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Chapter 380: 380
“legendary perception, my Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, has not reached this level for a hundred years . ”

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Xu Chunhua was shocked first, then hot .

Class A has seven classes, but among the seven classes, only Class A has no Human List students, and other Class A have more or less one or two Human List students, especially Class A, three . Named Human List student .

This is undoubtedly a shame and an obstacle to his future as an inner courtyard Instructor .

To know that once you become an inner courtyard Instructor, you can cultivate earth level middle rank cultivation technique . With the Earth level middle rank cultivation technique, he has a glimmer of hope for Battle Spirit Realm . Otherwise, there is no hope .

But to become an inner courtyard Instructor is too difficult, Instructor points to at least 10,000 points in order to become an inner courtyard Instructor .

And to develop a Human List student, you can add two hundred Instructor points, cultivate a Human List top three, add five hundred Instructor points, and develop a Human List first, then add a thousand Instructor points .

Since Li Fuchen is his student, whether he is trained or not, as long as he can become a Human List student, he can add Instructor points to himself .

The first year may not be successful . In the second year, Li Fuchen will certainly become a Human List student . The third year of the Human List is the first big thing, so Li Fuchen is likely to bring him a thousand Instructor points .

Of course, a student can only bring a thousand points to the Instructor .

In addition, before becoming a courtyard student, the first place to keep the Human List is not maintained, and the Instructor Branch changes according to the ranking .

However, in Xu Chunhua's view, as long as Li Fuchen is on the first place in the Human List, it is impossible to fall .

This thousand points, he got it .

“Li Fuchen, you are my Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . For the past 100 years, the first legendary perception, Instructor congratulates you here . ”Xu Chunhua said warmly .

Li Fuchen converges on True Spirit, modestly: "Instructor is polite . "

He did not think about low-key, here is not Eastern Lín Continent, Eastern Lín Continent Numerous Sect hegemony, outside the Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Demon Dao forces, the consequences of high-profile is very serious, and in Seven Colored Continent, the forces are more unified, high-profile energy Let him go further, otherwise how can others know his talent Perception .

His first step was to become a non-negligible presence at the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

So low-key has no meaning .

Li Fuchen had the message of legendary perception and was first passed to the outer courtyard high level .

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The outer courtyard high level has set off a wave .

Outer courtyard Elder wants to accept Li Fuchen as an entry student .

However, it was finally rejected by Vice Headmaster gray clothed old man . Li Fuchen's Perception is not taught by these outer courtyard Elder . He is qualified to teach himself, but he has to wait for Headmaster to come back .

In the next few days, Li Fuchen closed the painstaking cultivation Azure Yang Sword Intent again . As for the class, he was forgotten .

In this regard, Xu Chunhua is helpless .

He had some dissatisfaction with Li Fuchen before, and thought that the other side was very self-sufficient . Now there is no such thought .

The other party has a legendary perception, let alone self-esteem, even if it is no one, no one dares to say that he is arrogant arrogant .

However, Xu Chunhua still hopes that Li Fuchen can come to the class . With his Martial Art theory, progress can be faster .

"Cousin Fenghua, is that right? Although he has legendary perception, but you are also super Perception, it may not be inferior to him . In my opinion, he must have gone to bullshit luck, suddenly epiphany, and with his current strength, fundamentally Not your opponent . "In Zhao Fenghua's courtyard, Zhao Linghua is not willing .

Zhao Fenghua, 28 years old, Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base, last year's Human List fifth, is one of the only four super Perceptions in the current courtyard student . If Li Fuchen does not appear, no one can hide it . His scenery .

Zhao Fenghua said: "The cousin, he is now publicly upright and grand, if I rush to challenge him, I will dissatisfy the outer courtyard high level, but you can rest assured that when I wait for the Human List Great Competition, I will teach him well and take revenge for you . ”

To be honest, Li Fuchen has a little bit of unbelief in his mind, perhaps as the cousin Zhao Linghua said, this person is better off, suddenly epiphany, after all, the higher the martial artist Perception, the higher the probability of epiphany, As he himself, he has experienced Perception several times .

"Well, you must beat him hard and let him face . "

Zhao Linghua nodded . Anyway, there is less than two months for the Human List Great Competition . There is no need to worry so much .

"Reassure, these are small things . My real goal this time is the top three in the Human List . "Zhao Fenghua flashed the ray of light in the eyes .


Human List In the first Di Jun's courtyard, the Human List is all three .

"legendary perception, tch tch, this is to cover up our rays of light . "Human List The third Wu Zhi smiled .

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Human List Second Zhang Yunfeng said: "Even if it is legendary perception, this is the top three of the Human List, or three of us . Next year, maybe Di Jun will be promoted to Shedding Body Realm, become a courtyard student, and we will be next year . Once again, I hope to promote Shedding Body Realm the following year . At that time, the legendary perception has nothing to do with us . "

"Look at you like this, is it the top three in the Human List?"Di Jun snorted .

He held his hand and said: "We three, but cultivated the Earth level low rank cultivation technique . If it is really defeated, it is our shame . "

“Yes, we are cultivating the Earth level low rank cultivation technique . ”Wu Zhi and Zhang Yunfeng nodded and their confidence increased .

The top three biggest advantage of the Human List is the cultivation of the Earth level low rank cultivation technique . In previous years, few of the Human List were picked up, and they didn't need to worry too much .


"legendary perception?"

Le Changfeng is under great pressure .

Although he is a freshman, his first year goal is to break into the top 10 of the Human List and become a Human List student .

However, the existence of Wang Heilong and Gao Yue has increased the difficulty .

There is another Li Fuchen at the moment, and the difficulty is increasing .

After all, there are only a total of 10 Human List students . Others are not vegetarian, and the latter are still hoped to defeat .


"legendary perception, interesting . "

Wang Heilong grinned .

In addition to Li Fuchen, there are four super Perceptions, one of which is Di Jun, Zhang Yunfeng and Zhao Fenghua, one Human List first, one Human List second, and one Human List . Fives .

But with Dark Root Bone, he is confident that he is not afraid of anyone, including Di Jun, the first Human List .

Li Fuchen's legendary perception surprised him, but the gap between legendary perception and super Perception is not very large . The Perception Assessment is tested with Profound level high rank Martial Art . If it is Profound level top rank Martial Art , Tested with Earth level low rank Martial Art, the gap is very small, after all, the higher level of Martial Art, the higher the difficulty of each level .


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In the middle of the second month of admission, Li Fuchen came again to listen to a lesson .

Xu Chunhua is very happy and deliberately said something advanced . He does not expect others to understand, as long as Li Fuchen can understand some .

"Everyone else is going to class, Li Fuchen, you stay . "

Finally, Li Fuchen came to the class, and Xu Chunhua planned to open a small stove for Li Fuchen .

When everyone left, Xu Chunhua told Li Fuchen: "Li Fuchen, Human List Great Competition is about a month and a half to start, are you not ready?"

"Always ready . "

"Oh ?" What is your goal this time? ”Xu Chunhua is curious .

“Nature is the first in Human List . ”

Li Fuchen said .

His Azure Yang Sword Intent has been small accomplishment, with the super-conscious consciousness, Human List first, may not have no hope .

“Human List first?”

Xu Chunhua's eyes are all protruding . He thought that the other person would say the top ten of the Human List .

"With your strength, you want to win the Human List first, almost impossible . Human List's first Di Jun has already put an Earth level low rank Martial Art cultivation close to the great accomplishment, with Earth . Level low rank cultivation technique, strong enough to rival the Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist without cultivation of the Earth level secret book . "Xu Chunhua shook his head .

Hear this, Li Fuchen is not set .

He naturally knows the strength of Di Jun .

"But you are ambitious . If I do an Instructor, I will fully support you . You will come to practice the battlefield with me . "Xu Chunhua immediately went to the training field .

On the training field, Xu Chunhua raised his right hand . "Earth level Martial Art, if you can comprehend out Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, you can blur the signs of revolved, and you are optimistic . This is Fist Intent . "

Earth level low rank fist technique .


The void seems to have created a tide, and an amazing Fist Intent bursts out . Li Fuchen clearly senses that a near-substantial Fist Intent is squeezing the water element origin qi around the compression, and a wave is compressed many times . Water element origin qi spreads out, under the blessing of Fist Intent, all-conquering, with arc flashing .

"This is the power of heaven and earth . "

Li Fuchen pupils shrank .

This force, even if it is only the aftermath, can crush his body, even if his Qi Strength is unlocked .

This is just Fist Intent . If Xu Chunhua activates True Spirit, the power will increase several times .


Xu Chunhua converges on Fist Intent .

Li Fuchen said: "Broad and profound, terrifying . "

Nodded, Xu Chunhua said: "Although there are thousands of True Meanings, it is not a matter of course . You should be able to understand with your legendary perception . "

Li Fuchen does have some insights .

On the third day after returning, Li Fuchen's Azure Yang Sword Intent is close to the realm of great accomplishment .

Azure Yang Sword Intent, which is close to the realm of great accomplishment, has already touched on the core essence . If Li Fuchen is comprehended by himself, it will take a month to hope to reach this stage .

Unconsciously, three months passed .

The Human List Great Competition begins .

In order to participate in the Human List Great Competition, you must first get through Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers . There are a total of 92 people attending the Human List Great Competition . These ninety-two people, each cultivating Earth level low Rank Martial Art .

Earth level low rank Martial Art seems to differ from Profound level top rank Martial Art by Rank 1, but the degree of mysteriousness is quite different . The same power, Earth level low rank Martial Art is undoubtedly more difficult to prevent .

Of course, most people's Earth level low rank Martial Art is relatively low-level, at the crucial moment, it depends on Profound level top rank Martial Art .

Ps: The power of Cavanka, I ate a word yesterday, sorry .

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