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Chapter 363
Although you can't use True Spirit, Li Fuchen's body is able to resist the full attack of Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist .

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Of course, now I can only resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist .

Within his body There are only about eight hundredths of strength of Dragon Form left .

If the strength of Dragon Form is clean, it can only resist the full attack of Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

Still, an ordinary Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist wants to break his defense and is a daydream .

“This child is a Body Refining martial artist and is a powerful Body Refining martial artist that can ignore the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist . ”In the distance, blue clothed old man sees it all in his eyes, and his heart is happy .

There is this child, Luo Yan should be life-saving, just do not know how this child strength .

"Old Fourth, leave the kid, kill Luo Yan . "

The black clothed man is a big drink .

How can he not see that Li Fuchen is a powerful Body Refining martial artist .

But Body Refining martial artist also has drawbacks, that is, the attack is monotonous, and the strength may not be as strong as defense .

"Know, boss . "

The black clothed man is very angry, but he is very clear about what the mission is .


Figure flashes, the black clothed man plunders toward Luo Yan and wants to kill Luo Yan as soon as possible .

"When I don't exist?"

The short black clothed man is fast, Li Fuchen is faster, even the strength of Dragon Form is not activated, Li Fuchen is only activated qi and blood, the speed suddenly erupts, and instantly intercepts the short black clothed man .

"Such a fast speed!"

Short black clothed man big shock, quickly shot to Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen swung out, and the strong strength of Qi and Blood gathered in his fist .


The palm of the hand was broken, and Li Fuchen's fist continued to enlarge in the eyes of the short black clothed man .

It seems that the watermelon bursts, and the head of the short black clothed man bursts open, and the blood brains splash toward the back, and the death is crisp and neat .

"What, a fist strike kill?"

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Blue clothed old man azure clothed middle-aged stunned .

The black clothed man and two other black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base were also stunned .

Also stunned is Luo Yan .

Although Li Fuchen is ruined, it is impossible to look beyond the age of 30 . This talent is rare in the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

"Damn, withdraw . "

The black clothed man made a decision and retired .

After a while, the black clothed man was cleaned, leaving only a few corpse .

“Thank you for your help, I don’t know Your Excellency name . ”

Luo Yan wiped the blood of his mouth and thanked him .

"Li Fuchen . "

Li Fuchen said .

"Young Hero Li, this humble one Luo Song, this Luo Yu, I just thank you for your help . "Blue clothed old man and azure clothed came over in middle age, and I was grateful .

Without Li Fuchen, Luo Yan would die, and they couldn't go back to Patriarch and Old Patriarch .

"The road is not flat . "

Li Fuchen saved Luo Yan for two reasons . The first one is to be justified, and the second is to find out about this strange continent .

This Luo Family can easily send two Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artists, which should be a big family, which will help him understand this strange continent .

"Helping the grace, no return, I don't know if I can go to my Luo Family, my Luo Family is sure to have a good hospitality . "Luo Yan invited .

Hear this, blue clothed old man and azure clothed nodded in middle age .

Li Fuchen has the strength to kill the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist at a young age . It is certainly not an ordinary person . It is also a good thing that Luo Family can make friends .

Good .

Li Fuchen hesitated for a pretense and nodded .

He can't be too obvious, otherwise it is easy to be suspicious .

In this way, Li Fuchen joined caravan and went to Tang City Luo Family with Luo Yan and others .

Along the way, Li Fuchen learned some useful information from the words of everyone .

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First of all, this place belongs to the Purple Flower Kingdom territory .

Second, the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is the only Martial Courtyard in South Forest County . If you want to enter it, you must have at least 5 star root bone, and occasionally take a few . The root bone is relatively low, but the talent potential is amazing . .

Third, the Luo Family is one of the three major families of Tang City . There are two Shedding Body Realm martial artists in the family .

“Purple Flower Kingdom ?”

Knowing that this continent has a country, Li Fuchen is very surprised .

Eastern Lín Continent There were also countries that existed but were later destroyed .

As an expert, no one wants to be ruled by the state, and the country is generally hereditary, and the descendants inherit the throne, which is even more difficult for the expert to tolerate .

"This Purple Flower Kingdom should be extremely powerful! Do not know if there is beyond the existence of Battle Spirit Realm? ”

Battle Spirit Realm is definitely in this continent, beyond the existence of Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen is estimated to have, just do not know whether Purple Flower Kingdom has .

The presence of Purple Flower Kingdom surprised Li Fuchen, and Li Fuchen was not surprised by the existence of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

In Eastern Lín Continent, there is also the Martial Courtyard, but it is generally weak, basically training talent for Sect .

The Southern Forest Martial Courtyard has a number of Battle Spirit Realm experts and is extremely powerful .

What surprised Li Fuchen most was that a Tang City had three big families, and each family had a Shedding Body Realm martial artist . What is the concept?

You know, in Eastern Lín Continent, the power of Shedding Body Realm martial artist is already the owner of a domain . In this continent, there are two families of Shedding Body Realm martial artist, which is actually one of the three major families of Tang City . .

And from the tone of these people, Li Fuchen heard that the Luo Family has two Shedding Body Realm martial artists, which is not a great thing . It seems to be a normal thing .

"I came from the field, Tang City, where your Luo Family is, but Great City?"Riding on the horse, Li Fuchen asked Luo Yan .

In the carriage with the window open, Luo Yan shook his head . “South Forest County has hundreds of cities, and Tang City is just an ordinary City . ”

Hear this, Li Fuchen's face is not moving, but the heart has already shaken .

A county has hundreds of cities, and each city has a family of Shedding Body Realm martial artist oversee . Doesn't it mean that the strength of this continent is comparable to that of Eastern Lín Continent?

This is not yet a Battle Spirit Realm expert .

"It's really a terrible continent . "

Li Fuchen secretly said in heart .

Next, Li Fuchen accidentally learned that his horse was called Lín Horned Horse .

Lín Horned Horse is a natural spirit beast, not a monster beast .

As a level 3 Spirit Beast, Lín Horned Horse is not good at fighting, speed is its strength, coupled with super endurance, the speed is no less than the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist .

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Tang City was far away and it took a week for the group to come to Tang City .

Looking from afar, a majestic City is on the ground . Li Fuchen estimates that this city should be several times larger than Cloud and Mist City, and it may not be .

It seems that this continent's City is basically bigger, there is no small City .

"Young Hero Li, Tang City is here . "

Blue clothed old man Luo Song and azure clothed middle-aged Luo Yu breathe a sigh of relief .

On this road, their hearts are tight, for fear of accidents .

Luo Family is not in Tang City, but in the outskirts of Tang City .

Living in Tang City is Su Family, the top of the three major families in Tang City .

In a short while, the group appeared on the high ground in front of the Luo Family .

Li Fuchen rides on the horse and overlooks the huge building in front . There is water in the mountains and the area is huge, like a miniature city .

"Young Lady and Elder are back . "

A group of Luo Family martial artists came forward to meet .

"Yan'er, you are finally back!"

In the Luo Family complex, a silhouette emerges and comes at a rapid speed .

It is a Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .


Luo Yan is happy .

The figure landed and hugged Luo Yan .

This is a yellow clothed middle age, and the appearance is similar to that of Luo Yan .

"Patriarch . "

Luo Song Luo Yu and others are busy .

This person is Luo Family Patriarch Luo Zhan .

When Luo Yan was released, Luo Zhan glanced at the crowd, his eyes staying on Li Fuchen for several breaths, and immediately asked Luo Song: "Luo Song, this road can be stable . "

Hear this, Luo Song told Luo Zhan about the situation along the way, and also introduced Li Fuchen .

"It’s the ghost of the Zen Family . Hey, it’s best not to let me find the opportunity, otherwise I must pay back my teeth . "Luo Zhan gnashed his teeth, this time without Li Fuchen, the consequences are unimaginable .

Said, Luo Zhan is heading for Li Fuchen cup one fist in the other hand, "Young Hero Li, this time, thank you, my Luo Family owes you a favor, please also live in the Luo Family for some days, otherwise it is difficult . ”

“Patriarch Luo is polite . ”

Li Fuchen cup one fist in the other hand .

"Young Hero Li please here . "Luo Zhan has a right hand and a sincere attitude .

With Luo Zhan et al . , Li Fuchen entered the Luo Family .

At the moment of entering the Luo Family, Li Fuchen felt that his body seemed to pass through a layer of water waves, which was quite mysterious .

"Is there an Array Protection?"

Li Fuchen is a terrible understanding of this continent, a common City family, has Array Protection, this background, even if it is not comparable to Azure Billow Sect, it is not much worse .

Entering the Luo Family, a rich Heaven and Earth Origin Qi rushed to the surface, almost more than 50% richer than the outside .

"The array of Luo Family, in addition to the Defensive Array, should have a Qi Gathering Array . "

In Eastern Lín Continent, only the top ten peaks have the Qi Gathering Array, which can gather together the origin qi of dozens of miles or even hundreds of miles .

The interior of the Luo Family is very grand, and along the way, Li Fuchen also saw a small medicine garden .

In the medicinal garden, the Profound level medicinal herb is planted .

Eastern Lín Continent Resource is poor, Profound level Low grade rank medicinal herb Very rare, Profound level high rank top rank medicinal herb is basically only available in Secret Realm .

This small medicine garden is all Profound level low rank middle rank medicinal herb, and there is no Profound level high rank medicinal herb, which is also very amazing .

“I feel like a country bumpkin . ”

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly .

Through a large pavilion, Luo Zhan stopped and said to Luo Yan: "Yan'er, you took the Young Hero Li to the Luo Family and arranged the accommodation for you . "

"Yes, father . "

Luo Yan smiled on his face and said to Li Fuchen: "Li Fuchen, please . "


Li Fuchen nodded .

Seeing the two leave, Luo Zhan and others walked to the Luo Family Hall .

This ambush is not a trivial matter and must be taken seriously . In addition, how to thank Li Fuchen is also a matter, and must not let the other party chill .

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