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Chapter 353
However, level 5 Demon is level 5 Demon after all, and it is not so easy to kill a level 5 Demon .

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Kā cā!!

I don't know how this level 5 Demon touched the array barrier . I saw his hands and force, forcibly tearing open a hole, and then instantly drilled out .

However, before he got out, he suffered an unprecedented blow . Half of his body was almost smashed by grass, and his blood was blurred .

"God damn it!"

This level 5 Demon has a lot of eyes on the bare head . It is these eyes that make it find the array barrier at a critical moment, but the moment the array is torn open, the attack intensity of the array is soaring, causing it to be seriously traumatized .

"That human has gone in unharmed and unharmed . It must be an array Great Master . I don't know what treasure he got?"Many-Eyed Demon showed greed and violent color, chasing in the direction of Li Fuchen's departure .

For a long time, Li Fuchen couldn't find the second small courtyard with an array .

Li Fuchen estimated that the owner of the small courtyard, Black Heaven Sect Legacy Elder, should like a quiet and simple life, so he lived outside the Legacy Area .

"It's time to leave . "

The greed is not bad, Li Fuchen has gotten enough benefits, it is time to go back and digest it .

"Human, leave me . "

At this moment, the rear figure was chased up, it was Many-Eyed Demon .

"Not good . "

Li Fuchen looks a little different .

He didn't expect Many-Eyed Demon to break free from the Trapping Array, otherwise he would never search Black Heaven Sect along a route .

The figure flashed and Li Fuchen quickly flew up .

"Such a fast speed!"

Many-Eyed Demon is very surprised . As a level 5 Demon, he has great physical strength and flies flat, far faster than Shedding Body Realm martial Artist .

Of course, because he was seriously injured, the speed of running at this moment is only two or three percent of the usual time .

But it is also very remarkable .

However, the speed of Li Fuchen is not much slower than him . In a short time, it is difficult for him to catch up with each other .

"Is it seriously injured?"

Seeing that the other party did not catch up immediately, Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief .

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The ruins of Black Heaven Sect hang over the forbidden array, and even the Shedding Body Realm martial artist can't fly, only flying on the ground .

Flying is more demanding on physical fitness, but the requirements for True Spirit are much less .

With Li Fuchen taking the Dragon Form Forging Body chapter cultivation to the fourth chapter of perfection, Li Fuchen's physical fitness, the Shedding Body Realm martial artist is considered a peak level, after all, absolute majority Shedding Body Realm martial artist cultivation is Profound level top rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique .

If Many-Eyed Demon was in its heyday, Li Fuchen didn't have a way, and now there is a turnaround .

"What's the speed, Drop dead . "

Many-Eyed Demon punched out, and the majestic Demon Qi was like a storm, quickly hitting Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen was a prophet, a turn to a trail, avoiding the attack of Many-Eyed Demon .

Thanks to the Black Heaven Sect ruins, the arbitrage array has restrictions on qi strength, which greatly weakens the power and scope of qi strength . Otherwise, Many-Eyed Demon is a level 5 Demon, punching out, what is the scope of the punch? It is big enough to destroy a city .

The path is quiet, the deeper, the quieter .

Although the Black Heaven Sect remains dead, there is no sound .

But Li Fuchen still feels a little different .

Turning around, Li Fuchen looks at the Many-Eyed Demon who is chasing .

Many-Eyed Demon growled, but Li Fuchen couldn't hear what the other was saying .

"The sound is gradually disappearing!"

Li Fuchen is stunned .

He didn't sense the fluctuation of the array at all, how the sound would disappear .

Apparently, Many-Eyed Demon hadn't noticed the path . He raised his right arm and hit Li Fuchen again .

Silent, black punches cut through the sky, chasing Li Fuchen .

In the next scene, Many-Eyed Demon slammed, and the stone statue on the side of the path suddenly came alive . The opened mouth was sucked and the punch was sucked clean .

“what's going on?”

Many-Eyed Demon is very depressed .

His boxing strength, how big, was actually absorbed by a stone statue, even Evil Fist Sect Sect Master Evil King can not do this!

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"Can't you use force?"

Li Fuchen sees this scene in his eyes .

"But under close contact, the stone statue should have no way to stop the use of force . "Li Fuchen secretly thought .

No matter what, Li Fuchen continues to go deep into the trail .

With a sense of superb, he is not necessarily weaker than Many-Eyed Demon in terms of survivability .

Many-Eyed Demon bit his teeth and followed .

Even the Trapping Array kills undying him . He is somewhat arrogant in his heart . He thinks that it should be safe in the periphery of the Legacy Area with his own strength .

The path was extremely long, and later, Li Fuchen was sure that they were no longer outside the Legacy Area or deep into the Legacy Area .

"God damn it!"

Many-Eyed Demon is a bit drumming .

He can also be arrogant on the perimeter of the Legacy Area, but when he gets inside, he has no confidence .

After all, Legacy Area, but living a bunch of Legacy Elder, these Legacy Elder, one by one is Battle Spirit Realm cultivation base, leaving the means, one is better than one .

Finally, the path disappeared, one person and one Demon, came to the foot of a mountain .

This is a mountain that looks like a stalwart . The mountain is about a thousand feet high .

Rear Many-Eyed Demon chased, Li Fuchen had no choice but to start climbing .

One hundred feet .

Three hundred feet .

One thousand feet .

“what's going on?”

Li Fuchen looked up and found that the top of the mountain was still so far away .

“Is there a Space Array that covers the mountain?”

Li Fuchen flashed a thought in his heart .

Space Array, also known as Qiankun array, contains a lot of space, like most Sealing Array, but also contains a subtle of Space Array .

Space Array The higher the level, the larger the internal space . This mountain is seen from the outside, only a thousand feet high . After going up the mountain, it can be found that the height of this mountain is far beyond a thousand feet .

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It is not difficult to imagine the peak of the Space Array . This mountain must be the important location of Black Heaven Sect .

Two thousand feet!

Three thousand feet!

Five thousand feet!

Finally, Li Fuchen came to the top of the mountain .

After arriving at the top of the mountain, Li Fuchen looked heavy .

There is a Main Hall on the top of the mountain . The Main Hall is so majestic, like a miniature city . The majestic Palace Entrance is like a city gate . There are two huge Guardian Lions in front of the door, at least ten feet high .

What makes Li Fuchen sink is that there are several figures on the plaza in front of the Main Hall .

They are Horned Demon King, the owner of Horned Demon Territory, Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie, and a majestic old man with bloody aura .

"yí !"

The arrival of Li Fuchen caught the attention of the three .

Horned Demon King is wrong first, then grinning hideously .

With his eyesight, Li Fuchen is a Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist . A Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist can come here . The luck is really heaven defying, but this luck is here .

Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie frowns and directly ignores the existence of Li Fuchen .

As for the old man with bloody aura, there was a hint of surprise, and his eyes were scanned around Li Fuchen .

"Horned Demon King, Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder, the old man has a bloody aura, I am afraid of Ten Thousand Blood Cult Founder Blood Ancestor . "Li Fuchen's heart sank again .

A Many-Eyed Demon is enough for him to have a headache . Another Horned Demon King, a Blood Ancestor, has almost no way to live .

Looking at the attitude of Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie, apparently did not put him in the heart .

In a short while, Many-Eyed Demon also went to the top of the mountain .

He is preparing to take action to kill Li Fuchen, and suddenly found that in addition to Li Fuchen, there are others .

"I have seen Horned Demon King . "

Many-Eyed Demon is not a member of Horned Demon King, but still very Revere for Horned Demon King .

Only his voice did not spread at all . On this mountain, it was impossible to pass the sound .

Horned Demon King waved his hand and apparently knew that it could not be heard .

"What to do now?"

Li Fuchen regretted that he knew that the summit was so dangerous that he should not go up the mountain .

Along the way, there are many roads that are connected to the trails, but the trails are safer, so Li Fuchen has not changed routes .

"I hope there is no qi strength manifestation on the top of the mountain . "

Li Fuchen can only pray for this, otherwise he has no hope at all .

Many-Eyed Demon sees Horned Demon King . Here, you no longer have to worry about You Lie and Blood Ancestor, and you can directly hit Li Fuchen . The majestic boxing is even more severe under the constraints of strength of Array .

Just then, a Guardian Lion in front of the Palace Entrance suddenly opened his mouth and the strength of Many-Eyed Demon was directly absorbed into a black air stream .

Many-Eyed Demon had been prepared, and his feet slammed into the ground, and the speed soared, flying to Li Fuchen .

He plans to kill Li Fuchen in close proximity .

It’s just that Li Fuchen will let him close and fly away .

Seeing this scene, Horned Demon King flashed the killing intent in his eyes .

Suddenly, the figure of Horned Demon King disappeared .

When it reappeared, it was on the right side of Li Fuchen .

Many-Eyed Demon can only play 20% to 30% because of injury . Horned Demon King is not injured, and Horned Demon King is stronger than Many-Eyed Demon . It is several times faster than the current Many-Eyed Demon . Li Fuchen is also several times faster .

"So fast . "

Li Fuchen big shock, there is no time to dodge .

A huge fist hit, on the fist, is demorifying to the peak of Demon Qi . Although Demon Qi is emitted, it is absorbed by the Guardian Lion . It seems that on the trail or on the mountain, True Spirit monster qi and Demon Qi can't manage .

But only the emitted Demon Qi was absorbed . Inside the inside of the fist of Horned Demon King, there is not a small amount of Demon Qi . As long as Li Fuchen has ten lives in a fist strike, even if there is a level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, It must also die .

Just then, a figure was intercepted by Li Fuchen and punched with Horned Demon King .

It is Ten Thousand Blood Cult Founder Blood Ancestor .

Horned Demon King is full of doubts and killing intent eyes glaring at Blood Ancestor, wondering why the other party will help Li Fuchen .

Blood Ancestor didn't help Li Fuchen so much . With the impact of his fist, his figure retreated and appeared beside Li Fuchen, and then a hollow rope flew out of his sleeve, and he wrapped the knot of Li Fuchen . It’s solid .

Soon, Horned Demon King understood the intent of Blood Ancestor .

Blood Ancestor has the means to refine the blood corpse . The other party must have fancy Li Fuchen and intend to refine Li Fuchen into a blood corpse . After all, Li Fuchen's body seems to be very powerful . In the Shedding Body Realm martial artist, it is a peak level . .

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