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Chapter 377
After becoming an outer courtyard elite student, Li Fuchen was assigned to his own student courtyard .

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Due to the sparsely populated Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, the student's courtyard is spacious and covers a few acres in size, with a small training ground .

What surprised Li Fuchen most was that the courtyard was covered with an array to isolate the outside world . At the same time, the training ground was also covered with an isolated array, which could be destroyed .

"Three hundred low grade spirit stone is not a white flower . "

Li Fuchen nodded secretly after seeing a Qi Gathering Array in the chamber .

“Now look at the treasures you got at the Black Heaven Sect ruins . ”

In the Black Heaven Sect ruins, True Spirit can't be used, so Li Fuchen can't feel the specialness of these treasures . After leaving the Black Heaven Sect ruins, after coming to Seven Colored Continent, Li Fuchen can't feel it because of the inability to use True Spirit . .

Now that True Spirit is recovering, it's time to count the harvest .

Open storage pouch, Li Fuchen took out the treasure obtained from the Black Heaven Sect ruins, with twelve treats .

They are the gourd with Shedding Body Pill, the prayer mat that makes him calm, the Pill Refining Furnace, the calligraphy of Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, the notes of Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster, the sharp horn suspected of level 6 monster beast, I don’t know Name secret treasure, …, and Continent Transmission Disk .

Although Shedding Body Pill is not as good as Shedding Body Bone Changing Pill, it is difficult to make room for improvement after Shedding Body Pill is promoted to Shedding Body Realm, but in this world, I don't know how many people are trapped in Heavenly Dipper Realm peak . For them, It doesn't matter if there is room for improvement .

At Raging Fire City, a Shedding Body Pill is worth about five hundred low grade spirit stones, about the same price as Spirit Cleansing Pill .

Three values ​​are 1,500 low grade spirit stone .

The value of praying mat is somewhat unpredictable, but Li Fuchen does not intend to sell it . It is king to keep it .

Pill Refining Furnace, Calligraphy with Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, and Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster notes are not good for estimating value .

Picking up the monster beast sharp horn, Li Fuchen began to look up .

This sharp horn, the aura contained is very overbearing, as if to pierce the sky, in the eyes of Li Fuchen, I am afraid that the Earth level low level weapon is not so overbearing .

"It should be the sharp horn of level 6 monster beast . "

Level 6 monster beast is also called Monster General . Monster General has cultivated Monster Spirit . Monster Spirit is not destroyed . The monster body can survive for a long time . If you find a suitable body, you can also regenerate the body possession .

This kind of sharp horn, the value is very high, 12,000 low grade spirit stone is a small meaning .

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After all, except for the Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster, no one can get the things on the level 6 monster beast .

Putting down the monster beast sharp horn, Li Fuchen picked up the secret treasure .

This is a wristband .

With True Spirit and consciousness invading wristbands, Li Fuchen's consciousness came into a huge space .

It’s a bit exaggerated, but this space is also 30 meters square .

"It turned out to be a storage ring secret treasure . "

Li Fuchen's consciousness retreated and his face smiled .

The storage pouch's space is usually only a few feet to a few meters, and it is a little different from the wristband space .

Although there is still no space for wristbands, but in the future, if you have strong strength, you will definitely get more things . Some of the bigger things can be put into the wristband space .

The wrist treasure is followed by a ring with a green crystal in it .

As Li Fuchen True Spirit infused into the ring, the green crystal on the ring suddenly glowed green and shrouded in green halo . Li Fuchen found that his body was very comfortable, and some subtle dark injuries were all right .

"This is Medical Secret Treasure . "

Li Fuchen flashed a surprise color in his eyes .

Medical Secret Treasure For martial artist, it's something you can't ask for .

Cultivation This is the heaven defying . During the cultivation process, it will inevitably be injured . Some minor injuries are good . Some serious injuries are enough to make the strength of martial artist fall by more than half . If it is fatal, it is enough to make people lose their combat power . Can they survive? Do not know at all .

At this time, you can only rely on medicine pill, or Medical Secret Treasure .

Compared with medicine pill, Medical Secret Treasure is more convenient and more therapeutic .

Of course, there is another situation better than the Medical Secret Treasure .

That is the cultivation technique with a healing effect .

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Some powerful healing techniques can even make a broken limb reborn, but this cultivation technique is extremely rare and rare, and Li Fuchen does not know whether Seven Colored Continent has it .

The next three things are not as precious as the Medical Ring, they are just some sundries .

Finally, the transmission disk .

For Li Fuchen, the transmission disk is the most valuable secret treasure .

Without the transmission disk, he could not come to Seven Colored Continent . Without the transmission disk, he would not be able to return to Eastern Lín Continent in the future .

This is the secret treasure that changes his destiny, whether it is emotional or value, it is very precious .

Consciousness enters the transmission disk, Li Fuchen sees that the liquid origin qi in Origin Qi Pond is already 70% empty .

“It seems that the continent transmission consumes the origin qi very much, that is, I don’t know how much low grade spirit stone is needed to make up . ”Li Fuchen took out a low grade spirit stone and posted it on the transmission disk . The transmission disk suddenly came up with a suction and instantly sucked the origin qi in the low grade spirit stone .

Li Fuchen's consciousness, always staring at Origin Qi Pond, when a low grade spirit stone was sucked dry, he found that Origin Qi Pond did not move at all .

"This, if you want to make up for the Origin Qi Pond, you need to consume the low grade spirit stone, at least 10,000 . "

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly .

Ten thousand low grade spirit stone He can also make up, 23,000, 57,000, or even 100,000 low grade spirit stone, he is nothing .

"No hurry, I am now Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base, Body Refining Cultivation Base is also Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer, even if it is not useful to go back, at least until you can match Evil King and others, you can go back . "

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen felt that he was thinking too early .

After he is strong, it should be much easier to earn a low grade spirit stone .

With a wristband, Li Fuchen throws all the precious things into the wristband space . This wristband space is his private space and is only used to put precious things .

“Now go to Secret Book Pagoda and choose an Earth level low rank Sword Technique secret book . ”

Growing up, Li Fuchen walked out of the courtyard .

The Secret Book Pagoda is also a tower of high five layers .

According to the external courtyard student manual, the first level stores the Earth level low rank Martial Art, the second layer stores the Earth level low rank cultivation technique, the third layer stores the Earth level middle rank Martial Art, and the fourth layer stores the Earth level middle . The rank cultivation technique , the fifth layer stores the earth level high rank Martial Art .

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The secret book at Eastern Lín Continent is easily visible in the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

Unusually, no one can enter Secret Book Pagoda without permission . With a one-time command token given by Vice Headmaster gray clothed old man, Li Fuchen can enter the first floor of Secret Book Pagoda .

On the first floor of the Secret Book Pagoda, Li Fuchen saw Wang Heilong, Le Changfeng and Gao Yue .

All three were choosing the favorite Martial Art secret book, and they were all fascinated and didn't notice Li Fuchen coming in .

Li Fuchen smiled and everyone's desire for the Earth level secret book was the same, including himself .

As a swordsman, Li Fuchen did not consider other Martial Art and went directly to the sword technique secret book area .

The sword technique secret book area is actually a bookshelf with dozens of secret books on the bookshelf .

Open the first book, Li Fuchen found that only the introduction on the secret book, no actual content .

"Heartless Sword Technique, Earth level low rank Sword Technique, this sword technique is not heavy, cultivation to peak, can exert the power of ruthlessness, according to personal personality talent, this sword technique can not be compared with Earth level middle rank sword Technique .

The first sword technique secret book is called Heartless Sword Technique, and its introduction is incomparably strong . Although I didn't look at the following sword technique secret book, Li Fuchen knows that this sword technique secret book is definitely the peak in Earth level low rank Sword Technique . presence .

Unfortunately, Heartless Sword Dao does not match his Sword Dao, personality talent does not match, it is difficult to have great accomplishment .

Put down the Heartless Sword Technique secret book and Li Fuchen picks up the second one .

"Earth level low rank Sword Technique, the extremely killing sword technique, the sword is not out, the sword must see the blood, this sword technique focuses on killing and explosive power, and can be erupted in an instant . Destructive power that goes far beyond its limits . "

The third one .

"The dead water sword method, Earth level low rank Sword Technique, this sword technique is like a dead water,…"

"Red Sea Sword, Earth level low rank Sword Technique, swords like Red Sea, boundless and limitless,…"

"Falling Mountain Sword Technique, Earth level low rank Sword Technique, heavy sword sword technique,…"

Even after reading a few sword techniques, Li Fuchen had a preliminary understanding of the Earth level low rank Sword Technique .

Earth level low rank Sword Technique, giving people the feeling of killing terrifying, each door is extremely powerful .

However, this is not a feature of the Earth level low rank Sword Technique .

Any Earth level Martial Art, cultivate to to peak, can make Martial Art True Meaning out of Martial Art, so it pays more attention to the fit of individual will and Martial Art True Meaning .

To put it simply, the same Earth level Martial Art, even if it is cultivate to peak, is different in different people's hands .

Some people can break out of the power of this Martial Art, and some people can only copy it .

A copy of the sword technique secret book, Li Fuchen gradually sinks into his own world .

After waiting for dozens of sword technique secret book, the time has passed for half an hour .

At this time, Secret Book Pagoda 1st layer has no one, and Wang Heilong, Le Changfeng and Gao Yue have chosen the favorite Martial Art secret book .

"Just this one!"

Li Fuchen picked up a sword technique secret book and walked to the Secret Book Pagoda .

Pagoda Guardian is an Elder from the outer courtyard who has been swimming until Li Fuchen comes over and opens his eyes .

"What secret book was chosen, let me see . "

Li Fuchen handed over the sword technique secret book .

"Azure Yang Sword Intent, you actually chose Azure Yang Sword Intent, are you crazy, didn't you read the above introduction?"The outer courtyard Elder with a beard has a beard and blinks .

Li Fuchen said: "Look . "

Azure Yang Sword Intent, the name of this sword technique secret book is really special, actually named Sword Intent .

Its cultivation difficulty is the most difficult of all Earth level low rank Sword Techniques and harder than Heartless Sword Technique .

Heartless Sword Technique At least there are traces to follow, there are tricks to practice, Azure Yang Sword Intent, it is entirely up to you to understand Sword Intent, comprehend the Sword Intent, and the sword is Azure Yang Sword Intent sword move .

Azure Yang Sword Intent, in the hands of different people, the power of the world, the talent of Perception, even if comprehend a little Azure Yang Sword Intent, is only mediocre, and the talent of Perception is strong enough to put Azure Yang Sword Intent is pushed to the point of being extremely terrifying .

This sword technique, seriously speaking, is not sure whether it is the Earth level low rank Sword Technique, because there is no way to determine the level, and its fluctuations are very large .

Li Fuchen chose this sword technique because he has confidence in his Perception, so he either chooses not to choose the most difficult choice .

"This sword technique, since the appearance of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, Battle Spirit Realm lower, has never been a great accomplishment, you regret it now . "Outer courtyard Elder is bitter .

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