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Chapter 331
“Demon Ten Territories occupies six Sect domains?”

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Li Fuchen, who got the news, was very surprised .

Monster and Demon Ten Territories, although there are only ten domains, each domain is extremely large, and the domains of the top ten powers are not comparable .

The owners of Monster and Demon Ten Territories, all of which are vertical and horizontal continents, are extremely terrifying . If you rely on the top ten powers, you can't even block Monster and Demon Ten Territories .

"The domain that has been invaded is miserable!"

Li Fuchen is silent .

The Six Territories, with a small population of billions, and billions of people under the rule of Demon, can be imagined how miserable it will be .

“Fortunately, Azure Billow Territory is far from Monster and Demon Ten Territories . ”

Li Fuchen couldn't imagine what would happen if the domain that was invaded was Azure Billow Territory .

Be aware that Azure Billow Sect is just a third-rate Sect, and Azure Billow Territory is naturally a three-stream domain, no better than this Six Territories .

"My strength is still too weak, and there is no self-protection . "

Li Fuchen shook his head .

He found that since the closure of Odd Martial Secret Realm, various things have happened one after another, I really don't know what will happen next .

Great war unexpectedly broke out .

Numerous Sect is willing to give up Six Territories, provided that the billions of humans in the Six Territories are migrated, but the Monster and Demon Ten Territories are very strong this time, not only do not allow the migration of the billions of humans, but also require Numerous Sect to continue to sell fourteen . The domain, Monster and Demon Ten Territories, each domain governs the two domains of human .

In the face of such demanding requirements of Monster and Demon Ten Territories, Numerous Sect naturally did not agree, and great war broke out instantly .

Monster and Demon Ten Territories In the west of Eastern Lín Continent, the six encroached fields straddle the Monster and Demon Ten Territories and Numerous Sect, and the great war erupts . This Six Territories naturally becomes a battlefield .

Numerous Sect has hundreds of Shedding Body Realm martial artists, and Monster and Demon Ten Territories also has hundreds of Level 5 Monster Beast or Demon .

Azure Billow Sect is a third-rate Sect with three Shedding Body Realm martial artists to the Six Territories .

However, the battlefield is too big . It is impossible to control the entire battlefield by Shedding Body Realm martial artist . Therefore, a large number of Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist and Earth Fiend Realm martial artist are sent to the battlefield .

Azure Billow Sect has more than two hundred Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists, more than 3,000 Earth Fiend Realm martial artists, and other Sects, just a lot more than Azure Billow Sect .

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Heavenly Fiend Sect is said to have dispatched more than 300 Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists and nearly 5,000 Earth Fiend Realm martial Artist .

The first great war lasted for a month .

What embarrassed Numerous Sect was that the first great war ended in the failure of Numerous Sect .

After countless years of dormancy, the strength of Monster and Demon ten territories is much stronger than people think, especially the owners of Monster and Demon ten territories, a tough heaven defying, That mountain shaking Elephant, once restored main body, immediately changed into a hundred feet giant Elephant, the body hit, heaven and Earth Shake, even a mountain can easily smash, like the nose can be large and small, under a roll, even shedding body Re ALM high rank martial artist can be easily seriously injured, a suction more terrifying, magnificent heaven and Earth Origin Qi was sucked out by it, spewing out when shedding body Realm Apex Martial artist have to retreat three feet .

The magic tiger, the strength is not inferior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant . He has the characteristics of monster beast and Demon . He has all kinds of terrifying ability . On the battlefield, only he came up to kill a Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist . However, after everyone became familiar with his abilities, he did not give him a second chance .

And those Demon don't even say it .

At the level of life, Demon first, monster beast second, human third, this is recognized, it is conceivable, how powerful Demon is .

Numerous Sect was defeated, but Numerous Sect was not reconciled, sending more Shedding Body Realm martial artist and Shedding Body Realm lower expert to the battlefield .

Azure Billow Sect has again dispatched hundreds of Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artists and thousands of Earth Fiend Realm martial artists, led by a Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

As for the Azure Billow Territory Demon Dao, the mess has become a trivial matter . Once the Numerous Sect is defeated, the loss can be large, and at least a dozen domains and billions of people will be lost .

With the Azure Billow Territory expert, Demon Dao suddenly picked up .

In fact, Numerous Sect also knows that Demon Dao forces must cooperate with Monster and Demon Ten Territories, or cooperate with several of them, but there is no way, whether it is Monster and Demon Ten Territories or Demon Dao forces, they are all big Numerous Sect . Enemy, the threat of Monster and Demon Ten Territories is much greater now, and for the time being only allows Demon Dao forces to arrogant some days .

Li Fuchen really wants to go to the battlefield, but he knows that he can't get any effect on the battlefield . It's better to be in the Azure Billow Territory and Demon Dao forces .

"Alright, there is no Elder Qi Ming and Elder Xu Chang, and some of my means can be used to the fullest . "

The battlefield was in a hurry, Qin Ming and Xu Chang were both dispatched . In the seventh district of the fourth largest district, there were fifteen Inner Sect Elders, and only eight were left at the moment .

At this time, Li Fuchen couldn't take care of the problems of Earth level martial mark and Earth level cultivation technique martial mark . He couldn't bear to use trump card, but watched Demon Dao's forces mess in Azure Billow Territory, killing countless creatures . .

He is not a cold-blooded person, which is not in line with his Sword Dao .

At night, Li Fuchen took a mask and didn't even take the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird and began patrolling the seventh district .

Green Jade City .

The city is rich in green jade, hence the name .

On a quiet night, thousands of black clothed man suddenly appeared and began to surround Green Jade City .

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The head of the person, with the dog head mask, is the Demon Dao expert who once killed the thousands of people in Iron Mountain City and seriously injured Xu Wangsong .

“Hey, Numerous Sect is busy dealing with Monster and Demon Ten Territories . It’s a once-in-lifetime opportunity . Unfortunately, the city’s population is too strict and there is no chance to start . Otherwise, if you can condense a high level million blood bead, Blood Ancestor Sir I will definitely reward me . "

Dog head mask People are in a good mood . Cat head mask was killed a while ago, which made him startle . Now, Azure Billow Sect has half of the expert going to the battlefield . He doesn't believe that Azure Billow Territory can be kept so strict .


In the distance, a sound broke through .

Dog head mask The eyes are fixed, and the strong night glows .

When the fire is close, the dog head mask is strange, a martial artist of the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer cultivation base, who dares to fly in a big way, although he does not understand, how can the Earth Fiend Realm martial artist fly .

"kill him . "

Dog head mask A black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank cultivation base .

"Yes .

The black clothed man soar and greeted the fire .


Black clothed man With a hand shake, countless green spots spread out, shrouded in flames .

"It's you who died . "

Li Fuchen pulled out Profound Light Sword, Bronze Sword Qi poured in, the next moment, a bronze sword glow, flew out, not only broke countless green spots, but also swept past the black clothed man .


The black clothed man was cut off from the waist and could not die anymore .

"This fellow hides the cultivation base . "

Dog head mask The face is gloomy . He doesn't believe in an Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer martial artist . It can easily kill a Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank cultivation base Demon Dao martial artist . The opponent will hide the cultivation base and confuse the opponent .

"Hall Master, let me kill him . "

A black clothed man from the Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank cultivation base flew out .

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"Bloodthirsty Blade Art !"

The weapon of this black clothed man is a blood knife, blood knife waving, bloody brightness terrifying, close, Li Fuchen even feels with the body blood is boiling .

“Blood Dao martial artist can influence the blood, and once it is injured, it is estimated to be killed if the strength is similar . ”

Li Fuchen frowned, he was not afraid of each other, but the power of the Blood Dao martial artist made him quite care .


Li Fuchen smashed the blood glow, bronze sword hot hot knife through butter, pierced black clothed man within the body .


Black clothed man The body blasts and turns into fly ash .

Just relying on Black Iron Sword Essence, Li Fuchen has the strength of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer martial artist . Since this day, with his body skeleton, 70% of the place has condensed the bronze sword mark, the power of Bronze Sword Essence, but More than a few times more than Black Iron Sword Essence, enough to kill any Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist .

To know that Li Fuchen had a black iron sword qi activate Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark, the power is slightly inferior to Bronze Sword Qi, and the strength of Domain is more powerful and can suppress the enemy .

"Well, this person's cultivation base is a matter of Heavenly Dipper Realm . "

Dog head mask People are shocked . These Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation bases are all his arms, and they die a lot, which has an impact on his future actions .

"Bastard, died . "

Dog head mask The man can't stand it anymore, his body light flashes and flies to Li Fuchen .

“Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer cultivation base . ”

Li Fuchen didn't dare to care . On the right hand wrist, Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark lighted up, and Bronze Sword Qi activate's Clear Sky Sword Art, Li Fuchen has never been shown, this is the first time .


The sky glow was spread out, and the whole world seemed to be stuffed with a trick . There was no gap . At the same time, a terrifying strength of Domain instantly enveloped the dog head mask .

"No, this is the legendary Domain, is the Earth level sword technique?"

Dog head mask people big shock, the original momentum suddenly stopped, the moment in the hands of a low level million blood bead, the majestic Blood Dao power poured into the body, immediately, dog head mask Countless Qinghui sword glow, bloody palm shadow, thrilling .


The loud noise broke out, and the dog head mask flew out, and the corner of his mouth overflowed with blood .

Li Fuchen couldn't help but scream .

Without the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, it is just the power of the two people to fight, it is enough to kill him . After all, his cultivation base is too low, and the defense is far less than the dog head mask .

"I actually absorbed the tens of thousands of blood bead powers?"

Dog head mask The face is quite ugly .

The main thing is that he can't see Li Fuchen .

"Go together!"

Dog head mask People don't care too much, ordering the other black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base to besiege Li Fuchen .

"It's time to try the power of the Earth level cultivation technique martial mark . "

Li Fuchen's thoughts, Burning Heaven True Qi revolved to the purple behind the veined mark .


A very terrifying aura is spread out, and Li Fuchen's body is filled with a terrifying version of Purple True Qi . Under the invasion of Purple True Qi, Li Fuchen's hair eyebrows and even the skin are dyed . Purple, as if purple god of war .

An idea entered Li Fuchen's mind .

“Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit !”

"Good mysterious terrifying cultivation technique?"Li Fuchen was amazed .

Inspired by 4 star secret technique Pure Yang Astral Qi , Li Fuchen intends to convert Purple True Qi into Pure Yang Astral Qi , but he found that Pure Yang Astral Qi could not convert Purple True Qi .

“what's going on, even with Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit, my True Spirit quality is just the Heavenly Dipper Realm level, 4 star secret technique should be useful to me . ”

What Li Fuchen doesn't know is that Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit is too high . Compared to Pure Yang Astral Qi, the grade is lower . It is very difficult to convert . If Li Fuchen itself cultivates Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit The key is that Li Fuchen's Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit is just a cultivation technique veined mark on the back, not his own .

Fortunately, Purple True Qi can be converted into Bronze Sword Qi . Otherwise, the strength of Li Fuchen will not increase, but will be reduced, not worth the candle .

With the conversion of Purple True Qi into Bronze Sword Qi, Li Fuchen found that Bronze Sword Qi is no longer bronze, but copper .

Watching a group of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base's black clothed man and dog head mask people join hands, Li Fuchen swayed out .

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