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Chapter 362

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Seeing this scene, Blood Demon King blinked .

Ge Yun looked ugly: "It's space transmission secret treasure, damn it . "

The secret treasure, the most precious is the Space type Secret Treasure, a Space type Secret Treasure, enough to make Eastern Lín Continent into a long bloody hurricane .

Unfortunately, the person who got it is not him .


“Is this a long distance space transmission?”

Li Fuchen is very uncomfortable, but his consciousness is sober .

In the sense of consciousness, everything around is full of colorful brilliance, and the brilliance is twisted and stretched, as if it is a mass of paste .

Originally, he couldn't refine the transmission disk in such a short time, but the Flame True Qi that Ge Yun came over was incredibly powerful, and the metal ball was passed through in a flash . As the metal ball was penetrated, Li Fuchen smoothly refining . Transmission disk, the transfer is initiated .

It seems as if it is a moment, and it seems that after a few decades, Li Fuchen saw a faint glory . Through the glory, Li Fuchen saw a mountain and river .

The next moment, the rays of light are dazzling, and Li Fuchen falls on a piece of land .


A hot blood spouted, and Li Fuchen burned .

Ge Yun's Flame True Qi is too strong, even if the transmission disk absorbs most of the True Spirit, the remaining True Spirit is also eliminated by the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor and the bodyguard Bronze Sword Qi . Li Fuchen is still seriously affected . internal injury .

The True Spirit manifestation, the impact on Ge Yun is amazing, if it is only a simple force, even if it is much stronger, it will not let Li Fuchen suffer such a serious injury .

Flame True Qi is like a Violent Dragon, slamming in Li Fuchen within the body, and continuing, Li Fuchen has to burn himself and explode .

Revolved Burning Heaven True Qi , Li Fuchen quickly went to suppress Flame True Qi .

However, Li Fuchen's Burning Heaven True Merit has reached the highest level of the twenty first layer and mastered the Burning Heaven Merit Intent, but compared with Flame True Qi, it is still very weak .

Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark Lights up, Li Fuchen converts Burning Heaven True Qi into Nine Revolving Purple Qi and tries to suppress Flame True Qi .

"Still can't hold it!"

Li Fuchen's face is very ugly .

Shedding Body Realm Apex level True Spirit is terrible, even if it is just a glimpse, it is extremely difficult to get rid of, if not he also cultivation Burning Cleaning Technique, if not he put Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter cultivation into small accomplishment ,within the body There is a strength of Dragon Form bodyguard, and at this moment, he is estimated to have died .

Open the storage pouch, Li Fuchen takes out all the useful medicinal herb or medicine pill, and puts it into the mouth .

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For a long time, Li Fuchen finally suppressed Flame True Qi .

To say that it is suppression, in fact, only to achieve a balance .

In Li Fuchen Dantian, a group of Flame True Qi floats there .

Next to it is a group of Burning Heaven True Qi .

In comparison, the amount of Burning Heaven True Qi is more than a thousand times that of Flame True Qi, but between the two, Flame True Qi clearly takes the initiative . Fortunately, Flame True Qi is unconscious and guided by Li Fuchen . Then, it gradually calmed down .

However, in the future, Li Fuchen will not be able to use Burning Heaven True Qi .

Once Burning Heaven True Qi is used, Flame True Qi loses its checks and balances and will be completely rioted . What will happen when it comes to it, Li Fuchen does not know .

"Ge Yun cultivation is Profound level top rank cultivation technique . If you change to Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie, I am already dead!"

Ge Yun's Flame True Qi is powerful, but certainly not comparable to the cultivation of the Earth level low rank cultivation technique Thunder Armor Divine Merit's You Lie . Simply speaking, the True Spirit intensity, ten Ge Yun can't match You Lie .

After succumbing to Flame True Qi, Li Fuchen began to look at the body .

Now, he is quite miserable . He has a large burn on his body, especially on his face . His face is blurred and he looks extraordinarily infiltrated .

Compared with the appearance, the internal injuries are more serious, the internal organs are all burned, and the meridian also breaks many roots . If there is no strength of Dragon Form, even if it is undying, it will become a waste .

The force of the medicinal herb and the force of the medicine pill are still repairing the body . Unfortunately, without the True Spirit, the repair speed is very slow, but the strength of the Dragon Form repairs the body very quickly, but it is only relative .

Li Fuchen estimates that he wants to recover completely, at least for more than a month .

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen grew up and looked around .

“Good Heaven and Earth Origin Qi . ”

Although it is impossible to revolve True Spirit, it does not prevent Li Fuchen from sensing the origin qi between heaven and earth .

Compared to Eastern Lín Continent, the concentration of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi has increased several times . There is a hint of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in the body, and in Eastern Lín Continent, it must be Revolved cultivation technique to absorb Heaven and Earth Origin Qi .

“But the power transmission here seems to be a lot weaker . ”

Li Fuchen's consciousness is so sharp that many things have been analyzed from the bends caused by the wind blowing through the grass .

In order to verify his guess, Li Fuchen a fis strike to the void .


The fierce fist picked up a hurricane and radiated toward the front .

"Sure enough, the strength is probably weakened several times to ten times, and the further the distance, the more it is weakened . "

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Li Fuchen is thoughtful .

After a few days, Li Fuchen's injury has recovered a lot .

Walking in the wilderness, he no longer observes the environment of this land .

He found that the earth color of this land is mostly red, and the nutrients in it are much higher than Eastern Lín Continent . In addition, the natural products here are much stronger than Eastern Lín Continent, such as trees . For example, grass, such as rock, he suspects that growing on this piece of land, the body will also be a lot of solid, otherwise, it can not match the natural environment here .

In the past few days, Li Fuchen’s injury has recovered by 50% to 60%, and his recovery rate is twice as fast as he imagined .

Li Fuchen guessed that this should also be related to the natural environment .

Here, his qi and blood are a lot more lively, qi and blood are lively, and the injury naturally recovers quickly .

“It’s really a cultivation Holy Land . ”

Li Fuchen feels .

In Eastern Lín Continent, perhaps only Secret Realm's cultivation environment can surpass this, but there must be Secret Realm here .

"Drive, drive, drive!"

On this day, on a spacious road, a team of people came quickly .

The team has more than 20 people, one of them is Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base . For the first two people, the cultivation base has reached the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak .

Man is not a mortal, and a horse is not a mortal horse .

His majesty's horse is very different from the horse of Eastern Lín Continent . Not only does he have scales on his body, but his head is still horned, and the aura is exhaled . It is a level 3 Spirit Beast .

In the middle of this team, there is a carriage .

The carriage is very luxurious and sturdy, with an array pattern engraved on it, which obviously has special effects .

Just as the team passed by a forest, a large group of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base black clothed man rushed out and surrounded them .

"Who, dare to stop me Luo Family caravan . "

Headed by the blue clothed old man, the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base exudes .

"There is your Luo Family caravan . "

Speaking is a black clothed man, aura is also Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, and the three black clothed man beside him are also Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base .

"Who are you guys?"

Next to blue clothed old man, azure clothed middle-aged face is dignified .

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He suspects that this is a planned ambush, and the goal is undoubtedly the Young Lady in the carriage .

After all, Young Lady is a student of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . She has a great future and killed her . It has a huge impact on the Luo Family .


The black clothed man is no nonsense, and he waved his hand to the Luo Family caravan .

"Protect Young Lady . "

Blue clothed old man and azure clothed pulled out their weapons in the middle age and smashed them with many black clothed man .

For a time, the sound of qi strength bursting continued .

The blue clothed old man is very strong . One person is alone in the black clothed man of the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base . It is only a slight disadvantage, and the azure clothed middle-aged also blocks the black clothed man of a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base . As for another Heavenly Dipper Realm peak black clothed man, it flew towards the carriage .

"Fuck off!"

This is a short black clothed man, only to see his hand wave, the four Luo Family martial artist who protected the carriage suddenly fell out and seriously injured the blood .


The next moment, the short black clothed man took a palm on the carriage .

The carriages of light are unrestrained .

"A very powerful big array, it seems that it is Luo Family Miss Luo Yan . "Short black clothed man laughed .

Luo Yan is a student of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . He is only 27 years old and has a cultivation base of Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer . It is expected to become the Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist in the future and become the overlord of Tang City . Unfortunately, today cannot be allowed . She left to live .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

The black clothed man constantly attacks the carriage and consumes array power .

After a while, the carriage array gradually dimmed .

Seeing that it is about to collapse .


The carriage door opened and a lithe and graceful figure swept out .

"It’s finally out . "

The black clothed man shouted and took a shot .

"Profound Wind Sword Technique !"

The resounding sounds, and the mysterious sword shadows linger .


The sword shadow collapsed, and the figure and graceful figure flew out .

This is a beautiful young woman with aura reaching the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer .

As a student of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, Luo Yan's talent is naturally strong, although it is only Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base, but it is enough to fight the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist . Unfortunately, the black clothed man is Heavenly Dipper Realm . Peak cultivation base, how is she an opponent .

"Damn, the goal of these people is me . "

Luo Yan's face is ugly .

She has been in the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard for several years, and this time she is planning to come back for a while, knowing that she will be ambushed .


A single shot of Luo Yan, short black clothed man is not forgiving, followed by a palm shot .


Luo Yan squirted a blood, and the figure fell out .

"Young Lady . "

Blue clothed old man and azure clothed middle-aged urgency, want to go to help, but how their opponents will let them succeed, dragging them .

Figure fell to the ground, Luo Yan stunned, compared with Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist, she is still very bad, is it going to die here today .

"You don't need help . "

Just then, a burst of voice came over .

Luo Yan looked up and saw a disfigured young man not far away towards her indifferently said .

This disfigured young man, everyone is not in the eye, because he has only a faint cultivation base aura, and at most, the Returning Origin Realm cultivation base .

"Ugly ghost, give me a death . "

The black clothed man naturally did not put Li Fuchen in his eyes, seeing each other's nosy, killing intent, and taking a palm to Li Fuchen .

Be careful

Luo Yan exclaimed .


The dust was filled, the ground was scraped off, and Li Fuchen got a solid grip .

But what made Luo Yan and everyone shocked was that Li Fuchen didn't move, it seemed that the palm of his hand just tickles him .

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