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Chapter 370: 370
"This man and a beast must have escaped into the deep hole . "

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The gloomy man blinked several times, and eventually he fell in love .

In the midst of wealth and danger, for a specific level of the Earth level Treasure Armor and a large number of low grade spirit stone, why not fight again .

The figure yells downwards, and the man is like a sharp arrow, passing through the lake and coming to the deep hole .

The inside of the deep hole is really a passage, and the force of the water flow is very large .

Li Fuchen and One Horned Fish Clawed Beast did escape into the deep hole .

In front of the stern man, One Horned Fish Clawed Beast is fast, in the water, his speed is not slower than in the air, the water seems to be unable to resist, but it can make him move faster, four claws, figure is as fast as lightning .

In front of One Horned Fish Clawed Beast, Li Fuchen is also not slow .

The strength of Dragon Form broke out, and his body was full of pale golden color, and the Intent Domain of a life fish back in water shrouded his heart .

The Dragon Form Forging Body chapter contains the dragon's Intent Domain .

The dragon is the legendary Top level . It can be big or small . It can fly for more than nine days . You can swim in the Endless Sea . There is no place to stop him .

Over time, Li Fuchen felt his speed faster, and the whole person crossed a pale gold wave in the water .

Almost a hundred or two miles away, there was a rumbling sound from the front, which was the sound of the water .

Struggling, Li Fuchen drilled the passage .

The next moment, Li Fuchen felt like he was in a bigger water .

With his arms shaking, Li Fuchen quickly rose .

After a while, just listening to a bang, Li Fuchen broke through the water .

“The original two lakes are connected . ”

By height, Li Fuchen's eyes and consciousness swept, and he found himself in a larger lake, this lake, boundless and limitless, could not see the head at first glance .

Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial Artist can't fly, Li Fuchen falls back to the lake .

frowning, Li Fuchen do not know which direction to go, if he guessed well, this lake, should be profound Yang Mountain range the largest lake profound Yang Lake, a square foot of thousands of miles, inside the monster Beast numerous, if the direction of the wrong choice, deep into profound Yang Lake Center, it is likely to encounter level 5 high rank Monster Beast, in the water encountered level 5 high rank monster Beas T, which is no less dangerous than meeting Level 5 Apex monster beast on land .

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"Forget it, no matter what . "

Intuitively, Li Fuchen chose a direction to swim .

When Li Fuchen traveled a few miles away, One Horned Fish Clawed Beast got out and he looked depressed . This Profound Yang Lake, level 5 Monster Beast, he was offended by a level middle rank monster beast . Going down, I didn't expect to be back now .

"Damn human, if not him, I am still sleeping now . "

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast thinks everything is the fault of man .

"Since you have killed me, I will bury you under the lake . "

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast emits endless thunder and lightning, bombarding the passage under the lake .

Rumble .

Under the infinite water pressure of Profound Yang Lake, the channel collapsed rapidly and was squeezed stronger than before .

"bastard, ah!"

Manbattered and exhausted, although he is a Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but in this unfinished underground water Dao, he can't do anything in his own way . Originally, Water Dao is still good, and the front suddenly collapses . There is also an infinite arc thunder glow, and he still doesn't know, it's all the ghost of One Horned Fish Clawed Beast .

"When I go out, I have to lick your skin . "

The savage man claws and waves, breaking through layers of rock .

After half a sigh, the calm lake suddenly shook . The next moment, the bottom of the lake exploded, and a figure rushed out .

"go to hell . "

Severe man glanced at the sight and found One Horned Fish Clawed Beast, a paw waving .

"I am afraid of you elsewhere, I am not afraid of you here . "

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast One horn bursting out of thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning spread in the water, forming a thunder and lightning 'Domain', while One Horned Fish Clawed Beast squirted a pool of water The bomb, the water bomb in the middle of the shape, turned into a head one small One Horned Fish Clawed Beast shape smashed to the man .

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast is full of words . In the water, his strength has increased a lot . Although he still can't beat the savage man, it is difficult for him to win him in a short time .

One person, one beast, crazy war war, the battle aura gradually passed to the far side .

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Dozens of miles away, inside a mountain peak at the bottom of the lake, a shape resembling a lobster, but a lot of times, the monster beast with dozens of feet is sleeping .


The mountain peaked and the top of Lobster Monster Beast, a huge stone fell and squatted on his head .

Lobster Monster Beast was awakened, and he was so angry that he felt it .

"Well, actually fighting in my territory is simply looking for death . "

Lobster Monster Beast swims out of the mountains and swam towards the battle site .

Severe man is very depressed, he has never fought with the monster beast in the water, thinking that the strength of the other side increases, it is impossible to compete with him, but after some fighting, he knows that he is wrong, in the water, One Horned Fish Clawed Beast's strength increased by several percent, and the thunder and lightning that spread in the water made him very uncomfortable, and even the reaction was slow .

"First catch the kid, do it with this monster beast!"

Yin Man has retired and is about to leave .

"Two little hybrids, give my uncle my Drop dead . "

Rub, rub!

Two huge scissors were cut over, one cut to One Horned Fish Clawed Beast, one cut to the stern man .

Take a closer look, this is where the scissors are, clearly two huge cheeks .

The cheeks have not yet been cut into one person and one beast, and there are two groups of transparent chelate feet phantom burst out, with infinite water pressure strangled .

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast was shocked, his body was shaking, waiting for him to talk, the transparent chelate foot phantom had been cut to him, cut him bloody, and even his tail was broken . As for the savage man, it was also bad, although He promptly swung his claws to block the attack, but he was still vomited by the powerful force .

"Brother Hong, this human is strong in your territory, and you say bad things, I can't breathe, just fight with him, please forgive me . "One Horned Fish Clawed Beast miserably said .

Hear this, Lobster Monster Beast's huge eyes look sullen man .

Human expert, the demon is deserved .

Regardless of whether One Horned Fish Clawed Beast said it was true or not, kill the human expert first .

"It's level middle rank monster beast Iron Armored Red Monster, escape . "

Severe man big shock, crazy escape .

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Iron Armored Red Monster is the most powerful level middle rank water beast . It is not only incredibly powerful, but also terrible . Even the usual Shedding Body Realm 7th layer martial artist is not necessarily the opponent of Iron Armored Red Monster .

"Human little hybrid, where to escape . "

The Iron Armored Red Monster has a tail that is as fast as a teleport . The vast monster qi is shrouded in the first place .

Li Fuchen can sense the great war movement behind it .

“It’s not a long time to stay here . It’s a long time, and there must be a monster beast . ”

Profound Yang Mountain Range is South Forest County's largest danger zone, although it is near Raging Fire City, but there are many cities around .

The Profound Yang Mountain Range is tens of thousands of miles away, while the Profound Yang Lake, which occupies half of the area, is imaginative, and there are many powerful monster beasts in it .

Sure enough, on the right side of Li Fuchen, a huge black shadow appeared, and the terrifying monster qi made the lake cold and cold .

Upon seeing, Li Fuchen quickly converges on aura .

The huge shadows did not notice the presence of Li Fuchen and swam towards the battle site .

Along the way, Li Fuchen found at least three or four levels of 5 Monster Beast, one of which is monster beast, monster qi terrifying, I am afraid that it is level 5 high rank monster beast .

"The monster beast in the water is also called water beast . In the water, the strength of the water beast will increase by a few percent . This person is miserable . "

Li Fuchen gloated .

An hour passed and Li Fuchen finally came to the shore .

Looking at the endless Profound Yang Lake, Li Fuchen sighed .

Land is the territory of human, the waters are the sites of the monster beast, and the Seven Colored Continent is in addition to the seven continents . There are also Inner Sea between the seven continents .

In the Inner Sea, there are quite a few Monster Kings .

In the huge waters of the Inner Sea, even the Human King, you have to shun the Monster King .

"Want to do so much? Find Spirit Cleansing Grass first, step by step . ”

Li Fuchen quickly left Profound Yang Lake .


Profound Yang Mountain Range The terrain is very complicated . According to the records, there are many places in the Profound Yang Mountain Range that contain Profound Yang Qi . Only the place containing Profound Yang Qi can breed Spirit Cleansing Grass .

Li Fuchen's consciousness is stronger than Shedding Body Realm martial artist, which is his advantage .

A few days later .

“Heaven and Earth Origin Qi here is warmer than Heaven and Earth Origin Qi elsewhere, just not far from the land of Profound Yang . ”

Standing on a low hill, Li Fuchen closed his eyes and sensed it carefully .

I roughly chose a direction, and Li Fuchen bounced like a monkey .

Time passed again for a long time, Li Fuchen came to the cracks of the two peaks .

"It should be here, the origin qi here, with infinite warmth, but it will not give people a feeling of heat . "

Li Fuchen carefully entered the gap .

The crack is long, the inside is very dark, and it is covered by the lush vegetation . If the person with insufficient sensitivity is in this place, the presence of the crack will definitely be ignored .


In the vegetation, a large snake with a thick arm flew to Li Fuchen .

This is a large yellow snake with a large orange, and the aura that is swallowed is very hot .

Li Fuchen take action Like electricity, it crushed the head of the large snake .

"This snake's body is so hard that it can only resist the attack of the Earth Fiend Realm martial artist . "Li Fuchen can't recognize the variety of orange yellow snakes, but it doesn't feel like monster beast, because there is no monster qi in its with the body, only strong body strength .

Through the cracks, the field of vision suddenly widened, and a large valley fell into the eyes of Li Fuchen .

In the middle of the valley, there is a highland with a grass that emits bright yellow rays of light .

But on the side of the grass, there is a group of large yellow snakes, these large snakes, small with thick arms, large with thick waist, the largest one with large yellow snake, full of water tank thickness, fine scales, with burning aura Come out like a magma .

"Spirit Cleansing Grass . "

Li Fuchen recognized at a glance that the bright yellow grass on the high ground is Spirit Cleansing Grass .

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