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Chapter 333
Stepping out of the hills and coming to an open wilderness, Li Fuchen pulled out Killing Heaven Sword and Burning Heaven True Qi .

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Half .

One percent .

To the surprise of Li Fuchen, Killing Heaven Sword swallowed his True Spirit and became saturated . That is to say, with Killing Heaven Sword, he can only throw out ten swords . After ten swords, True Spirit It will run out .

"I don't know how powerful it is . "

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and slammed out .


The vast sword glow, as if to cut the void, with Li Fuchen as the starting point, rushing toward the wilderness ahead .

Kā cā!!

On the surface of the wilderness, there was a huge gap, which was hundreds of meters long and ten meters wide . The weeds in the wilderness were cut into fly ash and bare under the cutting of numerous small swords .

"The great power, at least three times the Profound Light Sword, the general Profound level top rank weapon, can't be so powerful . "

Li Fuchen was shocked .

His sword is just an ordinary sword . If all the strengths are broken, the power of this sword will increase tenfold .

Where does Li Fuchen know that Killing Heaven Sword is not a Profound level top rank, although it is sealed at the Profound level top rank level, but also the Profound level top rank hierarchy, far beyond the general Profound level top rank treasure sword .

But correspondingly, it also consumes True Spirit .

In general, Profound level high rank weapon corresponds to the Heavenly Dipper Realm level, Profound level top rank weapon, and at least Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist to take it to the limit .

And Li Fuchen is also comparable to the quality of the True Spirit, the Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer, and the True Spirit, which is far less than the Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer .

However, Li Fuchen didn't care about this . After throwing this sword, he suddenly had some information in his mind .

The information was a bit confusing at first, but it was quickly reorganized .

"Profound level top rank sword technique , Profound Heaven Sword Technique ……"

With this information, Li Fuchen didn't have much surprise .

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"It seems that this is the first inheritance, to unravel the first Seal, in order to get a second pass, but this inheritance is also very good, profound Heaven Sword Technique, seems to be stronger than burning Heaven Sword Technique, and incomparable fit killing Heaven Sword, with killing Heaven Sword display, enough to play far beyond burning Heaven Sword Technique power, only afraid in eastern Lín continent Profound level Top Rank Martial art, are the most peak . ”

Li Fuchen secretly said in heart .

Whether it is Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark or Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark, it is an external force . Li Fuchen can't count on them all his life, and can't count on it .

After crossing the Star Road Ninth Mountain Pass, Li Fuchen once again got 256 Star Road powers, 256 Star Road forces, pushing Li Fuchen's cultivation base to the limit of Earth Fiend Realm, away from Heavenly Dipper Realm, only the next step .

Of course, Li Fuchen knows that although it is only a step away, this step is the hardest step .

His cultivation base is improving too fast . Although the spirit will be high and the cultivation technique is high, the foundation is very solid, but after all, there is a lack of accumulation and a accumulation of understanding of the Heavenly Dipper Realm level .

Fortunately, with Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, this accumulation should be quickly remedied, when it is time for him to step into Heavenly Dipper Realm .

During the day, Li Fuchen comprehend Profound Heaven Sword Technique, at night, Li Fuchen took a mask and patrolled around .

As time went by, Li Fuchen's Profound Heaven Sword Technique made a rapid increase, and in less than a month, it reached the state of breadth to the point of perfection .

There are two main reasons for reaching the point of perfection so fast . First, Li Fuchen has cultivated the Profound level top rank technique Burning Heaven Sword Technique and cultivated the Burning Heaven Sword Technique to the reaching peak . One step is to comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent . Secondly, there is Killing Heaven Sword and Li Fuchen cultivation Profound Heaven Sword Technique . It is twice the result with half the effort . Because this Killing Heaven Sword also contains Sword Intent, but this Sword Intent is not revealed . .

A small meeting is taking place on the ground floor of Azure Billow Territory and Heavenly Fiend Territory .

At the conference table, there were dozens of maskers sitting .

There are Mouse Head Mask people, there are chicken head mask people, rabbit head mask people, Monkey Head Mask people, sheep head mask people…

“Cat Hall Master and Dog Hall Master are successively left in the seventh district of Azure Billow Territory . Tell me about the situation . ”

The first table of the conference table, Ox Head Masked Man coldly said .

As the total Hall Master of Azure Billow Territory and Heavenly Fiend Territory, Ox Head Masked Man's status is higher than that of other masks, and two Hall Masters are missing, which makes him very angry .

Also in the Azure Billow Territory event, Monkey Head Mask said: "Ox Hall Master, Cat Hall Master died in the hands of Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder, and Dog Hall Master, died in the hands of a mask man, now in Azure Billow Territory The seventh district of the fourth largest district is quite famous . "

"Mask man?"

Ox Head Masked Man has a deep voice .

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They are also wearing masks .

"How strong is that mask?"Ox Head Masked Man Ask .

Monkey Head Mask Humanity: "Extremely strong, according to the owner of Dog Hall Master, he injured the Dog Hall Master with a sword as soon as he came up . Later, he did not know what secret technique broke out . A sword was killed including Dog Hall Master . All high levels inside . "


Hear this, the mask man sucks in a breath of cold air .

A sword kills all high levels including the Dog Hall Master . This strength is definitely Heavenly Dipper Realm peak and must be the kind of Heavenly Dipper Realm peak of the 5 star secret technique . Otherwise, it can't be done at all . at this point .

"This person is strong, I am afraid that it is not inferior to me . "Ox Head Masked Man is slow .

As the two-field total Hall Master, his cultivation base strength is also Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, and also cultivated 5 star Demon Dao secret technique, far beyond the general Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist .

"The mask must be removed, otherwise it will affect our activities, Wolf Hall Master, this person will be handed over to you . "Ox Head Masked Man is human on the side of the Wolf Head Mask .

Wolf Head Mask said: "Ox Hall Master, I am afraid that I can't get rid of this person with my strength . "

He is the two-field deputy Hall Master, and his strength is only slightly worse than Ox Hall Master, but he is not confident to remove the mask man .

“Monkey Hall Master, Rat Master Master, both of you assist Wolf Hall Master . ”Ox Head Masked Man looks at the Monkey Head Mask and the Mouse Head Mask .

"Yes .

Monkey Head Mask Man and Mouse Head Mask nod .

With the power of three people, they are confident that they can get rid of the mask people .

And they suspected that the Dog Hall Master had used 10,000 blood bead forces .


As usual, Li Fuchen patrols the three districts, including the seventh district, and occasionally expands to five or six districts . If it is not fast enough, he does not mind expanding the scope to the fourth largest district .

Although patrolling every day, Li Fuchen did not delay cultivation ProFound Heaven Sword Technique .

This day, the night is coming .

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Li Fuchen slowly spits out aura and wakes up from the state of admission .

"Profound Heaven Sword Technique is only one step away from reaching the peak of reaching peak, but Bronze Sword Essence is condensed to eight . "

Eighty percent Bronze Sword Essence makes Bronze Sword Qi even stronger . Li Fuchen can't say that under Shedding Body Realm is invincible, but at least there is a certain self-protection .

Growing up, Li Fuchen put on a mask and the figure vacated .

The seventh district patrolled the majority, and Li Fuchen came to the vicinity of Clear Wind City .


Li Fuchen's face suddenly became cold . He didn't expect Demon Dao's power to be so embarrassed . He came to the seventh district for the third time, and the first one was a Wolf Head Mask person, on both sides, there was a Monkey Head Mask person and a Mouse Head Mask People .

"Wolf Hall Master, he is coming . "

Monkey Head Mask People started talking .

"I will meet him first, both of you, and you will use the power of the million bead to launch the killing move . "Wolf Head Mask Awe-inspiring .


Monkey Head Mask People and Mouse Head Mask Nodded their heads and turned their wrists, each holding a low level million blood bead .

The body flew to Li Fuchen, Wolf Head Mask people coldly said: "Is you killed Dog Hall Master?"

Li Fuchen said: "I don't know who you say Dog Hall Master, I only know that you came to Azure Billow Territory, it is a mistake . "

"Big words, give me death . "

Wolf Head Mask people excited 5 star Demon Dao secret technique, a bloody veined mark appeared on the body, under the increase of the bloody veined mark, the Wolf Head Mask aura surged, the steel fork in the hand turned into a heavy blood color fork, toward Li Fuchen shrouded away .

Li Fuchen didn't dare to care, Wolf Head Mask people, not only the cultivation base is much higher than the dog head mask, but also the dramatic increase of the Demon Dao secret technique, and the Martial Art realm seems to be higher .

Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark instead of Burning Heaven True Merit, Li Fuchen within the body Burning Heaven True Qi, quickly converted to Nine Revolving Purple Qi, Nine Revolving Purple Qi and then converted to Bronze Sword Qi, then Bronze Sword Qi infused into Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark .

This series of processes seems complicated, but it is only a moment .

After a moment, Li Fuchen's Profound Light Sword spurred out, two strength of Domain, superimposed and erupted, covering the Wolf Head Mask .

"Not good, two invisible forces have suppressed me . "

Wolf Head Mask People big shock .

He finally knew how the Dog Hall Master died .

Under the suppression of this invisible force, it is not bad to be able to play 50 or 60% .

Figure 急退,Wolf Head Mask There is a million blood bead in the hands of the people, the majestic Blood Dao power poured into the body, the Wolf Head Mask aura once again surged, the steel fork seems to slowly spread out, resisting the overwhelming And the word glow .

Dīng dīng dāng dāng !

Spark splashes around and ignites the sky .


Wolf Head Mask People vomited blood and flew out .

Under the suppression of two strength of Domain, his strength did not reach the limit at all, and he was directly bombarded .

"What, a sword hurts the Wolf Hall Master . "

Monkey Head Mask People and Mouse Head Mask People big shock, Blood Dao in the million blood bead into the body, the two quickly went to help, together with Li Fuchen .

"The strength of this person is stronger than that of the dog head mask . There is no way to kill him with all his strength . "

At this moment, Li Fuchen has a deeper understanding of his own strength .

Dog head mask People and Wolf Head Mask people, one is Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, one is Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, it seems that the difference between the strength of one or two, in fact, not only, Wolf Head Mask people's strength, I am afraid not inferior Azure Billow Sect Great Elder Zhao is endless, after all, the other side has the strength of the growth of the beads, and also has a strong Great Demon secret technique .

"There is no need to spend with them . "

Profound Light Sword was squirted and Li Fuchen pulled out Killing Heaven Sword .

Killing Heaven Sword In hand, Li Fuchen is a sword and swings to three people .

This time, the fierce sword glow is not only two or three times stronger, but also has the property of cutting everything .

Pū pū !

Monkey Head Mask People and Mouse Head Mask can't hold a blink of an eye and directly turn into fly ash . The Wolf Head Mask is a little more than a while, but it can't escape death, and it's worn by a small sword qi . Finally burst into a fine bloody fog .

Ps: The chapters of these days are all three thousand words . You can pay attention to it . There will be no accidents in the future, and they are all three thousand words .

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