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Chapter 396

Different individuals would comprehend an entirely unique Green Sun Sword Intent .

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There were some who comprehended the Green Sun Sword Intent but could only be considered as an earth class low-tier sword art . There were some people like the South Forest Martial Institution’s dean who comprehended the Green Sun Sword Intent but it was at the earth class mid-tier sword art .

The Green Sun Sword Intent that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist cultivated was naturally the earth class mid-tier sword art . If it was purely in terms of power, it would be much more ferocious than the Ardent Sun Divine Palm and could be considered the apex of the earth class mid-tier sword arts .

In these four months, Li Fuchen had already cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent to the completion stage .

The completion stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent might not be considered a true earth class sword intent but it already possessed supernatural prowess . When it was executed, it felt as though a green sun was rising in the sky and the darkness was receding due to the myriad of radiance .

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

The saber and sword was crossing moves and the air was bursting with countless metallic explosions . Those explosive sounds felt like they were able to kill regular Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists through the shockwaves .

When executing the Green Sun Sword Intent, Li Fuchen felt he was the sword light and the sword light was him . Every swing of the sword was so smooth and natural, every swing of the sword was extremely fast . As the sword was swung consecutively, each swing was faster than the one before . In the end, when Li Fuchen brandished his sword, dozens of sword light burst out and the sword presence had reached a terrifying state . Who was able to produce dozens of sword lights in a single slash? Furthermore, each sword light was formidable .

In the beginning, Leng Feng was going even with Li Fuchen, but in the latter part, he was only wielding his saber to defend . In the face of the Green Sun Sword Intent, his Extinction Saber was weak . If it wasn’t for the power of saber dao, Li Fuchen would have punctured him into a hornet’s nest .

“How can there be such a terrifying earth class mid-tier sword art?”

Leng Feng didn’t think that Li Fuchen was using an earth class high-tier sword art as they were extremely profound and formidable . Jiang Ba’s father, Master Ax used the earth class high-tier martial art, the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes to dominate the Violet Flower Kingdom . There were legends that a single cleave from his ax was able to split apart tall mountains and sever rivers . If Li Fuchen’s sword art was earth class high-tier sword art and at the completion stage, a single sword move was enough to kill him .

Despite the case, the sword art that Li Fuchen executed was still very terrifying . A single slash would produce dozens of sword lights to assault . Who would be able to defend and battle against this?

“But, don’t underestimate my saber dao . ”

An absolutely powerful saber presence rushed out and repelled Li Fuchen sword presence . Leng Feng’s frenzied swing of the saber caused the saber light to extend to a few hundred meters long . If this wasn’t the Everlasting Youth Garden protected by the array, a few saber slashes was definitely going to turn the nearby few hundred meters into disorder .

Li Fuchen’s imposing strength had forced Leng Feng to use the core power of saber dao .

The core power of saber dao would decrease with every usage and it would take a very long time to replenish it . Unless absolutely necessary, Leng Feng wouldn’t want to waste the core power of saber dao .

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“Going all-out? I shall do so too . ”

Frankly, Leng Feng’s strength had more or less exceeded Li Fuchen’s expectation . The strength enhancement from the saber dao bone frame was overwhelming . If he didn’t have the completion stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent and had normal combat strength, he wouldn’t be a match for Leng Feng .

The Green Sun Sword Intent was pushed to the limits and the sword in Li Fuchen’s hand looked as though it had vanished . The sword had turned into streaks of sword light and they were covering the entire place . Each sword light contained absolute power and it didn’t just have impressive looks .

The Green Sun Sword Intent was terrifying at the fact that it didn’t emphasize on moves as it emphasized on comprehension instead . The stronger the perception, the stronger the Green Sun Sword Intent executed . Apart from this, there was also a demand for awareness . The stronger the awareness, the easier it was to control the Green Sun Sword Intent . If the awareness was too weak, the practitioner wouldn’t be able to exhibit the true speed and power of the Green Sun Sword Intent .

When Li Fuchen pushed the Green Sun Sword Intent to the limits, the attack speed increased by another notch and in an instant, hundreds of sword lights burst forth . Leng Feng was only able to resist dozens of sword lights, how was it possible for him to withstand hundreds of sword lights? He had no choice but to constantly get blasted back, changing his offense stance into a defensive stance, making him very miserable .

“Damn it, Extinction Saber, Heaven Net Slash!”

The speed of the sword lights assault was too fast and Leng Feng couldn’t deal with them . At the pivotal moment, he had no choice but to execute the Extinction Saber’s kill move, Heaven Net Slash .

Heaven Net Slash took the meaning of inescapable net . A single saber slash would turn the saber light into a net that didn’t allow anything to escape, allowing it to seal Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent .

Normally, this kill move was used to kill the enemy, but it was currently being used for defense . It was evident how severely tyrannic Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent was .

But, Li Fuchen’s sword lights were too fast, sharp, and concentrated . Every single slash would produce hundreds of sword lights and after a few dozen sword slashes, the entire stage was filled with sword lights and nothing else . Leng Feng had been suppressed so much that he couldn’t retaliate at all .

“Extinction Saber, Abandon Slash!”

Leng Feng yelled out and executed the Extinction Saber’s ultimate kill move that he wasn’t proficient yet .

This saber slash had obviously reached the stage where it was the Union of Man and Saber .

In the concentrated sword lights, there were extremely dazzling saber lights that went against the flow . In the center of the saber light, Leng Feng’s figure was inside .

The Union of Man and Saber . It was an invincible defensive state for oneself and unless the saber light was broken, it would be hard to injure Leng Feng .

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This saber move that Leng Feng executed had extreme prowess . When the sword lights clashed with the saber lights, the saber lights would dim a little but wouldn’t get smashed .  

The saber lights moved extremely fast and arrived in front of Li Fuchen in a blink of the eye .


After using up 20% of the core power of saber dao, Leng Feng believed that this saber move would be able to defeat Li Fuchen .

An instantaneous burst of 20% of his core power of saber dao was already his limit . After all, the power of saber dao in his body was valiant and it wasn’t comparable to the other heavenly prodigies who had just excavated their special power . If it was 10% more, his body might not be able to withstand it . It was just like the qi in the body . It would be fine to burst out 5% or 10% of the qi and it would only be putting an overload on the body . But if a practitioner was to burst out half of their entire qi, the body would certainly explode .

Unless it was those extremely exquisite martial arts that could guide the qi flawlessly to burst out 50% or even 100% of the qi .

But those martial arts would at least be at the earth class peak-tier and not even the experts in the Master Rankings would have such martial arts .

Furthermore, only low-leveled martial artists would be able to burst out more qi with high-tiered martial arts .

If it was the experts from the Master Rankings, their qi would be excessive in quantity and if they wanted to burst out 50% or 100% of their qi, they would need heaven class martial arts .

Of course, the precondition was for them to cultivate the heaven class martial arts to a certain stage . If they only comprehended a slight portion of the martial art, they wouldn’t be able to achieve such a feat .

“If I didn’t create a green sun sword move, I would have definitely lost to this saber slash unless I expose my trump cards . ”

The Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t have a sword move, but the practitioners could develop their own sword moves .

The Green Sun Sword Intent was like a piece of white paper that allowed on to exhibit their skills freely . As for the picture or the word that was drawn or written on the white paper, it would be up to the practitioner’s mastery .

In the four months of secluded cultivation, apart from cultivating the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 22nd rank, and cultivating the Ardent Sun Divine Palm to the near-completion stage, Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent had broken through to the completion stage and he had also created the first move of the green sun sword move .

“Green Sun Absolution!”

Leng Feng’s Union of Saber and Man might be fast, but how could it be faster than Li Fuchen’s awareness?

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When the saber move arrived, Li Fuchen had already executed his sword move .

The sword move was rather simple as it was merely a horizontal slash and a straight thrust .


In the next moment, an extremely horrifying pillar of light burst out .

The sword lights before were like streaks of sun rays or bundles of sun rays, but now, the sword lights were like a pillar of light that had the thickness of a water barrel . The source of the pillar of light was Li Fuchen’s palm that had been enveloped by a massive sphere of light . As the sword lights lingered around, sword qi were overflowing . A might sword dao prowess that shook the void had extended out along with inexhaustible heat .

Earlier on, Leng Feng’s Union of Saber and Man state was able to go against the flow and arrive in front of Li Fuchen .

Now that the sword lights had turned into a pillar of light, Leng Feng felt he had entered the depths of the ground from the water . Every inch he tried to advance would require an extensive amount of power . After advancing a few more inches, it was hard to advance any more and he was in stasis .

In the next moment…

Pfff Pfff Pfff!

Leng Feng’s body was blasted and had countless tiny blood wounds while his entire body flew backward .

The green sun sword move was incomparably mighty and Leng Feng could feel that Li Fuchen had burst out at least 10% of his qi in this sword move .

A 9th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist had robust qi and if they were to burst out with 10% of qi at one go, it was obvious how powerful the kill move would be .

His power of saber dao might be superior to Heaven Dipper Realm’s qi, but in terms of the level of force, it was far inferior to a martial artist at the 9th level Heaven Dipper Realm . In fact, it might not be comparable to Earth Shatter Realm qi . Otherwise, Leng Feng would have recklessly utilized the power of saber dao .

Hence, even if he had burst out 20% of his core power of saber dao, it was still inferior to Li Fuchen’s move and was instantly crushed .

“Leng Feng is defeated?”

In the Evergreen Martial Institution’s pavilion, the tanned youth and gorgeous young lady were shocked .

If the powerful Leng Feng was defeated, how strong was Li Fuchen exactly?

As the Evergreen Martial Institution’s outer institute cadets, they were normally prideful and assumed that only the top ten martial institutions would be able to rival them, while only the top five martial institutions would be worthy of their favorable treatment .

In their opinion, Li Fuchen’s strength would be of the elite class even if he was in the no . 1 martial institution, the High Heaven Martial Institution’s outer institute .

“This person’s sword dao is too powerful . After he becomes an inner institute cadet, the 24 martial institution’s rankings will have to be reshuffled, two years later . ”

The outer institute elites of the five other martial institutions were also extremely astounded .

“He won . ” Yun Yue revealed a pleasantly surprised expression .

“His strength is already enough to suppress regular inner institute cadets . If he cannot win here, it would be illogical . ” Zhang Yunfeng commented .

“Good . No wonder you are the heavenly prodigies of the various martial institutions . This old one has witnessed an eye-opening experience . ”

As everyone was in discussion, a green-robed man with florid complexion walked out from the depths of the array .

“Greetings to Grandmaster . ” When Yun Yue saw the green-robed man, she had a drastic change in expression and quickly bowed with cupped fist .

How could the rest not understand that this person was one of the ten great Concoction Grandmasters of the Violet Flower Kingdom, Grandmaster Ever Youth? Everyone bowed with cupped fists respectfully and didn’t dare to neglect him .

Even Leng Feng and Li Fuchen were bowing with extremely respectful expressions .

Before they became Battle Spirit Realm masters, they were like insects to these Battle Spirit Realm masters . Even with the backing of the dean, they must not disrespect a Concoction Grandmaster .

Furthermore, Grandmaster Ever Youth’s status wasn’t inferior to any of the 24 martial institutions’ deans .

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