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Chapter 383

As the Listed Competition progressed to the later stage, the rankings were gradually becoming clear .

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The top three positions were hard to say, but the top six were basically guaranteed to be Di Jun, Zhang Yunfeng, Wu Zhi, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, Zhao Fenghua, and Wang Heilong .

“No . 10 contest stage, Wu Zhi will go against Wang Heilong . ”

As the referee’s voice echoed, Wu Zhi and Wang Heilong flashed and landed on the no . 10 contest stage one after the other .

Wang Heilong’s strength wasn’t weak and was obviously superior to Le Changfeng, Gao Yue, and others . But no one thought highly of Wang Heilong as Wu Zhi was the no . 3 listed cadet after all . He cultivated the earth class low-tier martial art and also the earth class low-tier cultivation technique . Apart from Di Jun and Zhang Yunfeng, only Li Fuchen and Zhao Fenghua had the qualification to challenge Wu Zhi .

“You shall be defeated!”

Wu Zhi brandished his saber and cleaved at Wang Heilong .

Wu Zhi originally assumed that Wang Heilong was going to be defeated like this, but who would have expected that Wang Heilong didn’t even vomit any blood . Wang Heilong counterattacked at Wu Zhi and caught the latter off guard, putting him in a miserable state .

“What is going on? Wang Heilong didn’t suffer any injuries . ”

“It is indeed very strange . Earlier on, I think I saw a flash of black light on Wang Heilong’s body . ”

“Wang Heilong has the darkness bone frame . I think it is probably the power of darkness . ”

“Power of darkness?”

“I heard that the power of darkness can absorb all things . It is natural that it can absorb qi forces . ”

“Absorb qi forces?” Everyone was in shock .

If all the qi forces attacking Wang Heilong were absorbed, wasn’t he invincible?

“Power of darkness?” Li Fuchen was in contemplation .

Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye had the sword dao bone frame, thus, he was able to burst out with powerful sword dao fatal power . Wang Heilong had the darkness bone frame that could absorb qi forces .

It was no wonder special bone frames had the potential to be invincible in the same cultivation realm .

At the grade A mentors’ seats, class 1 mentor, Qi Yiming revealed a smile .

Special bone frames like the darkness bone frame was rare in the entire Violet Flower Kingdom . Li Fuchen’s legendary perception might be exceptional, but as compared to the darkness bone frame, it was still a little inferior .

After all, if an individual with the darkness bone frame was nurtured properly, they would become invincible martial artists in the same cultivation realm .

The rest of the grade A mentors were having faces of envy . They were thinking that it would be great if Wang Heilong could be assigned to their class . It was a pity that the assignment of class wasn’t up to them and decided by drawing lots .

“Damn it, break!”

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Wu Zhi’s qi burst enveloped the entire contest stage . As the saber was brandished, 49 saber shadows shrouded Wang Heilong .

Wu Zhi’s earth class low-tier cultivation technique rank was inferior to Di Jun, but it was at the 20th rank . The 20th rank of an earth class low-tier cultivation technique was much stronger than the mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique . Making use of the qi pressure to suppress Wang Heilong, 6 of the 49 saber shadows cleaved on Wang Heilong .

Wang Heilong grinned as his power of darkness surged . They splashed out like ink and was magnificently pitch-black while frenziedly absorbing the saber forces .

Ultimately, Wang Heilong staggered a few steps back but was still unscathed .

“Is there even a need to fight?” At the audience seats, the outer institute cadet were stunned .

The darkness bone frame was much more horrific than they imagined . Wu Zhi’s strength was clearly above Wang Heilong, but he couldn’t do anything to Wang Heilong .

“Take a move of the Devil Form Fist from me!” Wang Heilong yelled out and launched a fist at Wu Zhi .

This fist didn’t just contain the boundless qi, it contained the power of darkness .

Apart from qi force absorption, the power of darkness was still able to increase fatal power, allowing the fist art to contain the absorption ability .

In response, Wu Zhi hurried up and block with his saber .


Wu Zhi retreated and had an incomparably sullen expression .

His strength was obviously stronger but he couldn’t damage Wang Heilong at all . A single fist that contained the power of darkness had already neutralized and absorbed half his power . It was extremely hard to deal with Wang Heilong .

“I didn’t thin that the darkness bone frame is so powerful . Wu Zhi will probably be defeated . ” The no . 2 listed cadet, Zhang Yunfeng shook his head .

At the side, Di Jun said, “The darkness bone frame might be powerful but it should have its limit too . If I am his opponent, a single spear will be enough to destroy his power of darkness . ”

Zhang Yunfeng smiled and said, “Your Cloud Startle Spear Art is already at the completion stage and it is naturally easy for you to accomplish that . ”

Zhang Yunfeng was the only person who knew Di Jun’s true strength as he had frequently spared with Di Jun . In the outer institute, he was the only person that could spare with Di Jun too .

One month ago, Di Jun had finally cultivated the earth class low-tier Cloud Startle Spear Art to the completion stage . Since then, Zhan Yunfeng included, no one could withstand a single strike from Di Jun .

Once an earth class low-tier martial art reached the completion stage, it would contain the power of field .

(TL note: field’s power > power of field)

When suppressed by the power of field, it would be praiseworthy if one could bring out 70% of their strength .

“If Wu Zhi wishes to defeat Wang Heilong, the only way is to deplete his power of darkness . ” Li Fuchen thought to himself .

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But Li Fuchen didn’t know how much power of darkness did Wang Heilong have in his body either . He knew that it would certainly be much more than Chiyu Ye’s power of sword dao .

A few dozen moves had been exchanged…

Then a hundred moves…

The corner of Wu Zhi’s mouth started flowing with blood .

“Wu Zhi, you should be honored to be defeated by my darkness bone frame . ”

Wang Heilong executed the power of darkness to the limits and utilized the core power of darkness .

When the fist strike was executed, dark electric flow was produced .


Wu Zhi vomited fresh blood violently and was defeated by Wang Heilong .

After defeating Wu Zhi, Wang Heilong swept a glance . His black long hair was filled with the energy of darkness and felt as though it had come alive as it fluttered into a frenzied dance . It was filled with indescribable charm and magnificence .

In the audience seats, many of the female outer institute cadets were mesmerized and had an infatuated expression .

It was considered an unexpected outcome when Wang Heilong defeated Wu Zhi . If there were no accidents, the no . 3 listed cadet position belonged to Wang Heilong . As for Li Fuchen, he might have exquisite sword art, but if he couldn’t deal any damage to Wang Heilong, there was nothing to fight .

For the next round, Li Fuchen was matched up against Wu Zhi .

Without any suspense, Li Fuchen defeated Wu Zhi and everyone wasn’t too surprised about it .

Wu Zhi’s strength was around the same level as Zhao Fenghua . If Li Fuchen could defeat Zhao Fenghua, it was obvious he could defeat Wu Zhi too .

In the next round, Zhang Yunfeng was going against Zhao Fenghua .

Different from Wu Zhi, Zhang Yunfeng had transcending perception and his strength was one level higher than Wu Zhi, Just the release of his qi presence was enough to make Zhao Fenghua extremely pressured . Ultimately, Zhao Fenghua lost the match utterly .

Gradually, the results of the competition was getting clearer .

The top four listed cadets had been decided .

Without any accidents, no . 1 would be Di Jun, no . 2 would be Zhang Yunfeng, no . 3 would be Wang Heilong, and no . 4 would be Li Fuchen .

Of course, that was only if no accidents happened . It was possible for Wang Heilong to push off Zhang Yunfeng and get to the no . 2 spot .

But in everyone’s opinion, it wasn’t a high possibility .

The power of darkness was limited and if Wang Heilong required a hundred moves to defeat Wu Zhi, he would have a slim chance of winning against Zhang Yunfeng .

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“No . 8 contest stage, Li Fuchen will go against Wang Heilong . ”

Unconsciously, there was only 50 over participants that had not been eliminated yet . With lesser participants, the chances of this duo being matched up was naturally much higher .

On the no . 8 contest stage, Li Fuchen stood ten meters apart from Wang Heilong .

“Li Fuchen, you might be formidable but you are not a match for me . Concede!” Wang Heilong wanted to take a chance to see if he could become the no . 1 or no . 2 listed cadet . The prerequisite was for him to save enough power of darkness . After the match with Wu Zhi, he had used up about 10% of his power of darkness . If he had to fight with Li Fuchen, he reckoned that he would need to use up another close to 20% of his power of darkness . He hoped that Li Fuchen could see the situation clearly and volunteer to concede .

Li Fuchen spoke indifferently, “If you have awakened the darkness ability, I am naturally not a match . But if it is merely the power of darkness, it is still not enough to make me concede . ”

“Darkness ability!”

Wang Heilong sneered . If he could awaken the darkness ability, he would be able to instantly kill a 1st or 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . Li Fuchen’s words were truly egotistical .

“Since that is the case, don’t blame me . ”

When Wang Heilong circulated the qi in his body, the power of darkness was surging violently . He had planned for a fast battle and settle Li Fuchen as quickly as possible .

“Devil Form Fist!” Wang Heilong blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

“Mystic Heaven Wall!” Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword drew an arc and a layer of sword barrier was produced .

Pfff! Tss!

The sword barrier was punctured by Wang Heilong’s fist like tofu .

Wang Heilong’s fist force wasn’t that powerful, but it contained the power of darkness and it could absorb qi force .

The sword barrier was also a type of qi force, hence, it was easily absorbed .

“The absorption force is truly ferocious . ”

Li Fuchen floated back in retreat to avoid Wang Heilong’s fist .

Wang Heilong followed up quickly but was welcomed by an extremely tempered sword light .

It was the Mystic Heaven Sword Art’s finishing move, Mystic Heaven Hundred Change .

The Mystic Heaven Hundred Change was extremely exquisite and the hundred change meant a hundred variations . It was a move that Wang Heilong couldn’t block, as a result, at least a dozen sword lights landed on Wang Heilong’s body .

“Absorb them!”

Wang Heilong’s body was enveloped with a layer of power of darkness . It was absorbing the sword light’s force in a frenzy .

Ultimately, Wang Heilong was still unharmed .

“Li Fuchen, it is impossible for you to win me . ”

Wang Heilong blasted another fist at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s body flickered as though he already knew of the fist force’s trajectory in advance . He arrived above Wang Heilong and slashed down with Meteor Fall .

With extreme speed and power, this sword was extremely dazzling .

Wang Heilong couldn’t even react and was pierced on his chest .


A trace of blood appeared, Wang Heilong was injured .

The power of darkness was tough, but the Meteor Fall wasn’t the Inferno Sword Art or the Mystic Heaven Sword Art . It pursued extreme speed and lethal power, it was supposed to break the surface upon contact . Even if the power of darkness had difficulty defending against the move .

“What, Wang Heilong is injured? Is that sword move so terrifying?”

Everyone was rather surprised, even Zhang Yunfeng was surprised .

Xu Chunhua nodded silently . As a high-leveled Reincarnation Realm martial artist, he knew how terrifying Li Fuchen’s sword move was .

But it wasn’t going to be so easy to defeat Wang Heilong!

“The power of darkness inside Wang Heilong’s body should still be ample . If he wasn’t trying to use less power of darkness, defeating Li Fuchen would be a simple task . ” Class 3 mentor, Gu Lei commented .

Class 1 mentor Qi Yiming laughed and said nothing .

“Since you are stubborn, then don’t blame me . ”

Wang Heilong was enraged . His qi and power of darkness permeated out of his body and burst out violently, instantly shrouding the entire contest stage .

If others burst out with their qi, there would basically be no effect . They would only be able to suppress their opponent with the qi pressure at best . But if the opponent’s qi presence was tough enough, they could completely resist it .

However, Wang Heilong’s qi contained the power of darkness . When enveloped by the power of darkness, Li Fuchen would be rather competent if he could utilize 50% of his strength .

As Wang Heilong’s qi and power of darkness burst out, the no . 5 contest stage was now in complete darkness . Apart from the mentors, outer institute elders, and the Assistant Dean, no one was able to see the situation on the no . 5 contest stage clearly .

“The outcome of the match has been decided . ” The grey-robed Assistant Dean shook his head quietly .

“Wang Heilong is too insane . What’s more, body refinement is Li Fuchen’s true strength . ” Luo Yan consoled herself .

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