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Chapter 382

Zhao Fenghua had a very handsome face, extraordinary bearing . Just like his name, Zhao Fenghua, he was a reflection of peerless magnificence .

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(TL note: Fenghua = Magnificent)

Of course, it was merely a reflection .

Peerless magnificence was only suited to the top class heavenly prodigies of the continent .

Zhao Fenghua’s weapon of choice was also a sword . No matter what continent, swordsmen and bladesmen took up the majority of martial artists .

With a longsword at the waist, Zhao Fenghua watched Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist intently .

Previously, he might not have put Li Fuchen in his view, but now, he had no choice but to do so .

Apart from the top three listed cadets, Li Fuchen was his greatest foe .

Of course, even after Li Fuchen’s forceful performance of strength, he still felt that he had a 90% chance of defeating Li Fuchen .

This was the confidence that he had .

“Cousin Fenghua finally encountered this Li Fuchen . Hmph, Li Fuchen, even if you have the legendary perception, in the face of Cousin Fenghua, you will still lose . ” Zhao Linghua had blind faith towards Zhao Fenghua .

Zhao Fenghua was her Zhao Clan’s most fearsome prodigy in history . Before he entered the South Forest Martial Institution, Zhao Linghua had never seen Zhao Fenghua defeated .

In this Listed Competition, she believed firmly that Zhao Fenghua would make it to the top three listed cadets’ positions .

He would then be able to cultivate earth class low-tier cultivation techniques and his strength would progress to the next level .

As for Li Fuchen, she didn’t it was possible for him to be a match for Zhao Fenghua this year, let alone next year .

Luo Yan was inevitably worried when she saw Zhao Fenghua about to go against Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation might be formidable, but it was still at Heaven Dipper Realm .

If Li Fuchen could rely on his body refinement cultivation, Luo Yan didn’t even need to worry .

There wasn’t a need to mention listed cadets, even regular inner institute cadets wouldn’t be a match for a single fist from Li Fuchen .

“You are formidable, but it is a pity that you still have a shallow control of your power . ” Zhao Fenghua didn’t draw his sword and seemed to be waiting for Li Fuchen to do so first .

Li Fuchen sized up Zhao Fenghua and said, “The control of my power isn’t decided by you . ”

“It looks like you are very confident . Fine, I shall destroy your confidence . ”

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Zhao Fenghua drew his sword . It was a sword with pale green luster and when it was unsheathed, sword qi overflowed .

“Roaming Dragon Sword Art!”

Like a shadow, Zhao Fenghua’s figure vanished instantly and when he reappeared, he was already ten steps in front of Li Fuchen . His right wrist shook a little and the sword light extended like a dragon . The sword qi was like sharp claws and was controlled in a narrow radius while rushing at Li Fuchen recklessly and searching for a gap to enter .


Li Fuchen had also drawn his sword and had blocked Zhao Fenghua’s sword .

Cling Cling Cling Cling Cling…

It was just a split moment and most of the outer institute cadets weren’t able to see clearly how many sword moves had been exchanged between the duo . They simply knew that the duo’s swords would always clash at every move and for the swords to actually clash at such speed, it was truly hair-raising and bone-chilling .

The severity of a swordsman had been executed to the extremity by the duo .


Zhao Fenghua’s eyes had gradually turned cold . His sword speed drastically increased by another notch . Each sword move was like a roaming dragon that seemed prestigious and graceful, but each sword contained extreme power .

The dragon of the myths could be large or small . It was the same for the Roaming Dragon Sword Art .

By using the Roaming Dragon Sword Art, Zhao Fenghua could even dissect a needle forged by mystic class metallic ore in a single sword strike .

“This Roaming Dragon Sword Art can be considered the no . 1 mystic class peak-tier martial arts in the East Unicorn Continent . ” Li Fuchen was in admiration of the Seven Color Continent’s foundation . No matter how incredible the Zhao Clan was, it was just a clan and this clan was able to use a mystic class peak-tier sword art that exceeded all of East Unicorn Continent’s martial arts . It was imaginable how stable and immense the martial arts foundation of the Seven Color Continent was .

The sword art was fixed, but the human was flexible .

The Inferno Sword Art might not be comparable to the Roaming Dragon Sword Art, but Li Fuchen’s Inferno Sword Art had already surpassed the original Inferno Sword Art .

The Inferno Sword Intent was gradually approaching an earth class low-tier sword intent .

“Soaring Dragon Inferno!”

The Inferno Sword Intent had been executed by Li Fuchen to the limits . The dazzling sword light looked like it could permeate the air and roaming willfully in the air . It was like a fire dragon that was materializing and about to destroy and decimate everything .

Zhao Fenghua’s Green Edge Sword that was bending to the extreme and suddenly sprung back into a straight form, deflecting Zhao Fenghua away .

“What?” Zhao Fenghua’s eyeballs were about to pop out .

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Zhao Fenghua was actually repelled .

“Brilliant!” Luo Yan was in pleasant surprise .

She didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s qi strength to be stronger than her imagination .

On the grade A mentors’ seats, the class 6 mentor, Huo Chong shook his head, “He is indeed worthy to have legendary perception . Zhao Fenghua isn’t a match for him . ”

Class 4 mentor, Wei Yandong had an unpleasant expression, “It is still too early to talk about the conclusion . Zhao Fenghua had yet to execute his earth class low-tier sword art . ”

Zhao Fenghua was his class 4’s trump card . If Zhao Fenghua was able to seize one of the top three listed cadets’ position, he would have 500 points of mentor points . In regards to the top three listed cadets, there was only one slot for the taking as Di Jun and Zhang Yunfeng were too formidable . The no . 3 listed cadet, Wu Zhi was the only person that had a chance of being defeated . The prerequisite was for Zhao Fenghua to defeat Li Fuchen .

After hearing what was said, Xu Chunhua was a little nervous . To be honest, he had never expected Li Fuchen to obtain the rankings of the top three listed cadets . He was already satisfied if Li Fuchen could make it into the top ten .

But Li Fuchen’s performance was too stunning and it seemed like he had the chance to reach the top three .

Reaching the top three listed cadets’ positions had an entirely different meaning .

After entering the top three positions, Li Fuchen would be able to cultivate earth class low-tier cultivation techniques . With Li Fuchen’s perception, if he cultivated the earth class low-tier cultivation techniques, who would be a match for him?

If he couldn’t make it to the top three, the second year would also be of the same fate .

The difference between cultivating and not cultivating an earth class low-tier cultivation technique was too drastic .

When Zhao Fenghua was repelled, his expression was gloomy like stale water .

They were both using mystic class peak-tier sword arts, but he was actually inferior to Li Fuchen .

To him, this was a humiliation .

“Li Fuchen, I didn’t have the intention to utilize my Golden Thread Sword Art . Since you are rather competent, then don’t blame me . ” Zhao Fenghua took a deep breath and his body gradually slowed down from the repelling force before he landed gently on the ground .


The moment Zhao Fenghua landed, he used the strength in his right leg to catapult towards Li Fuchen at an even faster speed . The Green Edge Sword started to rotate and it was covered in circles of golden thread-like sword qi . The sword qi enveloped Li Fuchen and there was a subtle and invisible pressure on Li Fuchen .

Golden Thread Sword Art, earth class low-tier sword art .

This sword art was very horrific . Once the opponent was enveloped, the entire body would feel as though it had been wrapped by unbreakable threads . Moreover, these threads were extremely sharp and could easily slice up a human into pieces . In order to resist this sword art, one had to cultivate an earth class low-tier sword art and must not allow the golden thread sword qi to get near . Unless one had a strength that was far beyond the wielder of the Golden Thread Sword Art, otherwise, once the sword qi got near, it would result in a miserable fate .

“This sword art is indeed mystical . ” Li Fuchen knew that the Inferno Sword Art wasn’t a match for the Golden Thread Sword Art .

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There was a difference of one tier and it wasn’t going to be compensated so easily . Unless Li Fuchen was able to cultivate the Inferno Sword Intent to the strength of an earth class low-tier sword art if not, it would ultimately be pale by comparison .

But Li Fuchen didn’t have any intention to expose his Green Sun Sword Intent .

Apart from the Inferno Sword Art, he still had the Mystic Heaven Sword Art .

The Mystic Heaven Sword Art wasn’t inferior to the Roaming Dragon Sword Art at the least . In fact, it was superior and in the hands of Li Fuchen, the power exhibited was naturally far beyond the Inferno Sword Art .

In addition, the Joint-Heaven Sword had the utmost compatibility with the Mystic Heaven Sword Art . With the two were used in unison, it would be extremely mystical .

“Mystic Heaven Wall . ”

There was a change in sword stance and Li Fuchen executed one of the Mystic Heaven Sword Art’s move, Mystic Heaven Wall .


As the Joint-Heaven Sword was brandished, a layer of sword barrier appeared and withstood Zhao Fenghua’s Golden Thread Sword Art .

“Break! Break! I shall break it!”

Zhao Fenghua was enraged as he pushed the Golden Thread Sword Art to the limit . The strands of golden thread sword qi constantly sliced at the sword barrier and grinding out blinding sparks . There were also a large quantity of golden thread sword qi that detoured around the sword barrier and assaulted Li Fuchen .

“Mystic Heaven Change . ”

The Joint-Heaven Sword drew a flawless arc and the sword barrier expanded in a circular manner .

The sword barrier expanded larger and larger until it was expanded in front of Zhao Fenghua .


The sword barrier exploded and the golden thread sword qi was scattered . Zhao Fenghua couldn’t control his body as he constantly took steps back while having a pale complexion .

This was ridiculous . Zhao Fenghua had already executed his earth class low-tier sword art and it wasn’t only at the sub-completion stage . Two years ago, his Golden Thread Sword Art was already at the sub-completion stage . Right now, even if he wasn’t near the completion stage, he should have already made good progress .

He was actually not a match for Li Fuchen’s mystic class peak-tier sword art .

The unresigned Zhao Fenghua stopped his backward momentum and rotating the Green Edge Sword in his hand to launch the golden thread sword qi again .

“It is about time . ”

The Mystic Heaven Sword Art was able to block the Golden Thread Sword Art, but it couldn’t defeat Zhao Fenghua, at least not in a short period of time . Li Fuchen didn’t have time to be in a tangle with his opponent .

Li Fuchen soared into the sky . It was as if Li Fuchen could see through the trajectories of the golden thread sword qi and instantly leaped above Zhao Fenghua .

“Meteor Fall!”

As the sword plunged down, there was a radiance so bright that Zhao Fenghua couldn’t open his eyes .


Zhao Fenghua’s Green Edge Sword was disarmed and his entire body felt as though he was struck by lightning as he shivered and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth .

That sword earlier was so fast that it had surpassed his reaction speed . If this sword was aimed at a vital part, Zhao Fenghua would be dead right now .

“Such a fast sword strike . ” The no . 3 listed cadet, Wu Zhi’s eyes contracted .

This sword didn’t have any mystical aspects . It was pure speed and power .

But Wu Zhi knew that if there weren’t any mystical aspects, it meant that it was too profound .

It was already extremely profound to combine pure speed and power .

“He won . ” Xu Chunhua had an excited expression .

After defeating Zhao Fenghua, Li Fuchen only had to defeat Wu Zhi to reach the top three positions . As for the others, it was impossible for them to be a match for Li Fuchen .

Class 4 mentor, Wei Yandong had an extremely awful expression as he snorted involuntarily .

Class 3 mentor, Gu Lie didn’t think much of it . He was surprised that Li Fuchen could defeat Zhao Fenghua, but in his opinion, it didn’t have much of an impact .

“Impossible, impossible . ” Zhao Linghua couldn’t believe her eyes .

Her cousin, Zhao Fenghua had actually lost . Furthermore, he didn’t lose to a veteran cadet or to the top three listed cadets, he had actually lost to a new cadet .

Didn’t this mean that Li Fuchen’s innate potential was far superior to Zhao Fenghua?

“This child’s sword dao is truly frightful!” On the rostrum, one of the outer institute elders exclaimed .

The rest of the outer institute elders nodded . It was already incredible for Li Fuchen to use mystic class peak-tier sword art to suppress Zhao Fenghua . But his final sword strike was remarkable and it obviously contained a trace of heaven and earth quintessence .

Li Fuchen had relied on his own sword dao talent to produce a trace of heaven and earth quintessence . It was much harder than comprehending a trace of heaven and earth quintessence through an earth class low-tier sword art .

Li Fuchen’s final sword strike was obviously just at the mystic class peak-tier sword art’s limit, but it was already limitlessly close to an earth class low-tier sword art .

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