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Chapter 358
These days, Li Fuchen has gained a lot of benefits in various rooms .

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There is a calligraphy with Earth level Martial Art True Meaning, there is Profound level high rank Body Refining fist technique secret book, notes with Battle Spirit Realm expert, there is a sharp horn suspected of level 6 monster beast, and a secret treasure, all kinds of The benefits are enough to make any Shedding Body Realm martial artist crazy .

Out of the room, Li Fuchen followed the palace passage and continued his adventure .


Far away, Li Fuchen's consciousness perceives a powerful existence .

"It's You Lie!"

The next moment, Li Fuchen knew the identity of the other party .

It is Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie .

In the outside world, You Lie is definitely the most top level expert, except Evil King and Petrification Queen can press him, seemingly no existence can press him .

Soon, You Lie also felt the existence of Li Fuchen .

"You actually recovered . "

You Lie is very surprised .

He clearly saw that Blood Ancestor turned Li Fuchen into a blood corpse .

Li Fuchen smiled and didn't speak .

You Lie's face changed, and immediately smiled: "little friend is really a good way to escape from Blood Ancestor . If this means is passed out, it is enough to shock the world . "In his opinion, Li Fuchen should have something to do with him, so he can escape from Blood Ancestor .

“Senior You overpraised . ”

Although I don't like You Lie, Li Fuchen doesn't want to offend the other person, and the tone is not humble .

Hear this, You Lie sneered inside, secretly thought, the other party's big arrogance, replaced by other younger generations, came over to see the ceremony, the other party actually did not move, which made him annoyed .

Keep smiling, You Lie said: "The little friend should have a lot of gains in the palace . Old Man is willing to buy something from the little friend at the price of a thousand low grade spirit stone . Anything is fine . "A thousand low grade spirit stone is not a small number, the usual Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist, so much low grade spirit stone .

Li Fuchen frowned, indifferently said: "Senior You, Fuchen This strength, can live to the present is not bad, how can there be any gains, let Senior You disappointed . "

A thousand low grade spirit stone acquired his income, when he was a country bumpkin?

Anything here is worth more than a thousand low grade spirit stone .

Even if it is useful in the palace, the Iron Bone Fist secret book, which is useless in the outside world, is worth more than a thousand low grade spirit stone because of the rare things, not to mention other things .

You Lie's look is cold, "little friend is not greedy, a thousand low grade spirit stone . "

If it is an ordinary place, he can't pull the face of Li Fuchen, but here is the ruins of Black Heaven Sect . Anything that is valuable, maybe it will make him strong, he can't let go .

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“Senior You, Fuchen really has nothing to gain . ”

Less than a last resort, Li Fuchen didn't want to sue You Lie, where he was not afraid of each other, out of the palace, dozens of himself are not opponents .

"Hey, to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit . Since the little friend is obsessed with it, don't blame Old Man for turning his face . "You Lie is angry in his heart, he has given enough to the face, the other is still stubborn, which makes his face ugly .

The reddish fist glow flashed and You Lie slammed into Li Fuchen .

He must get something, and as for Li Fuchen's life and death, he doesn't care .

“Senior is not too rude to do this . ”

Li Fuchen looked equally cold and slammed up .


The two fists collided together, and the void produced a ripple . A huge force shocked the two .

Li Fuchen does not move .

You Lie's retreat was a dozen steps back, his face was blue and white, and he looked incredibly at Li Fuchen .

He You Lie, actually retired by a fist strike .

To know the punch, he used the Red Tiger Battle Fist .

"little bastard, die . "

You Lie was angry, his feet were strong, his arms were like arrows, his fists were like arrows, and he rushed to Li Fuchen again .

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Li Fuchen is also a bit annoyed . Just a punch, he only used a small amount of strength, in order to leave a face for You Lie . After all, as the continent top level expert, the life-saving ability is definitely strong, Li Fuchen is not sure . Killing each other and killing each other is not good for yourself . Numerous Sect also needs a Top level expert like You Lie .

With a punch, Li Fuchen added some strength .

Crackle and rattle !

The two fists have not been touched, and the crackle of the crackle and rattle has been heard in the void .

The anti-seismic power of this time was a big deal . Li Fuchen's body swayed and looked as usual . You Lie flew out, with the body qi and blood boiling, and bloody smell in his throat .

"That's impossible!"

You Lie licks his teeth and licks Li Fuchen .

He is a Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder . He is not a Li Fuchen opponent . Even if he can't use True Spirit, he should crush his opponent .

This made him unacceptable .

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"Senior You, don't push me any more . "Said, Li Fuchen and You Lie passed by .

You Lie suppresses the impulse to take action .

He has to admit that he is no longer a Li Fuchen opponent without using True Spirit .

But after waiting for it, he will settle the account with the other party .

Without waiting for You Lie take action, Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief, some regrets, and some luck .

If You Lie continues to take action, he will definitely give the other party a thunder .

In that case, there are two endings . The first one, You Lie is dead, and Numerous Sect is very powerful .

Second, You Lie was seriously injured and hated him Li Fuchen . After going out, his life was not good, and he might be involved in Azure Billow Sect .

These two results are actually not what Li Fuchen wants to see .

There are many palace rooms, and basically every room has a 'treasure' .

Li Fuchen had a good luck and got a total of nine 'treasure' . If not many rooms are empty, you can get more 'treasure' .

The only thing that made him a little regret is that so far, no Earth level secret book has been found .

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen came to the heart of the palace .

The core of the palace is surrounded by a small river, like a moat .

On the creek, there are many small bridges, each with 18 Guardian Lions .

"18 Guardian Lion?"

Li Fuchen didn't dare to care .

He doesn't know the strength of the Guardian Lion, but it is definitely better than the Tiger Monster Stone Statue, otherwise it won't be used to guard it .

"Try first . "

Li Fuchen set foot on the bridge .


Eighteen Guardian Lions were resurrected and rushed to Li Fuchen .

The double fists were covered by black qi and blood layers, and Li Fuchen slammed into the first Guardian Lion .


Li Fuchen took three steps and the Guardian Lion was broken .

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“Sure enough, it is much stronger than the Tiger Monster Stone Statue . ”

The thought flashed, and Li Fuchen was like a wind, rushing to the center of the bridge .

With his consciousness, these Guardian Lion's every move is under his control, and because of the limited space, the Guardian Lion who can attack him at the same time will not exceed three .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

Li Fuchen turned teleportation, easily avoiding the attack of a Guardian Lion, and every time he punches himself, he will be able to hit a Guardian Lion . For a time, the gravel flies around and the stone is splashing .

But just as Li Fuchen rushed to the bridge, Horned Demon King, Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun, Blood Demon King and Evil Fist Sect Sect Master Evil King came to the heart of the palace .

Several people were a little surprised to see Li Fuchen on the small bridge .

Horned Demon King grinning hideously, before he could not kill Blood Ancestor, but also caused Blood Ancestor to be seriously injured, a Li Fuchen, even if it is better than Blood Ancestor, it is not much better .


Horned Demon King is heading to the small bridge where Li Fuchen is located, and is going to kill Li Fuchen first .


On the bridge, the void swayed, and the Horned Demon King squirted blood and flew out .

“what's going on?”

Horned Demon King's face is cloudy and uncertain .

He was just near the small bridge where Li Fuchen was, and he felt an invisible force bombarding him .

"Can a person only have a small bridge?"

Evil King is thoughtful .

After Yu Guang glanced behind him, Li Fuchen secretly thought was not good .

These people are all continent top level experts, especially Evil King, which is the first expert of continent, Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Numerous Sect are very wariness, and they are not easy to be enemies .

"No matter what, let's go through the bridge first . "

Opposite the bridge, there is a temple nave, intuition tells Li Fuchen that there must be a treasure .

"Go up . "

Seeing this scene, Ge Yun, Blood Demon King and Evil King quickly rushed to the nearest bridge .

Immediately, Horned Demon King also chose a small bridge and rushed up .

For a time, the great war on the five small bridges continued, so lively .

One end, two ends, …

In a short while, Li Fuchen has broken six Guardian Lions .

Glance at the remaining four, Li Fuchen found that Horned Demon King only shattered two Guardian Lions, Ge Yun broke three heads, and Blood Demon King was three heads . Instead, Evil King has broken four Guardian Lions . Keep up with Li Fuchen .

"Get it faster . "

Since it has been forced to a desperate situation, Li Fuchen can't manage that much, and can only try to win the opportunity .

Iron Bone Fist activate to the limit, this time, Li Fuchen activate is not with the body ordinary strength of Qi and Blood, but strength of Dragon Form .

Dragon Form Forging Body Chapter cultivation to Chapter 5 small accomplishment, Li Fuchen's strength of Qi and Blood, is particularly powerful, but compared with the strength of Dragon Form, it is still a small witch .

Just the strength of Dragon Form is only a thousand and five hundred filaments . With a trace of less, I want to increase it again . I don't know how much precious resources to consume .

So less than a last resort, Li Fuchen is not willing to consume strength of Dragon Form .

There was a little strength of Dragon Form before the cultivation Iron Bone Fist .

With the Iron Bone Fist condensed by strength of Dragon Form, the prestige ability surged, and a fist strike came out . A Guardian Lion exploded directly and the dust filled .

“Speed ​​is getting faster?”

Evil King's eyes flashed, and the force on his fists increased to the limit .

Seriously, Evil King's strength in the palace is stronger than Li Fuchen, but it is late .

Nine heads .

Ten heads .

Fifteen heads .

Seventeen heads .

Li Fuchen looked sideways and Evil King had already broken 16 Guardian Lions, only one less than him .

"Break for me . "

The dark golden luster on the fist surging, Li Fuchen hit a fist on the last Guardian Lion's head .

Kā cā!!

The Guardian Lion was penetrated .


Li Fuchen squatted down the bridge and flew towards the temple .

Kā cā!!

At this time, Evil King also broke the last Guardian Lion and followed .

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