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Chapter 349
Killed level 4 Demon and level 4 Apex monster beast, Li Fuchen came to the Black Heaven Sect outer sect area .

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Sect Ruins are generally very large and are generally divided into four areas, the outer sect area, the Inner Sect area, the legacy area, and the core area .

Don't think that the outer sect area has no value at all . You know that the outer sect also has the Martial Art Main Hall . The outer sect is also populated with the outer sect Elder . According to the record, the Black Heaven Sect outer sect Elder has the Shedding Body Realm low rank rank cultivation base .

"so big!"

Black Heaven Sect outer sect is much larger than Li Fuchen imagined . There are mountains and waters, palace houses, and a plaza . The area is bigger than the entire Azure Billow Sect .

Think about it too, Azure Billow Sect has tens of thousands of outer sect Disciple, Black Heaven Sect outer sect Disciple, at least dozens of Azure Billow Sect .

And can become Black Heaven Sect outer sect Disciple, at least Returning Origin Realm cultivation base, Azure Billow Sect only need Qi Practice Realm high rank .

To know more than 2,000 years ago, at that time, Eastern Lín Continent Heaven and Earth Origin Qi was not so thin, and the resources were very rich . Together with the endless secret book, the martial artist was much easier to promote, so Qi Practice Realm can only be regarded as Ordinary people, Returning Origin Realm is a martial artist .

Walking in the outer sect area, Li Fuchen found that the place where the array was placed was basically cracked, some were powerful cracks, and some were subtle cracks .

For example, all the outer sect Elder residences have been cracked, and the things inside have been swept away, just like the bandits entering the village .

The outer sect Martial Art Main Hall array has also been cracked, the secret book inside, one does not exist, the bookshelf is empty .

"I don't know who got it?"

Li Fuchen frowned .

Although outer sects are some shallow secret books, the secret book more than 2,000 years ago is definitely unusual . It may benefit people and get new inspiration, especially for Sect .

What makes Li Fuchen most sad is that the outer sect Resources Hall array has also been cracked .

It is not difficult to imagine that there must be a lot of medicine pill, some medicine pill, which has been lost in today's age . If it can be re-examined, it is enough to greatly increase the background of a Sect .

"Outer sect should not have Shedding Body Pill, look at Inner Sect . "

It took a few days for Li Fuchen to get nothing . Gradually, Li Fuchen started walking to Black Heaven Sect Inner Sect .

Inner Sect is different from the outer sect, where the Inner Sect Elder and the Inner Sect Disciple live .

Inner Sect Disciple Doesn't say that Black Heaven Sect Inner Sect Elder can be a Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist . It is not an easy task to crack the array there . At the same time, the people who enter it will Faced with the threat of countless Array Traps, if you are not careful, you may die .


As Li Fuchen expected, Inner Sect's Array Trap is quite a lot . Inadvertently, Li Fuchen came to Inner Sect, a hidden emergency location, near a tower, suddenly rays of light generous, and then an original qi arrow The spurt, prestige ability is enough to shoot Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist .

"very powerful prestige ability, is this the Attack Array Pagoda!"

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Li Fuchen has a scalp .

Attack Array Pagoda's construction method has long been lost . It is said that three thousand years ago, there was a Sect called Sky sect, which is more powerful than Black Heaven Sect . This ancestor has gathered countless array divisions to build Array Pagoda, which is enough to shoot Battle Spirit . Realm even surpasses the existence of Battle Spirit Realm .

At the beginning of the millennium, Li Fuchen's consciousness spread, and the originary qi arrow was traced .

Fortunately, his consciousness is extremely powerful, and he is stronger than Shedding Body Realm martial artist . Otherwise, it is too late to react .

Shuā shuā 唰!

Li Fuchen figure flashes, avoiding an original qi arrow .

This Array Pagoda is obviously a low level Array Pagoda . The attack speed is fast, but the attack mode is single . Li Fuchen can avoid it in advance .

One thousand feet .

One thousand five hundred feet .

Two thousand feet .

Finally, Li Fuchen was out of the scope of Array Pagoda's attack .

"so close . "

Li Fuchen has a lot of trouble .

Although his strength has reached the Shedding Body Realm level, but the defense is weak, and it is too late to prevent, an origin qi arrow is enough to shoot him, after all, he can not maintain the strongest defense all the time .

The Shedding Body Realm martial artist is different . Just support the Body Protecting True Qi and it is enough to resist several Array Pagoda attacks .

In front of it is a small intestine path, Li Fuchen carefully advances .

Soon, Li Fuchen came to a small valley .

There is a small lake in the valley, a field next to the small lake, and the field is bare, but in the center of the field, there is a gleaming medicinal herb .

“It should be a small piece of Medicinal Herb Garden . ”

Li Fuchen flashed in the eyes .

After more than two thousand years, there is still a medicinal herb, this medicinal herb, certainly not a common grade .

Spread of consciousness, Li Fuchen is close to the field .

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Just then, around the field, a layer of rays of light spread out, preventing Li Fuchen from moving forward .

Obviously, the field has an array of envelopes that prevent people from picking medicinal herbs .

Consciousness covers the array, and Li Fuchen wants to find the flaws of the array .

Everything has flaws in everything . Those who are proficient in array can understand the structure of the array, and then crack the array, and the people with high cultivation base can also break the battle . In addition, if you can detect the flaws in the array, you can Break with a low level of power .

Just as Li Fuchen was looking for an array of flaws, outside the valley, an old man with a Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer cultivation base and a brown robe walked over .

The entire Black Heaven Sect ruins are shrouded in a huge forbidden array, even the Shedding Body Realm martial artist, which cannot fly and can only walk on both feet .


When the brown clothed old man entered the Array Pagoda within two thousand feet, Array Pagoda launched the attack .

"Damn, it's Array Pagoda . "

Brown clothed old man Dodge dodge, from time to time to smash the origin qi arrow .

However, the number of origin qi arrow is too much, and it is too late to prevent the brown clothed old man from being shot by an origin qi arrow .

"God damn it!"

Out of the Array Pagoda attack range, brown clothed old man emptied to Array Pagoda and wanted to destroy Array Pagoda .

However, as soon as the palm of the hand approached Array Pagoda, it was destroyed by several original qi arrows .

"Damn, damn it . "

In desperation, brown clothed old man gave up the idea and went to the valley .

“Got it!”

In the state of consciousness, Li Fuchen's eyes can see the array .

The array shrouded in the field, emitting a light blue rays of light . It may be that the array itself has flaws . It may be that the years have passed, and the array has been flawed . In short, Li Fuchen found three flaws in the array . These three flaws, sometimes absent, are very unstable .


Burning Heaven Merit Intent and Burning Heaven Sword Intent are pervasive, and Li Fuchen is struggling with a sword .


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The array is inconspicuous, and the next moment, it completely collapses .

Losing Array Protection, Li Fuchen also saw the medicinal herb in the field center .

This is a medicinal herb with golden scales . In the dusky environment, it emits a golden ray of light .

“Earth level low rank medicinal herb Golden Scaled Grass ?”

Li Fuchen breathes .

Golden Scaled Grass, which has long since disappeared in Eastern Lín Continent .

Rumor has it that swallowing Golden Scaled Grass can instantly turn a regular martial artist into a Body Refining expert, a valuable Body Refining medicinal herb worth at least a dozen drops of level 5 Monster Beast blood essence .

“With this Golden Scaled Grass, Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter cultivation to perfection is easy, even cultivation to Chapter 5 is also possible . ”

Li Fuchen was delighted and he was going to pick Golden Scaled Grass .

"Golden Scaled Grass, haha, Old Man's luck is really good . "A brown clothed old man walked into the valley and saw the Golden Scaled Grass in the center of the field, and couldn't help but grin .

“Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist . ”

Li Fuchen was in a deep mood and quickly picked up Golden Scaled Grass .

Golden Scaled Grass shines golden, and a layer of golden ripple impacts Li Fuchen .

Kā cā!!

The golden ripple collapsed and Li Fuchen grabbed the Golden Scaled Grass and uprooted .

Brown clothed old man did not stop, he was afraid of fighting between the two, destroying Golden Scaled Grass .

Anyway, in his opinion, Li Fuchen is just a Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist, and can be killed by the backhand .

Put Golden Scaled Grass into the jade box, and immediately earn storage pouch, Li Fuchen turned and looked at brown clothed old man .

"Your Excellency, everyone is human, there is no need for a Golden Scaled Grass, let's do it!"To be honest, Li Fuchen still has some nervousness . He has never fought with Shedding Body Realm martial artist . He doesn't know his strength and can compete against Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist .

"In front of the opportunity," if a person block , "If Gods block , hand over Golden Scaled Grass and leave you a whole body . "Brown clothed old man contemptuous .

For Golden Scaled Grass, he still values ​​it .

To reach Shedding Body Realm, every point of promotion is commendable, and a Golden Scaled Grass is enough to increase his survivability by 10% .

Li Fuchen frowned, with the body, Burning Heaven True Qi transferred to Nine Revolving Purple Qi veined mark, quickly converted to Nine Revolving Purple Qi, then Nine Revolving Purple Qi converted to Bronze Sword Qi, and finally poured into the right wrist Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark .

at this time .

"go to hell . "

Brown clothed old man Killed, Baizhang distance, with the speed of Shedding Body Realm martial artist, even if it is just flying, it is amazing, a blink of an eye .

The next moment, a giant palm shrouded Li Fuchen .

“Is this the Shedding Body Realm martial artist?”

Li Fuchen pupils shrank .

The other party's Profound level top rank cultivation technique has reached the highest level, and there is a terrifying merit intent . At the same time, the other's Profound level top rank palm technique also contains overbearing palms, coupled with the other Shedding Body Realm 2nd . Layer cultivation base , enough to kill any Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist .


Li Fuchen pulled out Killing Heaven Sword and a move by Clear Sky Sword Art .

Burning Heaven Merit Intent, Nine Revolving Purple Qi Domain, Clear Sky Sword Domain, under the superposition of three, broke out the power of brown clothed old man .

Kā cā!!

The giant palm splits, and numerous sword glows cover the brown clothed old man and finally shrink into a spherical shape .

Brown clothed old man Struggling to resist, shoot a picture of the palm .

However, the attack that Li Fuchen broke out at the moment was incredible, and he was not hurt before, and he could not exert his strength to 10% .

Pū pū pū pū !

Brown clothed old man's Body Protecting True Qi first collapsed, and then, a word glow across his body, blood splashing .

When the word glow disappears, the brown clothed old man is left with a breath .

He was terrified: "Impossible, you are obviously only Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer cultivation base . "

After that, he swallowed his last breath .

Looking at the corpse of brown clothed old man, Li Fuchen is a bit stunned .

He actually killed a Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist with a sword .

Although the Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist was injured .

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