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Chapter 348
After a few months, Star Fate Mountain opens .

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On this side of the Star List Great Competition, Numerous Sect, there are two popular candidates for Star List Number 1, one is Su Muyu and the other is Yan Qingwu . Both of them are absolutely famous's chosen, last Star List Great Competition It is already in the top .

As for the other famous's chosen, they have already been promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm .

For the top of the heaven's chosen, participating in the two-time Star List Great Competition is the limit . Participating in the three-time Star List Great Competition, even if you get the first place, there is no honor, it will only make people feel bad .

Among the top heaven's chosen, only Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu met this condition .

Of course, the Numerous Sect has a rare heaven's chosen, and the Demon Dao forces also have a rare heaven's chosen .

Evil Fist Sect has an Evil Fist Young Master, Ten Thousand Blood Cult has an Impermanence Blood Child, and Extremity Yin Cult has Yin Demoness .

This trio is the most famous heaven's chosen by Demon Dao .

Of course, Demon Dao's ultimate heaven's chosen is definitely more than that, but others have been promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm, just like Numerous Sect, there are old-fashioned heaven's chosen, and newly promoted absolutely heaven's chosen, and newly promoted is absolutely heaven's chosen . There are still one or two rookies who have not participated in the Star List Great Competition . It is not as dazzling as Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu . After all, not everyone is Li Fuchen . The first Star List Great Competition won the first place and achieved the name of heaven defying .

Unknowingly, the Star List Great Competition has been carried out for most of the time .

So far, only Su Muyu, Yan Qingwu, Evil Fist Young Master, Impermanence Blood Child and Yin Demoness have not lost, and these five are the top three candidates for this Star List Great Competition .

After several rounds of competition, Yan Qingwu and Impermanence Blood Child met .

Ten strokes in the past, Impermanence Blood Child fiasco .

In the past three years, Yan Qingwu has long since ceased to be a young man . At this moment, she is peerless, and she is a world-shaking . She is almost inferior to King Star Qi Heng three years ago .

On the potential of talent, apart from the exception of Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu is comparable to Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye, and even slightly stronger than Chi Yuye . After all, Yan Qingwu’s current age is also better than that of Li . Fuchen was one year old .

Next, Su Muyu vs . Extremity Yin Cult's Yin Demoness, five strokes, Yin Demoness defeated .

Three years ago, Su Muyu was ranked fifteenth . After three years, she was strong enough to compete with Situ Lei .

One game after another begins, one game after another .

Soon, Yan Qingwu and Evil Fist Young Master were on .

The strength of Evil Fist Young Master is much stronger than Impermanence Blood Child and Yin Demoness . The two have a battle, and they have won the game with a thousand strokes .

The winner is Yan Qingwu .

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Damn it…Evil Fist Young Master is very reluctant, but he is the last heaven's first Sect Evil Fist Sect's chosen heaven's chosen, and he lost to a woman .

No suspense, then Evil Fist Young Master also lost to Su Muyu .

If Yan Qingwu was the King King Qi Heng in the Three King Star, Su Muyu was the Thunder King Star Situ Lei in the Three King Star that year, and the strength was crushed .

Star List Great Competition In the final round, Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu were on .

Yan Qingwu After all, two years younger than Su Muyu, even if the talent potential is more than Su Muyu, but the strength is strength, and has nothing to do with age .

In the end, Su Muyu won the Star List Number 1 and Yan Qingwu second .

Evil Fist Young Master, Impermanence Blood Child and Yin Demoness are ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively .

Su Muyu, who won the first place, was not too excited . Compared with Li Fuchen, her achievement was nothing .

To know that three years have passed, she is not sure of the victory over Li Fuchen three years ago . It is conceivable that Li Fuchen was strong at the time .

The title of the strongest King Star in the millennium is not to say .

After the game, Su Muyu chose to promote in the first place .

Before half a year ago, she was sure to promote to Heavenly Dipper Realm, and has been suppressed until now .

Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer .

Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer .

Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer .

Su Muyu broke through to Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer .

"Li Fuchen, don't know what state you are now?"Su Muyu secretly said in heart .

In the crowd, Yan Qingwu did not choose to promote .

She also had the confidence to promote Heavenly Dipper Realm a month ago .

But she can't be promoted before people, because she doesn't know how her promotion is going to be amazing . In fact, if she wants, Star List Number 1 is at her fingertips .

But Star List Number 1 doesn't make sense to her .

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"When I wake up so early, what is the problem?"Yan Qingwu thinks deeply .


Spring is coming to autumn, the cold and the heat alternate, blinking, three years have passed .

Floating Dust Peak .

Snowy, stacked hills .

With a bang, Fuchen Main Hall opened and a figure came out .

It is Li Fuchen .

"Three years?"

Li Fuchen looked up at the sky and the temperament was detached .

Looking down, watching the snow in the ground, Li Fuchen smiled, and True Spirit suddenly broke out .


The glaring of the rays of light is as if it is sunny and visible to the naked eye . The snow of the entire Floating Dust Peak melts rapidly . As the melting speed is too fast, the water vapor rises, and the floating Dust Peak is covered by layers of white fog . No five fingers .

But soon, this layer of white mist was evaporated again by burning aura, turned into pure water origin qi, dissipated into nothingness .

“Twenty first layer Burning Heaven True Merit, it’s amazing . ”

Three years have passed since the Profound Heaven Sword Intent perfection . Over the past three years, the strength of Li Fuchen has changed dramatically .

The first is Burning Heaven True Merit .

The amazing Perception and the enhancement of the cultivation base enabled Li Fuchen to break the Burning Heaven True Merit from the nineteenth layer to the twenty first layer .

The twenty first layer is the highest level of the Profound level top rank cultivation technique . At this point, Li Fuchen naturally masters the Burning Heaven Merit Intent .

With Burning Heaven Merit Intent, even if there is no improvement in other aspects, he also has the confidence to fight with Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

However, it is impossible to improve without other aspects .

His cultivation base, from the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, three years, has greatly enhanced the triple realm .

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There are many reasons why the promotion is so fast .

First, the Burning Heaven True Merit breakthrough, the speed of cultivation increased accordingly .

Second, the perfect Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, which is True Dragon Imprint, makes him realize the Heavenly Dipper Realm, which is twice the result with half the effort and even half the effort .

In addition, Burning Heaven Sword Intent perfection .

5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow perfection .

5 star secret technique Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin perfection .

All the improvements can be improved, and the Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter is still the realm of great accomplishment .

I want to cultivate to the fourth chapter of perfection, not to level 5 Monster Beast blood essence .

As a result, Li Fuchen is not as good as Shedding Body Realm martial artist except for the cultivation base . In other respects, it is at least flush and even beyond .

You know, the general Shedding Body Realm martial artist does not have 6 star secret technique, the general Shedding Body Realm martial artist, there is no Earth level Martial Art, the general Shedding Body Realm martial artist, and there is no Earth level cultivation technique, and Li Fuchen All have, although the latter two are just veined mark, consumed once less, but now can be counted as strength .

"I have been twenty-five this year . In a few years, I will definitely reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, but I want to promote Shedding Body Realm . " 5 years is possible . ”

Li Fuchen secretly said in heart .

True Dragon Imprint just makes his realization Heavenly Dipper Realm faster, but the Realization Shedding Body Realm still depends on itself .

In the early stage, he can use the height of the cultivation technique to make up for the lack of root bone, but in the later period, the gap between the 5-6 star root bone and the 1 star root bone is no longer easy to make up, unless he is given a Earth level cultivation technique, and the Earth level cultivation technique is cultivated to a very high level .

"It seems that we have to find opportunities . "

Li Fuchen moved the idea of ​​going out .

The Black Heaven Sect relics have been around for many years and often have secret book treasures discovered .

Mad Blade Sect Great Elder Helian Hu, by chance, got a Shedding Body Pill and was promoted to Shedding Body Realm .

This thing makes Great Elder Zhao extremely envious .

However, Li Fuchen does not see Shedding Body Pill .

Although Shedding Body Pill can be promoted to Shedding Body Realm, it will be difficult to continue to improve in the future .

What he can see is only the higher level Shedding Body Bone Changing Pill, or the Earth level secret book .

With Shedding Body Bone Changing Pill, after the promotion of Shedding Body Realm, the progress can be normal, the impact is minimal, and with the Earth level secret book, Li Fuchen can also step into the Shedding Body Realm .

Not reporting to Sect, Li Fuchen put on the mask that night and quietly left Azure Billow Sect and headed for White Mountain Territory .

Cultivation base reaches Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, Burning Heaven True Merit reaches the highest level, Li Fuchen's rushing speed is very fast, no less than the level 4 high rank flying monster beast, all the way to the wind, less than a week, come Arrived at White Mountain Territory .

White Mountain Territory As the Ownerless Territory, humans living here have basically moved . Li Fuchen saw a lot of empty cities along the way . Some empty cities have been vacant for a long time and look like ghost towns .

It took another half a day, and Li Fuchen came to the entrance of the Black Heaven Sect .

It was late at night, and there was no figure at the entrance .

The figure flashed and Li Fuchen swept in through the deep hole .

“Is this the Black Heaven Sect ruins?”

Looking at the endless buildings, Li Fuchen took a deep breath .

This ruin has existed for more than two thousand years, but it is quite well preserved . It is conceivable that there must be a huge array in the remains of the ruins to protect the remains . As long as there are no special accidents, the remains can continue to exist .

Carefully, Li Fuchen enters the ruins through the Black Heaven Sect archway .

"Look, it's a human . "

"A Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, dare to single handed 闯Black Heaven Sect ruins, really looking for death . "

Not far ahead, a level 4 Demon and a level 4 Apex monster beast are coming out and seeing Li Fuchen, suddenly a strong killing intent .

Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Numerous Sect signed a peace agreement, but only did not have a large-scale war, and the killing was still as usual .

Whoosh- Whoosh-

Both flew towards Li Fuchen, and in their view, as long as they weren't Shedding Body Realm martial artist, they couldn't stop them from hitting each other .


Even the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique did not work . Li Fuchen revolved twenty first layer Burning Heaven True Merit, excited 5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow, instantly, a red shadow appeared .

The sword light flashed, level 4 Demon and level 4 Apex monster beast flew up .

With the increase of Burning Heaven Merit Intent and perfection Burning Heaven Sword Intent, Li Fuchen's apparent strength is enough to crush level 4 Demon .

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