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Chapter 359
The temple hall is a Main Hall with a length of one hundred feet .

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The Main Hall portal is closed .

When Li Fuchen approached, the Main Hall portal opened and thousands of treasures rushed out, making people unable to open their eyes .

Li Fuchen closed his eyes and the consciousness swept in .

The next moment, Li Fuchen saw the situation inside the Main Hall .

Inside the Main Hall, there are eight crystal pillars . Each of the crystal pillars has a hollow . There is a hollow inside, there is a Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, there are pitch-black gloves, a black cloak, and a mysterious metal plate . , a total of eight pieces of treat .

These eight pieces of treasure, than in the room to get the treasure is obviously precious unknown, that silver Scaled treasure Armor, if Li Fuchen guessed well, should be Earth level treasure Armor , that pitch-black glove, should be earth level weapon, that black cloak, should also be Earth level mantle, but in Li Fuchen's consciousness scan, mysterious metal plat E is the most precious, Li fuchen consciousness as a close to the past, suddenly feel a vast as the sky like the aura .

"Must get one . "

Li Fuchen is now riding a tiger .

If he reveals his identity, even if he does not snatch these treasures, he will become the eye of everyone when he goes out .

Simply do not endlessly, and strive to win the treasure, as to what will happen in the future, resigned .

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen swept into the Main Hall before coming to the crystal pillar that treasured the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor .

The Silver Scaled Treasure Armor is at least the Earth level low rank Treasure Armor, and with his body defense, it is enough to push his defense to a terrible level .

In the face of the dilemma in the future, defense is the most important . After all, the strength is improved, and these continent top level experts are not fighting .


Just as Li Fuchen was near the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, the crystal pillar suddenly flashed and a Silver Scaled Monster Wolf rushed to Li Fuchen .

This Silver Scaled Monster Wolf is clearly level 5 Apex monster beast, but Li Fuchen can see that there is no life aura on the other side, and there is no monster qi, purely only the power of the monster body .

Unrelenting, Li Fuchen and Silver Scaled Monster Wolf are struggling together .

"very powerful defense . "

After a few fights, Li Fuchen was taken aback . The Silver Scaled Monster Wolf's defense was extremely powerful, and his Iron Bone Fist was bombarded on the other side and could not cause damage to the other side .

He doesn't know the real level 5 Apex monster beast, is the monster body so powerful .

"Accept Death . "

Evil King followed the Main Hall .

Instead of choosing other crystal pillars, he slammed into Li Fuchen .

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Eight pieces of treat, one piece less, Li Fuchen trifling a junior, where is eligible to compete with him for treasure .

"God damn it!"

Li Fuchen was attacked by the enemy, and suddenly he was in a hurry, but compared to the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf, the Evil King was obviously more dangerous, so Li Fuchen immediately turned to punch Evil King .


A huge force spread, Li Fuchen stepped back a dozen steps, just in the scope of the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf attack .

Silver Scaled Monster Wolf bites Li Fuchen's shoulder .

Like the sound of a stone strike, the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf couldn't bite through Li Fuchen's shoulder and just bit the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor .


Li Fuchen's ugly face is somewhat tempered .

His body defense has been able to resist the full attack of Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist . The Silver Scaled Monster Wolf has no monster qi . He simply bites him with the power of the monster body, and naturally does not wear his defense . It is a pity . Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor .

Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor Although not as good as the Earth level Treasure Armor, it is also a very precious leather armor .

"This child's body defense is so strong?"

Evil King shot a terrible rays of light in his eyes .

He found himself underestimate Li Fuchen, the opponent's body defense, clearly reached the continent peak level, is no weaker than level 5 Demon .

Of course, level 5 Demon can only be used with Demon Qi to reach the limit . True Spirit or monster qi is not as good as Demon Qi .

"I have to see if your body is defending and what it has reached . "

Evil King naturally won't stop here, the figure flashes, like a ghost, it appears on the right side of Li Fuchen, and a claw is torn over .

“very powerful Body Refining True Meaning . ”

Li Fuchen felt two Body Refining True Meaning on Evil King .

One should be Body Refining Cultivation Technique True Meaning, and the other is Body Refining claw technique True Meaning .

There is no True Meaning, the difference is very big, it is estimated that this is the main reason why Evil King can dominate Eastern Lín Continent .

Tear off!

Li Fuchen had to deal with the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf while he was dealing with the Evil King . Even if he was over-conscious, his body couldn't react . After a few fights, he was caught in the chest and abdomen by Evil King .

Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor Like a cloth, it was torn into pieces by Evil King . Fortunately, only a few blood marks appeared on the body, and the flesh was not damaged .

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“The body strength really reached the level 5 Demon level . ”

If you can use True Spirit, Evil King will not put level 5 Demon in the eye, one-on-one, he is completely confident to break the level 5 Demon defense .

Next, under the attack of Evil King and Silver Scaled Monster Wolf, Li Fuchen has no power to fight . Fortunately, Silver Scaled Monster Wolf sometimes attacks Evil King, otherwise Li Fuchen will be even more embarrassed .

"Evil King, why waste time on me, they are coming in . "

Li Fuchen calmly said .

He doesn't believe that Evil King can't tell the difference . Compared with the treasure, dealing with himself is just a small matter .

"You are right, have to say, your luck is very good, I hope that you have such good luck next . "

Evil King was naturally divided and he immediately took his hand and plundered the crystal pillar with a black cloak .

Dealing with Li Fuchen, no hurry .

After he went out, he had to deal with who, but even if it was Numerous Sect, he could not stop him .

Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief as Evil King left .

Although Evil King can't break his defenses a lot, he can already grab the blood mark on him . After a long time, he might be in danger .

Without Evil King, Li Fuchen is a lot easier with the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf .

Silver Scaled Monster Wolf's monster body is strong, his body is stronger, he is invincible, he can completely kill opponents .

Pēng pēng pēng ……

Strength of Dragon Form activate , Li Fuchen double punches covered with dark gold qi and blood layers, punching and punching on Silver Scaled Monster Wolf .

Gradually, the silver scales on the surface of the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf began to break .


Just as Li Fuchen pressed the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf, Blood Demon King and Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun rushed in .

Maybe as a relationship between human and Numerous Sect member, Ge Yun didn't have a Li Fuchen take action, but Blood Demon King grinned, pulling a spike from his body and fiercely slamming into Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen was very angry and turned and punched to the spike .


Using the hardest part to bombard the spikes, Li Fuchen's fists were unscathed and forced the Blood Demon King back a few steps .

"yí !"

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Blood Demon King was amazed .

A human junior, actually has such a strong body, it is incredible .

"go to hell . "

But Blood Demon King is not Horned Demon King, talent in qi and blood, even Blood Ancestor is very wariness .

I saw him whispering, a blood qi rushed into the spike, the next moment, the spiky surface of the blood qi linger, eventually gathered to the top of the spike, once again stabbed Li Fuchen .


The dark gold qi and blood layers on Li Fuchen's fist were pierced by a small hole, and blood rushed out .

“Worthy is Blood Demon King, actually restrains the Body Refining martial artist . ”

Strength of Dragon Form activate To the limit, the dark gold qi and blood layers on the surface of Li Fuchen's fist are more and more sturdy .

Before he just activated a trace of the Dragon of Dragon Form, now he puts the strength of the Dragon Form, which can be activated, all on the fist .

However, as a result, the consumption of strength of Dragon Form suddenly increased .

Basically, every breath, you will lose a trace of the Dragon of Dragon Form .

Dāng dāng when…

The sound of the golden stone slammed, and the spike of Blood Demon King could no longer pierce Li Fuchen's iron and qi and blood layers .

"This kid is very tricky . "

Blood Demon King's face dignified a bit .

Give him time, he is sure to consume Li Fuchen slowly, but Evil King and Ge Yun have been fighting there, wasting time on Li Fuchen, and some are not worth the candle .

"You are lucky . "

In the end, Blood Demon King gave up on a crystal pillar that was not far from Li Fuchen .

Horned Demon King finally rushed to the temple hall .

He had intended to deal with Li Fuchen, his eyes turned and suddenly gave up the idea .

He is not stupid . Since no one else has dealt with Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen still has a bit of skill . There is no need to waste time .

Seeing, Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief, and if Horned Demon King came to trouble, his progress would be much slower .

Hey, hey, hehe…

Evil King is very powerful, sharp and hot claw technique, from time to time in the bat wing beasts to grasp the cracks, the speed is not airtight .

After a dozen claws, Evil King finally defeated the batwing beast and got a black cloak .

“It’s actually an Earth level middle rank cloak . ”

Evil King blinked in the eyes .

Relative to weapons and Armor, this special treat is more precious .

Put on the black cloak, Evil King's eyes fell on the crystal pillar with pitch-black gloves .

Evil Fist Sect is good at the fist technique . His fist technique is a domineering, and an Earth level glove is enough to bring his strength to a new level .

Just after Evil King selected the second goal, Li Fuchen finally solved the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf .

A fis strike, Li Fuchen broke the neck of the Silver Scaled Monster Wolf .

With the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen's consciousness invaded .

After a moment, Li Fuchen's face was bright .

The Silver Scaled Treasure Armor is really the Earth level Treasure Armor .

It is also the Earth level middle rank Treasure Armor .

Although Treasure Armor requires True Spirit activate to achieve maximum defense, it is also indestructible and extremely defensive .

Pull off the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor and Li Fuchen into the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor .

With the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor body, Li Fuchen is confident that no one can threaten him inside the palace, only he can threaten others .

"Which second target is chosen?"

With the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen faced a choice .

There are two choices for him, he must choose one .

And basically the last one .

Eight pieces of treat, it is very fast .

In the end, Li Fuchen chose the mysterious metal plate .

Although the metal plate does not know what it is, it does not see anything, but it feels the deepest for Li Fuchen, perhaps an amazing secret treasure .

To know that secret treasure is a real treasure, the value is far above the same level of weapon Armor .

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