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Chapter 342
"Killing this fire, Earth Travelling Dragon, everyone has merit, I am willing to pay everyone a low grade spirit stone . "

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Li Fuchen wants to get the monster core of the Earth Travelling Dragon .

In his view, the monster core of the Earth Travelling Dragon is equivalent to a huge fire attribute low grade spirit stone, which should be of great benefit to his cultivation .

Hear this, Zhao is endlessly dissatisfied . He doesn't know where Li Fuchen comes from so many spirit stones, but the other party is too wasteful . These people just have some strength, not enough to get a low grade spirit stone .

"Great Elder, you have the most, this is yours . "

Li Fuchen gave Zhao an endless fifty low grade spirit stone .

The value of fifty low grade spirit stones has exceeded the monster core of the Earth Travelling Dragon, but Zhao has nothing to do with him . These fifty low grade spirit stones are filial piety .

Zhao is not a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base . If you want to climb up, you will need a lot of low grade spirit stone . In addition, you need a lot of low grade spirit stone to store Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi . .

"Fifty low grade spirit stone?"

Zhao Wu was taken aback .

As Azure Billow Sect Great Elder, he can get ten low grade spirit stones every year . Fifty low grade spirit stones, which is equivalent to his five years, is not a small amount . Where does Li Fuchen come from? So many low grade spirit stones .

Doubt is doubtful, Zhao is still very happy, with a sufficient amount of low grade spirit stone, in a few days, his Dantian Sword Origin will be filled with Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, before he can not bear Waste low grade spirit stone .


The humming sound of the stilts seemed to detonate the air . On the vast battlefield, countless stones floated up and then felllessly fell .

More than 90% of the people licked their ears, for fear of being shaken into the scorpion by the terrifying humming sound .

The humming sound is a giant elephant with a height of more than 100 feet and a height of 100 feet .

Ten Thousand Monster Territory owner, Mountain Shaking Elephant .

Mountain Shaking Elephant has a hint of bloodline from King Beast Mountain Lifting Elephant . It is in the top ranks of Monster and Demon Ten Territories . In fact, if it is not slower, he can rank higher, and it is not the first . may .

At this moment, Mountain Shaking Elephant didn't know what was irritated, his eyes were red, he accelerated, and he ran into his opponent, Eternal Spring Valley Supreme Grand Elder .

"What crazy is this demon?"

Eternal Spring Valley Supreme Grand Elder is a black haired old man wearing a green clothed, he is quite confused .

But doubts are doubtful, he can not let Mountain Shaking Elephant out of his control, this image is crazy, Demon has to shun three feet, where others can block .

"Who killed my offspring, I want to eat him . "

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Mountain Shaking Elephant roars .

"It turned out that the offspring were killed . "

Green clothed black haired old man realized .

Mountain Shaking Elephant also has descendants, although his descendants may not inherit the silkline of King Beast Mountain Lifting Elephant, but it is also extremely powerful, but Mountain Shaking Elephant has several descendants and does not know which descendants were killed .

But these are not important .

Green clothed black haired old man Dancing green vine whip, trapping Mountain Shaking Elephant .

Mountain Shaking Elephant is extremely angry, but can't open green clothed black haired old man at all .

In the distance, several Supreme Elders from the Eternal Spring Valley saw it and saw that the Mountain Shaking Elephant had never left the control . He secretly breathed a sigh of relief . One of them secretly thought: I would doubt whether the Supreme Grand Elder could block the Mountain Shaking Elephant .

His Eternal Spring Valley is one of the oldest Sects of Eastern Lín Continent . In Sect, there is a complete Earth level low rank cultivation technique Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Merit .

Supreme Grand Elder is the only one that brings Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Merit cultivation to the highest level of 24th layer . It has the absolute existence of Eight Desolate Eternal Spring Merit . It is strong in strength and can be ranked in the top three in Numerous Sect . Not at all weaker than Mountain Shaking Elephant .

"This child's progress is amazing, and now has the strength of Heavenly Dipper Realm peak . After another ten or twenty years, it will definitely become the scourge of Heavenly Fiend Sect . "A few hundred miles away, a pair of eyes swept Li Fuchen .

This person is Heavenly Fiend Sect Supreme Elder Yao Buchuan, and he was one of the last time to force Azure Billow Sect's Heavenly Fiend Sect Shedding Body Realm martial Artist .

Li Fuchen's strength in the battlefield made him a little uneasy .

He doesn't know how long this war will last, maybe a year, maybe a few years, maybe a longer time .

In other words, the war is not over, Heavenly Fiend Sect can't kill Li Fuchen with great brilliance, which will cause the Numerous Sect to oscillate . During the war, the killing of the enemy Sect's heaven's chosen, the other Sect will think, then Numerous Sect high level, it is definitely not easy to spare Heavenly Fiend Sect, saying that the perpetrators will not be executed, even if the perpetrator is a Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

After all, a Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist is nothing compared to the entire war . If it can be stabilized, Numerous Sect high level will definitely do so .

But for Li Fuchen to grow too long, Heavenly Fiend Sect will be difficult to deal with him in the future .

"Oh, although you can't do it yourself, murder a person with a borrowed knife can . "

Yao Buchuan looked across the level 5 low rank monster beast Gale Eagle .

This Gale Eagle is about the same strength as him, but he is faster than him . He often kills this humble one . If you bring it there, you can kill Li Fuchen in all likelihood .

"You stupid eagle, eat me a punch . "

Yao Buchuan kicked up and knocked back Gale Eagle .

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Gale Eagle was furious and the other person was stupid and he could not tolerate it .

On the claws of mysterious blue, the monster qi is entangled, the wings of Gale Eagle are fanned, and one paw is caught by Yao Buchuan .

Slamming .

Yao Buchuan was shot and flew out a dozen miles away .

Back and forth, unconsciously, Yao Buchuan retired to the area where Li Fuchen was .

The huge movement suddenly caught the attention of everyone below .

"Not good, come here . "

Everyone was shocked .

The Shedding Body Realm level battle zone is definitely a dead zone . It is dead and there is no suspense .

"It's Heavenly Fiend Sect Supreme Elder, back . "

Li Fuchen recognized the identity of Yao Buchuan at a glance, and he was a little alert in his heart, and quickly pulled back .

"Stupid eagle, Drop dead . "

Yao Buchuan showed his killing move and hit hundreds of punches at Gale Eagle .

Gale Eagle sees Yao Buchuan to show the killing move, and also shows the killing move .

The monsters are entwined on the wings, the wind is swept, and the curved wind blades are continuously formed .


The next moment, Gale Eagle's wings were shaken, the majestic monster qi broke out, and numerous arc-shaped wind blades spurted out, overwhelming, covering the front dozens of miles .

Pū pū pū pū ……

The blood is filled with blood .

Below, at least hundreds of Earth Fiend Realm martial artists and a dozen Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists burst into blood, in addition to a large number of monster beast and a few Demon bursts .

Even if it is far away, Zhao Wudu is vomited and vomited .

"Fuchen . "

Zhao was completely scared, Li Fuchen was quite close to the battle zone, and there was still life there .

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In a pit, Li Fuchen crouched there, with a copper-colored aura transpiration .

Yao Buchuan Close to this area, Li Fuchen had a bad feeling, so he pulled back in the first place .

But he retired quickly and couldn't keep up with Gale Eagle's attack speed .

And when Gale Eagle broke out of the killing move, Li Fuchen had already understood the mind of Yao Buchuan .

Murder a person with a borrowed knife, the other party intends to use the power of Gale Eagle to kill himself .

Unfortunately, he underestimate himself .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen within the body Burning Heaven True Qi revolved to the back Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark, immediately, Nine Revolving Purple Qi flows through Bronze Sword Essence, converted into Bronze Sword Qi, Bronze Sword Qi breaks out At the same time, the body of the Bronze Sword Qi was formed . At the same time, the power of the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor was also stimulated, and a monster beast phantom emerged, covering Li Fuchen .

After doing all this, Gale Eagle's attack came .

There are countless wind blades, each of which exceeds level 4 Demon's full blow .

First broken monster beast phantom .

Although the monster beast phantom is the monster beast Bloodline Strength contained in the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, Gale Eagle itself is the level 5 Monster Beast, which will not break the Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor's Bloodline Strength, so the first time, monster The beast phantom was shredded .

This is followed by the bodyguard Bronze Sword Qi .

Bronze Sword Qi is much tougher than the monster beast phantom . A lot of wind blades are cut and it doesn't make the body Bronze Sword Qi crash .

However, Li Fuchen is also uncomfortable . He secretly fortunate that he was fortunate enough to use the power of Bronze Sword Essence . Otherwise, Nine Revolving Purple Qi alone could not prevent the wind blade .

He is currently Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer cultivation base . Even if Burning Heaven True Merit breaks through the nineteenth layer, True Qi Cultivation Base is equivalent to Heavenly Dipper Realm 6th layer, with Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark, True Qi Cultivation Base . It can roughly reach Heavenly Dipper Realm peak or above, but it is still not enough to withstand Gale Eagle's long-range attack .

Finally, when the bodyguard Bronze Sword Qi was destroyed, most of the wind blade disappeared and Li Fuchen came back .

Spit a blood, Li Fuchen spurted out from the pit, flew out into the distance, and the speed climbed to the limit .

"not dead?"

Yao Buchuan's face is gloomy .

This failed to kill Li Fuchen, and his anxiety was growing .

"I don't believe in undying you . "

Yao Buchuan intends to continue the murder a person with a borrowed knife .

"Enough, Yao Buchuan . "

A coldly shouted was introduced into Yao Buchuan's ear .

"Elder Feng!"

Yao Buchuan looks white and looks at a Wind Snow Sect Supreme Elder hundreds of miles away .

The Wind Snow Sect Supreme Elder surnamed the wind, the movement here, he just noticed, "Yao Buchuan, not as an example . "

"Elder Feng, this is just an accident . "

Yao Buchuan said hurriedly .


Elder Feng no longer cares about Yao Buchuan, obviously does not want to listen to the other party's explanation .

"Damn Elder Feng, damn Li Fuchen . "Yao Buchuan knows that he has no chance to deal with Li Fuchen . If he insists on doing this, Elder Feng will undoubtedly stop him . He will not know what will happen to him .

"so close . "

Le Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief as he left the area .


After a wave of unrest, the center of the battlefield suddenly heard a world-shaking loud noise . For a time, the ground moved and the dust rose .

At that moment, Li Fuchen even thought that the world would be cracked .

"What happened here?"

Li Fuchen looked at the battlefield center with amazement .

However, with his eyesight, nature can't see the specific situation there .

Battlefield center .

Green clothed black haired old man and Mountain Shaking Elephant After a hard fight, the shock wave of the majestic spread .

If it is in the past, the shock wave will make the ground more messy, but this time, the ground beneath it suddenly collapses, and a huge deep hole with a diameter of ten miles and unfathomable is seen . It is faint and can see the depth of the deep hole . With a building outline .

"Is this a relic?"

Green clothed black haired old man The heart beats faster .

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