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Chapter 376
Reach out and press on the root bone stone .

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The next moment, the root bone stone emits white light .

Everyone is stunned .

3 star root bone ?

Xu Lin’s new birth, which is seriously injured, is only 3 star root bone .

Unbelievable is Luo Yan, she always thought that Li Fuchen is a 6 star root bone, and it is not good, it is also a 5 star root bone with very defying!

"Haha, a trifling 3 star root bone, I dare to take part in the admissions test . "Zhao Linghua laughed loudly, and she finally found a chance to fight Luo Yan and Li Fuchen, and she was very happy .

Wang Heilong Le Changfeng and Gao Yue are both frowning .

"3 star root bone Come over and join in the fun, don't know if the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard will only enroll 4 star root bone?"The Instructor responsible for registration is angry, 3 star root bone, not even qualified for Azure Cloud Pagoda, Martial Courtyard needs the potential of students in the future, 3 star root bone has any potential .

"You can leave . "

Put down the pen and register the Instructor with no expression .

"Slow . "

Just then, a gray-haired old man teleport came .

“Vice Headmaster !”

Registered Instructor and quickly got up .

The grey hair old man is one of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard Vice Headmasters .

"Give him a chance if he can get past Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers . "Gray hair old man started talking .

"Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers ?"

Everyone is silent, Li Fuchen's strength, it is really possible to survive Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers, this time, Zhao Linghua can not laugh .

"But, Vice Headmaster?"The registration of Instructor is not the case . The Southern Forest Martial Courtyard has never set a precedent .

Gray-haired old man said: "Nothing, even if he is a 3 star root bone, it is an unprecedented 3 star root bone, otherwise you can reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer at the age of twenty-five . "

With his cultivation base of Battle Spirit Realm, how to perceive Li Fuchen's real cultivation base .

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"He has Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer cultivation base ?"Everyone is skeptical, they just know that Li Fuchen's Body Refining Cultivation Base is very strong .

"little fellow, your luck is good, let me drive you out of the strange True Spirit!"

The gray-haired old man pressed his hand to Li Fuchen and then jerked .


The next moment, Li Fuchen broke out with fierce Flame True Qi, Flame True Qi through the body, sucked into the palm of the gray old man .

The Shedding Body Realm Apex-class True Spirit is just a pediatrician in the eyes of the gray-haired old man . It is easy to get rid of, easy and effortless .

"This is driven out?"

Li Fuchen pupils shrank .

After plaguing him for several months, I planned to wait for the cultivation of the Earth level cultivation technique, and then slowly solve Flame True Qi . I didn't expect it to disappear all at once . This made him somewhat unaccustomed and felt too suddenly .

Losing the suppression of Flame True Qi, Li Fuchen's Burning Heaven True Qi, naturally flowed, aaura of Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, spread out .

“It’s really the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer realm . ”Registering Instructor is eccentric .

Twenty-five-year-old, Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, this is undoubtedly extremely freak, but 3 star root bone is what's going on?

"little fellow, don't be too happy, I will let you know Azure Cloud Pagoda, let you rely on True Qi Strength, Body Refining strength, I will seal you, after you promote True Qi Cultivation Base to Shedding Body Realm, Body Refining Cultivation Base will automatically unblock, Qi Strength Lock . "

Said, gray hair old man volley to Li Fuchen, a silver-white extraordinary Qi Strength, did not enter Li Fuchen within the body .

This extraordinary Qi Strength, like a magnet, is like a shackle . As soon as you enter Li Fuchen within the body, you immediately pull Li Fuchen within the body of strength of Qi and Blood and strength of Dragon Form, blink of an eye, with this silver-white extraordinary Qi Strength is the hub, and Li Fuchen's strength of Qi and Blood and strength of Dragon Form are all connected .

Li Fuchen tried to activate strength of Qi and Blood and strength of Dragon Form, but found that strength of Qi and Blood and strength of Dragon Form could not be moved at all, completely controlled by the silver and white Qi Strength .

"Awful horrible Qi Strength means . "

Li Fuchen was in his heart .

Can use the extraordinary Qi Strength to this extent, the gray body of the old man's Body Refining strength, to what extent .

Since Vice Headmaster said to Li Fuchen that the registration of Instructor had to be heard, it seems to him that Li Fuchen wants to get past Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers, which is almost impossible .

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To know that the opponent of Azure Cloud Pagoda fifth layer is the level 4 Demon formed by strength of Array, which is more terrible than the ordinary level 4 Demon . If you don't reach peak in all aspects, it is basically impossible to pass .

Maybe Li Fuchen is just lucky, got some heaven defying treasure, so the cultivation base can be promoted so fast .

“It’s too demanding to rely on True Qi Strength for Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers!”Luo Yan is uneasy .

She has never seen Li Fuchen's True Qi Strength .

"He must not be able to . "Zhao Linghua secretly prayed .

Wang Heilong Le Changfeng and others shook their heads . If you rely on Body Refining strength, Li Fuchen can pass through it, relying on True Qi Strength .

The root bone test ends soon .

Finally, the registration Instructor announced: "This session, there are three 6 star root bones, thirty-eight 5 star root bones, these forty-one people, directly become Wu courtyard student, and my Southern Forest Martial Courtyard only recruits one each year . Hundreds of people, there are fifty-nine places left . It is up to you to work hard . Those who have passed Azure Cloud Pagoda second layer, we will choose the shortest 59 people, if you are over the Azure Cloud Pagoda second floor, you are dissatisfied . Forty-nine people, we will not lower the standard . "

In previous years, there were more than 100 people in the past, but it doesn't matter, the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard does not need to be a master .

Azure Cloud Pagoda is located halfway up the Highlands with a five layers of five layers .

"You are the first one!" Forgot to tell you that after passing Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers, you can not only become a courtyard student, but also choose an Earth level low rank Martial Art in the Secret Book Pagoda . ”Gray-haired old man smiles at Li Fuchen said .

“Fuchen won't let Vice Headmaster down . ”

Li Fuchen steps into Azure Cloud Pagoda .

On the first floor of the Azure Cloud Pagoda, the array lights up and a monster beast condenses and is about to rush to Li Fuchen .


The monster beast crashed and Li Fuchen came to the second layer .

"Such a fast speed!"

Outside of Azure Cloud Pagoda, everyone saw that the Azure Cloud Pagoda second layer was lit up in a blink of an eye, which meant that Li Fuchen had killed the first-tier opponent .

"Stop the first layer of opponents is nothing, depends on the next few layers . "

Some people do not care .

The second layer's monster beast has just been successfully condensed, and it was also killed by Li Fuchen .

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The third layer lights up .

Immediately the fourth layer lights up .

"This is too fast!"This time, everyone was surprised .

You know, the outer courtyard student, the third layer of Azure Cloud Pagoda is the elite student .

The fourth layer turns off when it is lit, then the fifth layer lights up .


Everyone took a breath of air, they never dared to speak anymore, Li Fuchen's True Qi Strength, it seems terrible, the opponents of the fourth layer were spiked .

Fifth layer, a level 4 Demon condenses .

Level 4 Demon, no doubt the existence of Apex in the same realm, is much stronger than the level 4 Apex monster beast, and the level 4 Demon of the strength of Array is even more difficult, with strength of Array supplement, unless Destroy level 4 Demon completely, otherwise it will be difficult to defeat each other .

But this is not a problem for Li Fuchen .

Burning Heaven True Merit, Burning Heaven Sword Technique, Profound Heaven Sword Technique, 5 star secret technique, Li Fuchen Everything is cultivation to the perfection level . If a level 4 Demon can't cope, it's a joke .

Level 4 Demon roared to Li Fuchen, strength of Array simulated Demon Qi, awe-inspiring terrifying .

“There is no need to avoid doing something to save face . ”

If you don't use the secret technique, Li Fuchen still has to work hard to solve level 4 Demon .

However, Li Fuchen did not intend to do something to save face .

5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow Inspires, in the body of Li Fuchen, a cluster of red and bloody shadows .

Profound Light Sword was pulled out and Li Fuchen swayed out .


A skull rises and level 4 Demon instantly collapses .

Outside, when the Azure Cloud Pagoda fifth layer went out, everyone was speechless .

There are also people who don't know the situation: "The fifth layer array is extinguished, and it hasn't been . "

"Azure Cloud Pagoda, if it is smashed, the array will be extinguished instantly . If it hasn't been smashed, it will slowly go out . This is over . "There is a yardyard student replied .

“tch tch, great, Body Refining strength is so strong, True Qi Strength is so strong, this is Qi and Body Dual Cultivation!”

Seven Colored Continent, very few people, Qi and Body Dual Cultivation, are basically supplemented by Body Refining .

Mainly limited energy, and Body Refining, the resource requirements are too high, the more terrifying, the more stagnant, there will always be stagnant .

"Good boy, it is underestimate you . "

Gray hair old man smiled slightly .

So fast through Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers, I believe that others have no gossip .


Wang Heilong touched his chin and his eyes flashed through the look of interest .

Le Changfeng and Gao Yue have a dignified face and deal with opponents at the level 4 Demon level . They think they are Li Fuchen .

"Worthy is Li Fuchen . "

Luo Yan breathed a sigh of relief .

Whether it is Body Refining strength or True Qi Strength, Li Fuchen is the existence of peak . She was worried about it before .

After Li Fuchen came out, the second person started to go to the test, including the already become a courtyard student .

After all, the outside courtyard student is also graded . If you go through the third layer, you can become an elite student . The elite students can be treated much higher than the average student . If you have passed the fifth layer, you can choose an Earth level low rank Martial Art . The goal of everyone .

In the end, only four people who could pass Azure Cloud Pagoda five layers were Li Fuchen, Wang Heilong, Le Changfeng and Gao Yue .

I have passed the Azure Cloud Pagoda four floors, none of them .

There are some of the three layers of Azure Cloud Pagoda .

After crossing the second floor of Azure Cloud Pagoda, there are more than sixty people who have become a foreign courtyard student . The shortest 58 people are selected and the others are directly eliminated .

After becoming a foreign courtyard student, the student badge is issued .

Ordinary students are ordinary badges, and elite students are elite badges .

In addition, in addition to the three 6 star root bone, the rest are paying tuition, and the tuition fee is three hundred low grade spirit stone, which is very expensive .

However, in order to learn the Earth level secret book and get better development, these are not problems .

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