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Chapter 344
The underground space is huge, thousands of people fall, still the same as the mole crickets and ants .

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Among them, Profound Tool Sect is not only proficient in tool refinement, but also involved in array . Under one of the take actions of Profound Tool Sect Supreme Elder, three days later, the Black Heaven Sect relic entry array was cracked, and everyone disappeared and disappeared . In the ruins .

"Haha, it's made, this whole copper column is actually Profound level high rank metal blue copper, how many Profound level high rank weapons can be refining!"

“There are actually medicinal herb survival, Profound level high rank, Profound level top rank, and an Earth level low rank . ”


Black Heaven Sect ruins, the chances are more than everyone imagined, a few days, absolute majority Sect have gains .

However, the secret book and medicine pill have not been obtained by everyone .

If you want to come, secret book medicine pill is a chance in the opportunity to easily change a person's fate, so it will be so easy to get .

As the gradual deepening, the mortality rate began to increase, some bad luck Sect, Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist almost dead, only a few Shedding Body Realm martial artist, even a bad Sect, the whole staff fell into an extremely The powerful Array Trap, including the Sect Shedding Body Realm martial artist, was completely destroyed, leaving no traces .

Of course, these are not related to Li Fuchen . He is cultivating the Dragon Form Forging Body chapter . He has enough level 4 monster beast blood essence . It is not difficult to give him enough time to cultivate to the fourth chapter .

Once the Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter great accomplishment, the body defense alone will be able to resist the full attack of Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist, which is much more powerful than Body Protecting True Qi .

A month passed .

A Shedding Body Realm martial artist flew up from the ground, his body was ragged, and the aura was languid .

"Elder Hu, what happened to you? “What about the others?”

"All are dead, only I am alive . "

"What, are you dead? Are Elder Yu and Elder Fu dead? ”

The Shedding Body Realm martial artist came to the end . They had six Shedding Body Realm martial artists in total, and they died two times . It was a huge loss .

Next, every few days or two, someone will fly up . These people are basically Shedding Body Realm martial artist, and there are very few Heavenly Dipper Realm martial Artists .

“It seems that I still underestimated the difficulty of the cultivation of the Dragon Form Forging Body chapter, consuming a thousand drops of level 4 monster beast blood essence, and failed to put the Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter into the great accomplishment realm, and level 4 monster beast blood The effect of essence, the effect is much smaller, relying solely on level 4 monster beast blood essence, I am afraid it is difficult to break through to the realm of great accomplishment . "

Li Fuchen, who sat on the floor, opened his eyes and flashed a sturdy body aura .

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Although I failed to make the fourth chapter cultivate to great accomplishment, with his current body defense, it should be no problem to attack the full force of the Heavenly Dipper Realm five-six martial artist .

To know that this is the body defense, with True Spirit and level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, Shedding Body Realm lower, even level 4 Demon is hard to hurt him .

This is still the case when the trump card is not out .

When the trump card is out, Li Fuchen doesn't know what his defense can achieve . He may be able to withstand the Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

Before he trump card, blocking the attack wave of level 5 low rank monster beast Gale Eagle, it is enough to explain the problem .

“I don’t know how effective Level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is . ”

Li Fuchen turned the palm of his hand and a small bottle appeared on his hand .

The bottle is empty and carefully observed to see that there is a trace of dark yellow liquid at the bottom of the bottle .

This is the real level 5 Monster Beast blood essence, which was specially collected by Li Fuchen on the battlefield .

Level 5 Monster Beast Although powerful, but fighting, it is inevitable to be injured, an injury will naturally bleed, as long as you get a certain amount of blood, you can refine a trace of blood essence from it, although not much, even a drop of weight can not reach, But the effect is still not comparable to level 4 monster beast blood essence .

Take the dark yellow monster beast blood essence, Li Fuchen continues to hammer Body Refining 魄 .


Level 5 Monster Beast blood essence Into the body, like a hot air, burning Li Fuchen's qi and blood bones .


Li Fuchen flashed a touch of joy on his face .

Level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is too little, Li Fuchen is more or less worried .

But don't worry now, level 5 Monster Beast blood essence, can fully temper his body .

Compare level 4 monster beast blood essence to ordinary meals, level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is ginseng .

Eat more food, only to maintain body nutrition .

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And ginseng, as long as a little bit, is enough to make people feel different .

“Resume . ”

A level 5 Monster Beast blood essence was consumed and Li Fuchen took another level 5 Monster Beast blood essence .

This level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is light grey and looks more textured .

This is a level middle rank monster beast blood essence .

The same level 5 Monster Beast blood essence, level middle rank monster beast blood essence is naturally more overbearing than level 5 low rank monster beast blood essence .

After taking it, Li Fuchen only felt that the body was cooked, and the whole body burned .

As time went by, more and more people came out of the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

But basically there are some second-rate third-rate Sect people, first-class Sect and peak Sect, all in the Shedding Body Realm middle rank and even Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist, usually some danger, basically can't help them .

"Elder Ouyang, Elder Guo, Elder Zhao . "

Soon, the people of Azure Billow Sect are back .

But only three people came back .

"Left Protector him?"

Asked by an Inner Sect Elder .

Zhao endless said solemnly: "Left Protector sacrificed . "

At that time, the situation was very critical . He was also under the protection of Supreme Elder Ouyang Tie to retain a life, and Left Protector was not so lucky . He was Shedding Body Realm 1st layer cultivation base, and he was instantly killed by Array Trap . As for the other Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, the dead and the scattered, all of them are fierce .

Hear this, Azure Billow Sect everyone is terrible .

Coupled with the fallen stage of the war Elder Liang, Azure Billow Sect has fallen two Shedding Body Realm martial artists, and Heavenly Fiend Sect a Shedding Body Realm martial artist has not fallen, the gap between the two Great Sect, invisibly pulled A lot bigger .

Li Fuchen looked up at the three .

Suddenly, his heart is light yí .

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Left Protector sacrificed . In theory, the three should be heavy and have no other emotions, but he also saw a glimmer of joy from the eyes of the three .

"Don't you get some treasure?"

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

Think of it this way, Li Fuchen is in a better mood, and the three people can show the joy of the treasure, certainly not a simple treasure, at least for the Shedding Body Realm martial artist!

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen continues to bury the cultivation Dragon Form Forging Body chapter .

A few days later, Li Fuchen contracted all over the body, and the strength of a surge was born in the depth of the body .

Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter, great accomplishment .

"At the end of the great accomplishment . "

Li Fuchen slowly spits out a mouthful of impure air .

He can feel that his body strength has increased and he does not know how much, with the body bone flesh and even meridian skin, but also tough many times .


Pulling out Profound Light Sword, Li Fuchen slammed his arm on his arm and made a dull sound, even the skin did not break open .

"With my current body defense, I am afraid that Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer martial artist is hard to hurt me . If it is matched with Body Protecting True Qi, it is enough to resist the attack of level 4 Demon, and if it matches with level 5 Monster Beast leather armor The defense can also be enhanced a lot . "

Li Fuchen smiled on his face .

Until then, he had a sense of security, although it is still impossible to compete with Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but at least the general Shedding Body Realm one or two martial artist, it is difficult to kill him .

“The great accomplishment is followed by perfection . I don’t know when it will be cultivation to the fourth chapter of the perfection level . ”

The fourth chapter of perfection is even more terrible, and the body defense is enough to ignore the general Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist .

“But if you want to cultivate to the fourth chapter of perfection, you must have enough level 5 Monster Beast blood essence . ”

Li Fuchen sighed, level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is too rare, refining some of the level 5 Monster Beast blood sprinkled on the ground, refining does not produce much blood essence, and in the short time, there may not be a war, And he does not want to have a war .

"Forget it, take a step and take a step . "

Growing up, Li Fuchen began to look at Monster Beast and Demon .

Monster Beast and Demon there are a lot less than Numerous Sect, but each one is arrogant . When they are gathered together, the monster qi is there, and even the void seems to be distorted and blurred .

However, Li Fuchen still saw a few huge figures .

Monster and Demon Ten Territories, a total of ten Apex exists .

These ten peaks exist and not all enter the Black Heaven Sect ruins .

The leftmost one is a Blood Demon . The Demon is almost ten meters high . It has bloody spikes on its body . Its aura is strong and almost forms a Domain . And it is the only master of the bloody world .

The one on the far right is a monster of a tiger head .

This monster is pitch-black, and the tiger's head is also pitch-black, but there is a golden veined mark on the forehead .

The monster qi and Demon Qi are intertwined, giving a feeling of endless violent murder .

The last figure, the blur is not really cut, it seems to be a half-human and half-snake, but Li Fuchen has the feeling that this figure is the most powerful existence .

“Blood Demon King, Devil Tiger and Petrification Queen . ”

These three exist, Li Fuchen has heard of .

Blood Demon King, the owner of Blood Demon Territory .

Magic Tiger, the owner of Tiger Demon Territory .

Petrification Queen, Lord of Stone Territory .

Among the three, Blood Demon King and Magic Tiger are more famous . The former is the leader of level 5 Demon . It is very murderous . It is said that he also shelters many Demon Dao forces, such as Ten Thousand Blood . Cult, it seems to be in the Blood Demon Territory .

The magic tiger, a level 5 Apex mutated monster beast, with monster qi and Demon Qi, is equally powerful .

As for Petrification Queen, the reputation is much smaller, but those who know the insider know that Petrification Queen is a veteran of Monster and Demon Ten Territories . It is said to have King Beast bloodline like Mountain Shaking Elephant, but the concentration of bloodline is beyond Mountain Shaking Elephant is quite a lot .

Its Petrification ability, which shocked the entire Eastern Lín Continent, once even fought with the eighth Odd Martial Artist, and finally nothing happened .

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