo fish would be equivalent to this first tier fish.


Yet another 2 weeks past…

It was three months ago that Li Fuchen arrived at Cang Lan Lake.

In this period, Li Fuchen caught a total of 69 normal treasure fish, 15 first tier treasure fish, and 3 second tier treasure fish.

Li Fuchen felt very satisfied with the results, "I guess it is time to head back."

That time when he found all that Snow Silver ore in Keng Qiang Mountain, was luck. But fishing at Cang Lan Lake relied on one's capability.

This skill should be fully taken advantage of, if not, it would be a waste during his stay at the Cang Lan Sect as a disciple.

"Elder cousin, thats him. From the information I have gathered, he gained at least 30,000 points from Cang Lan Lake and the ore mountain." A tall and huge youth pointed at Li Fuchen, as he told his senior who had this look of unswerving determination.

With a single glance, Li Fuchen recognised that tall youth. Three months ago before he defeated Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian, he met with trouble with a group of outer sect disciples on the way back. The one who took the lead amongst them was this tall and huge youth, whose name should be Sun Youbao.

"So you are Li Fuchen." The determined youth took a quick glance at Li Fuchen with a slight frown on his brows.

Li Fuchen replied plainly, "Before I get pissed off, I advise all of you to get out of my sight."

He had enough of everyone treating him as if he was some juicy, tender lamb that was up for the taking.

He wasn't afraid of trouble, but that didn't mean that he had so much time to deal with all these annoyances.

"Interesting, this is the first time someone dared speak like this to me, Wang Hu."

Wang Hu could somehow make out that Li Fuchen wasn't a pushover, and seemed to be even stronger than how Sun Youbao described.

But he is after all one of the 500 top outer sect disciples. Even if his placing was closer towards the end, Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian weren't good enough to be compared to him.

"Save your nonsense, bring it!" Li Fuchen didn't want to continue trash talking with his foe.

"Elder cousin, teach him a good lesson." Sun Youbao gave a vicious stare at Li Fuchen.

With a smile, Wang Hu's eyes turned serious as he gave off an unyielding qi aura from his body. Visible to the naked eye, Wang Hu's arms was coated with a layer of pale green qi and displayed an onerous feeling of the thick trees.

It was the Evergreen Technique, one of the entry techniques of the Cang Lan Sect.

Those that cultivated this technique not only had astonishing recovery, but a heavy and immense strength too.

When fighting with Evergreen Technique practitioners, the longer the fight was dragged out, the harsher your own situation would be.

"Heavy Wood Fist!"

Wang Hu used 100% of his power to strike at Li Fuchen with his high-tier, yellow class Heavy Wood Fist. The qi force behind this punch was awe-inspiring.

A pity, all of this was futile.

With his Scarlet Fire Technique at the eighth rank, Li Fuchen's combat ability had almost doubled.

Lightly reaching out with his left hand, it was as if he was catching a fist of a child. What followed next was Li Fuchen greeting Wang Hu with a lightning fast right fist, aimed right at his face.


Blood sprayed out.

Wang Hu became dazed immediately and saw nothing but stars spinning around.

Li Fuchen didn't stop there, he followed up with another punch at Wang Hu's face, then sent him flying for 10 meters with a front kick. Wang Hu fainted there and then.

Slowly walking towards towards Sun Youbao, Li Fuchen declared, "The next time you incur my wrath, I will have you pay 10 times the price."

Finishing his sentence, Li Fuchen rammed a punch into Sun Youbao's abdomen, forcing out his undigested dinner and gastric fluids.

"You best behave yourself." Li Fuchen slinged the fish basket over his shoulder and walked away.

Gazing at Li Fuchen's back, Sun Youbao was filled with fear.

What a frightening encounter! Is he still human?

Regardless of any condition, his elder cousin was still the outer sect's top 500 disciple. Yet he was simply ousted without any chance for retaliation.


=Cang Lan Sect Task Hall=

The task elder felt that all his surprises and amazements for the past 6 months, came solely from Li Fuchen.

The rewards that Li Fuchen got this time, reached a stunning 55,000 contribution points!

This was an astronomical figure that even an outer sect elder would need years of before being able to gather up. But this young man here took only a few months to do it.

A surging tide rose within his peaceful heart, as jealousy began to take over the task elder. If he could have all these contribution points, he would be able to raise his ability to the next level.

Unfortunately there was no such ifs.

Adding up the 36,800 points that Li Fuchen had gotten previously, he now had a total of 91,800 contribution points.

After redeeming 300 body tempering pills, he was left with 16,800 contribution points.

'Body Refinement techniques isn't for just anyone to cultivate, the demand for resources is way too much.'

Li Fuchen was skeptical, had he been at the Li Clan, even the wealth of the Li Clan would be insufficient for him to cultivate the Crimson Battle Form to completion.

After all, body tempering pills cost 500 a piece.

As of now, Li Fuchen had redeemed a total of 500+ body tempering pills, that was around 250,000 gold coins!

Not in a hurry to return and cultivate his Crimson Battle Form, Li Fuchen once again arrived at the martial arts hall. This time, he was looking for a peak-tier, yellow class sword art.

Tri-part Sword Style.

Violent Wind Sword Style.

Serpent Eyes Sword Style.

Squall Quick Sword.

Blood Drain Sword Style.

Dripping Sword Style

Golden Snake Sword Style

Life Soul Seeking Sword Style

Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

Petal Butterfly Sword Style.

Devilish Cloud Sword Style

Scarlet Fire Sword Style

Raging Waves Sword Style

Cloud Stream Sword Style.

Looking through every sword art manual, Li Fuchen still picked the Scarlet Fire Sword Style in the end.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Style and Scarlet Fire Technique came as a set. If one practiced without the Scarlet Fire Technique, it would at most be mediocre. But once paired with Scarlet Fire Technique, it could ignite 120% of the firepower.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Style only required 1300 of Li Fuchen's contribution points, thus, Li Fuchen temporary left the balanced points for his future use.


Back at his courtyard, Li Fuchen went into seclusion.

The Crimson Battle Form required hitting from staffs on the body for the first rank. The second rank required one to boil the body. The third rank didn't require any of the former processes and only needed to be cultivated with body tempering pills.

It may sound simple, but not at all during the cultivation.

The third rank's blood and qi circulation method was unique, whereby every circulation, it felt as though the flesh and bones were pricked by needles. It was as if ants were gnawing on one's body, giving an indescribably uncomfortable sensation.

Li Fuchen bit the bullet and persevered with cultivating.

With the consumption of each body tempering pill, Li Fuchen felt his skin, muscles, and bones getting tighter and denser. A flick of his finger was like he had launched an arrow, and the force of the flick easily broke tea cups that were a few feet away.

But there were many major barriers during the cultivation of the third rank of the Crimson Battle Form.

At times, Li Fuchen's abdomen suddenly swelled up like a six months pregnant woman.

At times, darkness took over and he temporary lost his eyesight.

At times, he could hear thunder rumbling right next to his ears.

Li Fuchen understood that these side effects were due to his extreme pace of cultivation.

The body needed time to adapt to drastic changes and with this adaption time shorten, the body's senses began to lose control.

There was a simple method to solve this problem. That was to adapt quickly.

And the easiest way to adapt quickly, was to modify one's blood and qi circulation to allow the circulation to suit your own body.

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