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Chapter 312
The Sword Essence Remnant Sheet secret technique is not the same as other secret techniques .

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Sword Essence Remnant Sheet secret technique, without the need to fire, is a bit like a bone weapon, you can turn True Spirit into a sword qi .

Because it does not need to be excited, it can be superimposed with other secret techniques .

For example, now Li Fuchen inspired Pure Yang Astral Qi, Pure Yang Astral Qi passed through the bones and transformed into black iron sword qi, and the black iron sword qi can be further increased by ProPro Light Sword in his hand .

As a result, the meaning of the Sword Essence Remnant Sheet secret technique is different . Black Iron Sword Essence is just equivalent to 4 star secret technique, but it is superimposed with Pure Yang Astral Qi, but it can reach five star level .

Moreover, Li Fuchen's real trump card is Bronze Sword Essence .

His body skeleton, 70% is Black Iron Sword Essence, and 30% is Bronze Sword Essence .

Although only 30%, but the power is one by one, Li Fuchen does not intend to use it at a critical moment, otherwise it will be too shocking . He can be sure that even if he is ten Thunder King Star Situ Lei, he will be Bronze Sword . Qi spike .

"court death!"

Jin Xudong anger, cultivation base and secret technique broke out, and the golden whip in his hand turned into a golden long rainbow and rushed to Li Fuchen .

The power of this attack was as big as peak . In one game before, Jin Xudong took Teng Qingyun out with a whip and the three whip defeated Teng Qingyun .

In his view, Li Fuchen can avoid the first whip even if he is strong, but the next few whip will gradually compress Li Fuchen's dodge space, so that he will eventually fight hard, and then hard fight, no matter the momentum Still, the state will decline, and it will only be worse .

“Um? Not planning to dodge? ”

Jin Xudong In the sight, Li Fuchen pulled out the long sword in an instant, and a sword came over .

Li Fuchen did not intend to dodge, fighting Teng Qingyun, he can use consciousness to defeat each other, but fighting Jin Xudong, it is hard to beat the other with consciousness, no need .

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Within the body, Burning Heaven True Qi into Pure yang Astral qi, Pure Yang Astral Qi and into black iron Sword QI, black i Ron Sword Qi Pathway Profound Light sword, with flaming Demon sword Heart, into the more terrifying black Iron sword Aura, red and black sword Aura, appears Rage incomparable, awe-inspiring extremely, saw the void, a red and black sword mark flashed and died, the next moment, red and black sword Aura tore the Golden Changhong, and hot knife through butter, bang to Jin Xudong front .


Jin Xudong could hardly believe his eyes . Although he did not do his best, he also took out the conventional combat power, but he was easily broken by Li Fuchen .

The golden whip shook, Jin Xudong resolved the black iron Sword Aura, and the figure ran back a dozen steps .

Surprisingly, not only Jin Xudong, everyone was surprised .

Even if it is Chi Yuye, his eyes are not cold .

Li Fuchen actually hides the strength, how much strength does the other party hide?

"This Li Fuchen, I don't want to even defeat the Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong!"


This time, everyone did not dare to speculate .

Every time they think that Li Fuchen is exposing all the strength, Li Fuchen can always explode stronger and it seems that there is no end .

"This is?"

Ouyang Wentian hesitated .

"It's a special secret technique . "Next to Ouyang Wentian, an Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder started talking .

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"Yes, it should be a special secret technique, a special secret technique that can be superimposed on other secret techniques . If I guessed it well, this should be the first Odd Martial Artist to teach him . I didn't expect him to learn so quickly, and The fire is very high . "Another Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder Road .

As an Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder, the two have a higher level of knowledge than Ouyang Wentian, so they can be seen at a glance .

But both thought it was the first Odd Martial Artist to pass to Li Fuchen .

The face of the Lord of the Golden Temple is quite gloomy .

Jin Xudong lost and lost, if this defeat, his golden temple will become a joke .

Jin Xudong, who was retired by Li Fuchen for ten steps, snorted, and the strength broke out to the limit . There was no reservation, and then he rushed to Li Fuchen, waving a whip .

The dazzling golden whip shadow is like a golden waterfall, and it is venting to Li Fuchen . The ordinary people are swept by this whip, and they have to be broken .

But this does not include Li Fuchen .

Before the sword, Li Fuchen did not play all the strength, just a little test .

After all, the 5 star secret technique is too powerful . Pure Yang Astral Qi is combined with Black Iron Sword Essence . It is not the 5 star secret technique of the ordinary world, but the 5 star secret technique of the perfection level . If it is fully applied, it is enough to kill Jin Xudong . .

So that sword, Li Fuchen only played the strength of 40% to 50% .

Despite the strength of four or five percent, Jin Xudong's whip technique was easily broken .

At this moment, see Jin Xudong go all out, Li Fuchen still maintains the strength of 40% to 50%, and Jin Xudong has a hard fight .

This time, Li Fuchen only had a slight advantage . After black iron Sword Aura broke Jin Xudong's golden whip, the remaining Sword Aura quickly spread .

"Give me defeat, defeat, defeat!"

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Jin Xudong If it is crazy, the offensive is endless, like a storm .

Just under Li Fuchen's superb consciousness, Jin Xudong's every move is like an insect on the spider web, without any threat .

Ten strokes .

Twenty strokes .

Fifty strokes .

Jin Xudong is on the verge of a stagnation, and the whip technique has some stagnation .

"Flaming Demon Asking Heart . "

Li Fuchen hit a sword and black iron Sword Aura runs through Jin Xudong's body .

"Is it really won?"

"It's terrible . This kind of person is extremely dangerous . No one knows how many trump cards he has . If it is an enemy, he can escape . "

In the eyes of everyone, Li Fuchen is unpredictable and becomes dangerous .


Qi Heng shook his head .

Jin Xudong lost again .

Although Jin Xudong was defeated, it has nothing to do with him, but as one of King Star, Qi Heng is still a bit uncomfortable .

Three King Star, one glory, one loss, one defeat, one defeat, the other two, prestige will also be lost .

"Jin Xudong, these people, I will solve them one by one, Three King Star, can't be damaged by your glory . "

Qi Heng secretly thought .

"His strength, why is it so strong . "

To say that the most dumbfounded among the people is the Battle Spirit Family No . 2 young giant Xiahou Shi .

Before that, he regarded Li Fuchen as a prey . Now Li Fuchen is a prey, but he has become a dragon, which makes him feel terrified .

Defeat Jin Xudong, Li Fuchen reached a nine-fifth winning streak . This result is currently only maintained by four people, namely Thunder King Star Situ Lei, King Star Qi Heng, Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen .

The first three, basically the top four, and Li Fuchen, is still not sure that it is the top four, because there is also a Jiang Ruoliu, he has not defeated .

If it can be defeated, this Star List Great Competition, his score, the worst is also the fourth .

Li Fuchen's personal ninety-eight match, the opponent is awesomely Jiang Ruoliu .

Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique Martial Art Vault of Heaven Dance, even Teng Qingyun and Jin Xudong can't hold back, even if it is Chi Yuye, rely on sound wave Martial Art to compete .

Therefore, this battle is very suspenseful .

It is only in Li Fuchen's view that the threat of Jiang Ruoliu is very low, and I am afraid that even Teng Qingyun can't match it .

On the round table, Jiang Ruoliu first broke out the imposing manner with the Illusion technique aura, and wanted to test Li Fuchen .

But to her surprise, Li Fuchen didn't even wrinkle his brows . It seems that this imposing manner is just a breeze for him, and there is no threat at all .

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