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Chapter 343
Relics represent buildings that were at least a few hundred years old .

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Hundreds of years ago, the super expert has not disappeared . The Shedding Body Realm martial artist is just a slightly more powerful martial artist, just like today's Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist and even the Earth Fiend Realm martial artist .

But what is the specific relic, but also to explore before you know .

If it is Sect Ruins, it is definitely a big thing .

Sect Ruins, there may be a secret book in it .

In this era, an Earth level low rank Martial Art secret book is enough to cause bloody battles, not to mention the higher level Martial Art secret book .

In addition, there may be medicine pill in Sect Ruins .

The powerful Martial Art secret book may not allow the Shedding Body Realm martial artist to be promoted, or promoted in a short period of time, but the powerful medicine pill can definitely be promoted, such as Earth level medicine pill .

"Is this a relic?"

Mountain Shaking Elephant is just like the sun and the moon .

The treasure in the ruins is also good for the monster beast, such as the medicine pill that promotes the spirit beast . These medicine pills also have the same effect on the monster beast . After all, whether it is a spirit beast or a monster beast, the promotion is the same . Bloodline is promoted, not human's cultivation base .

Within his body There is a bloodline of King Beast Mountain Lifting Elephant . If the bloodline is promoted, the Mountain Lifting Elephant's bloodline will definitely be more pure . At that time, who is his opponent .

"Elephant King, let it go!"

Green clothed black haired old man proposed .

Good .

Mountain Shaking Elephant is awesome .

War is not an end . Powerful self is the real purpose . This relic is a big chance .

The war soon stopped, and everyone knew that a relic was found in the center of the battlefield .


Wind Snow Sect Supreme Grand Elder shines in the eye .

His Cold Underworld Palm Technique is from Sect Ruins, but it's just a broken Sect Ruins . The most precious thing is the half-Cold Underworld Palm Technique .

If this ruin is a Sect Ruins, it will definitely cause a bloody hurricane, even if there is a bloody battle between the Numerous Sect .

With a powerful cultivation technique Martial Art, Monster and Demon Ten Territories, what is Numerous Sect, personal strength, enough to balance everything .

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At that time, even if the entire Eastern Lín Continent is unified, it is not impossible .

Of course, the premise is that there is absolute strength .


Li Fuchen was very surprised .

After the super expert disappeared, even the powerful cultivation techniques Martial Art or treasure were lost . There are several oldest and most powerful peak forces, one or two Earth level cultivation techniques, such as Eternal . Spring Valley, such as Profound Tool Sect, such as Thunder God Sect .

What a relic stands for, Li Fuchen is very clear .

“It seems that Eastern Lín Continent is going to be more chaotic . ”

Li Fuchen frowned .

The war between races will at least keep people sensible, but the war of chance is crazy enough .

If a Sect expert finds an Earth level secret book in the ruins, it will definitely cause covets of other Sects . One is not good, Sect great war is inevitable . By then, the entire Eastern Lín Continent will be a must .

Within a few days, the news of the discovery of the remains at White Mountain Territory reached five other war-torn domains . The war in these five domains stopped immediately and everyone rushed to White Mountain Territory .

Everyone did not enter the ruins immediately .

Although there are countless opportunities in the ruins, there are certainly many dangers . If you rush into it, the Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist may not be able to survive . You should know some Array Trap in the ruins, but the Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Finally, we discussed it . Each Sect force sent a Shedding Body Realm martial artist and ten Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists to explore the situation . After waiting for it, decide whether to enter the ruins on a large scale .

Otherwise, if the ruins are too dangerous, everyone will go in and the whole army will be over, and it will be miserable .

Azure Billow Sect chose to enter the ruins of Supreme Elder Elder Guo and Great Elder Zhao Wuwei and others .

In this way, on the Numerous Sect side, nearly a thousand people followed the deep hole and flew deep into the ground . On the Monster and Demon Ten Territories side, some monster beast and Demon were also selected for exploration . The rest were stationed near the surface . Waiting for the message .

"Elder Yue, Elder Zhao . "

Li Fuchen looked up and saw Inner Sect Elder Yue Hua and Zhao Wuji coming over .

Yue Hua is the Inner Sect Elder of Great Elder's Zhao Hentai faction . He has helped Li Fuchen many times, and Zhao Wuji is the endless son of Zhao . In recent year, he has been closer to Li Fuchen .

The two now, one is the Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer realm, the other is the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer realm, which is the backbone of Azure Billow Sect . The most important thing is that both are very young, especially Zhao Wuji, 40 years old this year . In his early days, he used to be Azure Billow Sect number 1 True Disciple, and his talent potential is not inferior to Sword Maniac Li Xiangru . He has great hopes to enter Shedding Body Realm in the future .

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"Fuchen, don't be so polite, you are much better now than me . "Yue Hua smiled .

In his eyes, Li Fuchen's strength has reached the level of ordinary Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, which is much stronger than him, and is similar to Zhao Wuji .

Zhao Wuji nodded and he acknowledged the strength of Li Fuchen .

The three people chatted for a while, Yue Hua said: "If this ruin is Sect Ruins, I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse for my Azure Billow Sect . "

“Even if it’s Sect Ruins, my Azure Billow Sect won’t be affected too much!”Zhao Wuji frowned .

Li Fuchen said: "If it is Sect Ruins, and there are many secret book treasures inside, the war between Numerous Sect and Monster and Demon Ten Territories will definitely not be able to fight . Everyone needs to digest the contents, but inside Numerous Sect, only I am afraid that there will be waves . "

Yue Hua nodded . "Fuchen said it is good . The secret book is the powerful foundation of the martial artist . A secret book is enough to make anyone crazy . "

Sighing, Zhao Wuji said: "The father wants to be a Shedding Body Realm martial artist, so he volunteered to go to the ruins and hoped he would not be in danger . "

Yue Hua said: "The great opportunity of Great Elder is not small, I think this time, there should be opportunities . "

Great Elder Zhao Wuwei should go for medicine pill? Li Fuchen secretly thought .

A few hundred years ago, Eastern Lín Continent had an Earth level Pill Refining Master that was able to refine the Shedding Body Pill .

A Shedding Body Pill can promote a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist to Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but at the cost of a lifetime .

But for those martial artists who have been stuck in the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak for countless years, this price is not a price .

In addition, in the older era, there is a higher level Shedding Body Bone Changing Pill than Shedding Body Pill, which allows Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist to break through to Shedding Body Realm with minimal side effects and future There are still opportunities for progress .

Great Elder Zhao is endless years old and has almost exhausted his potential . Even with the Earth level secret book, I am afraid it is difficult to break through, so medicine pill is his greatest hope .

Trough Brown with earth bottom

Zhao Wuwei’s group of people fell to the ground .

Looking up, the long-lasting buildings are like waves, stretching out in the darkness, and in front of these buildings, there is a huge archway, with three golden characters – Black Heaven Sect .

"Black Heaven Sect, is it the Sect Black Heaven Sect that was once a thousand years ago . "

A Shedding Body Realm martial artist was shocked .

During the heyday of Black Heaven Sect, hundreds of Shedding Body Realm martial artists, the Battle Spirit Realm expert has a dozen, and there are three surpasses of Battle Spirit Realm, which are recorded in ancient books .

If it is a Black Heaven Sect relic, then the value of this relic is great .

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To know the Black Heaven Sect's town secret book, but the earth level high rank secret book, once you find this secret book and put it cultivation to a certain realm, the entire continent, there will be no rival, what Numerous Sect, what Monster and Demon Ten Territories are not worth mentioning .

"Black Heaven Sect?"

Zhao has no eyes to shine .

He doesn't have much ambitions, he just wants to get a medicine pill that can promote Shedding Body Realm, or some other medicine pill that aids cultivation .

And if it's a Black Heaven Sect ruin, there should be a lot more hope for the medicine pill .

Although the years of more than two thousand years are long, as long as they are properly preserved, medicine pill will not turn into decay .

Crossing the archway, the group is preparing to explore the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

Huā huā huā huā huā huā ……

Suddenly, a huge array suddenly lit up and enveloped everyone .

At the same time, a monster beast phantom condenses .

There are level 4 origin qi monster beast and also level 5 origin qi monster beast .

"It's level 5 array . "

The people were taken aback .

Level 5 array , which has been lost in Eastern Lín Continent, Sect Protecting Great Array of Great Sect is just a multi-level 4 Array or a half level 5 array .


Origin qi monster beast Condensed successfully and started attacking everyone and Monster Beast and Demon .

Suddenly, many Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists and level 4 monster beast died in an instant .


At this time, the Shedding Body Realm martial artist or level 5 Monster Beast and level 5 Demon took action instantly .

Only origin qi monster beast is a combination of strength of Array, as long as the array is not broken, origin qi monster beast can not kill .

"No, you must break the array first . "

Approaching Heaven Sword Sect A Shedding Body Realm martial Artist frowned .

He can feel that in the array, the True Spirit they exude is absorbed by the array . In theory, as long as there is always a supply of True Spirit, the array can be revolved all the time .

What's more, array itself has other origin qi support .

But none of them are proficient in array .

"Exit first . "

Finally, everyone decided to quit the array .

Fortunately, there is no enemy in the array, otherwise it is still unknown whether everyone can withdraw .


After a while, the news reached the surface .

"What is the Black Heaven Sect ruins?"

On the surface, everyone was surprised .

It was followed by indescribable greed .

The expert wants to be stronger, the weaker thinks that it can become an expert .

Next, the various forces are prepared to move freely and discuss how many people will go there .

There are more factions, and I am afraid that if there is a mistake, Sect will lose a lot .

There are fewer factions, and I am afraid to miss many opportunities .

So the Great Sect forces are very headaches, including the top ten powers .

Azure Billow Sect, the final decision to let the two Shedding Body Realm martial artist and twenty Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist down, plus one of the following Shedding Body Realm martial artist and ten Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, reached the number Thirty-three .

Li Fuchen didn't decide to go on .

There are already many opportunities in him, and there is no need to take risks . As long as he can eliminate the opportunity on Incarnation, it is enough for him to set foot on Apex .

Of course, the most important thing is that its own strength is too low, less than Shedding Body Realm, it is almost a lifetime of death .

He is not afraid of death, but he is afraid of meaningless death .

Ps: Sorry, there have been some delays in these days . At least three more today .

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