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Chapter 384


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Xu Chunhua let out a sigh .  Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was already astounding enough, but his opponent just had to possess the darkness bone frame .

There were only a few individuals with the special bone frames in the Violet Flower Kingdom . He might be defeated, but he should be honored .

“I hope that this defeat will not cause your fighting spirit to decline . ”

Xu Chunhua had great expectations for Li Fuchen . With legendary perception, as long as Li Fuchen had high-quality cultivation techniques and martial arts, after cultivating diligently for years, he might not be inferior to special bone frames .

The contest stage was now in complete darkness where the sunlight couldn’t even shine inside .

Just as everyone thought that the outcome was decided, there was a spot of green light inside the darkness . Immediately after, the green spot of light rapidly expanded with a speed that was hardly visible to the naked eye .

“This is?” The grey-robed assistant dean widened his eyes .

He was one of the few individuals that knew which earth class low-tier sword art did Li Fuchen pick .

For Green Sun Sword Intent, no one under the Battle Spirit Realm was able to cultivate it to the completion stage .

As a Battle Spirit Realm master, he had cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent to the extreme .

Hence, he was very clear of the cultivation difficulty of the Green Sun Sword Intent .

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that this sword art’s difficulty had nearly surpassed earth class mid-tier sword arts . Furthermore, it was extremely strange as every individual’s cultivation result for the Green Sun Sword Intent would have different firepower .

It was known that the same tiered martial arts could be cultivated by various individuals, there might be differences, but it shouldn’t be too great .

But the Green Sun Sword Intent broke this logic .

The Green Sun Sword Intent that the assistant dean comprehended had the strength at the peak of the earth class low-tier sword arts but wasn’t at the strength of an earth class mid-tier sword art . But the Dean’s Green Sun Sword Intent’s strength had reached the earth class mid-tier sword art, making the difference a whole tier .

According to what the Dean said, the power of the Green Sun Sword Intent was based on the understanding of heaven and earth quintessence . Those with better perception would comprehend a stronger Green Sun Sword Intent, thus, the sword moves were growing stronger along with the sword intent . There was basically no pattern to it .

Could Li Fuchen have successfully cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent to the completion stage?

The grey-robed assistant dean held his breath .

Apart from the grey-robed assistant dean, everyone else had detected the anomaly on the contest stage . Even with the isolation array, they could somehow feel a majestic and radiant sword intent being born .

With exceedingly fast speed, the green spot expanded crazily . In less than a blink of the eye, it had turned into a giant green sphere of light . The green sphere of light was like the sun and burst out with a myriad of brilliance . Most of the radiance were blasting in the same direction .

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Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The darkness scattered rapidly . On the contest stage, Li Fuchen was standing in midair while his body had remnants of the resplendent sword intent .

On the opposite side, Wang Heilong’s body was constantly spraying out fresh blood while his eyes were overwhelmed with shock .

His power of darkness wasn’t able to devour the sword light and had been pierced through .

What kind of power and speed did it possess?

“Green Sun Sword Intent!” Xu Chunhua’s voice slipped out .

The grade A classes’ mentors were also flabbergasted .

Li Fuchen had successfully cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent and from the looks of it, it was at least at the sub-completion stage .

On the rostrum, the various outer institute elders were also astonished .

Among them, there were many others who cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent as they had nothing else to do . But they were all unable to cultivate to the completion stage . But from what it seemed, Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent looked even more majestic, splendid, and had everlasting dominance .

“What? The power of darkness is actually destroyed?” Zhan Yunfeng’s eyes shrunk a little .

He might have the strength to defeat Wang Heilong too, but he wasn’t able to do it in such a clear-cut manner .

Currently, he no longer had any confidence in defeating Li Fuchen .

“Interesting!” Di Jun’s eyes flashed with a trace of battle intent .

Of course, it was merely a trace .

With the Cloud Startle Spear Art at completion stage, he only required a single spear strike to defeat Wang Heilong, there wasn’t even a need for the second spear strike .

“He won?” Luo Yan was dumbfounded .

She thought that Li Fuchen was going to lose .

“Wang Heilong’s power of darkness had been broken . What kind of sword art is that? Why is it so insanely powerful?”

“It is the Green Sun Sword Intent, it is the most difficult earth class low-tier to cultivate in South Forest Martial Institution . It has already been two decades since any outer institute cadet picked the Green Sun Sword Intent . ”

“Terrifying . I didn’t think that the Green Sun Sword Intent is so overwhelming . A single sword strike is enough to destroy Wang Heilong’s power of darkness . ”

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“Wait till I pass the fifth floor of the Clear Sky Tower . Should I pick the Green Sun Sword Intent too? Once I successfully cultivate it, would I have a huge increase in strength?”

“I advise you not to pick it . Do you think everyone has legendary perception like Li Fuchen?”

In the audience seats, the outer institute cadets were all in heated discussions .

“The Green Sun Sword Intent is indeed very formidable . ” Practicing alone and sparring with others felt entirely different . When the entire contest stage was shrouded in darkness, it had made Li Fuchen’s heart even more sensitive . Once he executed the Green Sun Sword Intent, the radiant brilliance burst out with unstoppable might .

To Li Fuchen, the only difficulty of the Green Sun Sword Intent was reaching the entry stage . As long as he made it to the entry stage, there was nothing that could stop him . If it was anyone else, they would need a few times or even ten times more time to reach the entry stage . As for the subsequent progression, more time was needed .

“This child’s perception is simply terrifying . ” The grey-robed assistant dean nodded . He felt tempted to recruit Li Fuchen as his in-room cadet .

With the precondition of the dean not snatching Li Fuchen from him .

After defeating Wang Heilong, Li Fuchen was already seated firmly in the top three positions of the listed cadets . The only suspense was whether Li Fuchen could defeat Zhang Yunfeng and Di Jun .

Before this, no one believed that Li Fuchen or Wang Heilong could do it .

Now that the Green Sun Sword Intent was revealed, things were hard to say now .

The situation had reversed too quickly . Everyone could only see the myriad of radiance bursting out but couldn’t see how Li Fuchen executed his move .

After another few rounds of matches…

“No . 8 contest stage, Zhang Yunfeng will go against Li Fuchen . ”

As the referee’s voice echoed, the audience were heated up .

A look at Li Fuchen’s battle against Zhang Yunfeng would determine if he had the strength to defeat Di Jun .

If Li Fuchen wasn’t a match for Zhang Yunfeng, he naturally wasn’t a match for Di Jun . If he was superior to Zhang Yunfeng, there might still be a chance .

On the contest stage, Zhang Yunfeng was staring at Li Fuchen with a grave expression .

He viewed Li Fuchen with admiration .

It had been a long time since the South Forest Martial Institution had such a formidable new cadet .

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Yunfeng started circulating the earth class low-tier cultivation technique .

The earth class low-tier cultivation technique he cultivated was the Hematite Divine Technique and it was already at the 21st rank .

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The 20th rank of the earth class low-tier cultivation technique was already much superior to the highest rank of the mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique . The 21st rank was higher by one whole rank . As soon as Zhang Yunfeng circulated his Hematite Divine Technique, an unstoppable qi presence soared . The contest stage was covered with a layer of scarlet metallic luster . Zhang Yunfeng was in the center and the qi presence rushed out in all directions .

“Such powerful pressure . ” Li Fuchen’s brows raised up .

Zhang Yunfeng’s body already had an initiate form of the power of field . When the qi presence and power of field was combined, it produced an extremely powerful pressure . His overall strength wasn’t just one level stronger than Wu Zhi, even Wang Heilong’s power of darkness would be inferior .

Zhang Yunfeng wasn’t done yet . He activated the 5-star secret technique and his qi presence was continuing to climb . The air on the contest stage seemed to have solidified and it was difficult to even move a single step .

“Li Fuchen, be careful now . ” Zhang Yunfeng drew his long saber and pointed the blade at Li Fuchen .

“After you . ”

Li Fuchen had already circulated the True Inferno Technique and his 5-star secret technique . Even his Joint-Heaven Sword was drawn .

“Returnless Golden Saber Slash!”

When the qi presence had reached its peak, Zhang Yunfeng flashed and burst through the air . While he was moving, the long saber burst out with golden luster and a chain of golden saber shadow cleaved at Li Fuchen .

Also a bladesman, Zhang Yunfeng’s qi, and saber art were stronger than Wu Zhi . His valiant saber presence was tempered to the limits, causing slight pain to Li Fuchen’s skin .

“Come on then . ” 

Li Fuchen’s qi circulated and naturally converged into a concentrated green spot of light .

There was a burst of green light . With Li Fuchen at the core, a myriad of radiance expanded . It was extremely dazzling and most of the radiance were in a single direction as it burst at Zhang Yunfeng .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Zhang Yunfeng didn’t know until he crossed moves with Li Fuchen . The Green Sun Sword Intent was extremely severe and dominant . The golden saber shadow cleaved out by Zhang Yunfeng had been utterly repelled by the multiple valiant sword light . This speed seemed to be faster than the sword move, Meteor Fall .

How would Zhang Yunfeng know that the Green Sword Intent wasn’t just two times faster than the Meteor Fall? Furthermore, the quantity was concentrated, otherwise, it was impossible to penetrate Wang Heilong’s power of darkness .

Of course, Meteor Fall had not broken through yet . If it broke through to the earth class low-tier, it would be hard to say . At least, in terms of a single attack, it wouldn’t be inferior to the Green Sun Sword Intent .

“I can’t block it?” Zhang Yunfeng had been constantly taking steps back and his saber presence had declined significantly .

The Returnless Golden Saber Slash was particular in saber presence . When the qi presence was pressured, the saber art’s power would decrease .

The Green Sun Sword Intent’s sword move was getting faster, so fast that Zhang Yunfeng couldn’t organize a counterattack . The resplendent sword intent seemed to be everlasting .


Zhang Yunfeng’s long saber was disarmed and a sword light grazed his throat .

With a change in expression, Zhang Yunfeng spoke in a bitter voice, “I have lost . ”

He had been defeated convincingly . After grasping the Green Sun Sword Intent, Li Fuchen was clearly stronger than him . Perhaps, only Di Jun could defeat him .

“Zhang Yunfeng had also lost . The Green Sun Sword Intent is indeed formidable . ”

“This Green Sun Sword Intent is truly terrifying . Each sword strike is faster than the previous move . How can it be defended?!”

“In the previous year, Di Jun was just slightly superior to Zhang Yunfeng . He might not be a match for Li Fuchen . ”

Li Fuchen’s performance had made everyone took a deep cold breath . None of them thought highly of Di Jun anymore .

Di Jun sneered and said nothing .

Unconsciously, there were less than 20 individuals that were qualified to continue the competition .

“No . 2 contest stage, Di Jun will go against Wang Heilong . ”

Wang Heilong’s injuries were treated by the outer institute’s upper echelon and had recovered significantly . When facing Di Jun, he immediately burst out with his power of darkness .

“A single spear . ” Di Jun drew a silver spear and spoke indifferently .

“Just bring it on . ” Wang Heilong spoke in a deep voice .


A boundless and mighty qi presence rushed into the sky . This qi presence was even stronger than Zhang Yunfeng .

Zhang Yunfeng cultivated the Hematite Divine Technique, while Di Jun cultivated the Cloud Dividing Divine Technique .

If the Hematite Divine Technique was unstoppable and extremely concentrated, the Cloud Dividing Divine Technique was tyrannical, forceful, and vast .

Before the qi presence climbed to the peak, Di Jun thrust with his spear .

It was a horrifying spear thrust . A layer of white qi force extended out with the thrust . The tip of the spear was like a silver flash of lightning . With the great force of lightning, he had pierced Wang Heilong’s body with a single spear thrust .

Wang Heilong lowered his head and looked at his body while his eyes were filled with shock .

He wasn’t even able to withstand a single spear thrust?

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