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Chapter 361
This is still Li Fuchen's hand, otherwise, this punch is enough for You Lie half life .

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You Lie was shocked . At that moment, he felt the death aura .


Li Fuchen flashed from You Lie .

Shuā shuā !

Ge Yun and Blood Demon King are chasing after .

"This palace is too evil, let me leave here first . "

You Lie sullen is very, outside the world, his strength is at least the continent before, in which he can not even beat a junior, just lost his face and lost home .

The palace is well connected, but there is only one exit, and Li Fuchen took three days to find a way out .

At the moment of leaving the palace, Li Fuchen within the body True Spirit revolved .


After True Spirit was unrestricted, Ge Yun surged and slammed into Li Fuchen .

Although this punch can't be True Spirit manifestation, the power is still very strong . After all, Ge Yun is Shedding Body Realm Apex martial Artist .

"I don't know if I can stop it . "

If it is not forced, Li Fuchen is not willing to leave the palace .

After all, when he left the palace, he was not an opponent of Ge Yun Blood Demon King .

But if you don't leave, his strength of Dragon Form will be exhausted sooner or later .

And leaving the palace, there is at least a hint of hope .

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Two giant Guardian Lions at the entrance to the palace can absorb the True Spirit or Demon Qi of the manifest .

Upon the palace, the Nine Revolving Purple Qi veined mark behind Li Fuchen immediately lit up . The next moment, Burning Heaven True Qi was converted into Nine Revolving Purple Qi, Nine Revolving Purple Qi was converted into Bronze Sword Qi, and immediately Bronze Sword Qi poured into Silver Scaled . In the Treasure Armor .

The Silver Scaled Treasure Armor glows, and the silver scales on it, creeping slightly, seem to have life .


Ge Yun punches Li Fuchen's vest, has a strong punch and is crazy .


A spurt of blood, Li Fuchen spurt out the whole person, the speed is several times faster .

"not dead . "

Ge Yun brows up .

His fist, although because of the lack of True Spirit manifestation, the power is only 10% of the heyday, but killing Li Fuchen should be more than enough .

"Treasure Armor, it must be the Earth level Treasure Armor, and it is likely to be an earth level high rank or even a top rank Treasure Armor . "

Ge Yun's gaze fell on Li Fuchen's Silver Scaled Treasure Armor .

In his view, if it is only the Earth level low rank or the middle rank Treasure Armor, it is impossible to resist him .

After all, Treasure Armor needs True Spirit to motivate, and Li Fuchen's cultivation base is just the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer . Even if the cultivation technique is high, it is impossible to increase the defense to such a degree .

Unfortunately, he does not know that Li Fuchen has Nine Revolving Purple Qi veined mark and also has 6 star secret technique Bronze Sword Essence secret technique, which makes Li Fuchen's True Spirit quality reach the Shedding Body Realm middle rank level . After sending the Earth level Middle rank Treasure Armor Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, it is still a bit hopeful to block Ge Yun's 10% punch .

"So Treasure Armor, if I get enough invincible continent, Evil King can't help me . "

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Ge Yun Eye Divine Fire hot, body killing intent blazing .

In the face of real treasure, even if it is a camp, let alone a junior .

"fortunately . "

Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief .

If it is elsewhere, he would never take the risk .

Fortunately, there is no True Spirit manifestation or even True Spirit . True Spirit will be absorbed by the Guardian Lion as soon as it leaves the body . As a result, Ge Yun can't play its true strength, and its True Spirit with the body can only Increase the pure boxing power .

To know the martial artist, even if it is a close combat, it also needs True Spirit manifestation .

True Spirit only comes out of the manifest, and passes it to the other with the body, so that the most destructive power can be erupted .

“Do you want to refine the transmission disk and leave Eastern Lín Continent?”

Li Fuchen spurred the mountain with his fist, and along the way, Li Fuchen flashed a thought in his mind .

This thought grew up and suddenly burned like a wildfire .

At Eastern Lín Continent, there was no time to grow . Only by leaving Eastern Lín Continent, he had enough time to grow up and be strong .

"First refine the transmission disk . "

Li Fuchen takes out the transmission disk again and True Spirit is ready to enter it .

"Not good . "

What makes Li Fuchen look ugly is that his True Spirit just left the body and will be absorbed by the Guardian Lion on the top of the mountain . The Guardian Lion seems to ignore the spatial distance .

In addition, his palms are close to the transmission disk, and True Spirit will let the Guardian Lion give birth as soon as he leaves the body .

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"Also, if a gap can pass True Spirit, Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun hit me in the punch, enough to kill me . "

Li Fuchen comprehend and understand .

Speed ​​is not diminished, Li Fuchen flies down the hill .

At the rear, Ge Yun and Blood Demon King followed closely .

The two are getting closer and closer .


Blood Demon King pulled out a spike and shot at Li Fuchen .

This time, instead of relying on the power of Demon's body, he relied on the power of Demon Qi and Demon's body . The spikes were as fast as lightning, and the strength was as strong as a mountain .


Spark Splash, Li Fuchen squirts another blood, and the speed increases instantly .

The two took action, although he didn't have time to dodge, but the super-consciousness made him consciously avoid the key, so that the attack can only hit his back .

"Damn, this child is over-conscious and must stop him . "

Ge Yun is gloomy .

Knowing that it was so troublesome, he should not chase Li Fuchen, but stop Blood Demon King and let Li Fuchen escape the Black Heaven Sect ruins . As long as Li Fuchen is still in Numerous Sect, he has countless ways to get Li Fuchen's treasure .

Unfortunately, it is too late to regret it now .

Now, even if he stops Blood Demon King, Li Fuchen will hide after leaving the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

"To the foot of the mountain . "

The speed of going down the mountain was many times faster than going up the mountain . Soon, Li Fuchen came to the foot of the mountain .

Flying on the silent path, Li Fuchen saw the first fork .

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen left the silent path .

Silent trails, like the mountains, cannot be True Spirit manifestation .

Without the True Spirit manifestation, the transmission disk cannot be refining .

At the moment of leaving the silent path, Li Fuchen's True Spirit entered the transmission disk smoothly .

Refining the transmission disk is fast, with little or no hindrance, but it won't be done in a while .

At the rear, Ge Yun and Blood Demon King chased it again .

This is no longer a limitation for one person, one Demon .

Ge Yun punched out, terrifying Flaming Fist, as if to melt the void, and rushed toward Li Fuchen . At this time, even ten Li Fuchen would be killed by a fist strike without any suspense .

"Give me a stop!"

Li Fuchen leaps and volleys, blocking the transmission disk in front of him .


Flaming Fist hit the transmission disk, and a powerful Flame True Qi hacked into the transmission disk .

The remaining Flame True Qi raged on Li Fuchen, instantly destroying the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor and destroying the bodybuilder Bronze Sword Qi, seeing that Li Fuchen was about to be killed .

The transmission disk suddenly illuminates and encloses Li Fuchen .

The next moment, the transmission disk disappeared with Li Fuchen as a spot .

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