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Chapter 332
This sword is naturally Clear Sky Sword Art sword move .

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But compared to before, this sword is incredible, terrifying is incredible .

One sword swayed, and two Domain stacks exploded, namely Nine Revolving Purple Qi Domain and Clear Sky Sword Art Domain .

Under the suppression of these two domains, the dog head mask and the many black clothed man of the Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base only felt that breathing was difficult, and the strength was at least half limited .

At the same time, countless sword glows gathered together to form a glorious ball of light, which suddenly enveloped everyone .


The ball of light was shattered, including the dog head mask, and all the black clothed man rushed into it .

With a hand and a suction, the only storage pouch was sucked into the hand by Li Fuchen .

This storage pouch is the dog head mask man's storage pouch . If Li Fuchen guesses well, this storage pouch should be a middle level storage pouch . Not only is the material very tough, but the surface also depicts a micro array, which prevents the storage pouch from being destroyed .

As for the storage pouch of others, it has been crushed into slag .

Didn't look at what is in the storage pouch, Li Fuchen closed it directly, secretly thought: no wonder Odd Martial Artist can shock Eastern Lín Continent Numerous Sect and Monster and Demon Ten Territories, even if they come out, the cultivation base is limited, but only by The Earth level cultivation technique and the Earth level Martial Art are enough to slash the Eastern Lín Continent and the squashed Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist .

The rest of the thousands of black clothed man see Li Fuchen a sword killed all the high level, one by one scared, and immediately fled .


To deal with these little tricks, Li Fuchen does not need to use Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark and Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark, even Bronze Sword Essence does not need to use, directly crushing and killing by its own strength, in a short time, At least one or two hundred black clothed man were slaughtered .

Unfortunately, the black clothed man is too much, and it is distributed around Green Jade City, killing and killing, and the remaining black clothed man fleeing .

After doing all this, Li Fuchen quickly left Green Jade City .

In Green Jade City, the Green Jade City City Lord was panicked, but soon he found that all the black clothed man had fled, and for a time, he was a little overwhelmed .

"Seventy-eight low grade spirit stones are worse than cat head mask . "

On the way, Li Fuchen opened the dog head mask man's storage pouch, which has seventy-eight low grade spirit stones .

In addition, there are some blood-colored beads .

From the bloody beads, Li Fuchen felt the grievances of the sky and the power of Blood Dao .

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"Damn Demon Dao monster . "

How did he not know that these blood-colored beads were made up of countless human blood extracts and contained great sins .

"Or give it to Sect high level!"

Li Fuchen doesn't know how to deal with these blood-colored beads . If you destroy it directly, the power of Blood Dao will come out . The resentment in it will match the power of Blood Dao . Maybe it will be born with evil things . It is unwise for the evil .

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen stored the blood-colored beads in a storage pouch .

In the following month, Li Fuchen frequently patrolled the seventh district, and sometimes even ran to the sixth or eighth district to patrol .

Gradually, the three communities began to circulate rumors about mask people .

In this regard, Azure Billow Sect is naturally very happy, this mask person, although I do not know who, but at least to the Demon Dao forces are very hateful, this is consistent with Azure Billow Sect .

“Without the spirit beast, it’s really tired . ”

Li Fuchen is not Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist after all, and even if it is Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, it will be exhausted when it is noon and night . This flight spirit is much better than human, level 4 flying spirit beast, flying It won't feel exhausted for a few days and nights . In fact, with the ups and downs of the airflow, the flying spirit beast is sometimes completely gliding, without wasting a little spiritual qi and physical strength .

"yí, it's star stone . "

On this day, when passing through a town, Li Fuchen easily solved a small force of Demon Dao . When he killed the other leader, Li Fuchen found a star stone from his storage pouch .

Star stone is useless for Situ Lei, which has been promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm, but is of great use to Li Fuchen, which is still in Earth Fiend Realm .

At least he can enter Star Road Secret Realm again .

With the Star Road power blessing, he can step into the Earth Fiend Realm peak faster, and then he can sprint Heavenly Dipper Realm .

In addition, the rumored customs clearance Star Road Secret Realm, can get a big legacy .

What is the inheritance, Li Fuchen does not know, but always try .

After getting the star stone, Li Fuchen immediately returned to the hills on the outskirts of Cloud and Mist City .

Crushed star stone, Li Fuchen instantly enters Star Road Secret Realm .

First off second pass third pass…

Li Fuchen hot knife through butter, did not take long, he passed the Seventh Mountain Pass and went to the eighth Star Road .

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Last time, he was on the eighth Star Road and only walked a hundred steps .

This time, his cultivation base broke through to the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer, and it should be no difficulty to get through the Eight Mountain Pass .

As Li Fuchen expected, Eight Mountain Pass, he was not too difficult to pass .

As he passed the Eight Mountain Pass, one hundred and twenty-eight Star Road forces came and merged into the body .

Did not immediately go to the ninth Star Road, Li Fuchen sitting on the isolated island, began to upgrade the cultivation base .

With the Star Road power blessing, coupled with the low grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen's cultivation base, climbing .

Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer middle stage, Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer late .

In a short while, Li Fuchen's cultivation base reached the late stage of the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer .

At this time, Star Road power is also consumed .

"Continue . "

Li Fuchen came to the ninth Star Road .

The ninth Star Road, Star Road aura terrifying, and fortunately Li Fuchen's cultivation base reached the end of the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer, the spirit will be far more than ordinary people, otherwise, this Star Road aura alone is enough to make him instantly Leave Star Road Secret Realm .

With a hard scalp, Li Fuchen is firmly and steadily moving forward .

One hundred steps .

A thousand steps .

Ten thousand steps .

Li Fuchen gradually went deeper into the ninth Star Road .

What Li Fuchen doesn't know is that since ancient times, not to mention the Ninth Mountain Pass, no one can come to the ninth Star Road .

Li Fuchen was the first to come to the ninth Star Road .

Among them, there are many factors .

First, Li Fuchen's cultivation technique is very real, and Burning Heaven True Merit has been trained to the eighteenth layer .

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Second, as Soul turns into a blue Soul, Li Fuchen's spirit will, which is no longer the same as before, is stronger than the last time Star Road Secret Realm .

Otherwise, the above spirit will come, and most of them will not be here .

I don't know how long it took in the past, Li Fuchen looked up and could see the isolated island in the distance .

It is a golden island, golden over the island, with many visions emerging, but when it is a heavy mountain, it is an endless storm, but it is a thousand sword qi, and sometimes it is a sun…

"Maybe this Ninth Mountain Pass really has a legacy?"

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

The thought flashed, Li Fuchen moved on, the terrifying Star Road aura, always on his body and the spirit will, as long as one could not hold it, it would immediately have a chain reaction .

I don't know how long it took, Li Fuchen is getting closer and closer to the golden isolated island .

Close by, Li Fuchen can find that in the center of the golden isolated island, there is a huge golden ball of light . In the golden ball, there seems to be something moving around . From time to time, there is a very terrifying aura that is emitted through the golden ball . Come out and make the vision over the golden isolated island change .

Biting his teeth, Li Fuchen's eyes flashed through the horrible rays of light, and the speed did not decrease .

Blue Soul, gave him the will of superhuman .

And this will, the more the war, the more brave, at least so far, has not reached his limit .

The oppression of Star Road aura is just enough to familiarize him with his limits .

However, as the closer to the golden isolated island, Li Fuchen's speed slowed down .

Of course, it's just slow, and it's far from the limit of will . At least for now, Li Fuchen is confident that he will be able to come to the golden isolated island and cross the Star Road Ninth Mountain Pass .

As time passed, the last step stepped out, the terrifying Star Road aura, disappeared abruptly .

Li Fuchen has arrived on the golden isolated island .

Ninth Mountain Pass was not tested, and Li Fuchen went straight to the golden light ball .

This golden light ball, the thing that wanders inside, is clearly a weapon, with simple and unadorned battle sword, pitch-black warhammer, heavy trench, strong sun gloves, and even a simple battle . Armor .

“Are these weapons, the armor arm, is the inheritance?”

Li Fuchen's eyebrows are picked .

There are many ways to inherit, there are spiritual inheritance, weapons are passed down, and there are many different kinds .

Spiritual inheritance is a brain that puts all the inheritance into your mind and lets you slowly go to comprehend .

The inheritance of weapons is to instill the inheritance in the weapons . As the weapons become more skilled, they will receive some inheritance .

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen experimented with his hand near the golden ball .

When the hand is attached to the golden ball, the golden ball blooms with endless rays of light . Then, the simple and unadorned battle sword, which flies out of the golden ball, falls on Li Fuchen's hand .

Hock card!

Over the Star Road, there are endless lightning flashes, and every bolt of lightning stretches hundreds of miles .

"Killing Heaven Sword !"

At the moment of holding the simple and unadorned battle sword, a mind enters Li Fuchen's mind .

From the name, this Killing Heaven Sword is bound to be an amazing peerless sword .

However, Li Fuchen found that Killing Heaven Sword is actually a Profound level top rank treasure sword, which is only Rank 1 higher than Profound Light Sword .

"Yí, no, this sword is sealed . "

Consciousness accompanied by True Spirit exploring in Killing Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen found a trace of clues .

In the depths of Killing Heaven Sword, there is a chain of rune that locks the core Heart Sword of Killing Heaven Sword . If a chain is a seal, Killing Heaven Sword has obviously passed multiple seals .

Under the multiple seals, there is Profound level top rank treasure sword . Once the seal is unlocked, it will be extraordinary .

"It seems that in order to get the inheritance of Killing Heaven Sword, we must untie the seals, otherwise there will be no treasures in the air . "

Li Fuchen secretly said in heart .

With Li Fuchen getting Killing Heaven Sword, a repulsive force was born and Li Fuchen was sent out of Star Road Secret Realm .

In the hills on the outskirts of Cloud and Mist City, Li Fuchen appears out of thin air .

“I don’t know Profound level top rank treasure sword, what level of power is reached . ”

Although the Killing Heaven Sword seal has not been unlocked, the Killing Heaven Sword at the Profound level top rank level is already a rare treasure . Azure Billow Sect has seven Shedding Body Realm martial artists and only four Supreme Elder and Sect Master Ouyang . Wentian has a Profound level top rank treasure sword .

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