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Chapter 397

“Little lass Yun Yue, I promised that I will provide 4 Clear Spirit Fruits as the prizes and I will not go back on my words . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth reached out towards that ten-meter Clear Spirit Tree . Four pink Clear Spirit Fruits the sizes of human heads flew down and drifted beside Grandmaster Ever Youth .

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With a thought in the mind, the four Clear Spirit Fruits flew out to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, Leng Feng, Jiang Ba, and Yang Miaomiao .

Jiang Ba and Yang Miaomiao were rather surprised .

Jiang Ba was accepting it rather calmly as he was the son of Master Ax and there was no grand occasion he hadn’t witness before .

On the other hand, Yang Miaomiao was pleasantly surprised, after all, this was totally unexpected .

“The four of you have great innate potential . With this Clear Spirit Fruit, you should be able to enter the Reincarnation Realm faster . As for Wang Jian, you are a body refinement martial artist and the Clear Spirit Fruit isn’t beneficial to you . Furthermore, you have yet to excavate the true power of the vajra bone frame, thus, the Clear Spirit Fruit will only give you more trouble . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth explained to Wang Jian, the no . 1 listed cadet from Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution .

“Grandmaster is correct . ” Wang Jian wasn’t disappointed at all as Grandmaster Ever Youth was correct . The Clear Spirit Fruit would do more harm to him because he was walking the body refinement path . Qi cultivation was just a support to him and on the body refinement path, he had yet to excavate the true power of the vajra bone frame . If he was to consume the Clear Spirit Fruit and his qi cultivation was to step into the Reincarnation Realm in advance, it would affect his body refinement cultivation .

Lu Ping and Lin Ying who didn’t obtain the Clear Spirit Fruits were rather sullen . Especially Lu Ping, he believed that his strength would only lose out to Li Fuchen, Leng Feng, and Wang Jian . But he didn’t have a share of the Clear Spirit Fruit .

Grandmaster Ever Youth didn’t offer any explanation for this as the Clear Spirit Fruits belonged to him and he could give it to anyone as he pleased .

He had given them to Li Fuchen and Leng Feng because they both had incredible innate potential and were the strongest .

Giving it to Jiang Ba was simply giving a face to Master Ax .

Giving it to Yang Miaomiao was because he felt that Yang Miaomiao wasn’t bad .

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“Li Fuchen is to stay behind . The rest shall be dismissed!” Grandmaster Ever Youth waved his hand and gave the notice for them to leave .

Yun Yue cupped her fist again, “We have disturbed Grandmaster . Yun Yue and the rest will leave now . ”

“The next time we meet, I shall defeat you . ” Leng Feng spoke to Li Fuchen before leaving .

“I shall wait for you . ” Li Fuchen didn’t give any thoughts to it .

After everyone departed and left Grandmaster Ever Youth and Li Fuchen behind . Grandmaster Ever Youth smiled, “I wonder what is this young friend’s bone frame?”

To be truthful, in the eyes of Grandmaster Ever Youth, Li Fuchen’s bone frame wasn’t anything much .

One must not suspect the eyes of a Concoction Grandmaster . Their eyes could see through elixirs and the human body, it wasn’t an exaggeration .

But he was somehow unable to see through Li Fuchen’s bone frame and just felt that his bone frame wasn’t anything special .

Li Fuchen spoke truthfully, “3-star . ”

“3-star huh?” Grandmaster Ever Youth was surprised .

To have such innate potential with the 3-star bone frame . It was something that he, Grandmaster Ever Youth had never heard or seen .

“Good!” Suddenly, Grandmaster Ever Youth laughed heartily .

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“Why is Grandmaster laughing?” Li Fuchen couldn’t understand .

He didn’t think that Grandmaster Ever Youth was mocking at him . With the grandmaster’s status, it wasn’t necessary for him to mock a junior as it would only cause his reputation to decline .

“I have a fated opportunity to bestow you . I wonder if you want it or not?” Grandmaster Ever Youth looked at Li Fuchen with burning eyes .

Li Fuchen’s mind thought quickly and immediately understood what Grandmaster Ever Youth meant .

If Li Fuchen was to accept this opportunity, in the future, he would owe Grandmaster Ever Youth a favor .

He might not need to return the favor now, but when he was competent enough, this favor would be very important .

As a cultivator, promises were of utmost importance . If one didn’t keep one’s promises, one’s path of cultivation would be filled with inner demons and it would be hard to achieve greatness .

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm in the future, Grandmaster Ever Youth wouldn’t even bother to ask Li Fuchen to return the favor . The grandmaster would simply treat this opportunity that he bestowed to be washed up .

“Li Fuchen is indebted to Grandmaster for having such high regard for me . Li Fuchen shall accept this fated opportunity . ” Li Fuchen answered in a straightforward manner .

“Good . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth revealed a delightful expression .  

“I am one of the ten great Concoction Grandmasters of the Violet Flower Kingdom . In terms of the art of concoction, there is only one individual that is above me in the Violet Flower Kingdom . With a chanced encounter, I happened to obtain the earth class high-tier herbs, the Spirit Root Grass and also the Chi Fire Cleansing Grass . ”

“By supplementing many other earth class low-tier herbs and earth class mid-tier herbs, I refined an earth class high-tier elixir, True Chi Fire Elixir . This elixir is able to help individuals with bone frame below the 5-star to upgrade their bone frame by one star . Furthermore, it would allow the bone frame to contain the blazing fire attribute . I noticed that your cultivation technique is a blazing type technique and it is most suitable for you . ”

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(TL note: Chi is a type of mythical creature that is a hornless dragon)

After Grandmaster Ever Youth finished talking, he looked at Li Fuchen .

“True Chi Fire Elixir?” Li Fuchen had a change in expression .

Now that his bone frame was 3-star, it was truly too difficult to upgrade by another star .

Every upgrade in the bone frame was equivalent to the changing of destiny and to be reborn .

The True Chi Fire Elixir didn’t only upgrade the bone frame by one star, it would imbue the bone frame with a blazing fire attribute . To Li Fuchen, it was simply a god-like elixir .

After having the blazing fire bone frame, Li Fuchen would be able to produce more power with the blazing type cultivation techniques and martial arts . In the future, he would also have the chance to awaken the blazing fire divine ability .

What was a divine ability? It was an innate ability that would progress when the martial artist’s cultivation made progression . Li Fuchen might have exceptional perception and he didn’t mind if he didn’t have the divine ability . But if he could possess it, it would be for the best and it would make his future cultivation path much smoother .  

It could also be said that 90% of the value in the True Chi Fire Elixir was in the ability to change the bone frame’s attribute, while the rest of the 10% was in its ability to upgrade the bone frame .

It was a pity that the Spirit Root Grass was hard to find and the Chi Fire Cleansing Grass was even harder to find . After so many years, Grandmaster Ever Youth had finally both one stalk for both and refined them into the True Chi Fire Elixir .

Li Fuchen’s shocked expression had satisfied Grandmaster Ever Youth . To be truthful, the True Chi Fire Elixir would only have a great value for individuals who required it . For those who didn’t need it, it was a useless elixir .

However, Li Fuchen was the person that just so happened that was in need of the True Chi Fire Elixir .

Reaching out, a jade bottle landed in the hand of Grandmaster Ever Youth . It was a translucent jade battle and there was an elixir emitting dazzling red light .

“This is the True Chi Fire Elixir . Take it!” Grandmaster Ever Youth handed it over to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen accepted the jade bottle with great respect and bowed, “Many thanks for Grandmaster’s favor . ”

This fated opportunity was too significant . If Li Fuchen didn’t accept it, he would surely regret it in the future .

“You shall consume the True Chi Fire Elixir here!” Grandmaster Ever Youth laughed .

“Yes . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t worried that Grandmaster Ever Youth would harm him . If a Battle Spirit Realm master wanted to harm him, there wasn’t a need for a scheme . A single finger was enough to crush Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen sat cross-legged on the third floor of the pavilion before opening the jade bottle and retrieving the True Chi Fire Elixir inside .

The True Chi Fire Elixir didn’t look like an elixir at all . It looked more like a concentrated ball of pure magma . The energy contained within was very powerful and had caused Li Fuchen to have a slight reaction .

He didn’t doubt that if this True Chi Fire Elixir was exploded, it would release a power that was equivalent to the power of a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist .

Furthermore, this was just an elixir .

After taking a closer look at the True Chi Fire Elixir, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to see anything, as such, he consumed the elixir .

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