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Chapter 347
Next, Petrification Queen and Mountain Shaking Elephant did not enter the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

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Evil Fist Sect was born, representing Eastern Lín Continent is no longer calm .

They thought that they could dominate the situation of the entire continent, but now it seems completely self-righteous .

They need to bring the message back to Monster and Demon Ten Territories to discuss how to deal with the situation .

The situation was much faster than everyone imagined . A month later, Evil Fist Sect was born and was born together with Extremity Yin Cult and Ten Thousand Blood Cult .

Evil Fist Sect The Eternal Lín Continent, Extremity Yin Cult and Ten Thousand Blood Cult are the right arms of Evil Fist Sect . They are powerful and must be above the Top Ten .

At the same time, there are thirteen Sects to return to Evil Fist Sect, and there are even two first-rate Sect forces .

Occupying thirteen domains, Evil Fist Sect, Extremity Yin Cult and Ten Thousand Blood Cult did not stop and continued to expand their territory .

Fourteen domains .

Eighteen domains .

Twenty domains .

It has been expanding to twenty domains, and the footsteps of the three Great Demon forces have stopped .

Earth Fire Territory, the domain of the Sect of Earth Fire Sect .

But at the moment, the entire Earth Fire Territory has become a battlefield .

At the battlefield center, Golden Masked Man Evil King, with one person, is the only one .

The two are Eternal Spring Valley Supreme Grand Elder and Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder .

Eternal Spring Valley Supreme Grand Elder green clothed black haired old man cultivation Earth level low rank cultivation technique Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Merit, imposing manner has long been turned into Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Domain, in the Domain, from time to time there is a towering tree phantom , squeeze the Golden Masked Man .

Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder is a majestic old man with red hair . The upper body clothes have already burst and exploded . The muscles are exaggerated and covered with a red tool mark . Look closely, these tool marks have already melted into the body . As one, regardless of each other, whenever the majestic old man exerts force, the red tool mark will emit a terrible fire .

It stands to reason that the two join hands, Eastern Lín Continent is not an opponent, after all, the two are single-on-one, can deal with the strong presence of Monster and Demon Ten Territories .

But the strength of the Golden Masked Man is too strong .

Its cultivation technique Domain is strong and even suppresses the Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Domain of green clothed black haired old man .

The fierceness of the boxing, the red-haired and majestic old man retreating back and forth, did not fight back .

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“Is this the strength of this generation Evil Fist Sect Sect Master Evil King?”Among the green clothed black haired old man suck in a breath of cold air, among the Numerous Sect, the Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder is the strongest . In the Monster and Demon Ten Territories, the Petrification Queen is the strongest, but compared with this Evil King . All of them are worse than just one level, almost one level . This kind of strength, as the continent first, is undisputed .

"Two, I will help you . "

Wind Snow Sect Supreme Grand Elder, white hair old man rushed over .

On the number of Shedding Body Realm level expert, Numerous Sect is the first deserved, and the Three Great Demon roads are much worse, so the white hair old man can be drawn .

The white hair old man cultivation is the first part of the Earth level low rank palm technique Cold Underworld Palm Technique, but also comprehend out of the cold, palms have not yet arrived, the cold domain has expanded and oppressed to Evil King, at the same time And there is ice and cold, and the coldness of the palms is raging, like a scraping knife .


Evil King went out with a fist strike, the chilly Domain collapsed, the cold sorrow disintegrated, the white hair old man flew out .


White hair old man This is to know, Evil King's strength is strong, one-on-one, no three strokes, he will inevitably be killed by the other side .

On the battlefield, in addition to the Golden Masked Man Evil King, and the Ten Thousand Blood Cult Founder Blood Ancestor, Extremity Yin Cult Founder Extremity Yin Old Ancestor, all three are extremely strong, in addition to the three Great Demon Road forces A lot of Shedding Body Realm martial artist, plus the Shedding Body Realm martial artist that returns Sect, the number is almost 30% of Numerous Sect .

Numerous Sect Shedding Body Realm martial Artist seems to have an absolute advantage, but if no one can block Evil King, everything is hard to say .

This world, after all, is the world of expert respect, and the quantity is sometimes not important .


Just then, a strong thunder came .

At the end of the sky, a thunder light spurt .

On Numerous Sect, everyone is overjoyed .

Thunder God Sect Great Elder finally left seclusion .

"Evil King, I will come to you . "In thunder light, it was a cold-skinned tall and sturdy old man . His body was shocked and a set of thunder and lightning armor appeared . With the appearance of thunder and lightning armor, his speed doubled in an instant, almost In the blink of an eye, he came to Evil King in front of him .

“Thunder Armor Divine Merit !”

Evil King has a look .

Thunder God Sect's strongest cultivation technique is not Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit, but Thunder Armor Divine Merit .

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But seriously, Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit is actually the Thunder Armor Divine Merit, just a simplified version of it .

Thunder Armor Divine Merit, both offensive and defensive, can multiply speed .

Cultivation to the highest level, even if you encounter a stronger existence than yourself, you can come and go freely, easily do not lose your life .

Tall and sturdy old man screamed and slammed into Evil King, punching out, endless thunder and lightning turned into a Thunder Dragon, rushing toward Evil King .

"It's good . "

Evil King laughed and greeted him with the same punch .


In the tens of miles of the area, the world is divided into two halves, half is the dazzling pitch-black brilliance, half is the hot Thunder electro-optical, but soon, the Thunder electric light collapses, pitch-black brilliance covers the tall and sturdy old man .


The electric light flashed, the tall and sturdy old man disappeared in place, and when it appeared again, it was already over Evil King, and again a fist strike .

"Fuck off!"

Evil King Domain broke out, the demon god phantom danced, and suddenly flew tall and sturdy old man .

Figure shaking, tall and sturdy old man appeared in the green clothed black haired old man and red-haired and majestic old man, his face was gloomy: "We three people take full action, if you can't get the upper hand within ten strokes, negotiate with him . . "

The three of them are the strongest three of Numerous Sect . If they can't beat Evil King, they can only negotiate .

Good .

Green clothed black haired old man and red-haired majestic old man nod .

As for the Wind Snow Sect Supreme Grand Elder white hair old man, has already withdrawn from the battle circle .

At this level of fighting, he is somewhat worse and can't help .

Three strokes!

Five strokes!

The four Apex expert's full-scale battles are extremely incomparable . Within a few tens of miles, the Domains suppress each other . True Meaning impacts each other, not to mention the Shedding Body Realm martial artist . Even if the Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist enters this range, They are all struggling, and they will be seriously injured easily .

Eight moves .

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Ten strokes .

Green clothed black haired old man is bitter, started talking: "Evil King, it is better to sit down and talk . "

They have failed .

But this can't blame them, the other side is too strong .

Without Monster and Demon Ten Territories, they might not give in, but now, it's time to make concessions .

Good .

Evil King awe-inspiring A smile, very simple .

In fact, this time Evil Fist Sect was born, it is also a last resort .

The Black Heaven Sect remains, his Evil Fist Sect can't be hidden behind the scenes, he needs to show the world the power of Evil Fist Sect, and then the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

Of course, the premise is that Numerous Sect has this strength to negotiate with him .

In the end, the outcome of the negotiations came out .

Together with the twenty domains that have been occupied, Evil Fist Sect has ten more domains, for a total of thirty domains .

However, the Sects of the next ten domains, all the members moved out, will not return to Evil Fist Sect .

In this regard, Evil King did not care, he did not think about the need to unify Eastern Lín Continent, he only needs to develop the location is convenient enough .

Exploring the Black Heaven Sect remains the most important thing .

Remove the five domains occupied by Monster and Demon Ten Territories, remove the White Mountain Territory, and remove the thirty domains occupied by Evil Fist Sect . As a result, the domain occupied by Numerous Sect has changed from ninety-six to sixty . It has been said that it is a shame to lose nearly 40% of the domain .

But the situation is stronger than people, Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Demon Dao led by Evil Fist Sect are not good, and Numerous Sect will lose more if it does not regress .

The Black Heaven Sect ruins are a chance . If Numerous Sect has enough chances, there is no chance to eradicate the Demon Dao forces such as Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Evil Fist Sect .

"Do you have three legs?"

Azure Billow Sect, Li Fuchen sighed .

The Demon Dao forces such as Evil Fist Sect occupying 30 domains are only one domain away from Heavenly Fiend Sect . There are only two domains separated from Azure Billow Sect . Once the war breaks out, Heavenly Fiend Sect and Azure Billow Sect will either return . Either it is destroyed, I am afraid that there is no chance to escape .

"Is this watchful development . "

Li Fuchen frowned .

He feels that the cultivation that can't be closed is probably not waiting for him to become a Shedding Body Realm martial artist . The whole continent will be chaotic again, and by then, Azure Billow Sect will face the threat of extermination .

Wait longer

Li Fuchen was impulsive, and he decided that in the next few years, he would practice hard and revisit the results .

The three-legged, welcoming Eastern Lín Continent ushered in a short peace .

But under peace, it is a dark tide .

Demon, monster beast, Numerous Sect, Demon Dao forces, often infighting, especially the Black Heaven Sect ruins, where the most dead and wounded, Numerous Sect died in the Black Heaven Sect ruins more than a dozen Shedding Body Realm martial artist, this casualty for some time to come It will only expand and will not shrink .

Neither Azure Billow Sect nor Eastern Lín Continent can hear about Li Fuchen .

Because Li Fuchen has been in retreat for a long time .

“Profound Heaven Sword Intent is finally perfect . ”

Floating Dust Peak, the mountain where Li Fuchen is located .

On this day, a sultry Sword Intent soar rises as if to pierce the sky and cut the void .

With Killing Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen comprehend Profound Heaven Sword Intent is a multiple of Burning Heaven Sword Intent, and there is almost no hindrance .

After Profound Heaven Sword Intent perfection, Li Fuchen felt that the first seal inside Killing Heaven Sword was loose .

“Is it possible to develop Profound Heaven Sword Technique to Perfection Realm, one of the conditions for unlocking the first seal?”Li Fuchen secretly thought .

The first seal of Killing Heaven Sword, at least the Earth level low rank Treasure Sword, Li Fuchen is still very concerned about this, if he has an Earth level treasure sword, his trump card can add one, against Shedding Body Realm martial artist has more control .

Profound Heaven Sword Intent comprehend to perfection, Li Fuchen does not have left seclusion, need him to comprehend too much, now left seclusion, does not make any sense .

When he was sure to fight with Shedding Body Realm martial artist, it was his left seclusion .

Time flies, the outside world is surging, and the new Star List Great Competition will start in a few months .

This Star List Great Competition, in addition to Numerous Sect heaven's chosen, Demon Dao heaven's chosen also participated .

This is also a factor in the birth of Demon Dao, such as Evil Fist Sect .

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