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Chapter 328
(There is also a centipede mask that people forgot to write, have changed)

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Three black clothed man, a Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer, and two Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layers, as for those Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer lower, were basically killed by Li Fuchen .

This is mainly because one has not paid much attention to Li Fuchen . After paying attention to Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen has used the ability of Earth level martial mark . Otherwise, Li Fuchen wants to kill so many Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist . easily .

"The Earth level martial mark on this child is very powerful, but it should not be infinitely motivated, try to delay the time and kill it in one fell swoop . "The cultivation base reaches the black clothed man sound transmission of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer to the other two black clothed man .

"Let's go!"

It was just Li Fuchen's move that made the three very surprised . Jumping to the back of Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, Li Fuchen ordered the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird to stay away from the battlefield .

"He wants to go, don't let him run . "

Li Fuchen's escape from the scene made the three more convinced that Li Fuchen's Earth level martial mark could not be used many times .

The three men hanged behind Li Fuchen, neither close nor far away, from time to time qi strength, far from Li Fuchen .

It is a pity that the three people know that Li Fuchen is escaping, not because the Earth level martial mark is not used many times .

Of course, the main reason is still on the Earth level martial mark .

The strength of the Earth level martial mark is too strong, and the black iron sword qi is already so powerful . If you infuse the Bronze Sword Qi, you can definitely compare it with the Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist .

Earth level martial mark Every time you activate, it will consume . Li Fuchen didn't think about consuming this trump card so quickly .

So he plans to kill three people with the power of Bronze Sword Essence .

After all, the power of Bronze Sword Essence is limitless .

Li Fuchen stopped just a hundred miles away from the battlefield .

"Don't escape?"

For the first black clothed man frowning, there is a faint hunch .

"Why do you want to escape?"Li Fuchen turned around .


For the first black clothed man, he said that he was attacking in the distance, and the other two black clothed men followed the qi strength, attacking Li Fuchen from a few miles away .

Li Fuchen's strength is motivated by external forces . True Spirit itself is not very honest . Just exhausting the other's True Spirit is enough to kill him .

The three-person wishful thinking is good, but Li Fuchen is not stupid .

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"Chong forward!"

Li Fuchen ordered Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

A few miles away, he could only hurt three people at most and could not kill three people . After all, Li Fuchen did not intend to expose a stronger trump card .

Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is so fast, more than most of the Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist, and quickly approached three people .

The bad feelings of the three people became stronger and stronger . While they retreated, they attacked wildly, but this time the target was not Li Fuchen, but the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird at the foot of Li Fuchen .

As long as the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is killed, Li Fuchen's speed is not enough .

Crackle and rattle !

Bronze Sword Qi was poured into Profound Light Sword, Li Fuchen swung out with a sword, the dazzling bronze sword glow seemed to be sunlit, and easily broke the attack of three people . At this time, Li Fuchen was less than two miles away from the three . .


The three black clothed man no longer attacked and turned and desperately flew .

They didn't plan to hit Li Fuchen, they just wanted to consume Li Fuchen's True Spirit .

It was just before them that they forgot the existence of Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .


Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is getting faster and faster, Li Fuchen is slamming on the back of Giant Scythe Vicious Bird with this fast speed, figure soar, quickly approaching three people, immediately, a stroke Burning Heaven Sword Technique The unique skill Burning Heaven Extinguishing Earth is on display .

Like a bronze comet falling to the ground, the dazzling sword qi, running through the heavens and the earth, also runs through the body of three people .


Like a burst of blue smoke, the three directly turned into fly ash .

"The 6 star secret technique is too strong, and with the Burning Heaven Sword Technique on the reaching peak, I am going to kill the enemy in a four-fold realm . "

On the quality of True Spirit, Li Fuchen is actually Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer level . The three people not only ignore the existence of Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, but also ignore the basic strength of Li Fuchen, otherwise they will not die so fast .

"yí, there is also a storage pouch . "

In the night, Li Fuchen saw a storage pouch falling down .

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With a hand in hand, the storage pouch was sucked over .

This storage pouch is obviously very high level, and it is covered with mysterious veined mark . From the texture point of view, the material for making storage pouch is quite extraordinary .

True Spirit is poured in and the storage pouch is opened .

There are a lot of medicinal herbs, gold coins and some miscellaneous materials that look quite precious .

In addition, there are more than a dozen bright stones exuding the fluctuations of spiritual qi .

"This is a spirit stone?"

Li Fuchen’s face was bright .

The spirit stone is born in the heavens and earth, and it contains a very pure and magnificent heaven and earth spritual qi .

Cultivation base to Heavenly Dipper Realm, relying on Heaven and Earth Origin Qi cultivation, the speed will be very slow and slow, only the root bone talent is very high, can quickly improve, the root bone is slightly worse, generally stay in a certain realm For a long time, you can shorten this time if there is a spirit stone in hand .

In Eastern Lín Continent, a low grade spirit stone, it is said that the price of tens of millions of gold coins can be auctioned, and there is no market price, these dozens of low grade spirit stone, at least 100 million gold coin, maybe still more than .

Of course, Li Fuchen will not sell these spirit stones .

He also needs the spirit stone to cultivate .

Although the Earth Fiend Realm cultivation base, with the stone stone cultivation, the burden on the body is great, but the quality of Li Fuchen's True Spirit almost reaches the Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer, which should be no problem .

With these dozenspirit stones, Li Fuchen has great confidence and can break through to the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer in a short time .

"Pity . "

Li Fuchen was a pity that he couldn't get the storage pouch of others . If you knew that these people had a spirit stone, Li Fuchen might have a little thought and try to save the storage pouch .

What Li Fuchen does not know, however, is that not all heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist have spirit stone, in azure Billow sect, low rank Inner sect E Lder, who handed out a low grade spirit stone and a middle rank Inner Sect Elder a year, handed out two low grade spirit stone a year, high rank Inner The Sect Elder, handing out four low grade spirit stone a year, is generally not enough to use themselves, even if killed them, at most can only get one or two of the other side is too late to use the Spirit stone .

Get a dozen low grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen is in a good mood, but it is not happy now .

The figure falls on the back of the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, and the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird carries Li Fuchen to the battlefield .

On the battlefield, this is now the intensified stage .

The centipede mask people do not know when they have gathered with the cat head mask people .

Cat head mask The whole body is a big light, like a bloody demon, and the centipede mask is also a slightly faint blood light, along with the cat head mask, great war Azure Billow Sect, Inner Sect Elder .

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Eleven Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder, due to the reason of the sword Dharma Idol pass, there is a faint increase in efficiency, with the cooperation, the sword net formed by the sword qi, tight air .

Despite this, the eleven people joined forces and seemed to be somewhat unable to suppress the cat head mask man and the centipede mask man .

"too strong . "

Lin Kun shoulder and abdomen injury, can only play 70% of the strength, cat head mask strong, so that he is chilling, so strong, I am afraid that Mao Qiuhai Elder came over, not necessarily the opponent .

Li Fuchen joined the battle as soon as he rushed over .

However, Li Fuchen used Black Iron Sword Essence in his usual time, and only occasionally activated Clear Sky Sword Art at a critical moment .

"It’s not a problem to consume . "

Glanced at the right wrist, Li Fuchen found that the Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark has faded . It is not difficult to imagine that once the Clear Sky Sword Art martial mark disappears, it will no longer be available .


Li Fuchen takes out a Demon Breaking Arrow .

This Demon Breaking Arrow was still endlessly given to him by Zhao .


Demon Breaking Arrow flew to the weakened centipede mask man .

The centipede mask was surrounded by many people, and the attention was a bit scattered . I didn't notice Demon Breaking Arrow in time .

When Demon Breaking Arrow was drilled on Body Protecting True Qi, he realized it .


The centipede mask was crowded, the blood light erupted, and it melted Demon Breaking Arrow .

"Sure enough . "

Li Fuchen is not too many accidents .

Demon Breaking Arrow has the effect of breaking True Spirit, but after all, there is a limit . The centipede mask is the Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer cultivation base . Coupled with the strength of external strength, Demon Breaking Arrow wants to work, almost impossible .

"I don't know how the Earth level weapon is broken . "

Li Fuchen was reconciled and spurred the Earth level weapon that was originally acquired at the Numerous Battle Territory .

The Earth level weapon is better than the Demon Breaking Arrow, but it is still useless under the centipede mask's blood light True Spirit .


The longer the time, the bigger the disadvantage of Azure Billow Sect, and the crowd can't suppress the cat head mask and the centipede mask .

With the increase in external force, the strength of the two has increased too much .

If it weren't for Azure Billow Sect, everyone has their own life-saving or life-saving items, and maybe someone has been killed at the moment .

"All give me death . "

Cat head mask People are also uncomfortable . In the blood bead, the majestic Blood Dao power has increased his strength and eroded his body and will . At the beginning, he can exert his strongest strength . Now, he can't perfectly control the power of Blood Dao with the body . Otherwise, he has already killed these people .

Taking a deep breath, the cat head mask is full of force to release the Blood Dao with the body . A huge blood-colored ball of light explodes, causing everyone to vomit and vomit blood, especially several Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank cultivation Base's Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder, the injury is quite serious, only 30% to 40% of the battle .

"Is it so defeated . "

The people are quite unwilling .

They have done their best, and there is Li Fuchen .

However, the situation is still in an absolute disadvantage .

"Divine Blood Thorn . "

Cat head mask People are highly concentrated, and a bloody spurt out, piercing the chest of an Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder .

Suddenly, the azure billow Inner Sect Elder died .

This is the first Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder to die .

"God damn it!"

An Inner Sect Elder snarled, his right hand was thrown, and a black shiny metal ball flew out .


The metal ball explodes, producing a prestige ability like the Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist .

This is Thunderbolt Sect's Heavenly Dipper Thunderbolt Ball, which has only one such hand, which was originally used as a trump card at the bottom of the press box .

Heavenly Dipper Thunderbolt Ball didn't hurt the cat head mask, but it also took the cat head mask back, and the blood light True Spirit was unstable .

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