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Published at 18th of September 2019 04:30:09 AM
Chapter 356
Horned Demon King is also a bit stunned, which one is it?

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"court death . "

Blood Ancestor is angry, his hands are printed, and he is eager to recite a spell .

The spell was so fierce and fierce, as if the devil was in jealousy .

The next moment, Li Fuchen's body emerged with a dark red Curse Seal veined mark .

This is a blood spell, created by Blood Ancestor in conjunction with the Blood Dao Foundation Curse Seal Blood Curse, which not only triggers blood qi, but also strengthens the blood consciousness .

The creation of the Blood Curse is to prevent the Curse Seal from awakening its own consciousness with the blood corpse .

In the eyes of Blood Ancestor, Li Fuchen's desire to break away from his control is simply an idiot .

“Is the blood consciousness doubled?”

In the space of consciousness, a blood-colored spot is twice as powerful, and countless blood-colored wires spread out .

"Unfortunately, it is still too weak . "

Beside the bloody light spot, it is a light group like a sun .

The light group burst out of thousands of rays of light, melting the bloody silk thread and destroying the blood consciousness .

Compared with Li Fuchen's consciousness, the blood consciousness is no different from the firefly .


A blood spurted out .

Blood Ancestor looks blank .

The other party actually destroyed the blood consciousness, what a terrible consciousness .

Is this a spiritual sense?

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Spiritual sense, the consciousness that the Battle Spirit Realm expert can have .

There is a qualitative difference between ordinary consciousness and ordinary consciousness .

Destroyed the blood consciousness, Li Fuchen's control of himself reached its perfect state, even if his body had been eroded by ninety-nine .

That's right, Blood Corpse Pill didn't completely erode his body, his with the body, and the strength of Dragon Form .

The strength of Dragon Form is perfect and powerful, and Blood Corpse Pill wants to erode, not so easy .


After a few breaths, Li Fuchen left the sight of Horned Demon King .

Horned Demon King frowned and immediately looked at Blood Ancestor .

Blood Ancestor has come back and rushed .

Even if Li Fuchen is out of control, he still has countless ways to control Li Fuchen as long as he leaves the Black Heaven Sect .

But for now, you have to get rid of Horned Demon King .

Horned Demon King is extremely fast and catches up with Blood Ancestor in a flash .


With a punch, even without the increase of Demon Qi, with the strength of Horned Demon King, you can punch any Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, and you can't revolve True Spirit's Blood Ancestor, basically no problem .

"blood armor !"

Blood Ancestor As an Eastern Lín Continent Apex expert, it's impossible to do anything .

I saw his blood qi surging, condensed into a pair of Blood Qi Armor .

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This Blood Qi Armor has nothing to do with True Spirit, it is a combination of its own blood qi .


Blood Qi Armor collapsed, Blood Ancestor squirted a blood, and the figure flew out, temporarily pulling away from Horned Demon King .

Horned Demon King didn't want to let go of Blood Ancestor and catch up again .

"blood armor . "

Blood Ancestor .


With an endless blood qi, Blood Ancestor has caught the bombardment of Horned Demon King again and again .

"It's really hard . "

Horned Demon King has a stern look .

Without restriction, he is not willing to provoke Blood Ancestor .

The other side's Blood Dao True Qi has a great influence on him . Except for Blood Demon King, Monster and Demon Ten Territories, the level 5 Demon is basically unaffected, and there are at most strong and weak .

Just without Blood Dao True Qi, the other party is still so hard to kill, somewhat out of expectations of Horned Demon King .

Get rid of Horned Demon King and Blood Ancestor, and Li Fuchen follows the same path .

He is going to find a safe place to refine Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

Although this blood qi can't affect his consciousness, it can erode his body . Once the body is completely eroded, Burning Heaven True Qi will also dissipate . After all, it is suitable for blood corpse's True Spirit, only Blood Dao True Qi . , Burning Heaven True Qi and Blood Dao True Qi, but they are out of place .

This is not what Li Fuchen wants to see .

The palace is very large and Li Fuchen finds himself lost in the palace .

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This can't blame him, there is a Space Array inside the palace, and the Space Array is the most lost direction .

Although Li Fuchen's consciousness reached the Battle Spirit Realm level, it was nothing during the Black Heaven Sect's heyday . In Black Heaven Sect, there is a space beyond the Battle Spirit Realm . The Space Array they arranged is extraordinary . .

Going deeper and deeper, Li Fuchen came to the door of a room .

There was no stone statue in this room . When I went in, I found out that it was a lounge .

"Just here!"

Li Fuchen sat down at the corner and began to revolved the Dragon Form Forging Body chapter, which activated within the body's strength of Dragon Form .

The strength of Dragon Form is a pale gold color, like a hair strand, moving through the fleshy bones .

With the Li Fuchen revolved Dragon Form Forging Body chapter, the strength of Dragon Form began to devour Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

Dragon Form Forging Body Chapter cultivation After the strength of Dragon Form, cultivation is much easier than before . Just swallow the difference of Qi and Blood with strength of Dragon Form, such as Body Refining medicine pill's medicine pill force, such as Monster beast blood essence, such as Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

Blood Corpse Pill blood qi is very rich and powerful, and the strength of Dragon Form is swallowed up . When a single strength of Dragon Form swallows enough Blood Corpse Pill blood qi, it splits .

Therefore, there is only a dozen threads of Dragon Form, which will be split into dozens of wires and then hundreds of wires .

A trace of the Dragon of Dragon Form in the body, Li Fuchen was surprised to find that after the strength of Dragon Form increased, in addition to the speed of phagocytosis is greatly accelerated, and there is a trace of refining impurities, although very weak, but better than nothing .

Maybe one day, when the strength of Dragon Form is strong enough, you don't need to worry about the impurities in the monster beast blood essence .

Blood Corpse Pill blood qi is very much, and Li Fuchen's strength of Dragon Form is growing rapidly .

Hundreds of wires .

More than two hundred filaments .

Five hundred silk .

One thousand silk .

When the strength of Dragon Form reached a thousand, Blood Corpse Pill blood qi, only a half .

At this time, Li Fuchen's body finally returned to its original state, no longer a bloody look .

It looks a lot normal .

Spit a bloody aura, Li Fuchen continues to refine the Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

One thousand two hundred silk .

One thousand five hundred silk .

When Blood Corpse Pill blood qi was thoroughly refining, Li Fuchen within the body was filled with 1,500 pieces of strength of Dragon Form .

The 1,500-strandth of the Dragon Form is interwoven like a net, spread all over Li Fuchen, as if it were a vein .

“Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter is finally small accomplishment . ”

Li Fuchen flashed the dazzling light in his eyes .

Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter small accomplishment, which means that his physical strength can resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist .

At this moment, True Spirit is irrelevant .

Even if he revolved True Spirit, with a level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, it can only resist the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist attack, with little added defense .

Also use the trump card, you can add more defense .

Before that, he couldn't do this step with Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

This is mainly because the strength of Dragon Form is higher than that of Blood Corpse Pill blood qi .

After all, strength of Dragon Form is the Qi Strength of the earth level high rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique Dragon Form Forging Body chapter cultivation, not the general strength of Qi and Blood .

Ps: I came back late at night . I feel tired after a restful night, but the update will be normal . In addition, Eternal Reverence’s audio novels and comics are out . You can see them in Netease Cloud Music and NetEase comics . I can go and see, personal feeling is good, I like it very much .

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