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Chapter 378
"Never regret . "

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Li Fuchen has seen the introduction of Azure Yang Sword Intent . This sword technique is tailor-made for him . Since Soul was promoted to the blue level, there is nothing that makes him feel difficult . He naturally has to challenge it . Your own limits .

"Well, since you are ashamed, I will not persuade you . "Outer courtyard Elder shook his head helplessly, and it seemed that after a few months, Li Fuchen was depressed and mad .

From the outer courtyard Elder, I got the brand of Azure Yang Sword Intent, and Li Fuchen left the Secret Book Pagoda .

On the way back to the courtyard, Li Fuchen met Luo Yan .

"Li Fuchen, what sword technique secret book did you choose?"Luo Yan asked .

"Azure Yang Sword Intent . "

Li Fuchen raised the brand in his hand .

"Azure Yang Sword Intent ?"Luo Yan said: "How did you choose this sword technique? I heard that this sword technique has not been chosen for 20 years . "

"What is the meaning of taking the road that others have traveled . "Li Fuchen laughed .

Luo Yan blinked and thought that Li Fuchen was very reasonable .

After the two separated, Li Fuchen returned to the courtyard .

"This Azure Yang Sword Intent, Battle Spirit Realm lower . No one has practiced great accomplishment . I don't know what is wrong . "Li Fuchen is also very curious about Azure Yang Sword Intent . Introduction to introduction, cultivation content and introduction are two different things .

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Open the brand, Li Fuchen immediately flipped through it .

The first page is the general outline . I only wrote one sentence above . "Sunrise, the heavens and the earth are bright, the swords are out, and the heavens and the earth are also bright, what kind of sword is what kind of sunshine . "

On the second page, a picture appears in Li Fuchen's line of sight .

The first painting is a cyan light spot . Although the cyan light spot is small, the color is extremely heavy, just like the stars in the sky .

The second painting is a cyan rays of light . The cyan rays of light are like the first rays of light sprinkled in the morning sun, and it seems to tear a dark sword and cut the yin and yang .

The third painting is a cyan sun, the edge of the cyan sun, the light of a wide fan, projected obliquely .

The fourth painting is also a round of blue sun, but this round of blue sun is dazzling, rays of light shoot, between heaven and earth, no trace of darkness, splendid and eternal .

There are a total of four paintings, which describe the process of sunrise, but there is no specific cultivation method . Everything depends on one's own understanding . What is realized and what is not realized, it can only be said that the talent Perception is not enough .

After reading the four paintings, Li Fuchen returned to the first page .

"Sunrise, the heavens and the earth are bright, the swords are out, the heavens and the earth are also bright, what kind of sword is what kind of sunshine, this sentence is quite profound . "

Just a word, let Li Fuchen feel a kind of aggressive Intent Domain .

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Martial Art, in fact, is a rule of revolved nature . The more powerful the Martial Art, the more complete the law, the more common the Martial Art, the simpler the rules are, and the shallower ones can be practiced as long as they are practiced . Know too much esoteric things .

Azure Yang Sword Intent is not without the cultivation method, except that its cultivation method is more natural and needs to go to the process of realizing the sunrise .

“It’s a bit interesting . I don’t know what the core essence of this Azure Yang Sword Intent is . ”

Any Martial Art has a core essence . If it is purely natural, realization sunrise, why is it called Azure Yang Sword Intent, it can also be called Chaoyang Sword Intent, or Radiance Sword Technique . If so, Azure Yang Sword Intent There is no need at all .

For three days, Li Fuchen was in the comprehend Azure Yang Sword Intent .

If it is the Profound level top rank sword technique, Li Fuchen can't say that he has reached the great accomplishment in three days, at least it is close to the great accomplishment, but Azure Yang Sword Intent, Li Fuchen has not reached the entry point, just mastered a trace of Intent . Domain .

During these three days, Li Fuchen did not go to see the sunrise . He felt that watching the sunrise too early would make him numb . When there was some accumulation, watch the sunrise again, maybe it would be an epiphany .

In the courtyard, Li Fuchen kept waving his sword and waving his sword . He was closed .

He imagined his sword as the sun, tearing the darkness, and imagining himself as the sun .

He is looking for a feeling, a feeling of spurting out, a natural feeling .

Another week, Li Fuchen felt that he had found a little feeling .

This is very mysterious, obviously clear, but it can't be caught .

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Unable to catch, Azure Yang Sword Intent can't get started .

Once you get started with Azure Yang Sword Intent, you've already succeeded in half .

Everything is difficult at the beginning . This sentence is not to say .

"It’s almost the same, look at the sunrise . "

To be honest, Li Fuchen has never really seen the sunrise, at least not as a sunrise, because it can be seen every day .

On the morning of this morning, the top of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard Azure Cloud Pagoda, Li Fuchen sits cross-legged .

At this moment, the genius is just bright, and the heavens and the earth are still dark .

Li Fuchen sat quietly and looked out into the distant horizon .

About a quarter of an hour, I saw the eastern horizon becoming more and more red . Suddenly, a dazzling red dot slowly and painfully jumped out of the horizon . It was not a strong, but extremely shocking rays of light . Split dusky, descending to the earth .

At that moment, Li Fuchen’s roar in his mind finally caught the feeling that he could not grasp before .

In the eyes, a dazzling light broke out, Li Fuchen grew up and a sword swayed out .

Before Li Fuchen the sword, Li Fuchen within, burning Heaven true Qi of the body, naturally converged into a point, which was dazzling, very condensed, containing a great deal of True Spirit, and then With this point as its starting point, True Spirit, in a near-straight line, poured down the right arm of Li Fuchen into the profound light Sword, and then gushed out from the Sword of profound, a thorn of purpose, and burst out, and drew out among heaven and earth A straight line of overbearing .

Under the Azure Cloud Pagoda, a few early-outer courtyard students looked at it .

Li Fuchen at the moment, in their eyes, like a god, a sword, there is a glaring light to fly out, that light, has been out of the shape of sword light, but not out of the scope of Sword Dao, in addition to overbearing, Have a sharp, heroic .

"It turns out that it is . "

Li Fuchen never experienced this feeling of epiphany, and the whole person seems to have sublimated .

At the horizon, the sun has slipped out of the small half, and the brilliant rays of light descended one after another on the earth, to the back, overwhelming, almost in the blink of an eye, and the whole world was filled .

The darkness dissipated and the light came .

Li Fuchen has a touch of heart, and a Sword Intent that is closely related to the sunrise is finally born .

Although this Sword Intent is still very weak, it has already had its vitality .

Getting started with Azure Yang Sword Intent .

Every day, Li Fuchen will come to watch the sunrise .

As the number of viewings increases, the more realization in Li Fuchen's mind, the stronger the Azure Yang Sword Intent .

However, he understands that he is only a preliminary introduction, and has not really touched on the core essence of Azure Yang Sword Intent . Once he understands the core essence, his strength will change dramatically .

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