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Chapter 395

“He concealed his strength?” Leng Feng frowned as his guesses had come true .

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To be honest, if Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had already used all his strength, Leng Feng had the absolute confidence to defeat Li Fuchen . The only thing he was worried about was whether if Li Fuchen was concealing his strength .

After all, Li Fuchen dealt with Wang Jian, Yang Miaomiao, and Lu Ping much too easily . There wasn’t any feeling that he was on his edge, instead, it was like an expert playing with children .

“He actually didn’t go all-out yet . ”

Wang Jian had an extremely unpleasant expression . He was a person that possessed the vajra bone frame and it was the first time he was being underestimated to this extent . Most importantly, even after getting underestimated, he couldn’t do a thing as he was unable to force out his opponent’s true capability .

But in Li Fuchen’s opinion, Wang Jian should be rather proud as he was unable to truly injure Wang Jian after a few serious attacks . Li Fuchen was merely able to make Wang Jian vomit a mouthful of blood . Furthermore, during the battle earlier, Wang Jian was the main attack force and would clash head-on with Li Fuchen . If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to resist for that long .

Moreover, the vajra bone frame didn’t enhance the offensive capabilities as much as saber dao, sword dao, darkness, or other special bone frames . The vajra bone frame’s greatest advantage was the increase in cultivation speed for body refinement . Looking from the overall situation, it might not be inferior to the sword dao, saber dao, or darkness bone frames as each had their own merits .

Apart from this, special bone frames had to be experienced and unearthed by oneself . The more one comprehended the bone frame, meant more power for them to utilize . When the power was comprehended to a certain degree, one would be able to awaken the special ability .

When the qi presence from both sides clashed, it had shocked the entire crowd .

Apart from being astonished by Li Fuchen’s strength, they were also astonished by Leng Feng’s strength .

They originally thought that Leng Feng wouldn’t be a match for Li Fuchen . How could they have expected that Leng Feng had yet to make a move and had already forced Li Fuchen to go all-out? Such strength was already self-evident .

“One of them has the saber dao bone frame and the other has heaven-defying innate potential . They are both good seedlings . ”

In the depths of the array that no one could see, there was a green-robed middle-aged man with a florid complexion that was drinking tea in the pavilion . His body was emitting a qi presence that was immeasurable and was just like the limitless forest and would make everyone revere him .

If someone who knew Grandmaster Ever Youth would definitely be able to recognize that this green-robed man was the owner of the Everlasting Youth Garden . He was one of the ten great Concoction Grandmasters of the violet flower kingdom, Grandmaster Ever Youth, Lu Yuanshan .

Lu Yunshan didn’t have any motive even though he had always hosted the tea party at his Everlasting Youth Garden and prepared the prize of four Clear Spirit Fruits . He was doing this purely for his own pleasure . Of course, if there were outstanding heavenly prodigies that appeared, he wouldn’t mind making friends with them . It was considered as making friends with a future master and he too had plenty of nemeses . Having a future master as a friend might just bring him plenty of assistance .

In his opinion, Leng Feng and Li Fuchen were both worthy enough to be his friends . He would like to see who would be having the last laugh .

“Do you think you can defeat me after bursting out all of your strength?” Leng Feng extended his hand and a saber appeared .

It was a heavy saber and before the saber was out of the sheathe, the dominant saber presence was already pouring out . The stage was filled with saber qi that numbed a person’s scalp .

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“I wouldn’t know unless I try . ” Li Fuchen was lamenting that there were truly plenty of special bone frames in the Seven Color Continent .

Darkness bone frame, vajra bone frame, and saber dao bone frame .

As of now, he had already encountered three special bone frames .

Back at the East Unicorn Continent, among the youth generations, only Chiyu Ye had the special bone frame, the sword dao bone frame .

“Extinction Saber, Single Saber Slash . ” Leng Feng made his move .

It was an extremely shocking first move as the dreadful saber light had extended more than a few dozen meters long . It was like a stream that was engulfing Li Fuchen .

Extinction Saber was an earth class mid-tier saber art . Due to the fact that Leng Feng possessed the saber dao bone frame, he had already cultivated the Extinction Saber to the completion stage .

An earth class mid-tier saber art at the completion stage was extremely frightful . In terms of power and exquisiteness, it had completely surpassed Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm .

“Great . ”

Li Fuchen obviously saw the power in Leng Feng’s saber and couldn’t help but called out great .

This saber was similar to the Meteor Sword Art’s Meteor Fall . The speed and power was pushed to the limits, achieving an absolute balance .

But the power of the Extinction Saber was on a line while the Meteor Fall’s power was on a single point . There was still a slight difference between the two .


Circulating the 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the limits, Li Fuchen executed a palm strike suddenly and welcomed the stream of saber light .


The duo was forced to fly back .

Leng Feng’s saber art might be superior to Li Fuchen’s palm art, but Leng Feng’s earth class mid-tier cultivation technique was obviously at the 21st rank and was inferior to Li Fuchen’s 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique .

“Extinction Saber, Double Saber Slash!”

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Leng Feng’s foot tipped off the surface of the ground and soared into the sky . His heavy saber slashed down twice consecutively and when the two streams of saber light stacked together, it extended up to 100 meters long .

This slash’s power was two times more than the Single Saber Slash and the power was unbelievably strong and unbelievably fast . Even a regular 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artists would have to dodge this slash and wouldn’t dare to resist it forcefully or they might be injured .

“Triple Sun Grand Opening . ”

Since Leng Feng burst out with his kill move, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to reserve himself either .

Previously, Li Fuchen had been using the normal moves of the Ardent Sun Divine Palm had now executed the finishing move . With a single palm strike, three bundles of glaring radiance burst forth .

The radiance might not be stacked, but after converging they weren’t inferior to the Extinction Saber’s Double Saber Slash at all .

Boom Boom Boom!

Terrifying qi explosions echoed one after the other . There was a small sun that seemed to be rising on the stage its surging heat was scattering in all directions along with the saber qi .

After landing lightly on the ground, Leng Feng didn’t follow up with an attack . With blade-like eyes, he spoke indifferently, “Earlier on, I am just testing you . Next, I will go all-out and I hope you will be able to hold on . ”

To be truthful, he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to receive his next slash . Because, until now, Leng Feng had yet to burst out his power of saber dao .

Once he burst out the power of saber dao, his strength would be enhanced by another 50% and it was enough to instantly kill a regular 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

Even at the Evergreen Martial Institution’s Listed Competition, Leng Feng didn’t reveal his power of saber dao .

It wasn’t because he couldn’t but he didn’t need to .

“Just bring it on . ” Li Fuchen responded sternly .

“Extinction Saber, Single Saber Slash . ”

It was still the Extinction Saber’s Single Saber Slash, but this time, the saber presence emitted by Leng Feng was at ridiculous proportions . A single saber slash was about to split open the void and when the saber light poured down, it felt like the sun in the sky had dimmed in brightness .

This saber slash was ridiculously powerful .

“No wonder it is the saber dao bone frame . ”

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Li Fuchen was silently lamenting that he was a little overconfident, but, if it was just a single saber slash, he was confident that his Ardent Sun Divine Palm could still withstand it .

“Seven Suns Ascending!”

Li Fuchen executed palm strikes with both hands, causing seven rays of blinding radiance to burst forth and crashing with the formidable saber light .

Boom Bang!

This time, Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm was wiped out as Leng Feng’s saber force was too concentrated . This saber slash was enough to instantly kill a regular 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist and might even injure regular 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

Li Fuchen flew back and constantly executed palm strikes to neutralize the saber light .

It was unknown how many palm strikes it took to neutralize the saber light .

This was also due to Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, allowing his every palm strike to target the weakness of the saber light . Otherwise, before Li Fuchen could execute so many palm strikes, he would have been struck by this saber slash .

The consequences were rather severe if Leng Feng’s saber slash was to hit its target . Right now, Li Fuchen’s qi strength and dragon elephant power had been sealed, hence, he could bring out much defensive power .

Of course, that was if he got struck by the saber . Without getting stuck, everything was just an assumption .

“He blocked it?” Leng Feng frowned slightly .

Logically, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to block this saber slash . However, Li Fuchen had done so and Leng Feng was confused .

“As expected . The saber dao bone frame is formidable for a reason . We have underestimated Leng Feng . ” The yellow-clothed Yang Miaomiao shook her head silently .

From the situation on the stage, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be able to withstand the next saber slash .

“This is the special bone frame, the saber dao bone frame?” The long-haired Lu Ping revealed traces of envy .

“The saber dao bone frame might be incredible, but my vajra bone frame isn’t any weaker . I must still have many vajra bone frame potential that I have yet to unearth . ” Wang Jian’s eyes burst out with intense battle intent . He felt that he had been overconfident in the past and he was too complacent . If he had fully unearthed the potential of the vajra bone frame, he would be contesting against Leng Feng right now instead of Li Fuchen .

“Is this Leng Feng’s true strength?” On the Evergreen Martial Institution’s side, the tanned youth and the gorgeous young lady were dumbstruck .

They had never witnessed Leng Feng going all-out and they assumed that the Listed Competition was Leng Feng’s approximate strength .

They didn’t think that Leng Feng didn’t even reveal the strength of his saber dao bone frame . But it was true that no one in the Listed Competiton was good enough to force Leng Feng to go all-out .

“I didn’t expect for the Evergreen Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet to be so formidable . Fortunately, Li Fuchen is best at his sword art and not his palm art . ” Yun Yue said .

Zhang Yunfeng nodded but still had a solemn expression, “Leng Feng’s saber art is the earth class mid-tier saber art and it is already at the completion stage . Now, we will have to see what stage has Li Fuchen’s sword art reached . ”

To be serious, if Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent was still at the stage, four months ago, he might not be a match for Leng Feng .

In terms of observation skills, Yun Yue wasn’t a match for Zhang Yunfeng .

“Is there a need for me to execute my next slash?” Leng Feng asked indifferently .

With the right hand extended, the Joint-Heaven sword appeared in Li Fuchen’s hand as he replied, “You are a bladesman and I am a swordsman . Next will be the real start of this spar . ”


As the Joint-Heaven Sword was out of the sheathe, Li Fuchen’s qi presence changed greatly and there was a sword intent that rushed towards the sky and was about to pierce the heavens .

“Sword art?” Leng Feng’s expression changed and he was enraged .

Li Fuchen is still concealing his strength . What does he treat me as?

“Extinction Saber, Double Saber Slash . ”

With the combination of qi and power of saber dao, Leng Feng executed a saber slash that had stacked saber light . The massive saber presence felt it was about to destroy and rip apart everything . It contained a hint of the intent of absolute destruction .

“It is hard for me to find a good opponent . I should be able to enjoy to my heart’s content . ”

With the Joint-Heaven Sword placed across his chest, Li Fuchen brandished the sword .

Without any presence and sound, a dazzling green light spread out and enveloped the entire stage . At the same moment, streaks of worldly sword light were shot at Leng Feng .

The completion stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent .

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