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Chapter 329
"Azure Billow Sword Array , Azure Billow Sword Slash !"

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Azure Billow Sect The Inner Sect Elder can last until now, with the exception of life-saving and life-saving items, the sword array is the biggest factor .

For Sword Dao Sect, there must be a sword array, and Azure Billow Sect is no exception .

This Azure Billow Sword Array requires five cultivation bases . People who have cultivated Azure Billow Sword Art can work together . If the match is seamless, it is said that the Heavenly Dipper Realm can be used to deal with the enemy .

Of course, it's easy to match, and in Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder, only Azure Billow Sword Art can match Azure Billow Sword Art to such a degree . The rest are not a little bit worse .

At the moment, these five people, the cultivation base is uneven, the high Heavenly Dipper Realm 6th layer, the low Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer, the congenital imbalance, and the coordination is not perfect, so can only barely hold the cat head Mask people, can not directly compete .

A striking gorgeous sword flower broke away and slammed into the cat head mask, but under the full force of the cat head mask, the magnificent sword flower collapsed .


Cat head mask The power of Blood Dao broke out again and wanted to smash the sword array .

"Azure Billow Sword Array , Azure Billow Sword Shield !"

Five people walked quickly, and the word glow overlapped, condensing into a scorpion sword shield .


The scorpion sword shield was broken, and the five people flew out . Fortunately, the sword array did not collapse .

"A good mysterious sword array?"

Li Fuchen put this sword array in his eyes and admired it .

Sword array, can gather the power of everyone, attack and defense, everyone is a high level Combined Assault Technique .

"Divine Blood Thorn . "

Cat head mask People are furious and want to use the Divine Blood Thorn to break the sword array .

However, this time, he did not fully display the Divine Blood Thorn, and it was no longer a bloody brilliance, but a bloody brilliance .

The blood brilliance can't break the sword array .

"His Blood Dao power is going out of control . "

Elder Lin Kun is overjoyed .

The strength of the opponent is only a little stronger than him, but with the strength of Blood Dao, he is stronger than him .

If Blood Dao loses control, their hopes for victory will increase dramatically .

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Other people don't know this .

"Azure Billow Sword Slash !"

The gorgeous sword flower is coming again, this time with the cat head mask .

On the other hand, the power of Blood Dao on the centipede mask is also beginning to be unstable .

Unlike the cat head mask, the centipede mask is not a Blood Dao martial artist, so the power of such a mighty Blood Dao is so powerful that it doesn't have as much cat head mask .

"There are flaws!"

Perceived the fluctuations in the centipede mask light body True Spirit, Li Fuchen's eyes flashed, and the Earth level weapon smashed out .


This time, the Earth level weapon shards through the weakness of the blood light True Spirit, marking a blood mark on the centipede mask man .

Although the blood mark is not deep, it has finally hurt the centipede mask man .

In fact, if one-on-one, even if the Earth level weapon is too powerful, it will not hurt the centipede mask, mainly the centipede mask people are not focused enough .

To be an enemy, not to play, the state of mind must keep up .

Damn it…

The centipede mask man broke out the power of Blood Dao and flew several people who besieged him .

With a level 5 Monster Beast leather armor bodyguard, Li Fuchen only boiled qi and blood and was not injured .

After sucking back the Earth level weapon, Li Fuchen stood on the back of the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird and waited for an attack .

One, two…

In a short period of time, Li Fuchen used the Earth level weapon to injure the centipede mask man with his amazing consciousness .

Let the centipede mask people be bothered, and Li Fuchen's killing intent is more than others .

"Chiba Demon Hand!"

Trying to suppress the power of the violent Blood Dao, the centipede mask man shot Li Fuchen .

With one palm out, the palms of the palms are superimposed, as if there are a thousand hands stacked together, and the sky is underground, all covered by this palm .

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Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer cultivation base, not to mention, it is absolute strength, absolute suppression .

"Not good . "

When the centipede mask man palm technique came out, Li Fuchen was aware of the crisis and let the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird fly back in advance .

But the centipede mask man's palm is too fast, and he catches up later .

“Clear Sky Sword Art !”

As a last resort, Li Fuchen once again used the Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark . At the same time, the black iron sword qi of activated Clear Sky Sword Art is also mixed with some Bronze Sword Qi power .

If it used to be, black iron sword qi and Bronze Sword Qi, the word qi that was sent out will inevitably be stained with black and bronze, but this time, all the sword qi colors are still Clear Sky Sword Art colors .

After all, Clear Sky Sword Art is the Earth level sword technique .

The word glow of the clear glow spreads rapidly, and at the same time, an invisible strength of Domain spreads .

Earth level Martial Art, containing strength of Domain, to a certain extent, not only can limit the enemy's actions, but also weaken the enemy's attack .

Crackle and rattle !

Li Fuchen's cultivation base was too low, and did not use all the trump cards . Clear Sky Sword Art was completely broken, and Clear Sky Sword Domain collapsed . The remaining momentum suddenly slammed into Li . Fuchen and Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen inspired the power in the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor .

Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, contains Level 5 Monster Beast's Bloodline Strength, otherwise, the defense of the leather armor itself can not stop the full blow of Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist .


Invisible pressure bursts .

Although the pressure is very light, it makes everyone feel guilty, because this is the pressure of level 5 Monster Beast, equivalent to Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

The next moment, a blue monster beast phantom enveloped Li Fuchen, covering the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

Under the blue monster beast phantom, the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is a lot of clever, with a trace of Revere in the eye .

The overlapping of the palms, like the boundless and limitless tides, suddenly drowned one person and one beast .

I don't know how long it took in the past, the momentum finally dissipated . Below, a piece of wood was directly wiped out, and the ground was three feet deep . It is conceivable how great the power of this palm is .


As the momentum dissipated, Li Fuchen and Giant Scythe Vicious Bird reappeared .

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Li Fuchen bleeds at the corner of his mouth and suffers light The injury .

In comparison, the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is even more miserable . One wing has been interrupted . There are still dozens of palm prints on the body . Each of the palm prints interrupts a root bone and hurts the lungs .

This kind of injury, if not treated in time, will basically die .

"You have to find a place to rest first . "

Li Fuchen took a medicine pill from the storage pouch and stuffed it into the mouth of the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird . Then the figure flashed and left the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

Giant Scythe Vicious Bird screamed, and after swallowing medicine pill, he found a remote place to land and squatted on the ground .

"not dead!"

The centipede mask is ugly, and the palm of the hand is much stronger than his normal Apex . According to the truth, the Heavenly Dipper Realm 7-8th layer martial artist will be killed .

"Worthy is level 5 Monster Beast leather armor . "

Qin Ming Xu Chang and others put the reason on the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor .

Level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, the whole Azure Billow Sect is not a few pieces, just the blue monster beast phantom, the pressure is amazing, obviously the level 5 Monster Beast's Bloodline Strength .

So Li Fuchen can block the centipede masks and they do not feel too exaggerated .

A terrifying blow broke out, the centipede mask man's imposing manner began to fall back, and the Blood Dao power with the body began to reflexively . For a time, the aura suddenly weakened, the strong time was comparable to the previous one, when it was weak, only Heavenly Dipper Realm looks like a six-seven .

"Within his body Blood Dao The power is starting to reverse, don't give him time to adjust . "

Qin Ming and Xu Chang teamed up to display the Combined Assault Technique and blasted to the centipede mask man .

Several others are hearing this, and they have also backlashed back .


As time passed, the centipede masks were more and more injured, and the Blood Dao power with the body was increasingly uncontrolled .

“Clear Sky Sword Art !”

Just then, Li Fuchen issued Clear Sky Sword Art again, an invisible strength of Domain covering the centipede mask, making his figure slightly stiff .

Qin Ming Xu Chang and others seized the opportunity and joined forces to make a blow .


A large mouthful of blood was sprayed, and the centipede mask was seriously injured in an instant, and the body fell out .

"Hall Master, I will take a step first . "

The centipede mask person does not care for the cat head mask person, the body accelerates down, and immediately into the land, disappears will not disappear after a while .

"I know, he is one of the Five Senior Elders of the Five Poison Group, the Senior Elder . "An Inner Sect Elder and the Five Poison Group have dealt with each other and are not realized .

The Five Poison Group is the top three Demon Dao Organization in Azure Billow Sect, with five Senior Elders . A few years ago, with sufficient information, Azure Billow Sect wiped out most of the Demon Dao Organization, including the Five Poison Group .

However, the surviving thousands of Senior Elders of the Five Poison Group have been unable to find traces, and I did not expect to encounter them here .

"Thousand feet of Senior Elder is good at drilling the ground and has a very strong survivability . This time he can't kill him . I don't know when to kill him next time . "

"First of all, don't worry about the Senior Elder . It is imperative to kill this person first . "

In the eyes of everyone, the cat head mask talent is a real threat .

From the thousands of feet of Senior Elder shouting cat head mask people Hall Master can be seen, behind the cat head mask, is definitely a great Demon Dao force, I am afraid that the original Azure Billow Sect first Demon Dao Organization is far from comparable .

"God damn it!"

Cat head mask The face is ugly, he can't think of a thousand feet of Senior Elder will escape .

"Do you think you have to eat the Hall Master?"

Cat head mask In the hands of people, blood bead blood light, more Blood Dao forces poured into its body .

He intends to desperately kill everyone, and wait for enough 10,000 blood beads to believe that it will cost some resources to heal him . Maybe he will be given some powerful killing means or treasure .

The majestic Blood Dao power squeezes the vitality and potential of the cat head mask, and gradually, he can't control so much of the Blood Dao power, only two or three percent .

But he doesn't care, even if it's just a simple outbreak of Blood Dao, it's enough to make him unstoppable .

"Give me death!"

A huge bloody lightball broke out, everyone was shaken out, and even the Azure Billow Sword Array was shaken .

"No, I can't hold it anymore . "

Everyone big shock, they thought, cat head mask people can not hold up, it seems that the other party has not reached the limit .

"Little Demon Dao mole crickets and ants, and dare to mess up in my Azure Billow Territory, not to die . "

Just then, a moment of Heavenly Thunder's voice broke through and shook everyone's ears .

"It's Supreme Elder . "

Everyone is overjoyed .

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