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Chapter 354
"Not good . "

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Wrapped in a bloody rope, Li Fuchen felt so weak and weak that True Spirit could not be revolved .

How he does not understand the plans of Blood Ancestor, Ten Thousand Blood Cult has two major anti-drug methods, one is refining million blood bead, the other is refining blood corpse .

If he guessed it well, Blood Ancestor was going to make him a blood corpse .

Li Fuchen's guess is correct . Blood Ancestor did take a fancy to Li Fuchen and planned to make him a blood corpse .

Refining the blood corpse, the requirements for the blood corpse's cultivation base are not high, and the body strength requirements are relatively high .

The stronger the body, the more Blood Dao power can be accommodated . With the physical strength of Li Fuchen, it takes a long time for Blood Ancestor to refine Li Fuchen into a Shedding Body Realm level of blood corpse and Shedding Body Realm . Apex, just around the corner, is not without hope .

After the Li Fuchen, Blood Ancestor took the mask on Li Fuchen's face .

Li Fuchen's young face suddenly surprised him .

From the perspective of "Essence, Li Fuchen's age cannot be more than thirty years old, up to twenty .

In the twenties, you can reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer . This talent potential is definitely the heaven's chosen in heaven's chosen . It is not an exaggeration to use King of heaven's chosen .

Blood Ancestor faintly guessed Li Fuchen's identity . The last Star List Number 1 , the strongest first King Star in the millennium, he still heard it, but he didn't see it . After all, he couldn't think of it except Li Fuchen . Who else can reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer realm at the age of twenty .

Blood Ancestor was taken aback and Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie was also taken aback .

He also recognized the identity of Li Fuchen .

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Although he knew Li Fuchen freak, he was freak better than Situ Lei in his family, but he did not expect to be able to freak to this extent .

As far as he knows, Li Fuchen should be twenty-five years old!

At the age of twenty-five, he was promoted to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer . This talent potential is the first in the millennium .

After all, it was the Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist . After the surprise, You Lie quickly recovered and became indifferent .

Heaven's chosen, no, before it grows to a certain extent, it is no different from mole crickets and ants .

And to be honest, he didn't want to see Li Fuchen grow up .

With Li Fuchen's freak degree, after twenty years, maybe it will become a towering tree, which will undoubtedly threaten the status of Thunder God Sect .

I found a bloody medicine pill, and Blood Ancestor took Li Fuchen's chin and stuffed it in .

This bloody medicine pill is called Blood Corpse Pill . After swallowing this Dan, even the Shedding Body Realm martial artist can't resist medicinal power and slowly eroded into blood corpse . Of course, the premise is that the other party cannot revolved True Spirit, otherwise True Under Spirit revolved, it is still able to drive out the Blood Corpse Pill medicinal power .

At the entrance of Blood Corpse Pill, Li Fuchen only felt a hot feeling spread throughout the body .

"What is this medicine pill?"

Li Fuchen has a bad hunch in his heart, and consciousness sweeps through the body in an instant .

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The next moment, Li Fuchen snorted .

Although you can't use True Spirit, you can use it to easily see it . In the body within the body, there is a trace of place that turns into blood, a trace of blood, with a peak of malicious .

“Is it possible to refine the blood corpse, is this medicine pill the key?”

Li Fuchen is in a bad mood .

He doesn't want to be a blood corpse . Once he becomes a blood corpse, it is no different from a walking dead .

After giving Blood Fuse Pill to Li Fuchen, Blood Ancestor grinning hideously, one palm on Li Fuchen's back, mad Bloom Dao True Qi, inspiring Blood Corpse Pill's medicinal power .

Horned Demon King seems to have suffered from the loss of Blood Ancestor, and although the killing intent flashed, he returned to its original position .

As for the seriously injured Many-Eyed Demon, he dared not to provoke Blood Ancestor .

Inspired by Blood Ancestor Blood Dao True Qi, Li Fuchen within the body has more and more blood color, which is invisible from the beginning, to the size of the back sesame, thumb size, fist size, and the speed of spread is extremely fast, and faster and faster .

As Li Fuchen gradually turned into blood, a deep malice emanated from Li Fuchen, like a evil spirit .

"Damn, damn it . "

Li Fuchen looked at it all, and there was no way at all .

About half an hour later, in addition to the head and the whole body, Li Fuchen turned into blood, deep and malicious, and even Many-Eyed Demon had some numbness .

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“Isn't a Blood Corpse Pill enough?”

Blood Ancestor first frowned, looked sad, and immediately revealed a surprise color, once again found a Blood Corpse Pill .

Blood Corpse Pill is not easy to refine, and a medicinal power of Blood Corpse Pill can fully support one hundred martial artists to cultivate Profound level top rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique to Perfection Realm .

The only way to do this is that Blood Ancestor doesn't care . The key is that the refining materials of Blood Corpse Pill are hard to find, basically one less .

You know, the general Shedding Body Realm martial artist, he is not happy to use Blood Corpse Pill to refine the other into a blood corpse, throw him into the blood pond at most, and slowly refine it .

Two Blood Corpse Pills were used on one person, and Li Fuchen was the first .

As the second Blood Corpse Pill enters into the body of Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen's head is gradually transformed into blood, and finally the eyebrows and teeth of the eyeballs are transformed into blood, and the whole person is like a bloody shadow . Endless malicious and bloody aura .

Upon seeing this, Blood Ancestor's face is getting more and more smiling . The blood corpse in front of him is his most satisfying masterpiece . It is just two Blood Corpse Pill, which catalyzes it to the Shedding Body Realm level . 10,000 blood bead, reaching the Shedding Body Realm middle rank high rank is a breeze, and one day, there may not be no hope to upgrade to Shedding Body Realm Apex, become the king of blood corpse .

It seems that nothing is wrong, and Blood Ancestor undoes the loose rope on Li Fuchen .


At this moment, Palace Entrance opened, and Blood Ancestor looked over, but did not know when Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie had arrived at the front door .

With an inspiration, Blood Ancestor followed Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen goes hand in hand, behind Blood Ancestor .

"Is it controlled by him? Looks like it is not . ”

At this moment, Li Fuchen seems to have two consciousnesses in his mind, a blood consciousness, and a consciousness of his own .

The blood consciousness is controlled by Blood Ancestor, and the other person's mind is controlled by his or her mind .

However, in comparison, your own consciousness is stronger, you can control your body at any time above the blood consciousness .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn't dare to act rashly . Once he was noticed by Blood Ancestor, the consequences were unimaginable .

In order to verify his thoughts, Li Fuchen tried to move his finger .

The next moment, the finger moved a little .

As expected…

Li Fuchen is in the heart .

It seems that my consciousness is too strong, and it is easy to not control people, unless the other party's consciousness is far beyond their own .

But that is estimated to be beyond the existence of Battle Spirit Realm!

Moreover, there is Goldem Small Talisman in my mind .

In the last cemetery, the existence of Beyond Battle Spirit Realm wanted the body possession to lose its body, not to mention Blood Ancestor .

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