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Chapter 357
"Just, this impurity and malice . "

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Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter Although small accomplishment, Li Fuchen within the body has a lot more impurities .

There are monster beast blood essence impurities, there is Blood Corpse Pill malicious, these impurities do not remove, his body will sooner or later collapse, or irreversible changes .

Without relying on external forces, it is possible to refine impurities without cultivation until Chapter 6 .

In the fifth chapter of the strength of Dragon Form, the effect of refining impurities is too weak .

Fortunately, this impurity is malicious by Blood Corpse Pill . If it is a monster beast blood essence, Li Fuchen's body is afraid that it can't be supported long ago .

Growing up, Li Fuchen's face showed a confident smile .

If it is outside, he can't be the opponent of Horned Demon King Blood Ancestor, but in the palace, if he can't revolve True Spirit, he can completely crush Blood Ancestor and compete against Horned Demon King .

The opportunity in the palace, at this moment, he can undoubtedly fight for .

Out of the room, Li Fuchen followed the palace passage and hurried to the meteor .

In a short while, Li Fuchen came to the door of a room he had never seen before, and there were two statues of pig demon statues at the door .

The pig demon stone statue was resurrected and slammed toward Li Fuchen .

Pēng pēng !

Li Fuchen, who fought with his own will, made a lot of horrible means, and smashed the pig demon stone statue directly with two punches .

Entering the room, Li Fuchen found a calligraphy .

Called on the two black letters, the mountain, which is the word of the mountain, gives a kind of intent to the Intent Domain, just a glance, let Li Fuchen have a dizzy feeling .

"Good for a calligraphy . "

Li Fuchen was shocked . In his opinion, this calligraphy must be written by Battle Spirit Realm expert . Otherwise, the above Martial Art True Meaning could not be so terrible enough to affect his spirit will .

“With this calligraphy, you might be able to comprehend a set of broken Earth level Martial Art . ”

Clear Sky Sword Art and Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit Although it is also Earth level Martial Art, but only in the case of veined mark, Li Fuchen can comprehend some fur, it is not too good, and it is not useful at Li Fuchen . Come, perhaps the first Odd Martial Artist failed to put Clear Sky Sword Art and Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit cultivate to peak .

After withdraw calligraphy, Li Fuchen continues to explore the palace .

"Red Tiger Battle Fist !"

At the door of a room, Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie is working with two Ox Monster Stone Statue great wars .

The two Ox Monster Stone Statues are far more powerful than the Leopard Monster Stone Statue, and they are replaced by Blood Ancestor . Ten are not opponents . It is estimated that only the Horned Demon King can force the Ox Monster Stone Statue .

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As human, according to the truth, You Lie's physical strength should be similar to that of Blood Ancestor, but at this moment, You Lie actually pressed the Ox Monster Stone Statue .


A reddish-fist glow shocked the Ox Monster Stone Statue, splashing countless pieces of stone .

No one knows, You Lie also hides a Profound level low rank Body Refining fist technique .

Body Refining fist technique, as the name suggests, activates the strength of Qi and Blood's fist technique, suitable for melee .

The same physical strength, there is no Body Refining fist technique, the gap is great .

It is like the martial artist in the same world, there is no difference in cultivation .

Eastern Lín Continent, Body Refining is rare . The Great Sect is basically only the Body Refining Cultivation Technique . The Body Refining Martial Art is basically lost . There are only ten peaks and some Yellow level Body Refining Martial . Art passed down, but Profound level Body Refining Martial Art has been lost for hundreds of years .

If True Spirit is unrestricted, Profound level low rank Body Refining fist technique Red Tiger Battle Fist has no effect at all .

But now, when True Spirit is banned, the role of Red Tiger Battle Fist is reflected, enough to make You Lie explode several times .


An Ox Monster Stone Statue burst and was destroyed into countless stones .

After a few blinks, the other Ox Monster Stone Statue burst .

You Lie swallowed the next Body Refining medicine pill and walked into the room .


"A very powerful stone statue . "

At the door of another room, Li Fuchen also encountered a strong enemy .

This time the opponent is two Bear Monster Stone Statue .

The strength of the Bear Monster Stone Statue will definitely crush the Leopard Monster Stone Statue .

Among the stone statues Li Fuchen experienced, the demon stone statue is the weakest, followed by the Wolf Monster Stone Statue, the pig demon stone statue, then the Leopard Monster Stone Statue, and the strength of the Bear Monster Stone Statue, which is estimated to be similar to the Tiger Monster Stone Statue that has not yet played .

"However, the speed is too slow . "

In Li Fuchen's consciousness, the take action of the Bear Monster Stone Statue is very slow, which is not the Leopard Monster Stone Statue .

The figure flashed, and Li Fuchen's right foot glowed pale gold and kicked on the head of the Bear Monster Stone Statue .

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Bear Monster Stone Statue Half of his head burst .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

Light gold rays of light, two Bear Monster Stone Statue have been kicked .

Entering the room, Li Fuchen has a look .

On the wall on the right side of the room is a small bookcase with a secret book on it .

Going over, Li Fuchen took the secret book in his hand .

The cover of the secret book reads the three characters of Iron Bone Fist .

"Iron Bone Fist ?"

Li Fuchen opened the secret book .

Iron Bone Fist, Profound level high rank Body Refining fist technique, qi and blood for steel, all-conquering .

“It’s actually a Body Refining fist technique?”Li Fuchen was taken aback .

Body Refining Martial Art, almost lost in Eastern Lín Continent .

It is estimated that only the top ten peaks inherit some low level Body Refining Martial Art .

"It can be cultivation . "

Li Fuchen thought about it and decided to cultivate Iron Bone Fist .

Just take the Iron Bone Fist cultivation to the beginning, and his strength can be improved by at least a few, cultivation to small accomplishment, at least more than double .

Although Body Refining Martial Art has never been cultivated, Body Refining Martial Art and Body Refining Cleaning Technique are in the same vein and are not difficult to cultivate .

A moment ago, Li Fuchen's Iron Bone Fist reached the entry level .

A fist strikes out, the surface of the fist will condense a layer of light black qi and blood, like black gloves, with the power of all-conquering .

"The power has increased by almost 40% . "

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

Without leaving, Li Fuchen continued the cultivation Iron Bone Fist .

Adding 40% of the power does not satisfy Li Fuchen, the palace is inexplicable, and with Horned Demon King, Li Fuchen feels that it is necessary to greatly enhance the strength .

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Half a day later, Iron Bone Fist finally reached the small accomplishment realm .

At this time, Iron Bone Fist was rushed, and the surface of the fist would condense a layer of light black qi and blood, which was almost twice as powerful .

"Now, facing the Horned Demon King, it is enough to fight . "

Before Li Fuchen was only confident to compete with Horned Demon King, it was because of the superb consciousness that the opponent's movements could be judged in advance, but now Li Fuchen is confident that he can break the defense .

Of course, if you can beat Horned Demon King, Li Fuchen has no confidence .

The strength of level 5 Demon is still a strange domain for Li Fuchen .

Another day passed, Li Fuchen's Iron Bone Fist rumored and quickly improved .

Soul reached the blue level, which greatly improved his Perception and crowned the entire Eastern Lín Continent .

The superb consciousness makes him know himself well .

In addition, he has already developed the Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter to small accomplishment .

Various factors led to Li Fuchen cultivation Iron Bone Fist, without the slightest bottleneck, all the way to hot knife through butter .

After spending a total of three days, Li Fuchen cultivated Iron Bone Fist to the realm of great accomplishment .

A fist strike, the power has increased by more than five times .

“My foundation is too strong, and the increase of more than five times is already very exaggerated . If there is no cultivation Dragon Form Forging Body, it is easy to increase by more than ten times . ”

With Iron Bone Fist cultivation to great accomplishment, Li Fuchen is not ready to continue cultivation .

There is a big gap between great accomplishment and Body Refining True Meaning . It will not be possible to comprehend Iron Bone Fist True Meaning for a while, and, with his current strength, there is no need to continue cultivation .

"Damn Horned Demon King, damn Li Fuchen . "

In an inconspicuous little room, Blood Ancestor secretly healed himself .

At this moment, his qi and blood are weak, and his body is withered .

Due to the inability of the True Spirit in the interior of the palace, he could not open the storage pouch and took out the 10,000 blood bead to nourish qi and blood . He could only extract the qi and blood from the deep of the body to heal .

Fortunately, he is strong in qi and blood, and extracting qi and blood is just a little damage to origin qi, which is not a big deal .

On the occasion of the healing of Blood Ancestor, the palace once again welcomed a group of explorers .

They are Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun, Monster and Demon Ten Territories, one of the owners, Blood Demon King and Evil Fist Sect Sect Master Evil King .

The three men entered the palace successively, and there was no battle between them .


Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun is a red-haired, majestic old man with a red tool mark and exaggerated muscles .

I saw him a fist strike out, two pigs demon stone like a simultaneous explosion, can not stop his punch .

"This place is really my blessing . Here, even Evil King, I have the confidence to fight it . "

Ge Yun grinned .

Physical strength has always been his greatest advantage . In the outside world, even Evil King can't hurt him in a short time .

The blood qi broke out, and the two Wolf Monster Stone Statues were just resurrected and crushed into pieces by a Blood Shadow .

Blood Demon King, the owner of Blood Demon Territory, is second only to Petrification Queen, and his Demon talent is absolutely frightening . At the beginning, even Blood Ancestor was honest in front of him . .

But what the two don't know is that Evil King is more terrible than them .

Walking through the palace passage, the Evil King with a golden mask came to the front of the two Tiger Monster Stone Statues .

The Tiger Monster Stone Statue is resurrected, and the claws are thrown at Evil King .

Evil King didn't move, his right index finger extended, and he was spotted on the forehead of the two Tiger Monster Stone Statue at a speed that was hard to see with the naked eye .


Two Tiger Monster Stone Statue burst and gravel flew .

"too weak . "

Evil King shook his head .

His strength is powerful in all aspects .

In the outside world, he is invincible continent .

In the palace, he is also invincible continent .

No one knows that in addition to the Demon Dao cultivation base, he also cultivated an Earth level low rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique and a Profound level middle rank Body Refining Martial Art .

Otherwise, he is not likely to be absolute strength, invincible continent .


The palace was large, and for the next few days, Li Fuchen could not meet Horned Demon King and others .

Two Ox Monster Stone Statues rushed over . Li Fuchen hit Iron Bone Fist and terrifying his fist . He directly smashed the Ox Monster Stone Statue and shattered it as if he had hit a piece of tofu .

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