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Chapter 379
3 star root bone For outside courtyard students, it is quite low level . For centuries, the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard has not seen a 3 star root bone, and most of them are 4 star root bone .

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But what everyone doesn't know is that the 3 star root bone is too helpful for Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen's cultivation speed has fallen into a bottleneck after he broke Burning Heaven True Merit to the highest level . Next, either replace the cultivation technique with the Earth level low rank cultivation technique, or upgrade the root bone . Only these two methods can Increase the speed of cultivation .

Relatively speaking, the former is only a matter of expediency . One day, the Earth level low rank cultivation technique will be outdated . Only the root bone will always be with you .

The perfect form of Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, with the highest level of Burning Heaven True Merit, plus 3 star root bone, Li Fuchen's cultivation speed is twice as fast as in Eastern Lín Continent, knowing that this is Seven Colored The Continent, cultivation environment is far superior to Eastern Lín Continent .

Although most of the energy was spent on the Azure Yang Sword Intent, Li Fuchen continued to raise the cultivation base to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer one month after admission .

"It seems that I was assigned to Class A, and it is time to check it out . "

The outer courtyard class is divided into two classes, namely, A and B, etc . There are seven classes in Class A and forty-three classes in Class B .

Can you be assigned to a class, not to look at the cultivation base and strength, mainly depending on age and potential .

Luo Yan Although the cultivation base is not high, but because of his young age, he did not know Li Fuchen before being a Class 5 student, and some elite students who are much stronger than Luo Yan, because of their age, are only class B students .

Li Fuchen has been assigned to Class A for almost a month, but Li Fuchen has not been to it yet, and has been practicing azure Yang Sword Intent .

At the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, the teaching environment is very relaxed and does not force students to go to class and see personal arrangements .

Of course, everyone came to the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . The first was to get a higher level secret book . The second was to listen to Instructor's teachings . So few people like Li Fuchen didn't go to class for a month and built their own cars behind closed doors .

If you follow the instructions of the Instructor, the progress can be much faster .

In a short while, Li Fuchen came to the seventh class of A .

Class A is a huge courtyard, the layout of the courtyard is very simple, a classroom and a fairly large training ground .

In the classroom, Class A, the Instructor, was giving lectures, and the arrival of Li Fuchen stopped him from giving lectures .

"You are Li Fuchen?"

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Xu Chunhua frowned, the outer courtyard had two classes a week, few courses, he had never seen a student who did not come to class one month after the start of school .

"Yes, Instructor . "

Li Fuchen nodded .

"Come in and sit down!"

Although dissatisfied, Xu Chunhua did not go to Li Fuchen .

It’s the student’s freedom to come to class, he can’t control it, and he doesn’t want to take it .

There are only 20 positions in the classroom, and the distance between each position is very far . Except for Li Fuchen, the seven classes and nineteen people of A class have arrived . At this moment, everyone is curious to look at Li Fuchen .

"This person is Li Fuchen? I heard that he is one of the four people who have passed Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers . ”

"How about Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers? In the outer courtyard, I haven't had a hundred or eighty in Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers, but I have never seen it . I didn't come to class for a month, too arrogant . . "

"Maybe he thinks he doesn't need people to teach! It came in purely to get the Earth level secret book . ”

"Hey, Earth level low rank Martial Art secret book is easy to get, Earth level low rank cultivation technique secret book is not so easy to get, must be ranked in the Human List the first three to get, look at his mentality, Human List students are Impossible, let alone the top three Human Lists . "

Several students have a sound transmission discussion .

Sitting down in the only empty position, Li Fuchen looked up and began to listen to Xu Chunhua .

"Every Martial Art has the meaning of heaven and earth, but it has a lot of relationships . Starting from Profound level Martial Art, martial artist can comprehend out Martial Art True Meaning, which is the essence of Martial Art . The law of Martial Art, comprehend Martial Art True Meaning, every trick of yours implies the essence of the world, can exert a stronger prestige ability, and to the Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, which has involved deep level The world is righteous, as long as Martial Art True Meaning is strong enough, even if it does not provoke True Spirit, it can also erupt a powerful destructive power, because you have shaken the power of the world and replaced your True Spirit with the power of heaven and earth, of course . After all, the power of heaven and earth is a foreign object . In comparison, with its own True Spirit activate Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, it is undoubtedly the strongest…"

Perhaps because of Li Fuchen's relationship, Xu Chunhua said what he said before .

I have to say that as the Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist, as the Instructor of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, Xu Chunhua has a strong theoretical knowledge . Although Li Fuchen's Perception is high enough, the Martial Art theory is very shallow, and I listened to it . He has a deeper understanding of Martial Art .

"It seems that it is necessary to listen to the class occasionally . "

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Li Fuchen secretly thought .

Unconsciously, one afternoon passed, and near the end of class, Xu Chunhua said to Li Fuchen: "Li Fuchen, you didn't have a class a few days ago, so Perception Assessment, you didn't catch up, here is a Profound level high rank Martial Art . Secret book, you go back to good cultivation, and after three days, based on your progress, I will estimate your Perception level . "

Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, the new students need to do Perception Assessment, Perception Assessment is divided into seven levels, namely, ordinary, good, excellent, excellent, extraordinary, super and legendary seven levels .

In the outer courtyard class, if any freshman tests a good Perception, then it will be transferred directly to the class B, at least excellent Perception can stay in the class, and want to be rated as excellent Perception, at least three Within a day, put a Profound level high rank Martial Art cultivation to small accomplishment .

"Yes, Instructor . "

Just listening to Profound level high rank Martial Art secret book, Li Fuchen didn't take it as one thing .

In the classroom, everyone talked about it .

"You said, within three days, he can get the Profound level high rank Martial Art cultivation to what extent, and what kind of Perception evaluation . "

“Small accomplishment should be fine, Perception evaluation is estimated to be exceptional to extraordinary . ”

"I think so, we have seven classes, five people with excellent Perception, two excellent Perception, two extraordinary Perception . After all, he has passed Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers and received excellent evaluation . Not far from ten, but it is a bit difficult to get an extraordinary evaluation . "

"Yes, only in three days, Profound level high rank Martial Art cultivation to great accomplishment, in order to get extraordinary evaluation, this kind of person is the trump card of each class, such as Qin Lie and Wang Yingxue of our class . "

"Look, the dragon is a worm, and you will see it after three days . "

Everyone didn't look down on Li Fuchen, but it wouldn't be too high to see Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen is light, but young doesn't mean everything .

Back at the courtyard, Li Fuchen opened the Profound level high rank Martial Art secret book from Xu Chunhua .

This is a fist technique called Profound True Fist .

Li Fuchen glanced at it and found that there was no difficulty .

"Let's start with Profound True Fist . "

Li Fuchen started researching Profound True Fist .

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Three days is too much for Li Fuchen .

Half an hour, Li Fuchen cultivated Profound True Fist to small accomplishment, after three hours, Profound True Fist great accomplishment, half a day later, Profound True Fist reached the reaching peak, and one day later, Profound True Fist reached perfection, comprehend Profound True Fist is out .

A day and a half later, Profound True Fist reached its limit and was close to the Profound level top rank Fist Intent .


Li Fuchen left Profound True Fist aside and continued comprehend Azure Yang Sword Intent .

At this stage, Acome Yang Sword Intent's comprehend is the top priority . Three months after the enrollment, the Human List Great Competition will be held once . Those who can participate in the Human List Great Competition will have passed Azure Cloud Pagoda five . Layers .

Those who have survived Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers have already learned Earth level low rank Martial Art .

Li Fuchen is not afraid of the new students in recent years, but Li Fuchen is not sure about the old students a few years ago .

In particular, the first three of the Human List exist, but the cultivation of the Earth level low rank cultivation technique, no matter what level they have cultivated the Earth level low rank cultivation technique, they are very terrifying, and they only reach the extreme on the Azure Yang Sword Intent . In the high realm, you can compete with it . Otherwise, the Human List is unlikely to have a play .

Blinking, three days passed, Li Fuchen reluctantly retired from the cultivation status of Azure Yang Sword Intent .

Today, he wants to perform a Perception Assessment and cannot abstain from class .

Packed up, Li Fuchen went to the seventh class .

"he came . "

A class seven, everyone stared at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen sat down and waited for Xu Chunhua to arrive .

Soon, Xu Chunhua is here .

He glanced at his eyes and found Li Fuchen .

"Li Fuchen, three days have passed, you can show the realm of Profound True Fist in the training field!"Xu Chunhua said .

"Yes .

Li Fuchen nodded, and with Xu Chunhua, went to the training field on the side of the classroom .

The crowd followed .

On the vast training ground, Li Fuchen stood there straight .

"Start showing . "

Xu Chunhua's eyes are burning, he has to look at it, this highly self-study student has a bit of skill .

Hear this, Li Fuchen within the body Burning Heaven True Qi revolved, a fist hit the void, strong punches and shocks several times, Fist Intent breeding, radiating all directions, even if far apart, you can feel that all-conquering Fist Intent .


The martial arts field was covered by an isolated array, and the boxing was bombarded on the array, rippling a circle of ripples .

"Fist Intent !"

Xu Chunhua is dumbfounded .

A class of seven people is also dumbfounded .

Especially Qin Lie and Wang Yingxue, who have extraordinary Perception, are both stunned .

The evaluation of the Perception Assessment is very simple . Profound level high rank Martial Art reaches the small accomplishment . It is excellent . It is close to great accomplishment . It is excellent . The great accomplishment Rank 1 is thick to the point of perfection . The great accomplishment is the Rank 2 segment reaching peak . Belong to super, great accomplishment The first Rank 3 paragraph perfection belongs to the legend .

Li Fuchen can play Fist Intent, no doubt, Profound True Fist has reached perfection realm .

This means that Li Fuchen's Perception is a legendary rating .

Legendary level Perception, is this going to heaven defying?

Xu Chunhua couldn't speak for a long time .

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