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Chapter 371
“This group of large snakes is what's going on?”

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Li Fuchen didn't act rashly . He instinctively told him that the orange-yellow large snake, which is thick and thin, is not easy to deal with . She is afraid of Shedding Body Realm .


The group of snakes also discovered Li Fuchen, the orange-yellow large snake headed up, and the snake head erected like a celestial pillar, a pair of snake eyes, staring at Li Fuchen, which contained an amazing killing intent .

"This large snake should be because of the relationship of land of Profound Yang, an individual is amazing, but the monster qi has been washed away . "

Profound Yang Qi has the effect of eliminating evil qi, and monster qi is also a kind of evil qi . It has long lived here, the monster qi of monster beast within the body will gradually disappear . Of course, Li Fuchen estimates that this group of large snake The level at the beginning should not be high . If it is level 5 Monster Beast, land of Profound Yang is difficult to wash away their monster qi, let alone unwittingly wash away .

However, Spirit Cleansing Grass is different . Spirit Cleansing Grass is definitely a poison for monster beast and Demon . After taking it, even undying will peel off the skin . This is mainly because Spirit Cleansing Grass is the essence of Xuanyang . Born, the Profound Yang Qi contained in it is amazing and extremely high in concentration .

“Spirit Cleansing Grass is sure to get it . Try this first yellow orange large snake . ”

Li Fuchen stepped over .


In addition to being the first orange-yellow large snake, the rest of the orange-yellow large snakes moved in a row, like a storm rushing to Li Fuchen .

"Fuck off!"

Li Fuchen's hand waved, large orange large snake was swept away, weaker, directly burst into blood fog, strong broken into several pieces, in front of Shedding Body Realm, Shedding Body Realm lower, completely mole crickets And ants .


The first orange yellow large snake moved, and the body of the water tank was bombarded like a meteorite bombardment . The momentum reached the Shedding Body Realm 3-4th layer level .

"Good fellow . "

The orange large snake attacked too fast, the fast Li Fuchen consciousness reacted, the body slowed down, the right hand clenched, the strength of Dragon Form broke out, and Li Fuchen banged .

A circle of ripples swayed, Li Fuchen flew out, and the foot slammed the valley floor .

"At least the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer . "

Just now Li Fuchen didn't show Iron Bone Fist . After the strength of Dragon Form, the strength was also Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer, but it was weaker than the orange larger snake .

The fist was covered with a layer of dark gold qi and blood, and Li Fuchen's foot slammed into the ground and rushed to the orange larger snake again .

The orange large snake has a tail and is drawn to Li Fuchen .

Pēng pēng pēng ……

One person, one snake, crazy great war .

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Overall, Li Fuchen's strength is stronger than the orange large snake, but the orange large snake is too big, and Li Fuchen slams up, just letting the other person suffer a skin injury .

“Iron Bone Splitting Soul !”

The crack on the surface of the fist, the dark golden magmlike qi and blood rushed out, and Li Fuchen banged on the head of the large yellow snake .

Kā cā!!

The head of the orange large snake is sunken and large, and the mind is a bit stunned .

Kā cā!
Kā cā!!

Hot and hard, Li Fuchen hit a few shots on the large yellow snake head, each punch contains a lot of strength of Dragon Form .


The orange large snake squats and a yellow glow flares out .

“No, this is the extraordinary Qi Strength . ”

Li Fuchen calls his strength of Qi and Blood a common Qi Strength, and the strength of Dragon Form is called the extraordinary Qi Strength . Obviously, the large yellow snake also has extraordinary Qi Strength . Once the extraordinary Qi Strength breaks out, Li Fuchen Still an opponent .


When the violent outburst broke out, Li Fuchen was knocked out and the body fell into the mountain wall on one side of the valley .

The orange large snake, which has an extraordinary Qi Strength, has grown from Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer to Shedding Body Realm 5th layer, and its strength has completely crushed Li Fuchen .

Spit a blood, Li Fuchen's body trembled and jumped out of the mountain wall .

If it weren't for him that had a Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, it would have been half his life .

“I didn’t break out of the extraordinary Qi Strength at the beginning, and it’s going to break out when I’m about to die . It seems that his extraordinary Qi Strength shouldn’t be much . ”

Li Fuchen knows that the orange large snake has no cultivation method and can only rely on instinct to condense the extraordinary Qi Strength, which is naturally much less in quantity .

Taking advantage of the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen rushed again .

As Li Fuchen expected, after several consecutive collisions with Li Fuchen, the extraordinary Qi Strength of the orange large snake began to weaken, and the yellow glow became more and more bleak . When it came to the back, it was almost invisible .


Li Fuchen leaped high, and by the momentum of the undershoot, he slammed into the head of the orange large snake .

Kā cā!!

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The orange-yellow large snake head that had been injured was split and suddenly died .

"It's a pity that it's a good qi and blood . "

Li Fuchen's face flashed a tangled look .

Without True Spirit, he couldn't refine the blood essence of the orange large snake .

To know the orange yellow large snake, but the level 5 Monster Beast with extraordinary Qi Strength, with the body blood essence must be very majestic, level 5 high rank monster beast is afraid of all the inferior, can not refine the other's blood essence, it is simply violent .

Just as Li Fuchen was a pity, the Spirit Cleansing Grass on the high ground suddenly gave off a very bright yellow rays of light . The next moment, the orange large snake within the body, a twinkling yellow air was sucked away .

Li Fuchen saw at first glance that this crystal yellow airflow was exactly what the blood essence was .

“Spirit Cleansing Grass devours the blood essence of the orange large snake?”

Li Fuchen looked surprised .

After a few breaths, the crystal yellow airflow of the orange large snake within the body was absorbed, and the Spirit Cleansing Grass on the high ground changed a little . The color changed from bright yellow to crystal yellow, like a yellow crystal grass .

“Spirit Cleansing Grass is mature, so it is . ”

Li Fuchen realized .

Originally, the Spirit Cleansing Grass was not mature yet, so the orange large snake didn't devour it . Now it swallows the blood essence of the orange large snake, and Spirit Cleansing Grass matures ahead of time .

Although the immature Spirit Cleansing Grass can also be made into Spirit Cleansing Pill, the effect is certainly not as good as the Spirit Cleansing Pill made by the mature Spirit Cleansing Grass .

It can be said that Li Fuchen earned .

Going forward, Li Fuchen reached for the Spirit Cleansing Grass and put it in the jade box .

"You're done, you can now return to Raging Fire City . "

Li Fuchen smiled on his face .

Waiting for Spirit Cleansing Pill to refine, with his body's Blood Corpse Pill malicious, should be able to drive out, root bone can at least improve 1 star, which will greatly help his future growth .

One day later, Li Fuchen stepped out of the Profound Yang Mountain Range .

As for the life and death of Yin Man, he does not care .

In his view, it is impossible for a man to survive .

Raging Fire City inner city, Myriad Pill Pavilion .

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"Young Hero Li, you got Spirit Cleansing Grass . "Old Huo was quite surprised .

In just a few days, Li Fuchen got a Spirit Cleansing Grass .

Is Profound Yang Mountain Range all over the place Spirit Cleaningsing Grass?

Obviously, this is impossible .

It seems that the other side luck heaven defying, by chance, got a strain of Spirit Cleansing Grass .

"Young Hero Li, since you got Spirit Cleansing Grass, you can go to the residence of Profound Yang Great Master with me . "Old Huo smiled .

Good .

Li Fuchen nodded .

Profound Yang Great Master lives in the inner city of the Grand Dao .

The Fire Avenue is the first Grand Dao of the Raging Fire City . Under the boulevard, there are many hot arrays, which can extract the hot air of the ground and use it for pill refining . The ones that can live here are Earth level Pill Refining Master . Profound Yang Great Master is just one of them, of course, one of the most famous .

After a while, the two came to the residence of Profound Yang Great Master .

This is a manor that covers tens of acres of land . It has a tens of acres of manor in the Raging Fire City inner city . It is conceivable that the Profound Yang Great Master is rich .

Under Steward's leadership, Li Fuchen and Old Huo walked through the tablet to the Pill Refining Hall .

"Great Master, Old Huo is coming . "

Steward's voice passed in .

"come in!"A burst of sound came out .

"Two please come in . "Steward's right hand imaginary .

Enter Pill Refining Hall, Li Fuchen sees Profound Yang Great Master in pill refining .

Profound Yang Great Master is wearing a flame pill refining gown . It looks like a forty or fifty years old, but the wisdom in his eyes makes people feel that they are sixty or seventy or even seventy or eighty years old .

In addition, Li Fuchen can sense that the foundation of the cultivation base of Profound Yang Great Master is a Shedding Body Realm 5th layer, which is a very high level .

Especially for a Pill Refining Master with very little cultivation time .

“I have seen Profound Yang Great Master . ”

Old Huo and Li Fuchen cup one fist in the other hand .

Profound Yang Great Master took a look at Old Huo and immediately fell on Li Fuchen . "Is you going to refine Spirit Cleansing Pill?"

"It is the junior . "

Li Fuchen nodded .

"I know the conditions, you know it! Show me the Spirit Cleansing Grass . ”Profound Yang Great Master stretch take action .

"Yes .

Li Fuchen took out the jade box and handed it to Steward, who took the jade box and sent it to Profound Yang Great Master .

Gently open the jade box, Profound Yang Great Master has a smile on his face . "Yes, it is the mature Spirit Cleansing Grass . With this Spirit Cleansing Grass, I can produce high grade Spirit Cleansing Pill for you . Good luck . "

The same level of medicine pill, there are grades .

Generally, the medicine pill on the market is basically low-grade, high grade is very small . Relatively speaking, the price of high grade is naturally more expensive, so Profound Yang Great Master said Li Fuchen is lucky, with five hundred low grade spirit stone You can get a high grade Spirit Cleansing Pill . On the market, a middle grade Spirit Cleansing Pill is worth six hundred low grade spirit stone, a high grade Spirit Cleansing Pill, worth at least seven hundred .

“Five days later, come and take Spirit Cleansing Pill . ”

Profound Yang Great Master waved his hand and ordered the guest .

Li Fuchen didn't care about the attitude of Profound Yang Great Master .

Generally, these Great Masters are unsociable and don't like to deal with people . I can say a few words to you and I can see you very much .

Le Fuchen and Old Huo came to the Myriad Pill Pavilion from the residence of Profound Yang Great Master .

"Old Huo, I want some Body Refining medicine pill, then a Cleansing Marrow Pill and a Jade Water Pill . "

Going to Profound Yang Mountain Range, Li Fuchen first had a great war with the man great war, and with the orange large snake great war, the strength of Dragon Form consumed about a thousand wires, and needed a lot of Body Refining medicine pill to make up . .

As a Body Refining martial artist, Li Fuchen at the moment is deeply aware of the ambiguity of Body Refining .

Not only prolonged war does not work, but the demand for resources is also very terrifying .

Every time great war, resources are needed to make up .

Unlike the True Spirit martial artist, you can replenish yourself by swallowing the origin qi in Heaven and Earth Origin Qi or spirit stone .

What's more, True Spirit martial artist's prolonged war ability is ten times more than the Body Refining martial artist .

Li Fuchen feels like an ordinary person . After doing physical work, he needs food to supplement qi and blood . If you don't add it, it will only get weaker and weaker .

A Cleansing Marrow Pill A Jade Water Pill and a large number of Profound level top rank Body Refining medicine pill, spent Li Fuchen three hundred low grade spirit stone .

Cleansing Marrow Pill and Jade Water Pill add up to sixty low grade spirit stones, and the Profound level top rank Body Refining medicine pill is full of Li Fuchen two hundred and forty .

In fact, Li Fuchen only needs a value of 100 low grade spirit stone around the Profound level top rank Body Refining medicine pill to recover strength of Dragon Form, but in the future will inevitably break out great war, first prepare some in advance .

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