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Published at 18th of September 2019 04:30:10 AM
Chapter 355
Palace Entrance opens, You Lie first enters, Horned Demon King and Many-Eyed Demon, then Blood Ancestor and Li Fuchen finally enter .

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After entering the Main Hall, Li Fuchen lamented his smallness .

Inside the palace, there is obviously a Space Array, which looks like a miniature city from the outside . From the inside, it is obviously many times larger .

Entering the palace, everyone immediately felt a powerful force infiltrated into the body .

Under the infiltration of this power, everyone clearly felt that their True Spirit or Demon Qi could not be revolved .

Outside the palace, only True Spirit or Demon Qi can't manages, and it will be sucked away by the Guardian Lion . Inside the palace, True Spirit and Demon Qi are banned .

Horned Demon King and Many-Eyed Demon were shocked first, then ecstatic .

Without Demon Qi, they are a lot weaker, but definitely better than You Lie and Blood Ancestor .

After all, You Lie and Blood Ancestor are human, and you can compare with Demon .

Also happy is Li Fuchen .

Originally his physical strength reached the Shedding Body Realm peak level, and under the erosion of two Blood Corpse Pill, his physical strength was no less inferior to the level 5 high rank monster beast .

The real place for human is not only True Spirit, but also Martial Art .

Without True Spirit, absolute majority Martial Art can't be displayed .

In general, even if Profound level top rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique cultivation to Perfection Realm, comprehend out Body Refining True Meaning, the physical strength can only match the level middle rank monster beast, not comparable to level 5 high rank monster beast, Not comparable to level 5 Apex monster beast, not to level 5 Demon .

However, Li Fuchen is confident and has a superb consciousness . Now he is not even vulnerable to the Horned Demon King .

As for Many-Eyed Demon, Li Fuchen, who was injured, was confident that he could suppress the other side .

“No hurry, maybe Blood Ancestor has other means . ”

Li Fuchen did not dare to expose his condition .

Once exposed, it is inevitable that Blood Ancestor has other means to deal with itself .

"Damn, you can't use True Spirit . "

Blood Ancestor has an ugly face .

In addition to Li Fuchen, he has other blood corpse, but these blood corpse are in a secret treasure Exquisite Blood Pond .

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But to open Exquisite Blood Pond, you must enter Blood Dao True Qi .

Here, he could not open the Exquisite Blood Pond at all .

"Fortunately, leave him outside . "

Blood Ancestor looked at Li Fuchen and his heart was a little better .

Li Fuchen's physical strength, which is almost up to the level 5 high rank monster beast level, can still make a big difference .

After all, only the Horned Demon King made him wariness .

As for You Lie, it should not be enough .

“Can't I use True Spirit?”You Lie smiles a little and doesn't care .

As a Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder, he can't have a background .

In fact, he is qualified in any environment .

The three men and two Demon, temporarily safe and sound, began to explore the interior of the palace .

Of course, everyone has their own points .

A red-hot Li Fuchen walks in front and Blood Ancestor follows .

After a while, the two came to the door of a room .

There are two statues of demon statues at the door of the room .


The Blood Ancestor consciousness controls Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen instantly rushed up .

In the absence of active control, his body is controlled by the blood consciousness .


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The dog-like stone statue came alive and greeted Li Fuchen .


One stone and two stone statues, fierce battles .

Li Fuchen's body, instinctively fighting .

Or, instinctively, under the leadership of the blood consciousness .

The means of fighting are not very high, but at least they are embarrassing .

And Blood Ancestor is watching behind, without the meaning of intervening .

In fact, with his current strength, it is a fight against the demon stone statue .

Finally, the dog demon stone was broken, Li Fuchen first entered the room, and Blood Ancestor followed .

There was a long case in the room, and a bamboo slip was placed on the case .

Blood Ancestor opened it and grinned .

Bamboo slips are nothing special, but the above is quite valuable .

At this level, the general treat secret book has been unable to make his heart move, but it is something that seems useless, but it can make him tempted .

"It should be something like that!"

Li Fuchen secretly guessed .

Leaving the room, the two continued to explore .

Half an hour passed and the two found another room .

The guard room door is the two Wolf Monster Stone Statue .

Like last time, Blood Ancestor let Li Fuchen go up and break the Wolf Monster Stone Statue .

Compared to the demon stone statue, the Wolf Monster Stone Statue is much stronger . Li Fuchen has been caught several blood marks, but what surprised Li Fuchen is that his body is very self-healing and will take a while . The blood mark disappears .

"It should be that Blood Corpse Pill changed my physique . "

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Li Fuchen secretly said in heart .

There are thousands of kinds of medicine pill . Legend has it that there is an undying dan . After taking it, you can have an undying body in a short time, which is many times stronger than Blood Corpse Pill .

So the speciality of Blood Corpse Pill is also acceptable .

In the room, Blood Ancestor got another thing .

This time it is a piece of jade .

I don't know what is special .

The third room is guarded by two Leopard Monster Stone Statues .

In the face of the Leopard Monster Stone Statue, Li Fuchen suffered a slight injury, the abdomen was almost scratched, the flesh and blood was blurred, and a claw on his face rolled over the skin, almost tearing Li Fuchen's eye . Once the eyeball was torn, it was extremely heavy . The injury, no heaven defying medicine pill, almost impossible to recover .

So this time, Li Fuchen took half a hour to recover .

"It won't work like this . The next room is more dangerous than one . If it is normal, Blood Ancestor will pay attention to me . I won't give up easily, but here, the other party is likely to sacrifice me . "

Li Fuchen's thoughts flickered .

In his view, a potential blood corpse is obviously less than the treasure in the Black Heaven Sect ruins . After all, the blood corpse is gone, and it is hard to find the treasure .

Finally, the two came to the door of the fourth room .

On both sides are two Tiger Monster Stone Statues .

"Be sure to get out . "

Li Fuchen secretly made up his mind .

He is preparing to move, and suddenly he feels .

Not far away, Horned Demon King and Many-Eyed Demon came over .

Seeing Blood Ancestor, Horned Demon King looked okay .

Before, he also got a lot of good things in other rooms, some were useless and some useful, but he didn't turn a blind eye anyway, especially in the palace, he thought he could crush Blood Ancestor .

Damn it…

Blood Ancestor is staring at Horned Demon King .

As a Blood Dao martial artist, he has some restraint on any life . In Monster and Demon Ten Territories, Petrification Queen and Blood Demon King make him wariness . Others, he can either protect himself or press each other . .

The Blood Dao True Qi can't be used inside the palace, but the Horned Demon King can't be restrained .

"Let's go……"

Blood Ancestor does not want to entangle with Horned Demon King .

Unfortunately, Horned Demon King did not intend to let go of Blood Ancestor .

"Leave the treasure you got before . "Horned Demon King stopped Blood Ancestor and Li Fuchen .

"Horned Demon King, you don't have to take a shot . "

In the palace, you can voice, Blood Ancestor .

"How do I get in . "Horned Demon King sneer .

"Block them . "

Blood Ancestor commands Li Fuchen .

As for himself, he quickly retreated .

How he doesn't know, Horned Demon King will let him go so easily, and give up the treasure . He will only let the other party think that he can bully . If he doesn't make up for it, he will not give up the treasure . The other party will force himself and the ending will not change .

Blood Ancestor thought that Li Fuchen would stop Horned Demon King and expect Li Fuchen to retreat faster than him .

"Let me go hard with Horned Demon King, am I stupid?"

Li Fuchen mocked Blood Ancestor .

"No way?"

Blood Ancestor's eyes are round .

Li Fuchen is actually out of control .

Ps: These days, because I am in Thailand, there is nothing to update . I will try to update it in the next two days . After I go back, this book should enter a new chapter . Li Fuchen will come to a more continent, which will be revealed in advance . a bit .

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