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Chapter 330
Elder Liang was originally planning to rush to Peaceful Place City, but later Elder Lin Kun was on the phone, so he temporarily changed the route .

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With his Shedding Body Realm cultivation base, he naturally arrives at the battlefield in front of Mao Qiuhai .

"Not good, Shedding Body Realm martial artist . "

Cat head mask people big shock .

Even if his strength is increased tenfold, it is not likely to be the opponent of Shedding Body Realm martial Artist .

The gap between Heavenly Dipper Realm and Shedding Body Realm is too big .

Not to mention the other side is not Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist, at least Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer .

Between the Shedding Body Realm 1st layer and the Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer, there is a huge gap .

It is not an exaggeration to say that a very freak Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist can kill the enemy in Heavenly Dipper Realm, but when it comes to Shedding Body Realm, the more serious the enemy can't do it, the most can only be suppressed .

Shedding Body Realm, which means reinventing, will produce a qualitative leap in both life and strength levels .


Elder Liang doesn't have a sword, and doesn't need to use the Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique .

I saw his right hand eating two fingers and starting, separated by a dozen miles, stabbing cat head mask people .


Cat head mask Under the pressure of Elder Liang's imposing manner, both consciousness and physical reaction are slower . When the reaction comes, a fierce sword qi runs through his body . The next moment, the whole person explodes . Open, blood is filled .

“Is this the Shedding Body Realm martial artist?”

Li Fuchen has seen Shedding Body Realm martial artist take action more than once .

But every time he made him extremely shocked .

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Can cultivation to Shedding Body Realm, which one is not a stunning person, basically, at least 5 star root bone .

Li Fuchen can kill more people in Heavenly Dipper Realm, but when she reaches Shedding Body Realm, the more he can kill, the more it is enough to shake Eastern Lín Continent .

After all, everyone used to be heaven's chosen, and the difficulty of killing people across borders is not a little bit .

Cat head mask When the man died, the Demon Dao martial artist had no heads and fled, but under the killing of Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder, it was still a piece of film, and only one or two hundred people escaped .

"Supreme Elder . "

When the crisis in Cloud and Mist City was resolved, everyone confronted Elder Liang with a fist in the other hand .

Elder Liang is Liang Anmu, he nods, started talking: "Talk to me about the situation . "

Hear this, Elder Lin Kun told Liang Anmu about it .

After listening, Liang Anmu looked at Li Fuchen with a smile . "You are very good, this storage pouch will reward you . "

The storage pouch in his hand is a cat head mask person .

As a Shedding Body Realm martial artist, destroying the enemy's body and saving the storage pouch is still a bit of control .

Just now he checked, although the things in the storage pouch are precious, they have some appeal to the Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but Li Fuchen has merits, can't help, and rewards too little, so just take out the million blood bead inside . The rest of the things, Liang Anmu did not move .

"Thank Supreme Elder . "Thanks to storage pouch, Li Fuchen .

As the Demon Dao force Hall Master, cat head mask people should have a lot of spirit stone, Li Fuchen is still very happy inside .

"This is a matter of time . I will go back to oversee first . You will clean up the battlefield . "Throw a word, Liang Anmu flashed to the sky, and then flashed, the disappearance of the whole person disappeared in the night without a trace .

When Liang Anmu leaves, Li Fuchen opens the storage pouch .

"Good fellow . "

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Cat head mask People's collection of low grade spirit stone, there are hundreds of them . Normally, a low grade spirit stone is enough for a Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank martial artist to be cultivated for three months . Let Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank martial artist cultivation for about 30 years, this is not a small amount, in Azure Billow Sect, I am afraid that in addition to Shedding Body Realm martial artist, no one has so many low grade spirit stone .

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen still took out thirty low grade spirit stones .

"Elder Lin Kun, you have worked hard, these spirit stones, everyone is divided!"

Thirty low grade spirit stones, exactly three .

See you, Lin Kun and others are happy .

"How nice this is . "

Saying this on the mouth, everyone is not polite, and picking up the spirit stone .

They are in Azure Billow Sect, just a few low grade spirit stones in a year, not enough cultivation, especially Elder Lin Kun, as Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist, a low grade spirit stone, only enough for him to consume one In the month, Sect released four low grade spirit stones each year . He used up four months . If the low grade spirit stone is enough, he is sure to break through the Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer within five years .

All in all, everyone is very satisfied with this action .

Although an Inner Sect Elder died, but the war has undying people, maybe one day, they will also die .

After cleaning up the battlefield, Elder Lin Kun left with people, Li Fuchen and Qin Ming Xu Chang continued to stay .

At the end of the day, Mao Qiuhai Elder didn't have time to come .

Cloud and Mist City, people anxious, before thousands black clothed man surrounded the cloud and Mist City, next, the Cloud and Mist city outside came World-shakin G's fighting sound, so that cloud and Mist City all flustered unceasingly, but soon, Cloud and Mist City the Lord began to send a person to comfort everyone, and told everyone, the enemy has been killed, so, we just put down the heart, but the next few days, the restaurant tea In the building, we are still talking about it .

There is an ordinary mountain village on the outskirts of Cloud and Mist City .

This mountain village belongs to Li Fuchen now .

Under the tree, Li Fuchen is drinking tea .

"I have a lot of trump cards, but I can't easily expose them . At this stage, my strength is almost Heavenly Dipper Realm . With Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark, you can reach the strength of Heavenly Dipper Realm . However, this is not enough to protect itself . It is necessary to upgrade the cultivation base as soon as possible . "

He can now come out brightly because the Eastern Lín Continent Demon Dao broke out, and Heavenly Fiend Sect couldn't open it to deal with him . When Heavenly Fiend Sect pulled out, he would have a hard time coming out .

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But he didn't think about going out in Azure Billow Sect cultivation to Shedding Body Realm, the step-by-step cultivation, not the life he wanted, and he had a hunch that he stayed in Azure Billow Sect, and he was not safe, he was amazing . It is faintly aware of the war cloud over the Eastern Lín Continent . Before the war has erupted, it is necessary to improve its strength as soon as possible . The cultivation is step by step . It is almost impossible to cultivate to Shedding Body Realm in ten or twenty years .

"I don't know how to use this low grade spirit stone cultivation . "

Li Fuchen took out a bright and transparent stone, which is the low grade spirit stone .

Low grade spirit stone spiritual qi Introverted, only a trace of spiritual qi fluctuations, let the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in the courtyard turbulent .

Take a deep breath, Li Fuchen revolved True Spirit, and pour into the spirit stone .

Huā huā 哗……

As soon as True Spirit enters the spirit stone, Li Fuchen's consciousness also enters the spirit stone . In the next moment, Li Fuchen feels a sense of a big river, a choppy tide, a crazy slap, and along the hands of Li Fuchen's hand meridian , poured into Li Fuchen's within the body .

"Good pounds of spiritual qi . "

Li Fuchen moved .

It is said that a low grade spirit stone can let a Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank martial artist absorb three months to absorb, and Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank, in fact, there is a difference, Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer, only two It can be absorbed in a few months, and the Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer takes more than three months to absorb .

Of course, this is probably . After all, each person's cultivation technique has a different realm . Some cultivation techniques have a high realm and can absorb the spirit stone spiritual qi more quickly .

Li Fuchen's True Spirit is comparable to Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer, but the total amount of True Spirit is far less than the Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer, so it takes at least three months to absorb a low grade spirit stone . Time, half a year is possible .

The meridian sent a sore feeling, and Li Fuchen took some energy before disconnecting the spirit stone .

"It's no wonder that Earth Fiend Realm martial artist can't use spirit stone cultivation, just this terrifying spiritual qi frenzy is enough to shred most Meridian of Earth Fiend Realm martial artist, making it a waste . "

Although disconnected from the spirit stone, the spiritual qi that had previously entered Li Fuchen within the body stayed and was raging in Li Fuchen within the body .

Revolved Burning Heaven True Merit, Li Fuchen quickly refining this spiritual qi .

After half an hour, Li Fuchen opened his eyes .

"Worthy is spirit stone, half an hour, equivalent to a few days of painstaking cultivation, and without any side effects, seems to be more than the absorption of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi . "

Where does Li Fuchen know that There is a miscellaneous gas in Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, these impurities are inconspicuous at first, over time, stacked in the body, will become a barrier to cultivation, and impurities in medicine pill are more , swallowing too much medicine pill, the obstacles will become very strong, so no less than a last resort, no one wants to swallow a large number of medicine pill .

Of course, the higher the grade of medicine pill, the less impurities, like Profound level top rank medicine pill, the effect is not only excellent, but also very few side effects .

In addition, people with a high root bone level are naturally able to filter out impurities, which is why people with high root bone levels are very fast in cultivation .

In the days that followed, Li Fuchen used spiral stone cultivation every day, and the cultivation speed was extremely fast .

Qin Ming and Xu Chang are both cultivation because they also get three low grade spirit stones . To Heavenly Dipper Realm, the gap is still quite big for every level of improvement . Demon Dao is eager to improve the cultivation base . strength .

After half a month .


Terrifying The hot aura soar, hundreds of meters in a circle, are under this aura .

Fortunately, this is a suburb, otherwise, it is necessary to disturb the residents of Cloud and Mist City .


Qin Ming and Xu Chang opened their eyes to reveal a smile and admiration .

Before Li Fuchen didn't break through, even if he didn't activate Earth level martial mark, his strength is so strong . After the breakthrough, the strength is only stronger, maybe it will take a long time, they will be left behind .

The breakthrough nature is Li Fuchen, with the help of the spirit stone . In half a month, he finally broke the bottleneck and stepped into the realm of the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer .

But to be honest, the promotion of a realm of strength, his strength is not a big increase, after all, his current strength is corresponding to Heavenly Dipper Realm, in the Earth Fiend Realm can fight in two realms, to Heavenly Dipper Realm, only more A heavy, so the cultivation base reached the realm of the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer, Li Fuchen's strength, only increased by half weight, and True Spirit is a bit thicker .

"There is not much improvement in strength, but the basic qualities of all aspects have improved a lot . I don't know how much it can be used now . "

Previously, Li Fuchen picked up the Seventh Mountain Pass at Star Road Secret Realm . On the eighth Star Road, he couldn't hold it after a hundred steps .

If he can get more levels, he can step into the Earth Fiend Realm peak faster .

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