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Chapter 369
Li Fuchen turned around and faced the man .

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"Don't escape?"

Severe man is quite surprised .

He did not know what gave Li Fuchen confidence, at least in his view, Li Fuchen was definitely not shedding body realm martial artist, but there was a hint that it might be shedding body realm body Refi Ning martial artist, but only a hint of possibility, body Refining martial artist is more difficult to promote than true Spirit martial artist, 30 years old lower shedding Body Realm body Refining martial artist, not to mention South Forest County, the whole purple Flower Kingdom is rare .

"Don't go and die!"

The weapon of the savage man is a pair of shiny steel claws, the aura of the steel claws, which seems to be able to tear everything, containing the all-conquering steel will .

"This is definitely the Earth level weapon . "

Li Fuchen pupils shrank .

The casting method of Earth level weapon has been lost in Eastern Lín Continent . Some people may have got Earth level weapon, but it is definitely not cast, but it is obtained from some ruins . For example, in the temple of Black Heaven Sect, there are eight There is a treasure, which has an Earth level armor, and his Silver Scaled Treasure Armor is an Earth level middle rank Treasure Armor .

Living these days, Li Fuchen gradually became aware of some of the prices of Seven Colored Continent .

For example, Profound level top rank weapon is generally sold at 6 million gold coin in Eastern Lín Continent, a low grade spirit stone lower .

At Seven Colored Continent, the price of the Profound level top rank weapon is around ten low grade spirit stones, and the price difference is more than ten times .

This is mainly because there are too many experts for Seven Colored Continent, and there are many more, and the demand for weapons is naturally much more .

As for the Earth level weapon, the situation in the two continents is also very different .

Earth level weapon In Eastern Lín Continent, it is an invaluable treasure that no stone can buy, no one will sell it unless it is forced .

In Seven Colored Continent, the usual Earth level weapon still has to sell, but the price is very high, the high is outrageous, the most common Earth level low level weapon, the price is also above a thousand low grade spirit stone, and may not be able to buy To suit your own .

The cultivation base is up to Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer and has a pair of Earth level claws . Li Fuchen is not sure .

"go to hell . "

The gloomy man figure flashed like a whirlwind, and then, the two claws were intertwined and torn apart, like a giant net shrouded to Li Fuchen .

Kā cā!!

Li Fuchen The earth under the feet of the feet, smashed, seems to have been smashed with countless knives, patchwork, high and low .

This is the all-conquering claw and claw, which acts first on the ground .

"very powerful . "

Li Fuchen looks a glimpse, strength of Dragon Form is crazy, Iron Bone Fist shows, and hits the giant net .

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In the vagueness, it seems as if the sound of the dragon's humming sounds, a huge dark golden fist soar, and the virtual elephant, the Giant Elephant phantom flashes away .

Crackle and rattle !

The giant net and the dark golden fist exploded and turned into nothingness .


Li Fuchen stepped back a few steps .

This is his first time to come to Seven Colored Continent .

"Worthy is Earth level weapon, let the strength of the other side increase to such a degree . "

Li Fuchen felt that she was a bit too optimistic .

He thinks he can play with Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist, but that is only Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist of Eastern Lín Continent, and Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist of Seven Colored Continent, most of which have Earth level weapon . Then you can't generalize it .

Fortunately, the man is only Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist . Otherwise, you don't have to fight, just flee .

"What, are you Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist?"

Severe man is unbelievable .

"Right, maybe he is good at health, real age, I am afraid that it is higher than 30 years old . "Severe man does not believe that Li Fuchen is only in his twenties .

The 20-year-old Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist is incredible .

"Even if you are Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist, you have to die . "

The Shedding Body Realm martial artist is not a minority, a Body Refining martial artist, as long as the Qi Strength is exhausted, it will definitely die .

Knowing that Li Fuchen was Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial Artist, the aggressive man's offensive was even more fierce .

"If I recover from True Spirit, I am afraid of each other . "

Li Fuchen is helpless .

On the strength, after the trump card, his strength on True Spirit goes beyond Body Refining .

After all, 6 star secret technique Bronze Sword Essence, Nine Revolving Purple Qi veined mark and Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark are not vegetarian .

“Iron Bone Splitting Soul !”

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Li Fuchen blasted a dark golden lavlike fist, and after tearing the claws, Li Fuchen turned and fled .

His strength of Dragon Form is limited, it is impossible to spend with the other party, first enter the Cloud Yang Mountain Range .

In front of the Cloud Yang Mountain Range, Li Fuchen's footsteps are pale and lustrous, and a step is hundreds of meters .

"Where to go . "

The savage man is flying in the air, the speed is also very fast, and it is faster than Li Fuchen .

The two chased one and quickly entered the Cloud Yang Mountain Range .

“Earth Wolf Claw !”

Severe man screamed and swung out .

In the void, a huge wolf claw clawed to Li Fuchen, and the power was unmatched .


A short stature cracked open .

Ignoring the crushed stone on the body and the qi strength, Li Fuchen continued to fly .

"Damn Body Refining martial artist . "

With similar strength, the body Refining martial artist is much stronger than true Spirit martial artist's defense, and if he stands still, he can only defend against shedding body Realm 1st Layer martial artist attack, and can only defend so one or two or several times, more than this number of times, or will be injured, unless there is earth level treasure Armor, and body Refining martial artist The defense and strength are closely related, shedding body realm 3rd layer level of body Refining martial artist, can completely ignore shedding body Realm 1st layer Martial Artist's attack .

“Earth Wolf Soul Seeking Claw !”

Taking a deep breath, the savage man broke out the Earth Wolf Claw killing move .

In the void, a huge wolf claw phantom rushed to Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen to dodge, and the huge wolf claw phantom also followed the direction of adjustment, and for a very large reason, just a little adjustment .

"Can't you flash?"

Li Fuchen frowned .

Seeing, sullen man sneer, his Earth Wolf Claw is not the Earth level low rank Martial Art, but also the extremely powerful Profound level top rank Martial Art, with partial awareness, you can control the direction of attack .


In the end, the huge wolf claw phantom bombarded Li Fuchen's back and spurred Li Fuchen out as if to shoot an ant .

Just to make the stunned man stunned, Li Fuchen actually just spit a blood, nothing happened .

"Worthy is Earth level weapon . "

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Li Fuchen thinks that she can ignore the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist attack in a short time, plus the Earth level middle rank Treasure Armor Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, the attack against the Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist is no problem, but in the Under the slamming man's blow, he was still slightly injured .

Of course, this is mainly because the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor needs True Spirit activate to break out of extreme defense . Otherwise, it is just a dead object . It can only offset some damage by its indestructible qualities .

"Thatsure Armor?"

In the eyes of the gloomy man, the ray of light is released, staring at the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor inside Li Fuchen's damaged clothes .

“It’s the Earth level Treasure Armor . ”

Suddenly, Yin Man had another reason to kill Li Fuchen .

For the spirit stone, for the Earth level Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen is not dead .

“Earth Wolf Soul Seeking Claw !”

The savage man is another killing move to Li Fuchen .

This time, the savage man flies higher, and the wolf claw phantom is shot from top to bottom, ready to shoot Li Fuchen into the ground .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen turned and punched the wolf claw phantom .


The earth cracked, Li Fuchen's face was white, and the figure was inverted, falling into a nearby lake .

“Earth Wolf Pack Dance !”

The savage man is condescending, and the two claws waved toward the small lake . In an instant, the lake gully is everywhere, and the big waves are tens of meters high, and the bottom of the lake can be seen faintly .


Suddenly, a terrifying beast came out, and the next moment, a fierce fish with a four-clawed monster beast soar .

This is a level 5 low rank monster beast One Horned Fish Clawed Beast .

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast was very angry . He had a good night's sleep and was dreaming, but a human broke into his territory and woke him up . When he was about to eat this human, someone was bombarding the lake above the lake . , destroying its houses,

When I came to the sky, One Horned Fish Clawed Beast looked at the man, and my heart screamed badly .

This human expert, he is not an opponent .

But before leaving, you have to give each other a lesson .

One horn flashes on the head, and One Horned Fish Clawed Beast releases infinite lightning to the gloomy man .

The savage man was shocked by One Horned Fish Clawed Beast . The action paused for a moment . After seeing One Horned Fish Clawed Beast, he didn't care . One Horned Fish Clawed Beast was not his opponent, but he didn't expect it . One Horned Fish Clawed Beast said that the attack was attacking and he was caught off guard .

Crackle and rattle !

Infinite lightning strikes, and Yin Man quickly slams his claws .

Only the thunder and lightning attack has the effect of ignoring the defense . The savage man is quite uncomfortable with electricity and the body is paralyzed .

"yí, is there a chance?"

One Horned Fish Clawed Beast blinked and thunder and lightning again .

After being charged three times in a row, Yin Man suffered a minor internal injury .

He is angry .

“Earth Wolf Claw !”

Forcing the discomfort of the body, the man swaying a claw toward One Horned Fish Clawed Beast, this claw is only the power of the usual 30% .


Just 30% of the power, One Horned Fish Clawed Beast can not stand, blood and water splash .


One Horned Fish Clawed Beast went to the lake and instantly fell into the depths of the lake .

"Give me death . "

Whether it is One Horned Fish Clawed Beast or Li Fuchen, the savage man has to kill . He throws a claw and puts a big hole on the land on the edge of the lake . The lake rushes out along the mouth .


In the blink of an eye, Yin Man is on the edge of the lake, and dozens of big mouths are opened, which makes the lake drain more than half .

Through the murky lake, the eyes and consciousness of Yin Man were swept away .

"What about people?"

Severe man's face changed greatly .

Under the lake, Li Fuchen and One Horned Fish Clawed Beast are gone .

Looking at it again, it was discovered that there was a deep hole in the ground of the lake, where water was constantly coming out and filled into the lake .

It turned out that this lake was connected to another large lake in the Cloud Yang Mountain Range . One Horned Fish Clawed Beast couldn't get along in the big lake, and then ran here to cultivate and nourish, and by the way, it was a blessing .

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