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Chapter 346
Azure Billow Sect, Azure Billow Hall .

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Ouyang Wentian said solemnly: "The death of Elder Liang and Left Protector has made my Azure Billow Sect a great loss . Fortunately, this Black Heaven Sect ruins has been very rewarding . I suggest this Earth level low rank armor, Ouyang Tie Elder . "

“Supreme Grand Elder is my first expert of Azure Billow Sect, and it should be . ”Elder Guo said .

Ouyang Tie had a smile on her face and said, "That Old Man is worse than respectful . "

Earth level low rank Armor, valued several times the Earth level low rank weapon .

With this Earth level low rank armor, he is confident that he can fight with Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist, even if it is Shedding Body Realm 5th layer martial artist, don't want to beat him in a short time, so to speak, an Earth level The low rank armor is enough to make up for the vacancies brought about by the death of Elder Liang and Left Protector .

"As for this 5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow, I wait for the first cultivation, and then choose whether to pass it on . Of course, one person can teach first, he is Li Fuchen . "Ouyang Wentian valued Li Fuchen very much . This is a genius of genius, the height of Perception, and the crown of Eastern Lín Continent . As long as he gives him plenty of time, he may not have the chance to win the Eastern Lín Continent .

Hear this, Ouyang Tie and others nod, with Li Fuchen's Perception, comprehend 5 star secret technique not slower than them, and with 5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow, Li Fuchen's self-protection power will increase a lot .

The next day, Li Fuchen got the 5 star secret technique Crimson Shadow .

Crimson Shadow belongs to both offensive and defensive secret techniques . Once cultivate successfully, a reddish silhouette can be gathered outside the body, similar to Heavenly Fiend Sect's Heavenly Fiend Asura secret technique .

Can greatly increase the defensive power and attack power .

But to be honest, Li Fuchen is a bit a pity . If Crimson Shadow is the same as Pure Yang Astral Qi, it is a secret technique that increases the power of True Spirit . It may be with Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit and Bronze Sword Essence Dharma Idol . Superimposed on each other, it is enough to explode the strength of world-shaking .

Of course, whether it can be superimposed is still unknown .

Not to mention it now, so Li Fuchen wouldn't want it anymore .

There is no immediate cultivation Crimson Shadow, Li Fuchen's energy, all spent on the cultivation of the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique .

Half a year later, with the black iron sword mark on the bone of his body, almost invisible, on the contrary, the bronze sword mark, all over the ninety-nine areas, leaving only the last point without branding .

Any secret technique, cultivation to Perfection Realm, the power will be greatly improved .

There are still some gaps between the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique and the Perfection Bronze Sword Essence secret technique .

"I don't know how powerful the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique perfection is . "

Li Fuchen is quite looking forward to it .

Perfection Realm's Bronze Sword Essence secret technique, but the peak 6 star secret technique, does not know how many times stronger than the 5 star secret technique .

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This cultivation is exactly three months .

For three months, Li Fuchen just took a cultivation of Crimson Shadow .

But with his Perception, I still cultivate Crimson Shadow to small accomplishment realm .

After inspiring Crimson Shadow, a reddish shadow with a height of three feet will be condensed in vitro .

The red shadow has increased Li Fuchen's defense by about 30%, and the attack has increased by about 30% . It is not difficult to imagine that once the great accomplishment, defense and attack can almost double .

The defense and attack multiply, and the strength is close to double .

With the higher the cultivation base, it is getting harder and harder to multiply . If Li Fuchen is Shedding Body Realm cultivation base, the 5 star secret technique can make his strength increase by two or three .

That's why the 4 star secret technique doesn't do much for the Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Otherwise, I don't know how many Shedding Body Realm martial artist covet Li Fuchen's sword essence secret technique .

Of course, they just thought that Li Fuchen's sword essence secret technique is a 4 star secret technique . Even if other secret techniques can be superimposed, at most, it will increase the strength of the player by a few points . It is best, and it doesn't matter .

"Bronze Sword Essence secret technique is finally perfect . "

After a few days, Li Fuchen within the body skeleton, all branded on the bronze sword mark .

The dense bronze sword mark makes Li Fuchen's bones look like beautiful works of art, revealing the mysterious and mysterious taste .


Burning Heaven True Qi is converted into Bronze Sword Qi and Bronze Sword Qi floats out of the body .


The clear sound of the word cry sounded, and the Bronze Sword Qi, like a real bronze sword with a handle, was so sharp that it could cut the void .


Aura broke out and Bronze Sword Qi spurred out .

Opposite, a huge Profound level metal ore was riddled with qi strength and suddenly collapsed .

“very powerful, the power has increased by at least 30% compared to before . ”

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Li Fuchen's eyes lit up .

The Bronze Sword Essence secret technique and the Perfection Bronze Sword Essence secret technique seem to have only one point difference, but the difference in power is 30% .

"I don't know if I have a trump card now, can I do a few times with Shedding Body Realm and a double martial artist . "

If it was before, Li Fuchen would not dare to think about it .

But now, he gave birth to a lot of confidence out of thin air .

White Mountain Territory, Black Heaven Sect ruins .

Black Heaven Sect is the Sect of Sect, which was more than 2,000 years ago . The Battle Spirit Realm expert in Sect is ten digits . It surpasses the existence of Battle Spirit Realm expert . Its Sect Ruins, the unusual Sect Ruins are comparable, and the Eastern Lín Continent The level of strength of the peak expert, I am afraid that there is no way to explore the remains of Black Heaven Sect in this life .

So every now and then there are experts coming to explore, there are Numerous Sect, Monster and Demon Ten Territories, and Dedding Dao's Shedding Body Realm martial Artist .

On this day, two giant figures came to the entrance of the Black Heaven Sect, the Mountain Shaking Elephant and the Petrification Queen .

Mountain Shaking Elephant Doesn't say that its strength has long proven that few people in Petrification Queen have seen her take action .

It is said that its petrification ability, can instantly petrify a shedding body realm high rank martial artist, must be several shedding body realm high RA NK Martial artist formed battle Array in order to avoid being petrify, but also only in a short period of time to avoid, this war, by Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder, Eastern lín Continent numerous sect first expert personally against Petrification Queen, but after the end of this war, rumors Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder immediately back to close, appearance Seems to have suffered some injuries .

Petrification Queen is a beautiful woman with a pair of eyes . It seems to make the void stagnate, while its lower body is a colorful snake tail . The end of the snake tail is shimmering with white light .

Both are preparing to enter the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

"yí !"

Petrification Queen looked up and looked at the sky .

At the end of the sky, a black flowing light comes at a speed .

"It is human!"

Mountain Shaking Elephant grinned .

Although there is a peace agreement, if the other party is single handed, Mountain Shaking Elephant does not mind to remove the other party . For the monster beast, what agreement is simply a piece of paper, and it is necessary to tear it off, provided that there is no need to tear it .

"This person is not simple . "

Petrification Queen indifferently said .

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The black flowing light falls, a tall man with a golden mask, the aura that comes out of his body, overbearing evil, as if a demon god is hidden on him .

"Demon Dao expert?"

Mountain Shaking Elephant looks a little dignified .

Demon Dao's forces are deeply hidden . The first two Sect great wars, Monster and Demon Ten Territories also suffered a lot of losses . The Demon Dao forces led by Evil Fist Sect are more fierce than their monster beast, and they are very different . ability .

“Your Excellency is who?”

Asked by Mountain Shaking Elephant .

"A baby elephant is also qualified to ask me . "Golden Masked Man is cool .

"court death . "

Mountain Shaking Elephant is a monster beast after all, very angry .

Like the head of the person, he instantly became a monster beast, like a mountain, crashing into the Golden Masked Man .

For a time, the wind was rewinding, the earth was cracked, and the stone of the size of the plate was flying all over the sky, just like the end of the world .

This collision, Mountain Shaking Elephant is confident that few people can block it, and it is necessary to temporarily avoid the edge .

"overestimate one's capabilities . "

Golden Masked Man does not retreat, his right hand clenches a fist, a fist strike to Mountain Shaking Elephant .


What is this punch?

A fist out, the emptiness of the sky, a demon god roaring behind Golden Masked Man, God, I do not know when it is dark .

The earth cracked, the dazzling pitch-black brilliance burst, and the Mountain Shaking Elephant was dyed black, and the whole person flew out, and the blood of the mouth blew out .

Punch and kill Mountain Shaking Elephant .

The strength of the Golden Masked Man not only shocked the Mountain Shaking Elephant, but even the Petrification Queen was shocked .

Obviously, Golden Masked Man didn't plan to let the Mountain Shaking Elephant so easily . The figure flashed like a teleport . He came back to Mountain Shaking Elephant again and punched it again .

"Hugh is impudent . "

Petrification Queen took action, her tail erected, her hands white and spurted, pushing to Golden Masked Man .


The void is divided by black and white .

Visible to the naked eye, in the land on the Petrification Queen, petrify became a hard white rock in an instant, but under the golden masked Man's fist, the white rock did not cross the thunder pool, and it did not spread to Golden Masked Man .


The white rock collapsed, the Golden Masked Man did not move, and the Petrification Queen shook his body slightly, his face was amazed .

“Who is Your Excellency?”

Petrification Queen seriously said .

"Evil King . "

Golden Masked Man glanced at Petrification Queen and Mountain Shaking Elephant, and the figure flashed into the entrance to the Black Heaven Sect .

"Evil King?"

Mountain Shaking Elephant muttered .

"Evil King?"Petrification Queen suddenly raised his head, "Elephant King, you are defeated, he is Evil Fist Sect Sect Master . "

"Evil Fist Sect Sect Master . "Mountain Shaking Elephant is also stunned .

The name of each generation of Evil Fist Sect Sect Master is known as Evil King .

When Evil Fist Sect was messing up with Eastern Lín Continent, he was just a baby elephant . He didn't know how much Evil Fist Sect was terrifying . He just listened to what others said .

Now he finally knows why Evil Fist Sect can mess up Eastern Lín Continent and almost unify Eastern Lín Continent .

This strength, even Monster and Demon Ten Territories are wariness, not to mention Numerous Sect .

"I thought human had no expert, it seems that I am underestimate human . "The black body gradually dissipated, and the Mountain Shaking Elephant looked ugly .

Petrification Queen said: "Human real strength, not so simple, but human likes to fight, a continent, there are nearly a hundred Sect, plus Demon Dao forces, comprehensive strength, stronger than my Monster and Demon Ten Territories A lot . "

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